The Impact of Global Warming & Its Causes

The Impact of Global Warming & Causes of Global Warming – Global warming or which has another term global warming is a phenomenon where there is an increase in the average temperature of the atmosphere, oceans, and land on earth as a whole.

With increasing temperatures on earth, there are several things that can happen. As one of them is the melting of ice at the Pole and various areas experiencing an increase in temperature.

With global warming, various disasters can occur, where not only do temperatures increase, but the weather becomes more extreme and becomes erratic. Therefore, to prevent this from happening we must know the causes of global warming.

The following is an explanation of the causes of global warming. Check out the following information.

Causes of Global Warming

1. There is an increase in greenhouse gases

The first cause of global warming is an increase in greenhouse gases that occur due to the burning of petroleum, coal fuel and also the burning of natural gas.

This is what causes the heating to be reflected back to the earth and not transmitted to outer space which makes the temperature on earth increase if it is done continuously.

In addition, the gas produced by burning is very dangerous for the body, such as one of the most influential gases is carbon dioxide which can cause poisoning. Carbon dioxide can cause serious problems for the body such as acidosis, and it also interferes with oxygen in the blood making it difficult to release it into the body’s cells causing the body to become deprived of oxygen.

2. Air Pollution Caused by Fuel

The second cause of global warming is air pollution produced by engine fuel from various vehicles, both motorbikes, cars and other vehicles, which can produce carbon dioxide.

As already explained how carbon dioxide is harmful to the body and also the environment. This is because this carbon dioxide gas produces heat which cannot be passed on to outer space resulting in precipitation on the earth which makes the overall temperature rise.

3. The Greenhouse Effect

The third cause of global warming is the danger of the greenhouse effect, where the heat that is on earth at this time cannot be reflected into space and becomes trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. If the greenhouse effect occurs continuously in excess, it will have an impact on the climate and weather conditions on earth.

The greenhouse effect can also cause sea temperatures to rise which can make sea water expand and sea level rise which can be fatal for regions and island nations.

However, the greenhouse effect also has some positive impacts that are good for the earth, such as maintaining the earth’s temperature where if there are no gases produced by this greenhouse effect, the average temperature on earth is only -18 degrees Celsius which is too low a temperature. for living things and that includes humans.

4. Excessive use of CFCs

The fourth cause of global warming is the excessive use of CFCs. CFC, which stands for Chloro Fluoro Carbon, is a chemical substance in the form of a compound that is produced and used for various household appliances that are used every day, such as air conditioners or air conditioners and refrigerators.

CFC or Chloro Fluoro Carbon itself is a chemical compound consisting of carbon, chlorine and fluorine. This compound has the potential to be more dangerous than carbon dioxide which can increase the greenhouse effect.

5. Deforestation

The fifth cause of global warming is deforestation. Forests that function to produce oxygen and absorb existing carbon dioxide, the longer they are cleared, the more there is nothing to absorb and reduce the levels of carbon dioxide in the earth.

6. Methane Pollution Caused by Livestock, Agriculture and Plantation

The sixth cause of global warming is methane pollution caused by livestock, agriculture, and plantations. Apart from carbon dioxide, one of the things that play a role in global warming is methane. Where methane is a gas that comes from bacteria that lack oxygen which can break down organic matter.

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In addition, methane is also a highly flammable and explosive compound. Methane gas is also one of the causes that can influence climate change due to global warming because methane gas contains 23 times more dangerous greenhouse gas emissions when compared to carbon dioxide compounds.

7. Use of excess electricity

The seventh cause of global warming is the excessive use of electricity. This can cause global warming. By using electricity excessively, it can cause evaporation of electricity.

Therefore, use electricity as needed and if you are no longer using electronic devices, it is better to turn off and remove the socket first. Besides being able to use electricity efficiently, we are protected from various disasters that can be caused by this.

Imagine if suddenly there was no electricity in this world. Of course at night, everything will be pitch black. The lights won’t turn on, all food that needs cold temperatures from the refrigerator will spoil, electric train transportation can’t work, companies that need strong electric power will suffer losses, and others.

This book will explain the basic principles of electricity from various energies that exist in this world and the importance of electricity in life. In addition, it will also explain how to save electricity. That way, at least we can help reduce the causes of global warming.

8. Destruction of Forest Ecosystems

The eighth cause of global warming is the destruction of forest ecosystems. As we know forests have various functions for humans. One of them is to absorb the harmful carbon dioxide gas and convert it into oxygen.

With more and more illegal logging of forests and burning of forests to make land for private interests, the amount of carbon dioxide gas that is there will be more and more which can cause global warming .

9. Air Pollution Caused by Manufacturing Industry

The cause of the ninth global warming is air pollution caused by industrial factories. Where with the many industrial factories currently in the midst of the rapid development of various kinds of human needs, more and more smoke from factory production is produced. With so much smoke that produces air pollution, the longer it will become global warming or global warming.

10. Uncontrolled Plastic Waste

The cause of the tenth global warming is uncontrolled plastic waste, where we see in various news sources the problem of plastic waste has become a big thing in the world which causes environmental pollution everywhere.

Based on research conducted, plastic emits methane gas and also ethylene which when exposed to sunlight can damage the environment. As we know, methane gas is something that is dangerous and can trigger climate change, both naturally and artificially. Based on the data, every 1 ton of solid waste can produce 50 kg of methane gas.

