Microsoft founder and Bill Gates Career Story

Inventor of Microsoft – Who doesn’t know the world famous figure, Bill Gates? Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft as well as the person who founded a large company which is also named the Microsoft Corporation. The company has contributed a lot to the development and advancement of technology, especially in the field of computers.

Microsoft is a type of multinational company based in the United States. Precisely namely in Redmond, Washington, USA. The company also develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of computer-related products and services. One of the most famous products from Microsoft to date is the Windows operating system. Almost all computer and laptop devices provide this system in it.

Short Biography of Microsoft Inventor: Bill Gates

William Henry Gates III or better known as Bill Gates is a man who was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington, USA. Bill Gates is the third child of the couple William Henry Gates and Mary Maxwell. While her two older siblings are named Kristianne and Libby.

Bill Gates’ father is a lawyer who is quite famous because he has had many relationships with various companies and famous people. While his mother worked as a member of the Board of Directors of First Interstate Bank, Pacific Northwest Bell, and also a member of the national level of the United Way. Meanwhile, Bill Gates’ grandfather named JW Maxwell was a president at one of the national banks.

In his family, Bill Gates is a child who has a fairly high intelligence. So he had experienced difficulties while at school. Because his enthusiasm for learning is higher than his peers. Therefore, the genius that is in Bill Gates’ brain makes him even smarter and genius in the academic field. When Bill Gates’ parents found out that their second child had academic abilities and a very genius brain. So they decided to move Bill Gates to a special school for boys in Seattle. The school was named Lakeside School. This school is located on the west coast, United States.

At first, Bill Gates liked computer-related subjects when he entered the school. He began to study more deeply about computer lessons. At that time, Bill Gates was only 11 years old. He already felt in love with the world of computers. However, his parents actually became worried because they were afraid if they could not concentrate while studying at school. Because of this, Bill Gates’ parents finally stopped all their children’s computer-related activities for a year. This was done so that Bill Gates could concentrate more on learning activities at his school.

However, because Bill Gates’ curiosity is very high and can not be dammed anymore. He then decided to do other learning activities by reading books on literature, business, science, and also biographies of world famous figures. The things that Bill Gates looks for when reading books about biographies is how to become someone who is great in the field he likes.

Previously, Bill Gates’ parents asked their children to stop studying computers for several reasons. They did that so Bill Gates could get into university. Even though Bill Gates still wants to advance the world of computers. But because of the intelligence possessed by Bill Gates. He was finally able to enter Harvard University located in the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1975.

However, his love for computers made Bill Gates decide not to continue his studies at Harvard University. After leaving the university, he chose to advance the computer world with his partner, Paul Allen.

Bill Gates Childhood Story

Since childhood, Bill Gates was already very fond of reading books. Then when he was 10 years old, v had read the World Book Encyclopedia from the very beginning to the last series. Because of his penchant for reading books, Bill Gates’ parents bought various types of books that his son liked.

Until he was 11 years old, Bill Gates began to ask his parents about business and events and phenomena that were happening in the world. However, Bill Gates’ fondness for reading various types of books made his mother worry. This is because the mother feels that her child interacts less frequently with other people and prefers to spend her time reading books. Therefore, Bill Gates sometimes fights with his mother because he feels that his mother really wants to control him.

History of Bill Gates in Getting to Know the World of Computers

Bill Gates started to like the world of computers while at Lakeside School, as explained above. However, the computer world that Bill Gates loved at that time was still a teletype machine linked by a telephone and a time-share computer. The thing that made Bill Gates fall in love with the world of computers was because of the way computers work themselves. Where the computer can read a software code perfectly.

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When Bill Gates was still attending Lakeside School, he felt that his love for computers was well facilitated. So that all his curiosity about the world of computers can be answered perfectly. Not only that, Bill Gates also had the freedom to play with the computer at his school. Because, he managed to find a software bug or an error that occurred in the program line.

The intelligence possessed by Bill Gates and his love for the world of computers, make it easier to learn computers and write basic programming languages. Bill Gates and his colleagues often spend hours in the computer room. They do that just to learn and write programming languages ​​and all things computer world.

Thanks to his love for the world of computers, when he was still in school, Bill Gates had earned extra pocket money. He earned this pocket money with his friends by becoming a young hacker or hacker at Lakeside. Bill Gates and his school friends can spend their time just studying computers. They even got home early in the morning. Where they spend all day just to fix the existing programming system on the computer.

It can be said that his love for the world of computers is not easy to get the approval of his two parents. Even Bill Gates was also not allowed to study computer science at all. This happened when Bill Gates was still at the Lakeside school. Until it continued when he had to go to university on the wish of his parents. Even though Bill Gates had succeeded in entering Harvard University, he was also confused about which major to enter. Until in the end he chose to enter law school in the hope of becoming a lawyer like his father.

