Indonesia’s attractiveness in the eyes of the world besides its natural beauty

The attractiveness of Indonesia – Indonesia is a country that has its own uniqueness in it. Where Indonesia consists of various islands that stretch wide. Then, every island in Indonesia has a diversity of tribes, cultures, customs, flora and fauna.

Even so, there are still some people who don’t know how unique the country of Indonesia is. In fact, if we dig deeper, the uniqueness of Indonesia may not be shared by other regions.

So, for more details, we will study together related to the attractiveness of Indonesia.

Indonesian Attraction

As previously explained, Indonesia has its own charm in it. Every island in Indonesia has different characteristics. The flora, fauna and culture of the local people also differ from one island to another.

It is very interesting for us to know more about the attractiveness of Indonesia. Besides being able to broaden our horizons, we as Indonesians will also love and understand more how interesting and unique this country is.

1. The Existence of Natural Diversity and Rare Natural Phenomena

Indonesia is located between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean making this country has a diverse climate and biosphere that stretches widely from Sabang to Merauke. Indonesia also has quite a variety of landscapes, ranging from tropical rain forests on the island of Kalimantan, monsoon forests producing timber and forest products in the Java region to vast expanses of savanna in the Nusa Tenggara Islands.

This is very different from countries that only have one or only two kinds of landscapes. Apart from that, Indonesia also has several unique natural phenomena.

One of them is Lake Toba which turns out to be the largest volcanic lake on earth. Lake Toba itself has an area of ​​about 100 x 300 square kilometers with a depth of about 505 meters.

Apart from Lake Toba which is the largest volcanic lake in the world, Indonesia also has a three-colored lake, namely Kelimutu Lake in East Nusa Tenggara Province.

It is undeniable that we will find a lot of natural uniqueness that is so beautiful in Indonesia, which of course we can enjoy as nature tourism. It should also be noted that we have a role in maintaining the beauty and preservation of this natural appearance.

2. Indonesia is Home to Tens to Hundreds of Endemic Flora and Fauna Species

Did you know that the diversity of climates and landscapes in Indonesia makes the land even more beautiful and very suitable for habitation by various types of native flora and fauna species.

Based on estimates from various biologists, Indonesia has around 165 species of mammals, 397 birds, 150 reptiles and 100 amphibians which are endemic or can only be found in Indonesia. Of course, we often know these animals, starting from the one-horned rhinoceros, anoa, birds of paradise, which are examples of native animals that live in Indonesia.

3. There is an Abundance of Natural Wealth Potential

Indonesia is a country that has a diversity of landscapes that contribute to its abundant natural wealth. Starting from forest products, agricultural products to mining products. In addition, Indonesia is also included in the archipelago which is in the ring of fire area or is in a series of volcanoes.

The many volcanoes in Indonesia are able to provide a lot of potential mining products such as minerals and rocks that are so high value. It should also be noted that Indonesia has one of the largest gold mining areas in the world, namely the Grasberg mine on the island of Papua.

In addition, the soil in Indonesia is also classified as very fertile and very suitable for planting various types of crops. Soil fertility in Indonesia can occur because of the type of volcanic soil.

4. The country with the largest archipelago in the world and inhabited by hundreds of tribes

Indonesia is a country that is home to hundreds of ethnic groups from the archipelago. It has been recorded that there are around 742 indigenous tribes with different regional languages ​​in each tribe. As an example, there are tribes in the land of Papua with a total of around 270 indigenous Papuan tribes.

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This condition will be able to contribute to Indonesia’s cultural potential. In fact, Indonesia is able to have privileges regarding ethnic diversity and regional languages ​​because of this diversity.


5. One of the Countries That Contributes the Largest Oxygen on Earth

Indonesia is included in the ranks of countries that can contribute the largest oxygen in the world. The Kalimantan Islands are one of the lungs of the world which is so big. Where on the island of Borneo there are tropical forests that are able to provide the supply of oxygen needs on earth.

