13 Powerful Uric Acid Herbal Medicines and Full Explanations!

Uric acid herbal medicine – Uric acid (gout) is a metabolic disorder in the body. Sufferers of gout will usually experience pain in several parts of the body, either for a relatively short time or for quite a long time.

Even so, uric acid can be treated with herbal medicines that have no side effects. However, not everyone knows that only herbal medicines can be used as drugs to treat gout. If you are one of those people, you don’t need to worry because this article will discuss more about gout herbal remedies that you can consume.

What are the gout herbal remedies? Check out the reviews about these 13 gout herbal remedies until they run out, Sinaumed’s.

About Uric Acid

Gout or in medical language is also known as gout is a medical condition in which there is a disturbance of uric acid metabolism in the body. The occurrence of gout causes an increase in uric acid levels in the body.

Uric acid crystals which then become excessive will also accumulate in body tissues and cause inflammation (inflammation) in the joints (arthritis). Chronic gout or uric acid in the long term will cause a buildup of uric acid, either in or around the joints. In the end, this will reduce kidney function and eventually form kidney stones.

Uric acid ( uric acid ) is also a waste substance that is formed when the body undergoes metabolism of substances which are also known as purines. This substance is quite easy to find in several foods and drinks that you often eat, such as alcohol, liver, meat and seafood.

In addition, gout can also occur when uric acid accumulates in the body and is difficult for the body to remove. When your body produces too much, it builds up to form uric acid crystals. This buildup can occur around the joints as well as the kidneys.

Some of the causes of high uric acid include obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and a history of gout in family members. Moreover, if you consume excessive amounts of alcohol, seafood and red meat, it will increase your risk of developing gout.

Symptoms of gout are usually marked by pain, limited movement in some joints, and swelling. Meanwhile, the biggest factor for gout is usually the content of foods with high purines and a family history of gout. If you feel that uric acid is very annoying for a long time, you should immediately consult a doctor.

This uric acid disease can also cause complications. The complications from gout, such as the kidneys don’t function properly or can even cause kidney stones. In addition, gout complications can also cause inflammation to become more widespread.

The Most Effective Natural Uric Acid Herbal Medicine

Gout is a disease caused by a family history of gout, consumption of drugs, or unhealthy daily eating and drinking patterns. However, gout can be treated with several herbal remedies. The following below is a natural uric acid remedy that you can make at home.

1. Soursop Leaves

Soursop leaves are known as leaves with a million benefits, one of which is as a natural remedy for gout. Steps to make herbal medicine from soursop leaves, namely:

  • Clean soursop leaves using running water as much as 5-10 sheets.
  • Cut and squeeze the soursop leaves to make it easier for the juice to come out of the soursop leaves.
  • Boil soursop leaves using two glasses of water.
  • Boil the soursop leaf water until the amount is reduced to half.
  • Drink boiled water from soursop leaves as a remedy for gout twice a day and do it regularly.

2. Bay Leaves

Although it is known as a kitchen spice, bay leaves have benefits as a gout herbal remedy. Bay leaves also contain flavonoids, tannins, volatile alkaloids which have the function of improving kidney function, as well as facilitating and increasing urine volume. Therefore, bay leaves have many benefits, one of which is to relieve pain caused by inflammation. Steps to make natural uric acid medicine using soursop leaves, including:

  • Clean 5-10 bay leaves that have dark green color.
  • Cut and squeeze bay leaves and boil using 3 glasses of water.
  • Boil until the water is reduced by a third.
  • Drink water boiled bay leaves as gout medicine two to three times a week.
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3. Celery

  • Boil three glasses of celery seeds with three glasses of water.
  • Boil until the water is reduced to half.
  • Strain the water and cool it.
  • Drink boiled water from celery seeds as a gout remedy two to three times a day.

4. Pineapple and Honey

Another gout herbal remedy that you can use next is a mixture of pineapple and honey. The way to make natural uric acid medicine from pineapple and honey itself is quite easy, just by blending the pineapple flesh until smooth, then mixing the pineapple that has been in the blender with cherry juice, ginger and turmeric which have been mashed as much as one tablespoon. Also add honey to taste. Drink this pineapple juice as a remedy for uric acid within one to three times a week.

5. Sambiloto

Sambiloto plants are increasingly popular as a plant that can be used as traditional herbal medicine. Sambiloto has aldehydes, ketones, alkanes, flavonoids and other important minerals which are very good for the body and are useful as a natural remedy for gout. Steps to make natural uric acid medicine from Sambiloto, namely:

  • Boil a small handful of Sambiloto leaves using two glasses of water.
  • When the cooking water has reduced to one-third, strain the water and drain.
  • Drink this boiled water once a day as a drink, and consume it regularly

6. Green Tea

This trending drink is known to be very beneficial in reducing fat and cholesterol. However, who would have thought that this tea also contains epigallocatechin-3-gallate, polyphenols, vitamin E, and vitamin C. This content is very efficacious in preventing the buildup of uric acid and acts as an anti-inflammatory in preventing joint inflammation. The way to make green tea as a gout remedy is simple. Simply brew green tea and consume one to two glasses every day.

7. Brotowali

The next well-known plant as herbal medicine is brotowali. Besides functioning to treat various diseases, brotowali is also useful as a natural gout remedy. Apart from that, Brotowali can also treat high blood pressure, lower cholesterol, control blood sugar, increase immunity, and even make skin firmer and more youthful, you know!

