The story of Abu Bakar As Siddiq with Rasulullah SAW in spreading Islam

The Story of Abu Bakar As Siddiq – For Sinaumed’s who already know various stories of the apostles and prophets of Allah SWT, have you ever read or listened to stories from the companions of the prophet? Yep, even though these companions of the prophet were ordinary people, they had very strong faith and even helped defend the prophet from attacks by unbelievers. One of the many companions of the prophet is Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq whose name is often mentioned in the holy book of the Koran for his services and stories of his friendship with the Prophet Muhammad.

This friend of the prophet is known for his personality who is always disciplined, obedient, and very honest about anything. After the Prophet Muhammad SAW died, Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq was trusted by Muslims to become his successor in leading Islam. So, what is the story of Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq? What are the features possessed by Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq so that his name is often mentioned in the Al-Quran? How was Abu Bakr’s life before and after he converted to Islam? So, so that Sinaumed’s understands these things, let’s look at the following review!

A Brief Biography of the Life of Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq

Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq was born with the name Abdullah bin Abi Quhafa in 573 AD and died on 23 Jumadil at the end of 13 H after the year of the Elephant, at the age of 63. Abu Bakr was the son of a respectable noble family in Makkah. Before entering Islam, he was named Abdul Kaaba. His father named Uthman bin Amir converted to Islam right at the time of the Conquest of Mecca (Fathu Makkah).

At the age of 63 years, Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq died due to his illness. He was buried at his daughter Aisyah’s house, to be precise, near the Nabawi Mosque. Abu Bakr was mentioned as a figure who always accompanied the Prophet Muhammad SAW since he converted to Islam until he died. Yep, Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq is the father of Aisyah, the wife of Prophet Muhammad SAW. Before converting to Islam, his name was Abdul Ka’ab which was later changed to Abdullah.

Based on the book Hayatus Sahabah, it is written that Abu Bakr converted to Islam after being invited directly by the Prophet Muhammad. After that, Abu Bakr became a preacher of Islamic teachings to several important figures, namely Uthman bin Affan, Zubair bin Awwam, Talhah bin Ubaidillah, Sa’ad bin Abi Waqqash, and many others. Unfortunately, Abu Bakr’s wife, Qutailah bint Abdul Uzza, was reluctant to accept Islam as her religion, so Abu Bakr divorced her. Meanwhile, his other wife, Umm Ruman, was willing to become a Muslim.

Before he died, Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq had been sick for about 15 days. At that time, he could only lie weakly in bed and could not perform congregational prayers with other friends. Since Abu Bakr was always appointed as the imam of the mosque, but at that time he was sick, he was replaced by Umar bin Khattab so that congregational prayers could continue.

Abu Bakr died at the age of 63 and his wife, Asma’ bint Amisy, washed his body according to his will. Regarding the cause of this illness, there are several sources that say that Abu Bakr ate food that had been poisoned by a Jew. At that time, Abu Bakr was eating it with al-Harist bin Kaladah and al-Atab bin Usaid, who later both had the same disease and died on the same day.

In terms of marriage, Abu Bakr had married 2 wives in Makkah, namely Qatilah bint al-‘Azy and Umm Ruman bint Amir bin Uwaimar. From his first wife, he was blessed with two children named Abdullah and Asma. Meanwhile, from his second wife, he was also blessed with two children, namely Abdurrahman and Aisyah.

After converting to Islam and moving to Medina, Abu Bakr remarried with two wives namely Habibah bint Kharijah and Asma’ bint Umais. From his third wife, Abu Bakr was blessed with a child named Umm Kulthum who was born after he died. When Umm Kulthum grew up, she married one of the companions of Rasulullah SAW, namely Talha bin Ubaidillah. Meanwhile, from his fourth wife, he was blessed with a son named Muhammad.

