14 Impacts of Global Warming and How to Overcome Them

The Impact of Global Warming and How to Overcome It – Lately, Sinaumed’s must have found the symptoms of global warming which are currently getting more extreme. For example, the air temperature is very hot or otherwise very cold, floods occur, it is difficult to find food, and so on.

These are some of the effects of global warming that we need to pay attention to. This impact is certainly very dangerous and detrimental to human life.

Global warming has always been a topic of conversation for many people from scientists, experts, activists, and even ordinary people who are affected by it. This is because the impact of global warming is very large and dangerous for the environment, ecosystems and human health.

The biggest trigger for this phenomenon is the use of fossil fuels and various land use conversion activities, namely converting forests into development, plantations, or agriculture.

The development of the times will also affect nature and our environment. If we don’t pay attention to the environment, the development will only damage our nature. Activities that are not environmentally friendly will produce gases that damage the atmosphere as in the Greenhouse Effect process.

Now caring for the environment also means caring for the ongoing balance of nature because a good environment will also lead to a good quality of life. Don’t let us become a generation that destroys nature.

Well, that’s why Sinaumed’s friends need to know what global warming is, the causes and effects of global warming so they can take steps to deal with global warming. Starting from small things we can maintain the balance of nature and try not to damage nature.

Definition of Global Warming

Global Warming or Global Warming is the process of increasing the average temperature in the atmosphere, sea and earth’s land so extreme that it affects the imbalance of the earth’s ecosystem.

The emergence of global warming shows that in the last hundred years, the global average temperature on the earth’s surface has so far increased by 0.74 ± 0.18 °C (1.33 ± 0.32 °F).

This global warming phenomenon is then marked by the melting of polar ice and various places or areas that have temperatures that tend to rise throughout the world.

The emergence of the phenomenon of global warming is certainly difficult to avoid because human activities are increasingly not environmentally friendly. Many human activities and lifestyles lead to the emergence of the effects of global warming.

Climate change, which is currently increasing global warming, is caused by several things that are currently easy for us to find.

Then what are the causes of global warming? Following are some of the causes of global warming that Sinaumed’s needs to know about in order to reduce and improve the lifestyle that destroys nature

Impact of Global Warming

1. The Polar Ice Is Melting

Global Warming can have a negative impact on the polar regions because it makes the ice melt. The ice at the poles is melting because the earth’s temperature is increasing due to several factors.

Counted in the last 30 years, the ice at the poles has melted due to global warming with an amount reaching 28 trillion tons.

The melting of polar ice will also have a negative impact on natural ecosystems, from increasing water volume, rising sea levels, and even losing many polar animals.

2. Water Volume Increases

Global warming can have an impact on increasing the volume of water because water discharge increases after trillions of tons of polar ice melts.

The increased volume of water is of course a very bad impact of global warming which causes many areas to be flooded. In addition, small islands are also at risk of disappearing due to sinking.

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3. Clean Water Crisis

Global warming can also have an impact on the availability of clean water. The lack of clean water availability will create a clean water crisis which is very detrimental to humanity. This clean water crisis can occur because global warming can make a lot of water in the soil evaporate so that clean water is difficult to obtain.

4. Forest Fire

Severe global warming will result in a very high temperature increase that can trigger forest fires. Losing forests is certainly the worst thing for nature and the earth.

As happened in California, United States of America massive forest fires which later according to scientists were caused by increasing temperatures due to global warming.

5. Smog

The impact of global warming seems to be spreading into more specific forms of impacts that are detrimental to nature and humanity. Like the smog caused by forest fires, it will also have an impact on human health. Global warming is indeed very big impact for survival on earth.

6. The emergence of disease outbreaks

Global warming can affect the immunity of living things to decrease due to rising temperatures and unstable season conditions. Because poor immunity will make us susceptible to disease. Even the impact of this temperature increase can affect many people so that it becomes a disease outbreak.

7. There is a Food Crisis

Global warming can have an impact on food availability because it can increase sea temperatures so that it affects the death of marine biota. If we lack the supply of fish and marine animal populations, then we will experience a food crisis which can be very difficult for humans.

8. Allergy Cases Increase

Warmer temperatures due to global warming can cause plants to pollinate longer. An increase in the amount of pollen in the air can cause an increase in the number of allergy sufferers because plant pollen is the most common cause of allergies and kills the most.

9. Extreme Natural Events

Global warming will certainly have an impact on natural conditions that cause very extreme natural events to occur, for example major floods, major storms and tsunamis.

In addition to making natural events become extreme, global warming also makes their intensity increase. As a result, more and more people have lost their homes or possessions due to natural disasters that have befallen them. Big disasters will also bring great losses to humans.

10. Extinction of Animals

Global warming can increase the risk of wiping out animal populations. This can happen because many animal populations have lost their habitat due to extreme climate change due to global warming.

If their original habitat is lost it will make the animals migrate. But if they can’t adapt to their new habitat, the animals can’t survive and many die.