11. Consumptive Behavior

The cause of the eleventh global warming is a person’s consumptive behavior to meet the needs of everyday life. Based on the reusethisbag source, it states that at least 60% of the greenhouse effect results from various products used by humans.

This can happen because, the energy that is poured into creating these products and also maintaining these products so that they can be used requires large amounts of energy such as using electricity or coal fuel.

We can also see consumptive behavior through one example, purchasing clothes where we often buy clothes that are not certain to be used. Based on Eco Watch, there has been a 60% increase in transactions in the last 15 years in purchasing clothes.

12. Excessive Tissue Use

The cause of the twelfth global warming is excessive use of tissue which can cause global warming. We all use tissues for our daily needs.

Excessive use of tissue can affect environmental problems, where as we know that tissue is made from wood fiber sourced from trees. The more tissue production that is made, the more trees are cut down.

This affects the felling of trees and the function of forests to absorb harmful carbon dioxide gas and produce oxygen which can result in thinner layers of the earth’s atmosphere. In addition, excessive use also reflects how a person’s consumptive behavior can affect global warming .

This e-book will explain how the process of global warming occurs, the impact on survival on Earth, and the actions we can take to prevent global warming from becoming unsustainable.

This e-book  is here as a solution because it contains a solution to global warming that is easily implemented by every human being. In fact, the solution itself is actually a business opportunity that can drive world economic growth and increase people’s welfare and the environment.

Impact of Global Warming

Various things can cause global warming as mentioned above, and if these things are continuously carried out there will be impacts that can harm the environment. The following are the various impacts of global warming that occur.

1. The Ice at the Poles is Melting

The first impact of global warming that can occur is the melting of polar ice. In fact, this has happened and will continue to occur due to an increase in temperature on earth. Based on data, the amount of ice that has melted at the poles has reached 28 trillion tons in the last 30 years.

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2. The volume of seawater will increase

The second impact of global warming that can occur is the increased volume of seawater, this is due to the melting of polar ice which reaches 28 trillion tons which causes the ice to turn into water and increases the volume of water than it should. If this continues, the various small islands will sink and the archipelago will be in danger.

3. There is a Crisis for Clean Water

The third impact of global warming that can occur is the clean water crisis. With the increasing temperature on the surface of the earth, the water on the surface of the ground will undergo a process of evaporation which makes access to clean water more difficult for the community.

4. Forest Fire

The fourth impact of global warming that can occur is forest fires. Same as before, with an increase in earth’s temperature, it can easily trigger forest fires. As we know from one example of a case that was hit by California, United States of America in 2020 which according to scientists was caused by global warming.

5. Smog

The fifth impact of global warming that can occur is haze, which will occur if forest fires continue to cause haze which can endanger not only the survival of forest ecosystems but also human health.

6. The emergence of disease outbreaks

The sixth impact of global warming or global warming that can occur is the emergence of disease outbreaks caused by high temperatures making the body’s immunity decrease. This can make a person or a living creature easily affected by disease outbreaks.

7. Damage to Coral Reefs in the Sea

The seventh impact of global warming that can occur is the destruction of coral reefs, where coral reefs are a habitat for living things in the sea and a source of food for them, and if coral reefs are damaged, the marine ecosystem will be disrupted.

8. There is a Food Crisis

The eighth impact of global warming or global warming that can occur is a food crisis, where with little clean water available and marine life that dies because they do not have habitat and food sources, there will be a food crisis.

9. Allergy Cases Increase

The ninth impact of global warming or global warming that can occur is that cases of allergies increase because the temperature on the surface continues to rise, it will affect how pollination of plants will take longer to make or trigger someone to get allergies easily.

10. Extreme Natural Changes and Events

The tenth impact of global warming that can occur is extreme natural changes and events. This is because with global warming, it will be easier for disasters to occur such as floods, tsunamis, and so on. With so many disasters and extreme climate change, it will take a lot of lives.

Global Warming Prevention

With the various causes of global warming described above, here are some steps to prevent this from happening, see the following information.

1. Reducing Fuel Use

Prevention of global warming can be done by reducing the use of fuel for vehicles or reducing exhaust emissions of a vehicle. If possible, instead of using private vehicles such as cars and motorbikes to travel, you can use alternative public transportation such as KRL, MRT, and also the busway to travel. Besides being able to reduce fuel use, you also help the government in managing public transportation and roads.

2. Save Electricity Usage

global warming is by saving electricity usage. What you can do is turn off the lights or unplug various electronic devices at home when you are going away or leaving the house for a long time.

3. Save Water Use

global warming is, by conserving the use of water. What is meant is by reducing the use of clean water for things that are not needed. Besides that, make sure the water tap is off and tightly closed when you’re done using it.

4. Planting and Caring for Plants

global warming is, planting and caring for plants. What you can do is to plant plants so that the existing carbon dioxide gas can be absorbed and creates more oxygen for the earth.

The following is an explanation of the causes of global warming. As we can see from the information above, things that we are not aware of or that we feel are not important things turn out to be things that have an impact on the earth and also the environment around us.

How does our self-consumptive behavior affect global warming, excessive use of electricity and water affects the environment and much more.

Based on the information above, Sinaumed’s can learn more about global warming itself as well as the various factors that cause it and how to prevent it. sinaumedia as #FriendsWithoutLimits will always provide reliable information for you and of course various books and references that you can use to develop yourself and your knowledge. Hope it is useful!

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