Based on existing research, Indonesia is able to occupy the third limited ranking as the owner of the largest forest in the world. Seeing this, our duty as humans must be able to preserve forests and the environment.

6. Has a Cultural Heritage Site

It’s not only biodiversity that makes Indonesia so different from other countries, but Indonesia also has various types of cultural heritage that have been registered with UNESCO. Some of them are like Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple, Komodo National Park, Ujung Kulon National Park, Bali Cultural Landscape, Ombilin Coal Mine, Lorentz National Park, and Sangiran Prehistoric Man Area.

7. Home to Giant Lizards

Previously, it was explained that Indonesia is a country that is home to fauna. If you dig deeper, it turns out that there are giant lizards that are still alive today in Indonesia.

Komodo dragons or commonly referred to as Komodo Dragons are animals that are only found on five Indonesian islands, starting from the islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, Gili Motang and Padar. The existence of Komodo dragons is a special attraction for tourists to foreign and domestic media to see and observe endemic animals in Indonesia directly.

The researchers were so amazed when they witnessed the weight of the Komodo dragon directly and knew about the Komodo dragon’s bite which was so poisonous that it was possible to hunt or prey on animals larger than it.

8. The price of needs is relatively affordable

Quoted from the biennial World Economic Forum (WEF) Travel and Tourism Competitiveness report and seen from the price competitiveness factor, Indonesia is included in the best value ranking. This is what makes Indonesia the most favorite country for foreign tourists to vacation in Indonesia.

9. Indonesia is the country with the largest Islamic religion in the world

Judging from the number, Indonesia is a country with the largest Muslim population in the world. There are around 88 percent or around 216 million Indonesian people who embrace Islam. This also makes Indonesia the country with the largest number of mosques as well as the largest contributor of pilgrims in the world.

10. Indonesia is the country that owns the largest Buddhist temple in the world

Indonesia’s next attraction is as a country that has the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Where Borobudur Temple is one of the largest Buddhist temples in the world with reliefs located on the walls totaling 1,460. Because this makes the Borobudur Temple the owner of the most complete Buddhist reliefs in the world. Besides that, Borobudur Temple also has 504 Buddha statues. It should also be noted that Borobudur Temple is also a place of spiritual pilgrimage for Buddhists.

11. There is the highest island peak in the world

Indonesia is a country that has the highest island peak in the world. Where Puncak Jaya or better known as Carstensz Pyramid has a height of about 4,884 meters above sea level. The location of Puncak Jaya itself is on the island of New Guinea or New Guinea, Papua as well as the second largest island in the world.

Even Puncak Jaya has also been named as one of the World Seven Summits or the 7 Peaks of the World. Apart from that Puncak Jaya also has snow on it.

12. Owner of the Most Languages ​​in the World

Previously, it was explained that Indonesia is a country that has many islands. Where every island in Indonesia is inhabited by various types of tribes. Every tribe in Indonesia has a language that is different from one another. There are about 707 languages ​​in the world. Because this number puts Indonesia in second place after Papua New Guinea as the owner of the most languages ​​in the world.

So, those are some of Indonesia’s attractions that other countries don’t have. From the explanation above, we can see that Indonesia does have its own unique side.

Animals in Indonesia that are Endangered with Extinction

As we know, the fauna in Indonesia has its own charm. In fact, not infrequently the tourists always come to witness firsthand the beauty that is owned by every animal in Indonesia.

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However, as time goes by, the existence of various types of animals in Indonesia has begun to be threatened with extinction. One of the reasons is because of poaching from various irresponsible persons.

Even though, as we know, the animals in Indonesia make a major contribution to the attractiveness that other countries don’t have. So, below are several types of animals in Indonesia that are endangered and are on the list of protected animals.

1. Orangutans

Not only in Indonesia, but throughout the world the number of orangutans is starting to decrease over time. Until now, there are only around 55,000 orangutans left. In fact, some of them live on the island of Borneo and 200 others are in Sumatra.