The way to make natural gout medicine from brotowali is to boil a few leaves of brotowali that have been cleaned, then strain the water and drain it until it’s cold, drink the boiled water of brotowali as a gout remedy one to three times a week.

8. Sidaguri

Even though it still sounds foreign, this plant is commonly used as an ingredient in herbal concoctions. Sidaguri itself is generally used to treat infections of the skin. Not only that, sidaguri can also relieve pain due to rheumatism and gout.

The way to make natural gout medicine from sidaguri is to boil a few sidaguri leaves that have been cleaned, then strain the water and drain it until it’s cold, drink the boiled water of sidaguri as a gout remedy one to three times a week.

9. Cat Whiskers

This plant is famous as a herbal remedy for kidney stones. Not only that, cat whiskers are also efficacious as a natural gout remedy. In fact, the cat’s whiskers plant also contains orthosiphonin glycosides and diuretics, so it will help stimulate uric acid excretion through the urine. The steps for making natural uric acid medicine from cat’s whiskers leaves are very easy, including:

  • Boil one handful of cat’s whiskers leaves that have previously been cleaned.
  • Add one segment of red ginger that has been thinly sliced, then also add a little bit of cat’s whiskers flower to then give it a little sweet taste.
  • Strain the water and drain it until it’s cold and drink boiled water from cat’s whiskers leaves as a gout remedy one to three times a week.

10. Black Honey

Same with dandelions, black honey can also be used to maintain kidney health and various other important body organs. By consuming black honey regularly, high uric acid will be treated and the health of other organs is maintained.

11. Bananas

The high potassium or potassium content contained in bananas can melt uric acid crystals that settle under the skin in the joints. This fluid will later be excreted by the body through urine. Not only that, it turns out that the content of vitamin C in bananas will help reduce pain and inflammation when gout begins to attack. You are also free to consume bananas every day as a source of nutrients that will help reduce the symptoms and pain caused by gout.

12. Turmeric

If you like to drink herbal medicine or like to dig into herbs, you surely know that turmeric is a spice with many benefits and is rich in nutrients. The content of curcumin in turmeric can help overcome the pain that is felt when exposed to gout. This is because this content is an excellent anti-inflammatory.

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In addition, because the color is quite intense when applied or compressed to the skin, you can consume warm turmeric (boiled water) directly to relieve inflammation and reduce pain due to unbearable uric acid.

13. Apple Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, also known as apple cider vinegar, can be used as a natural remedy for gout and rheumatism. This in itself is because the acidity level of this herbal ingredient can reduce pain caused by inflammation and swelling caused by gout.

For the consumption dose, you can mix one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and a glass of warm water, then consume it every day. You can also add honey as a taste enhancer and has a good anti-inflammatory function

Gout is indeed a disease that sometimes interferes with our activities, especially for those who have entered their 40s. Therefore, it should be for gout sufferers to always maintain their own health. If you have gout, then you can use some of the herbal remedies mentioned above.

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Get to know Uric Acid

Not only does it cause pain and swelling in one part throughout the body, uncontrolled uric acid can affect other organs, can damage blood vessel walls and then trigger heart attacks and strokes. Conversely, other diseases can also trigger high uric acid, such as kidney failure, diabetes, obesity, or cancer.

Efforts to beat high uric acid must be done thoroughly: through adjusting diet and lifestyle, losing excess weight, and fighting diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol. The truth about this disease must be understood so that we can be victorious in fighting this disease, being free from pain, and enjoying a healthy life.

My Food Coach: Reducing Uric Acid Disease

Gout doesn’t get much attention, even from sufferers, even though if it’s not handled properly, this disease can lead to more severe diseases. Even worse, most sufferers depend on drugs to relieve symptoms of increased uric acid levels, this is mainly due to the assumption that gout sufferers “can’t eat anything”. This assumption arises due to incomplete information about the disease itself and about foods that can trigger an increase in uric acid levels.

This book reviews gout in detail, starting from its history, to what can be done to prevent uric acid from increasing without taking medication. This book is equipped with a list of uric acid content in various types of food as well as a daily diet guide that is delicious but contains low uric acid levels making it suitable for sufferers who want to get rid of dependence on drugs, as well as for non-sufferers who like to enjoy delicious food without worry about the bad effects of wrong diet.

Uric Acid Daily Foods

Healthy people are people who always take care of themselves with the right lifestyle and consumption patterns. Each body has its own needs that must be met. Also, every body has different weaknesses so they must be met in the right way. The pattern of consumption for gout sufferers, because they are very susceptible to food ingredients that contain purines, must be careful in consuming them. The calculations must be clear; what is the amount of food that will be consumed. A food taboo for gout sufferers is not a “fixed price”, but still negotiable.

Based on that also this book is compiled; a way to enjoy daily food without fear of gout attacks. This book presents 30 healthy foods for uric acid sufferers and their recipes. With reference to self-cooked food recipes, it can be consumed by gout sufferers.

The Right Way to Overcome Uric Acid

This short book on Effective Ways to Overcome Gout is important to read. This book provides a light and comprehensive review of everything that ordinary people need to know about gout, from the definition, symptoms, prevention, to medical treatment so that one can live peacefully and happily, even when exposed to gout.

Thus the discussion about gout herbal medicine . Hopefully all of the discussion that has been explained above can be useful for you, Sinaumed’s. If you want to find out books about healthy foods, then you can get them at sinaumedia.com .

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