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20 Productive and Fun Ngabuburit Tips and Ideas – Friends of Sinaumed’s, in the previous article it was briefly explained that fasting is a form of worship for Muslims. In the method of carrying out fasting, Muslims in particular are required to refrain from eating and drinking.

Besides that, lust, anger, and several other things that can break the fast must also be restrained. Of course, carrying out sunnah and obligatory fasting can also help us to better control ourselves from disobedient things such as anger, envy, and envy.

In addition, fasting can also make us closer to Allah SWT inwardly. Of course, there are still many benefits that can be provided by fasting. When the fasting month arrives, there is one special activity that is closely related to the traditions of the Indonesian people, namely ngabuburit.

Ngabuburit itself is defined as various activities that can be done to fill the time while waiting for the time to break the fast. Waiting for the time to break the fast certainly needs to be prepared as well as possible. Some of the same activities make ngabuburit activities even more boring.

There are various kinds of activities that can be done to fill free time before breaking the fast, both indoor and outdoor activities . These activities can also be carried out safely and comfortably. Here’s the full review.

What is Ngabuburit?

Based on the Sundanese Language Dictionary which has been published by the Sunda Language and Literature Institute (LBSS), the word ngabuburit comes from burit which means “afternoon”. Meanwhile, in Sundanese, ngabuburit is a portmanteau of the phrase ngalantung ngadagoan burit , which means “relaxing while waiting for the afternoon”.

In contrast to the Minang language, this ngabuburit is often referred to as malengah poino which means “to do activities to divert hunger and thirst during fasting”. In the Madurese language, ngabuburit is known as nyaré malem (looking for the night) or nyaré bhuka’an (looking for takjil or openings), namely when people who are fasting perform various ways in waiting for the evening call to prayer, while this term is known in the Banjar language as basambang , which means means “a walk at dusk”.

So, it can be concluded that ngabuburit is an activity carried out to wait for the sunset call to prayer before breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan. Well, the term “ngabuburit” gradually spread to all corners of Indonesia before the 1990s until it finally became a tradition today. Usually, this ngabuburit activity will be held from 15.30 to 17.30 (depending on when the evening call to prayer will resound).

In the process of its implementation, ngabuburit is often filled with traveling, takjil hunting, following cults, flying kites, and some even playing football. Therefore, there will be many sellers selling traditional food and snacks, either on the side of the road or at the market when breaking the fast.

This ngabuburit phenomenon has been carried out since ancient times, but of course the activities carried out can be different. In the past, especially in remote villages, people would hang out by plaiting pandan leaf mats, joking around with their families and neighbors, and reading the Al-Quran in the mosque.

As time progresses, the ngabuburit tradition also develops. Nowadays, young people usually do ngabuburit by hanging out in cafes, riding motorbikes together, walking in the town square, playing football, looking for takjil snacks, and cooking food for breaking the fast later.

Following are some productive ngabuburit activities that can be used as free time activities during fasting.

1. Shop

This one activity is certainly one of the fun ngabuburit activity ideas. Spending time before breaking the fast by shopping for food needs such as takjil, weekly or monthly needs can be done as one of the fun ngabuburit ideas.

2. Sports

Keeping the body active also needs to be done during fasting. Trying a new sport class that is different from sports activities that have been done before can be used as an alternative choice of exercise. Use the right time, namely before breaking the fast, to do light exercise, both at home and at the gym or gym.

3. Reading Books

Reading a book that was neglected can be a cool activity to do while waiting to break your fast. Going to your favorite bookstore to buy new reading books can also be done to fill the time while waiting for breaking the fast.

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4. Tidying up the House

Tidying up the house can be a therapy that can help relieve stress and boredom while fasting. Taking a little time to clean or tidy up the house before breaking the fast can also help refresh the mind, so that a comfortable and clean atmosphere can be had when breaking the fast.

5. Movie Marathon

Spending time watching movies or serials can also be done for ngabuburit during this fasting period. Watching movies can also help to unwind after a busy day at work. Certainly, time will not be felt when it is used to watch movies, series or action cinema while fasting.

6. Relax on the Beach

Ngabuburit activities by relaxing on the beach are usually carried out by people who live around the beach, for example at Parangtritis Beach, Depok Beach, and Kesirat Beach which are in the Province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta. Later, there will be sellers on these beaches selling takjil food to breaking fast food, so that relaxing time will be enjoyable.


7. Hunt for Takjil at the Surprised Market

Ngabuburit is not complete without takjil hunting. There are many surprised markets in various parts of Indonesia that provide a variety of takjil snacks at various prices. This market is called “surprised” because on average the sellers appear suddenly only at certain times, for example during the month of Ramadan before breaking the fast.

8. Make Your Own Takjil Cuisine

If in previous years we used to buy takjil food at the market during ngabuburit, this year will be different. You can make your own takjil dishes according to your creations. For example, you like beef rendang.

You can of course spend your ngabuburit time while waiting for the time to break your fast by making the rendang, with your family, relatives or boarding friends if you are boarding a boarding house. Besides being more economical, you also get a larger portion than buying at the market. Of course it will be hygienic as well.

9. Try Creative Drink Recipes for Breaking the Fast

It feels less afdal if you haven’t broken your fast with a fresh, appetizing drink. Various fresh drinks such as fruit ice, compote ice, kopyor ice, and dawet ice are usually required to be present at the dinner table when it’s time to break the fast. So, while waiting for the time to break your fast, you can also spend time looking for recipe ideas and start trying to be creative in making fresh drinks that will make your iftar moment more complete.

