Bing Search Engine Strengths and Features

History of Bing – Bing is a Search Engine which originally had another name, namely Live Search, MSN Search or Windows Live Search. Then what is this one site like? What are the advantages of this Bing? Check out the explanation as follows.

Definition of Bing

Bing is a web search engine site that is under the auspices of Microsoft. Bing is a search engine which was officially introduced on May 28, 2009. Search engines are web search engines or web search engines that function as computer programs designed to search files stored on services, such as www, ftp, publication of mailing lists or newsgroups in one or a number of computers in one network.

Bing was first introduced directly by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at the All Things Digital conference, in San Diego, United States. Bing is a way of re-preservation carried out by Microsoft from the three search engines that already existed in the past, such as Windows Live Search, Live Search and MSN Search.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is an American multinational corporation that has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, United States. This Microsoft company develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a variety of computer-related products and services.

Microsoft became a company founded by world founders, namely Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Both of them founded Microsoft on April 4, 1975. Microsoft is the largest software maker in the world, calculated according to revenue figures, you know ! Microsoft is also one of the most valuable companies in the world.

Sinaumed’s can read stories from the founder of Microsoft, namely Bill Gates, to increase his knowledge about Microsoft and its development, which are available at the sinaumedia store.

On June 1, Bing was officially launched as a replacement for its previous search engine, namely Live Search. Bing was created by Microsoft equipped with or using Powerset technology which was purchased by Microsoft in 2018. Bing can be used by its users to get more accurate results. Bing also has completeness in storing and also sharing search history via Facebook, Skydrive and also email.

Bing Search Site Categories

Bing groups these search sites into four categories, namely:

1. Web to search for sites or websites

It is known that when it comes to searching for a site or web, you can rely on Bing. Because Bing provides more accurate information regarding your search.

2. Images for image search

Apart from that, the GUI or Bing image search is also considered to be superior and also considered to be more intuitive than other sites. Bing is able to bring users who want to find a video by displaying the original footage without connecting to Youtube.

3. News for news search

Bing news displays a wide variety of news recorded on the web. Attractive design, more striking highlight given to headlines. And if the user switches to a mobile device, the display becomes adaptive, depending on the type of device used. The news that is displayed is of course based on trending topics on Facebook and Twitter.

4. xRank 

xRank is a service for search or as part of the Microsoft search engine. In this xRank, you can track what and who is most searched by Bing users. However, xRank was officially closed by Microsoft in October 2010.

On July 29, 2009, Microsoft and Yahoo! announced an offer, in which the announcement stated that Bing would power Yahoo! Search . And to all users and partners of Yahoo! Search is expected to undergo a transition in early 2012. In October 2011 Bing also announced that it was working on a new search infrastructure, the aim of which is to provide faster and more relevant search results for its users.

While Yahoo! is a multinational internet company headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, United States. Yahoo! became known for having its own web portal as well as search engines, such as Yahoo! Search, Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Yahoo Mail! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Answers, a website and service advertising online maps, video sharing, fantasy sports and other social media.

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The indexing technology known as “Tiger” was successfully incorporated into Bing globally starting in August 2011. And in May 2012, Bing also announced another redesign or there is a search engine that includes a “Sidebar” or Sidebar which is a social feature that searches on social networking site for Bing users to get relevant information by typing in search keywords.

History of Bing

It is known that previously Microsoft had produced three search engines before launching Bing, namely MSN Search, Windows Live Search and Live Search. But according to Microsoft, the performance of these three search engines is still not optimal in attracting users, so they have not been able to shift Google Search’s position as the ruler of search engines in the internet world.

So Microsoft continues to innovate by trying to evaluate and analyze what weaknesses existed in the three search engines before Bing was launched. Not only that, Microsoft also analyzes what weaknesses competitors’ search engines have, especially Google Search and Yahoo! Search. Microsoft has also made every effort to improve and apply it to the newest search engine product, namely Bing.

The creation of Bing is inseparable from Microsoft’s three previous search engines. Because Bing is a complement to the previous search engine. The creation of Bing started from the existence of MSN Search to Windows Live Search and then Live Search. However, the chronology of the formation of Bing is as follows:

1. MSN Search

MSN Search is the first search engine created by Microsoft. MSN Search was first launched in 1998. MSN Search itself contains an engine, index and web crawler. Since the launch of the MSN Search search engine, it has continued to develop and also experience improvements.

In November 2004, Microsoft also upgraded the MSN Search search engine by collaborating with Picsearch which is specifically for displaying an image.

2. Windows Live Search

In fact, the development of MSN Search cannot shift the dominance of the Google Search search engine. On September 11, 2006, from this failure, Microsoft again presented a new search engine, namely Windows Live Search. This Windows Live Search search engine has deeper capabilities to search for more specific and better information in the form of websites, news, pictures and music or others.