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The story of Abu Bakr Gets the Nicknames of Ash Shiddiq and Al-‘Atiq

Reporting from , there is a story that tells about how Abu Bakr got the nickname Ash Shiddiq and Al-‘Atiq. In the tradition of the Arab nation, it is common that a person’s name will also be accompanied by a laqab alias nickname. The function of the nickname is as a form of praise for the nobility of his character. Rasulullah SAW also often gives nicknames to his friends, as a form of flattery. For example, Umar bin Khattab was given the nickname al-Faruq which means the difference between truth and falsehood, then there is Khalid bin Walid who was nicknamed Saifullah which means the sword of Allah, then there is also Hamza bin Abdul Muthalib with the nickname Asadullah which means tiger of Allah.

It can be said that all the companions of Rasulullah SAW received their own nicknames, including Abu Bakr who was famous for his nicknames as ash-Shiddiq and al-‘Atiq.


This means that people are very honest or justify a lot. This is what made Abu Bakr appointed as the most trusted friend of Rasulullah SAW, including things that don’t make sense though.

There is a story to be precise after the Isra Mi’raj Event, at that time Rasulullah SAW made a very lightning journey from Mecca to Baitul Maqdis, then continued with a sky journey full of miracles. The next day, Rasulullah SAW told his experience to the residents of Mecca. However, instead of being listened to and making their faith increase, the residents of Mecca did not believe and even made fun of Rasulullah SAW. Even worse, some people who have weak faith, actually become apostates and consider the Prophet Muhammad as a liar. It was at those moments, Abu Bakr appeared dashingly and confidently to justify what the Prophet had conveyed. So, since then, he was given the nickname Ash-Shiddiq.


Abu Bakr not only has the nickname Ash-Shiddiq, but also Al-‘Atiq. According to some scholars, this was because Abu Bakr had a handsome face. However, there are also some who say that the nickname was given because Abu Bakr has always been at the forefront of goodness. Another version, the nickname was given because Abu Bakr was indeed born from a holy lineage where his ancestors were protected from committing adultery. Some opinions say that Abu Bakr got this nickname because he was guaranteed to be free from the torment of hell. According to the following hadith,

“By Allah, in fact I was in my house one day, while the Messenger of Allah and some of his companions were in the yard. Between me and them closed by a barrier. Suddenly Abu Bakr came, then the Prophet said, ‘Who likes to see people who are free (‘atiq) from the fires of hell, then look at Abu Bakr.” (Reported by Al-Hakim)

Privileges of Abu Bakr Ash Shiddiq

Even though Abu Bakr became the father-in-law of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, he was also appointed as a friend of the Prophet who always accompanied the preaching of Rasulullah SAW everywhere. He is willing to sacrifice both his wealth and his soul to spread the message of da’wah. That is why, the name Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq has a special place in the heart of Rasulullah SAW and Islamic history. So, here are some of the virtues of Abu Bakr Ash-Shiddiq.

1. His name is enshrined in the Koran

For the sacrifices he always made, especially when supporting the preaching of Rasulullah SAW in spreading Islam, he received a noble appreciation from Allah SWT by perpetuating his name in the holy book Al-Quran, including in QS Al-Taubah verse 40 which reads:

It means:

“If you don’t help him (Muhammad), then surely Allah helped him (namely) when the disbelievers (mushrikin Mecca) took him out (from Mecca) while he was one of the two people while both were in the cave, when he said to his friend: “Do not grieve, verily Allah is with us.” (QS. Al-Tauba: 40)

2. Become the First Person to Enter Heaven

Yep, Abu Bakr became the first human figure from the people of Rasulullah SAW to enter heaven. This has been explained in a hadith narrated by Abu Daud, which reads:

From Abu Hurairah Ra. He said that Rasulullah SAW. said, “Gabriel came to me and invited me to see the gates of heaven that would be entered by my people later. Abu Bakr said, “O Messenger of Allah, in fact I hope when he comes I am with you so that I too can see the door of heaven.” Rasulullah SAW said, “Indeed you Abu Bakr are the first people to enter heaven from my people.” (Narrated by Abu Dawud)

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3. Became a Mufti during the time of Rasulullah SAW

During the time when Rasulullah SAW was still alive, there were at least 14 friends who were trusted to give fatwas to his people. However, of the 14, only Abu Bakr was trusted by Rasulullah SAW to give a fatwa when he was with him. Meanwhile, other friends are only allowed to give fatwas when they are not with Rasulullah SAW. Because of the trust that the Prophet Muhammad had in Abu Bakr, it is contained in a hadith narrated by HR. Al-Bukhari.

