Get to know what is left-handed, facts and advantages of left-handed people

What is left-handed – Many people have heard of what is left-handed, you might even be one of those who have heard of it. Left-handed is someone who tends to do activities with the left side of the body, such as when writing tends to use the left hand.

On this occasion, we will discuss more about left-handedness, to the advantages of left-handed people. So, read this article, until it’s finished, Sinaumed’s.

Definition of Left-handed

Basically, there have been many who say that a left-handed person has a smarter brain when compared to a right-handed person. Meanwhile, there is some research suggesting that there may be a link between left-handedness and higher IQ. Meanwhile, other studies have shown that right-handed people actually have an advantage.

Quoted from Healthline, left-handedness is sometimes also called sinitrality. As for what is meant by sinitrality is the condition of preferring to use the left hand rather than the right hand for routine activities. There are also studies that reveal that left-handedness can be caused by genetic or hereditary factors.

Because scientists have shown that left-handedness tends to run in families. As a result, it is assumed that left-handedness has a genetic component, in other words left-handers are born that way.

Left-handed people use their left hand more often than their right hand. In addition, he usually uses his left hand when doing activities, such as combing his hair, cooking, and so on.

Writing cannot be used to determine whether a person is left-handed or not, because some people who are left-handed use their right hand to write, while for everything else they use their left hand.

It is estimated that 8-15% of the adult population are left-handed. In addition, various studies have shown that left-handedness is more common among males than females.

Compared with the general population, left-handedness is more common among identical twins and some groups of people with neurological disorders (eg, Epilepsy Down’s Syndrome, Autism and Mental Retardation). From a statistical point of view, a person who has a twin who is left-handed has a 76% chance of also being left-handed.

Causes of Someone Left-handed

A left-handed person does not just happen, but there are several causes for a person to be left-handed, including:

1. Gen

There is a possibility that genetic factors will influence a child to use the right or left-handed more often. A single gene may be passed from parents to children to influence which hand a child likes.

If a certain version of this gene is inherited, the child will likely be left-handed. In addition, it also depends on reinforcement and other environmental influences. However, more recent research suggests that there may be more genes that can result in left-handed people.

2. Gender

The gender of left-handed people is more dominated by men than women. This can be proven through research which shows that the male hormone testosterone has an influence on right and left-handed hands.

3. Fetal Development

Some researchers believe that left-handedness has more to do with environment than genetics. They suggest that environmental factors in the womb (including hormone exposure) can affect whether we like our right or left hand later in life.

4. Imitation

Children learn to choose their right or left hand by imitating parents, caregivers, and people who are often around them. However, this does not explain why left-handed parents sometimes have left-handed children, and vice versa.

5. Brain Damage

A minority of researchers theorize that all humans are predestined to be right-handed. However, some types of brain damage can also be characterized by left-handed behavior. For left-handed people and parents of left-handed people, it’s important to note that there is no solid evidence to support this rather controversial theory.

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6. Adjustments

Some people who are right-handed by nature become left-handed because of the need to adjust to injury.

Facts About Left-handed People

Ten percent of the total world population are left-handed. As a minority, they have to live to adjust to various kinds of equipment, such as gadgets, office stationery, cooking equipment, and various other objects that are made to meet the needs of right-handed people.

The brain and body of left-handed people operate differently than those of right-handed people (and in ambidextrous people , whose two hands are the dominant hand for different tasks).

Most of the human population in the world is more dominant to use the right hand in activities. Although someone who is left-handed looks different because their left hand is dominant, this does not mean that they are any different from someone who is right-handed.

Quoted from various sources, the following are facts about left-handed people, namely:

1. The brain works opposite to the side of the body that is used

Various things that are done by the limbs have a control center in the brain, which is divided into the cerebrum and cerebellum, as well as the right brain and left brain. When doing various activities, it turns out that the part of the brain that controls it is opposite to the part of the body that does that activity.

For example, someone who is more dominant using the right hand, means the part of the brain that works is the left. This also applies to someone who is left-handed, namely the right side of the brain that is more dominantly working.

2. Following Hand Domination

Left-handed people tend to chew food on the left, while right-handed people tend to chew on the right.

3. Possibly Already in the Womb

The fetus begins to move its hands when it enters 9-10 weeks. Early in the second trimester, the baby shows a clear preference for sucking on one thumb on one side of the hand.

If the baby starts to get used to sucking the thumb of the left hand, it could be that left-handedness has become congenital even before your little one is born. However, most developmental experts say that parents likely won’t understand their child’s dominant hand until two or three years of age. This is because as children grow, many children will change hands when doing activities.

4. Left-handed people have a higher mortality rate than right-handed people

A surprising fact that left-handed people live 3 years shorter than right-handed people. Launching CNN Health, more than 2,500 left-handed people die every year as a result of using everyday equipment for people who are right-handed.

5. Symptoms of Dyslexia and ADHD

A study cited by WebMD, shows that left-handed students have much more difficulty in school and have symptoms of ADHD. This can happen because they have mixed or ambidextrous hands.

Additionally, one study found that children who changed hands were twice as likely to be dyslexic.