While studying at Harvard University, Bill Gates was not very interested in the lessons he got at law school. He also felt that his love for computers would slowly fade away. However, all his love for the world of computers did not fade in the end. Because Bill Gates reunited with his friend when he was still at Lakeside School, Paul Allen. His friend was a hacker friend who used to work together when he attended Lakeside and it turned out that they both attended Harvard University. The meeting between the two made Bill Gates’ dream of having a software company start to grow again.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen began to develop and create a basic programming language that was used to operate and run the MITS Altair Basic 8800 computer. The programming language used on the computer turned out to be successful. So, Bill Gates and Paul Allen convinced themselves to come to MITS which is a small company located in Albuquerque. So that MITS wants to buy their Basic programming language.

After successfully creating a programming language with his colleague Paul. Bill Gates finally decided not to continue his studies at Harvard University. Because, he finds it difficult to divide his time between studying and also managing the development of his software. The choice taken by Bill Gates was intended so that he could focus more on his ambition to own a software company with his friend, Paul Allen. Until finally, the company they managed to build was named Microsoft.

Microsoft Company Success History

The beginning of the name Microsoft is Micro-Soft, where the words micro and soft are hyphenated. The name existed when Bill Gates and Paul Allen were already working with MITS. In 1976, Microsoft’s name was changed to Microsoft. Later that same year, the trade name was registered with the New Mexico Department of Foreign Affairs. Then, the partnership with MITS ended in 1976 and Microsoft’s software continued to be developed. The software was developed again by Bill Gates and his colleague Paul Allen. The development is not only intended for computers, but also for various other systems.

After not working with MITS, Bill Gates finally moved his previous corporate office in Albuquerque to Bellevue, Washington. when building his company in the early days, Bill Gates was very thorough in overseeing every employee who worked with him. So that all employees feel they have a great responsibility to advance the company’s business. Even though he already has many employees, Bill Gates still sees and directly checks all the lines of code sent by his company. Not only that, Bill Gates also writes back if there is a part of the code that looks inappropriate.

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Then, the Microsoft company also tried to work with IBM to advance its computer operating system. This was because at that time, IBM was lagging behind Apple in the computer market. So that IBM opens opportunities for other companies to fill the most important parts of a computer in the form of an operating system and also a microprocessor of a personal computer. Finally, the companies selected to fill the field were Intel and Microsoft.

Microsoft itself can win the competition with Intel and managed to get a cooperation contract. Bill Gates has the ability to negotiate well. So that the company’s contract with IBM can be won. The contract that has been established with the IBM company is one of the great opportunities for the Microsoft company to grow and advance. Microsoft realized that they could not fulfill IBM’s demands without help from other companies. Therefore, Microsoft made an approach to a local company called Seattle Computer Products.

The company has an operating system called Q-DOS or Quick and Dirty Operating System. The system was later purchased by Microsoft for $50,000. After obtaining the operating system, the next step is to modify and also adapt the Q-DOS operating system to meet the needs of IBM.

To become a good computer operating system, in order to meet IBM’s needs. So Bill Gates and also Allen have to work harder. The Q-DOS computer operating system had changed its name to the MS-DOS computer operating system or Microsoft Disk Operating System after going through various stages of modification and improvement.

Microsoft’s Golden Age

Bill Gates with the Microsoft company was increasingly successful and triumphant when IBM launched a computer with the MS-DOS system he made. Computers that use the MS-DOS system can be said to be in demand in the personal computer market. Thus making IBM obtain extraordinary profits from the sale of these computers. Every computer that has the IBM brand is sure to use the MS-DOS operating system.

Sales of IBM personal computers are increasingly in demand in the personal computer market, making Microsoft’s name more popular and known to many people. This happened because IBM used the MS-DOS computer operating system made by Microsoft. Thanks to the success of selling these computers, the name Microsoft is slowly becoming more popular and known to the world. Simply put, IBM’s big name in the personal computer market is one of the keys to Microsoft’s success and glory in the field of computer operating systems. Microsoft’s MS-DOS is increasingly popular and known to the world, especially in the field of computer operating systems. Even though the name of the MS-DOS system was getting better, IBM didn’t gain much from it.

Because, in its agreement with Microsoft, IBM agreed to provide MS-DOS development research funds to Bill Gates’ Microsoft company. Not only that, IBM has also agreed to allow Microsoft to resell the latest version of the MS-DOS operating system to third parties. In its contract agreement with IBM, it can be said that Microsoft gets more benefits. In addition to getting paid from the sale of IBM computers, Microsoft also received financing for the development of MS-DOS from IBM.

The sale of personal computers by IBM was a relatively successful sale and had a good impact on Microsoft. Because, with this in mind, Microsoft companies are becoming increasingly eyed by personal computer manufacturers. Where personal computer manufacturers are competing to acquire and adopt Microsoft’s MS-DOS. That way, the success of Bill Gates and his partner Paul Allen began to open wide.

Because of his love for the world of computers and his enthusiasm to achieve his dreams, Bill Gates was finally able to achieve all of that through his company Microsoft. Even though at a young age he was forbidden by his parents to study computer science, but Bill Gates remained persistent in achieving his dream.

Those are some explanations about the history of the inventor of Microsoft and the story behind the success of Bill Gates and his Microsoft company. The thing that is quite important and that we can take from the story of Bill Gates’ life journey is to always believe in the abilities that are within ourselves.