11. Damage to Marine Ecosystems

Global warming can damage marine ecosystems, starting from destroying coral reefs so that it also affects other marine biota. Coral reefs are an important element that needs to be owned by the sea because coral is where marine life survives. So if many coral reefs are damaged, it will also have an impact on other marine ecosystems.

12. Impact on Plants and Agriculture

Global warming can have an impact on crop growth and crop failure because extreme weather such as flooding, rising sea levels can disrupt the crop season.

Global warming has a negative impact on plants, making it difficult to grow and crop failure. The lack of availability of crops can also lead to a food crisis.

13. Heat Wave

Global warming can create dangerous heat waves. In recent years more deaths have been caused by heatwaves than in the previous 60 years. As reported by The Guardian there has been a terrible heat wave that has hit India.

14. Increase Storm Frequency

When global warming results in rising sea water temperatures, it will also cause hurricanes and stronger storms. Global warming can increase the temperature of sea water and heat the air around it, so that hurricanes will be created with a very high frequency.

The following are books that Sinaumed’s can read to understand the phenomenon of climate change which can cause extreme global warming. The book entitled The Science of Climate Change is recommended for Sinaumed’s to read because it contains a detailed explanation from an updated scientific perspective.

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Ways to Overcome Global Warming

1. Using Renewable Energy

Global warming can be prevented by reducing the use of fossil energy such as fuel and replacing it with renewable energy. Examples of renewable energy that Sinaumed’s can use to replace fuel are solar (solar) energy, water current energy, wind energy, biomass energy, and geothermal or geothermal energy.

If public awareness increases on global warming, there will be many producers of environmentally friendly products. One of them is by supporting and encouraging the use of products resulting from the use of renewable energy.

Starting to use renewable energy can prevent global warming in the future because humans prefer environmentally friendly technologies to carry out their activities every day.

2. Reducing the Use of Private Vehicles and Using More Energy-Efficient Public Transportation Modes

One way that can be done to overcome global warming is to choose a mode of transportation that is more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This option can reduce carbon dioxide or CO2 emissions which exacerbate the Greenhouse Effect on the environment.

So Sinaumed’s can reduce the use of private vehicles to reduce the use of vehicles on the highway. Because if more and more people use private vehicles, the more air pollution will be produced.

3. Save Energy and Water Usage

Sinaumed’s friends need to know that heating air conditioning water, excessive use of lights, and other electronic devices can also increase the amount of CO2 production in the earth’s atmosphere.

So it also has a big potential to cause global warming. So that’s why we can minimize these causes by saving the energy and water that we use every day.

For example by replacing light bulbs with types that are more energy efficient, turning off lights when they are not in use, preferring to use showers, repairing leaks immediately, and so on.

Sinaumed’s can also choose to use natural lighting to save more energy by not turning on the lights during the day.

4. Use Environmentally Friendly Products 

Preferring environmentally friendly products can be a wise way to overcome global warming. For example choosing electronic products that have been tested to be more energy efficient, using goods that don’t generate a lot of waste, and other environmentally friendly products.

5. Run a Healthy Lifestyle

Sinaumed’s can do a healthy lifestyle to survive in the midst of current global warming. Sinaumed’s can do a healthy lifestyle to overcome global warming by cycling or walking when traveling short distances. In addition, Sinaumed’s can consume healthy or organic products that do not produce a lot of waste for the environment.

6. Preserving Forests and Agriculture

Global warming can be prevented by using chemical-free forestry and agricultural products. In addition, forest burning must also be stopped and significant reforestation or reforestation must be carried out.

The specific way that Sinaumed’s can do is plant trees or do greenery around the house first.

For wider action, Sinaumed’s can join the tree donation movement as an effort to prevent global warming.

7. Recycle

The following way to overcome global warming is by reducing waste and the use of plastic. Reducing waste Garbage can be done by recycling waste and other used items that are still useful.

Sinaumed’s can also reduce the use of plastic bags by bringing their own tote bags or grocery bags when shopping at minimarkets, supermarkets, markets, and so on. Recycling can be our effort to maintain a clean and beautiful environment.

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So, that’s an explanation of what global warming is, the causes and effects of global warming and how to deal with it. Does Sinaumed’s intend to change their lifestyle to be environmentally friendly?

Exactly, realizing that living in an environmentally friendly way is our wise way to protect nature and the aging earth. We may not be able to avoid various extreme natural phenomena, but we can still try to reduce the impacts that damage nature.

In order to have extensive knowledge about how to deal with global warming, Sinaumed’s friends can read the sinaumedia collection book entitled Surviving on Earth: Lifestyle in Facing Climate Change .

This book is recommended for reading sinaumedia who want to try to carry out an environmentally friendly lifestyle in the midst of climate change which is currently increasing. Besides having an impact on yourself, environmentally friendly behavior will also have a bigger impact on nature and our earth. Happy learning #Friends Without Limits