The drastic decrease in the number of orangutans is due to the reduction in the habitat of their original population, for example, due to forced land clearing by irresponsible parties. But for now there are already many volunteers from all over the world working to help captive orangutans in Indonesia.


2. Komodo

Komodo is a giant lizard that is in Indonesia. In 2017, the number of Komodo species was only around 3,012. This figure has increased compared to previous years.

Because of this scarcity, the government took action by making Komodo Island in East Nusa Tenggara a national park as well as the Komodo dragon’s natural habitat.

One of the factors that influence the difficulty of Komodo dragon breeding is the mating process. Where the male Komodo has to do the marriage first before marrying the female Komodo. In addition, dragons that have just hatched their eggs are more vulnerable to being preyed upon by other predators.

3. Turtle

Sea turtles are one of the species that successfully live in Indonesia. The government has also made turtles a protected animal and has made them captives in various regions. One of the turtle hatcheries in Indonesia is on Tanjung Benoa Island, Bali, the Thousand Islands and Lombok. Interestingly, the Indonesian people always help in the process of raising turtles so they can continue to exist.

4. Sumatran tiger

The Sumatran tiger is one of the endangered animals in Indonesia. Currently there are only about 300 to 400 Sumatran tigers that can live in the wild. The large amount of illegal oil palm land clearing is one of the factors that has disturbed the Sumatran tiger’s habitat.

5. Bird of Paradise

Although every type of bird of paradise has been sent to various countries. However, for the four types of birds of paradise, they can only be found in Papua. Bird-of-paradise monitoring tours can be visited at Isio, Jalan Korea, and Gantebang which are in the Nimbokrang district, Jayapura Regency.

Plants in Indonesia that are Endangered with Extinction

Indonesia is not only inhabited by various types of animals. However, Indonesia is also home to flora that is so beautiful and rare. Even some of the plants in Indonesia are also included in the endangered group. So, below are some plants in Indonesia that are endangered.

1. Tall Ancung

The tall Acung or Amorphophallus decus-silvae Backer & Aldrew is an endemic plant that can be found in West and Central Java. This tamanan is a corpse flower that can reach a height of about 2 to 3.5 meters. This plant also has a characteristic grayish color of the petioles with dark brown pickle spots.

Just like the corpse flower in general, the tall flower will also emit an unpleasant odor when it blooms. It should be noted that the tall acung population has decreased progressively until it is estimated that it will be able to reach just under 10,000 plants. One of the causes of the decline in the tall acung population is the widespread conversion of land functions.

2. The Palahlar Tree

The palahlar tree or the owner of the Latin name Dipterocarpus littoralis Blume is one of the endemic plants originating from the island of Nusakambangan. The palalar tree is about 35 meters high and has the potential to produce quality wood. In addition, the palahlar tree also has a function as a medicinal plant that utilizes the anti-bacterial parts of the bark and leaves.

3. Semar bag

Nepenthes or the owner of the Latin name Nepenthaceae is one of the beautiful ornamental plants. Where semar bags are found in the West Kalimantan region. However, due to poaching and destruction of native habitat caused by forest fires, this is one of the factors causing the pitcher plant to experience a decline in population.

4. Black Orchid

The black orchid is also included in the list of endangered plants in Indonesia. The black orchid has the Latin name Coelogyne pandurata L which is commonly found on the island of Borneo, especially in the East Kalimantan region.

Even though it has the name black orchid, this plant does not have a completely black color. This is because the black color of this type of orchid is only found on the tongue of the flower. As for the color of the petals is yellowish green.

Well, that’s an explanation related to the attractiveness that is owned by Indonesia. It cannot be denied that Indonesia has a diversity that is so unique and must be maintained. If you want to find books about Indonesia, then you can get them at .

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Author: Hendrik Nuryanto


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