However, until recently, researchers didn’t know exactly why that happened. Even so, they suspect that having an inconsistent dominant hand may be a bigger problem than a consistent left hand.

6. Relating to the Legend of Lucifer

According to legend, Lucifer and witches have dominant left hand and Lucifer with evil nature. Therefore, it is very likely that religious ceremonies are performed using the right hand. In fact, the right hand is often referred to as a good hand.

7. Associated with Deviance

In the past, left-handedness was associated with behavioral disorders, neurotic symptoms, rebellion, and criminal activity. In fact, the word ” left ” (left / left hand) in English is rooted in ” lyft ” in Anglo-Saxon, which means damaged or weak.

8. Considered More Creative

The right side of the brain controls the muscles on the left side of the body and mostly drives musical and spatial abilities. Maybe that’s why left-handed people often have creative ideas, so they are more often sought after in the creative industries.

In mirror writing, where the letters are reversed and written backwards, it is almost always done with the left hand. In addition, several studies have shown that left-handed children score higher in verbal reasoning.

However, further research is still needed regarding this one fact.

9. Famous Lefties

Famous left-handers throughout history include Napoleon Bonaparte, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Obama, and Jimi Hendrix.

10. Left-handed Day

It turns out that there is World Left Handers Day which is celebrated every August 13th since 1996.

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11. Often Using the Wrong Tool

More than 2,500 left-handed people are killed each year using everyday tools meant for right-handed people.

12. Premature babies tend to be left-handed

In several studies revealed that premature babies tend to be born in a left-handed condition.

13. Easily Affected by Stress

According to a study, left-handed people are more prone to post-traumatic stress (PTSD) when compared to those who are right-handed,

14. The Brain Can Work Faster At Some Things

Left-handed people’s brains work faster when exercising or playing computer games.

15. Have a Smarter Brain

According to a study from St. Lawrence University, left-handed people are now proven to be much smarter than right-handed people. People who have an IQ over 140 tend to be left handed. The proof, Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Einstein, and Newton were left-handed people.

16. Easily Embarrassed

Left-handed people are more easily embarrassed. A behavioral test conducted in Scotland showed a link between left-handedness and shyness.

According to this study, many participants who were left-handed reported that they were more easily anxious about making mistakes, and more sensitive to criticism. Overall, studies show left-handed people are indecisive.

17. Faster to anger

Most left-handed people show emotional processes that are not balanced between their right and left brain, one of the consequences is often a bad mood.

18. Drink Alcohol More Often

According to the results of research from 12 countries involving 25,000 participants, left-handed people drink alcohol more often than those who are right-handed. However, that does not mean they are prone to alcohol abuse.



Advantages of Left-handers

1. Have an artistic and romantic soul

Compared to language skills, those who are left-handed tend to have a fairly high artistic spirit. Usually, these art enthusiasts are also very romantic people.

It’s just that, most of them put it in works of art. In fact, left-handed people use their right brain more than their left brain. The right brain is used for creative, intuitive, and visual thinking processes. A number of famous left-handed artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo are left-handed artists.

2. Having High Creativity Power

Because they tend to use their right brain more, left-handed people have high creativity, especially in creating things.

In the journal American Journal of Psychology it was revealed that those who are left-handed have different thoughts than those who are right-handed. They keep thousands of fresh ideas in their brains, including to make their partner happy which will make the relationship more colorful.

3. Smarter

Revealed in the study ” Effects of Handedness on Intelligence Level of Students “. Apparently, those who are left-handed tend to have a higher IQ than people who use the right hand.

People who use their right hand predominantly will tend to use the left brain compared to the right. Meanwhile, those who are left-handed are able to use the right and left brain in a balanced way. Therefore, left-handed people are called smarter in learning something.

4. Multitasking

Not only smart, those who are left-handed are able to do several jobs at once. They are able to deal with various problems quickly. In addition, they will do it calmly and not rush during work.

Launching from the Lefty Fretz website , a 2018 study conducted by the Illinois Research Consortium revealed that left-handed people complete two jobs better than right-handed people.

This is because right-handed people get work done by breaking it into parts and then analyzing the problems one by one. Meanwhile, left-handed people tend to see the whole problem in their tasks and do pattern matching to try to solve it.

5. His memory is very sharp

Their ability to use both halves of their brain in a balanced way also has an effect on their sharp memory. They can remember events and dates very well.

6. Can Be a Good Leader

Several world leaders who are left-handed have proven their ability to lead a country such as Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Gerald Ford.

The ability to multitask, be intelligent, and have a creative spirit full of innovation makes those who are left-handed capable of solving several problems. Including being the leader in the household.

7. Good at sports

Having a left-handed partner can also make a person healthier. How not, those who are left-handed tend to like sports to keep their bodies fit. In addition, they are quite good at several sports such as swimming, tennis, baseball, boxing, and fencing.

Interestingly, almost 40 percent of tennis athletes are left-handed. Why did it happen? This is because the reflexes between the left and right hands are different, so this situation favors left-handers more.

8. Can Control Yourself Better

A left-handed person has better self-control in terms of holding back from fulfilling a wish. This has been tested in a study conducted by JECN. From the research it proves that those who are left-handed do not find it difficult to control their hands. This ability apparently really helped him control his desires.




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