4. Become a person who always hastens to do good

The figure of Abu Bakr, who was not only the Prophet’s father-in-law, but also the Prophet’s best friend, would always hasten to do good things. Even when the other companions of the Prophet did not do it. This has been narrated in a hadith which reads:

From Abu Hurairah Ra. He said that Rasulullah SAW said, “Which of you is fasting this morning?” Abu Bakr said, “I am.” Rasulullah then said, “Which of you today accompany the corpse?” Abu Bakr replied, “I am.” Rasulullah SAW then asked again, “Which one of you is feeding the poor today?” Abu Bakr replied, “I am.” The Messenger of Allah also asked again, “Which of you is visiting a sick person today?” Abu Bakr replied, “I am.” Rasulullah SAW then said, “This deed does not accumulate in someone unless he will enter heaven.” (Muslim HR)

5. Become a very humble friend of the Prophet’

The attitude of tawadhu’ is a calm attitude and not arrogant about the things he has. This commendable attitude belongs to Abu Bakr, who is a wealthy person in terms of wealth. Even though he was a rich man, Abu Bakr still lived in a humble and simple attitude, according to the hadith which reads:

“From Abdullah bin Umar Ra. He said that Rasulullah SAW. said, “Whoever lengthens his clothes to be extravagant, Allah will not look at him on the Day of Resurrection. Abu Bakr then said, “Surely my clothes are long unless I cut them.” Rasulullah SAW then replied, “(O Abu Bakr) you do that not to be extravagant.” (Narrated by Al-Bukhari)



The Life of Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq Before and After Entering Islam

Before Entering Islam

Abu Bakr grew up in the Quraysh environment in the city of Mecca and was a respected descendant of the Tayim qabilah. Well, before converting to Islam, he had indeed become a figure who was honest, had good morals, and was far from the bad habits of the ignorant people who liked to play women and get drunk at the same time. Not only that, Abu Bakar also came from a wealthy family because of his profession as a trader. He has visited quite a number of trade routes. Even when trading, Abu Bakr continued to practice his honest and friendly attitude, so that he was considered a respectable trader among the Quraysh.

In Sirah Nabawiyah, Ibn Hisham also explained that Abu Bakr was a gentle figure as well as being polite to his people. As a trader who has special character, he is also often visited by the leaders of the people to ask for opinions. This was because Abu Bakr was also famous for his extensive knowledge, his established trading experience, so that his position was even higher among the Quraysh.

After Entering Islam

As previously explained, Abu Bakr was indeed a figure who was protected from the bad morals of the ignorant nation, even though at that time the religion of Islam had not yet been revealed. He was so reluctant to follow the moral downturn that existed in the Quraysh, even though he was a respectable figure there. So, after converting to Islam, Abu Bakr always accompanied Rasulullah SAW in every preaching. They don’t even hesitate to spend part of their wealth to spread Allah’s religion. The closeness between Abu Bakr and Rasulullah SAW was also narrated by Bukhari, which reads:

“From Ibn Abbas ra from Rasulullah SAW he once said, “If I were allowed to take close friends from my people then really I would choose Abu Bakr. But he is my brother and also my friend.” (Narrated by Bukhary)

As a figure who “supports” the preaching of Rasulullah SAW, Abu Bakr directed his preaching into 2 groups namely the Quraysh group who had pure nature, righteous thoughts, and were not affected by the bad morals of ignorance; and groups of the poor among slaves and people who have been wronged from among non-Quraysh.

Well, that’s a review of how the story of Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq, who is the father-in-law as well as the closest friend of the Prophet who is always trusted by many people, is no exception by the Prophet Muhammad. From the life story of Abu Bakar Ash Shiddiq, can Sinaumed’s take good things from his character?