3. Windows Live Search

It doesn’t stop there, Microsoft continues to develop and always makes a decision to separate the search engine from Windows Live. Microsoft also changed the name of its search engine to Live Search, then consolidated with Microsoft adCenter. Microsoft’s reorganization has resulted in many policy changes, such as stopping several existing products, such as Windows Live Expo, Live Search Macros and so on.

Changes that continue to be made by Microsoft have not yet produced results. Microsoft also realizes that the use of brand names for search engine products is very important. In the end, on June 3, 2009, to create a new identity, Microsoft presented a new search engine called Bing.



Features on Bing

There are several features available on Bing, which Microsoft predicts that with these features and is expected to replace Google Search, namely features such as:

1. Best Match

Best Match is a feature from Bing that can display searches that are more relevant or in accordance with the keywords entered. The relevant link will display at the top of the list or list of search results. This Best Match feature also makes it possible for users to get results from searches that match the existence of similar site links.

2. Interface Features

Features is a feature of Bing that can display an image on the background which will continue to change every day. The background image that is also displayed is the result of unique and well-made images from around the world.

In addition, the background image displayed is also equipped with information about the image. The background images on this search engine are flexible, which means they can be activated and deactivated. While the Bing interface is a search result that displays the navigation panel results section on the left sidebar and a preview on the right side of search results that are also related.

3. Media Features

Media Features is a feature of Bing that allows its users to search for the images and videos that the user wants. The results of the search will display all search results in the form of thumbnails on one page, so that users don’t have to move on to the next pages, which certainly takes a long time. To play videos on Bing, users only need to hover the mouse cursor on the video thumbnail.

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4. Instant Answer

Instant Answer is a feature that allows users to obtain precise and accurate information. Not only that, Bing can also function as a calculator or calculating machine, knowing stock prices, airline ticket prices, flight schedules, shipping goods by ship by companies, information about traffic, restaurant reviews, dictionaries and so on.

5. Bing Maps

Bing Maps is a feature of Bing that can be used as a virtual earth. Bing Maps can allow users to find locations from various regions and even various countries in the world. The Bing Maps feature can also function as a guide to out of town and even abroad, you know! If Sinaumed’s is going to leave, Sinaumed’s can use the Bing Maps feature which is believed to provide more accurate address information.

6. Bing Travel

Bing Travel is a special feature of Bing that displays several budget plans that you need in one trip. Sinaumed’s can find out from transportation, hotels, car rental prices and much more. If Sinaumed’s wants to stay at a hotel, especially with family, Sinaumed’s can rely on the Bing Travel feature.



What are the advantages of Bing?

Of course, Bing has complete and cool features too! With the completion of these features, Bing actually has its own advantages and makes it easier for users. What are the advantages of this Bing? Let’s look at the following description!

1. Various background images

When Bing users access the front page of the Bing site on different days, the display of the background image used will also change by itself. Users will no longer feel bored when opening the Bing site with the same appearance.

2. Instant Answer facility

The instant answer facility is one of the performance innovations that Bing has successfully developed and integrated into the system so that Bing is able to provide answers. Another performance that Bing has is the ability it has in interpreting a question sentence even to matters relating to problems in the field of mathematics or calculations.

3. Search results for photos or videos can be filtered and displayed precisely and in detail

If there are users who search for sites or web pages that contain image content, Bing will present a list of search results by itself and display them in the form of thumbnails that can be enlarged or reduced by utilizing facilities, such as Zoom which is divided into several, namely Zoom small, Zoom medium , Zoom large and accompanied by Show image details . Show Images details serves to present image thumbnails and information about that image.

4. Detail box on the search result link

Bing is a search engine site for users who don’t need to press links anymore, but users only need to hover over the link to display the details box. This details box lets the user get a quick look at the information about the link.



5. More effective display of Bing Maps

Excess Bing Maps has access to fast loading. In addition, Bing users can also change the presentation of geographic maps into various display modes. Bing Maps can also allow users to display multiple areas or areas in three dimensions.

6. Related Searches facility

Bing also has the capability of an intelligent search system, in which this system is shown by Bing not only for displaying a list of sites, web pages, or links or keywords, but users can also find various options as alternatives that can be selected via the Related Searches sidebar . . The purpose of this feature is to enrich the search performed.

7. Smart video preview facility

Speed ​​in accessing and loading is an advantage possessed by Bing. This also happens to the content of video files too ! Microsoft emphasizes that users only need to wait less than thirty seconds to get a video preview through the Bing Videos feature. Not only that, the speed of the buffering system that is integrated into the Bing Videos directory is able to play a video show in a short time, the user only needs to point the cursor at the desired video player box.

Sinaumed’s can study and find out more information about Microsoft and one of its sites, namely Bing, you know ! How to? Namely by reading a book and getting the book available at . As #FriendsWithoutLimits we always try to give the best!

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