10. Playing kites

Even though it looks like a simple children’s game, playing with kites can also be an option to fill your iftar time. However, if you want to fly a kite, try to do it in a wide field, not in an area full of electric cables because it can be dangerous. In addition, the kite strings that have been broken are immediately cut and thrown away so as not to endanger other people passing by.

11. Cycling

Currently, cycling is still a trend in various circles. Young and old, men and women, adults and children from officials, business people, office workers, freelancers, and so on, pedaling bicycles together.

Cycling has indeed become one of the favorite sports because it is easy to keep the body healthy, as well as a means of refreshing (releasing fatigue) during the Covid-19 pandemic. As is known, the call to stay at home causes us difficulties to travel far because of the risks that lurk. Cycling can be an option to express your longing to see the “nature around you” and maintain your health.

If you are new to fitness or recovering from an injury or illness, you can cycle when you are out at a low intensity. When your body is fitter, you can increase the intensity of cycling.

Make sure your friends follow safety cycling tips to prevent the risk of injury, even accidents that you don’t want. Here are some tips that you need to pay attention to so that cycling activities are safer and your health is maintained.

  • Before starting cycling, make sure you consult your doctor first if you suffer from heart disease, arthritis, or bone loss;
  • For people with balance, vision and hearing problems, it is more advisable to use stationary bicycles rather than outdoor cycling;
  • Do not just choose a bicycle, choose the right bicycle so that you can pedal more easily, efficiently, and reduce pain;
  • Check the condition of the bicycle before riding, such as tires, brakes, handlebars, seats and other bicycle parts;
  • Always wear head, elbow and knee protection to minimize cuts and injuries if you fall off the bicycle;
  • Consider using sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat if the sun is shining on your bike;
  • Avoid cycling if the air pollution conditions are not good;
  • Use cycling-specific clothing or avoid loose clothing that can easily get caught in bicycle chains;
  • Obey traffic regulations and pay attention to motorized vehicles and pedestrians around. Better, use a special bicycle lane if available;
  • Even though it is often underestimated, you need to choose the right and comfortable saddle;
  • For mountain bikes, use the gear to go up an incline or hill so you don’t tire your knees;
  • Not pedaling in high gear for long periods of time as it will strain your knees;
  • When riding a bicycle, occasionally move your hands on the handlebars and move your seat from the saddle so you don’t feel numb;
  • When riding a bicycle, raise your head so that your view can reach obstacles far ahead;
  • Avoid cycling with a headset because this will make you not aware of your surroundings;
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12. Gardening

Want to do other ngabuburit activities at home? You can try gardening. Imagine the thrill of watering and tidying up the tiny plants in the garden or back of the house. If you are married and have children, also invite your spouse and children to make gardening activities more enjoyable.

13.Creative Time

You can also use this spare time to sharpen your creative side. You can try making greeting cards to share at Eid later. With only cardboard, colored pencils, scissors, and video tutorials on YouTube, you can create beautiful cards.

For those who are married and have children, you can also invite your little one to make crafts, such as the art of folding origami paper and others. So much fun, right?

14. Treatment

For those of you who want to do treatment, you don’t need to go to a salon and pay quite expensive fees. You can still look beautiful by doing treatments at home. You can treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure yourself and finish it off with a cute nail polish.

After that , you can use a fragrant hair mask and makeup that is guaranteed to make you fresh. If you have a bathtub (bathtub) at home, you can also try soaking in warm water while listening to music. Certainly, time goes by quickly and you won’t feel it at all.

15. Afternoon Stroll

Most Indonesians usually do Ngabuburit with evening walks to fill their spare time waiting for the time to break their fast. This afternoon walk is usually done in the town square while hunting for takjil food.

16. Following the Ramadan Cult

During the month of Ramadan, Muslims will get closer to Allah SWT through worship. One way that is often used to wait for the time to break the fast is to listen to the Kultum (seven-minute lecture) of the month of Ramadan.

17. Following the Recitation

The month of Ramadan is a time for a lot of worship and self-introspection. You can fill the time before breaking the fast with worship, such as reading the Koran and joining local recitations. Usually, during the fasting month there are more recitations held, such as at the nearest mosque or recitations held from offices to schools.

18. Read the Qur’an

In general, apart from fasting for 30 days, Muslims also complete their worship by completing the Al-Quran. So that you can learn consistently, you can upload a Ramadan journal template which can be obtained for free on the internet. However, don’t forget to print and save the journal carefully!

19. Watching the Sunset

One of the contemporary activities that can be done while waiting for the time to break the fast is watching the sunset. If your house is not far from the beach or rice fields, witnessing this moment there could be an option. However, if your house is in an urban area, you can try visiting tourist spots or places that are specifically designed to see the sights.

20. Take a Walking Tour

There are many tour service providers who hold walking tours of the city, including to fill ngabuburit time. There are also various walking tour options , for example a walking tour to tourist attractions in the middle of the city, museums, or culinary places that can be eaten when they are open. Apart from walking around in person, now there are also many walking tour events that are being held virtually.

That’s a brief explanation of tips and ideas for productive and exciting ngabuburit. If you want ngabuburit activities to be more exciting, you can do them with friends, brothers, sisters, cousins, fathers, mothers, or others. So, are you ready to fast this year?

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