Why is Unity So Important for the Indonesian Nation?

Why is Unity So Important for the Indonesian Nation? – What comes to your mind when you hear the word unity? The word unity is often associated as an important thing that must be owned by every nation. If interpreted, unity comes from the word ‘one’ which means whole and not divided.

In a broader sense, unity is the gathering of various styles from various backgrounds, races, customs and cultures in a unified society. The question is, why is unity so important for the Indonesian nation?

A number of basic concepts, such as unity, unity, nationalism, nation, national integration, and patriotism are contained in the substance of national unity. Simply put, unity means the combination of several parts into something whole.

The unity of the Indonesian nation living in the territory of the homeland means national unity. A conscious and responsible will to achieve national life in an independent state has encouraged the unity of the Indonesian nation.

National unity needs to be fostered to produce a complete condition that demonstrates security, glory and peace. Maintaining national unity is very important. Unity reflects one picture of the integrity of the state.

Quoted from the Ministry of Education and Culture’s website, NKRI is a broad form of country and has a diversity of tribes, customs, beliefs, and cultures. The Indonesian nation needs to cultivate a sense of unity because this nation is an archipelago that is spread out with many differences.

The basic objective of the establishment of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia is to become an independent, united, sovereign, just and prosperous nation. The birth of the spirit of the Republic of Indonesia which is related to the diversity of the Indonesian nation is the values ​​of unity and oneness.

In fact, the values ​​of unity can be clearly understood from the state constitution and Pancasila as the basis of the state. The third precept of Pancasila has reflected the condition of Indonesian unity which is intact and not divided.

The meaning of the importance of unity cannot be separated from the struggle for independence that has been achieved by the Indonesian nation. With unity, the Indonesian people will have the determination to live together and will not be swayed.

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Unity has an important meaning for the Indonesian nation to avoid conflict and divisions between social groups. This relates to the condition of Indonesia which consists of various cultures.

The Indonesian nation must uphold unity between peoples and groups to maintain sovereignty and independence. As previously stated, this principle has been stated in the third point of Pancasila.

The motto ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ is one of the behaviors of unity in society. This motto can be interpreted as an effort to respect each other, respect fellow citizens, maintain good relations with others, and behave politely to fellow local people.

The Indonesian nation can create pluralism in society through unity. The simple word ‘unity’ will make motherland difficult for other parties to divide.

The motto ‘Unity in Diversity’ has upheld the unity of the Indonesian nation. This motto was formulated by the founding fathers of the nation to serve as a reminder to the people that life in Indonesia is inseparable from what is called unity.

6 Reasons for the Importance of Unity for the Indonesian Nation

1. Not Easily Divided by Other Nations

One of the reasons for the importance of maintaining unity is so that it is not easily divided by other nations. The politics of devide et impera or in Indonesian is called the politics of pitting one against the other will remind us of the importance of unity.

In the past, the Dutch divided the indigenous archipelago into two groups, namely those who were helped and those who were fought. The Archipelago group that ganged up on and defeated the embattled group was one of the groups assisted by the Dutch.

After successfully defeating the group that was being fought, the group that was helped would be charged by the Dutch. It’s like ‘no free lunch’. Then the Netherlands will ask for special privileges to the group it helps.

The privileges obtained usually took the form of interfering in family matters, trade monopolies, and interfering in the affairs of the empire. This picture, of course, occurs because there is no sense of unity.


2. Strengthening Indonesian National Identity

Strengthening national identity is another reason for the importance of unity for the Indonesian people. Strengthening national identity will maintain regional culture in every tribe in the country.

In addition, unity can help strengthen national identity from cultural attacks from other nations in the era of globalization which seems to erase boundaries between countries. Then unity can strengthen national identity so that there are no prominent differences between people.

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3. National Development will Run More Smoothly and Safely

The Indonesian nation will progress more easily if national development runs smoothly. In addition, unity will also make it easier to achieve the national goals contained in the 4th paragraph of the 1945 Constitution. Without unity, civil disorder is likely to ensue.

This condition will make the government’s focus in national development shift to alleviating societal chaos. For this reason, national unity is needed to facilitate national development.

4. Maintaining harmony and establishing hospitality

A sense of unity is important to create an atmosphere of peace, security and serenity. With unity, the Indonesian people can create a balanced, harmonious and harmonious life among themselves. It can be concluded that unity will overcome all differences that arise with full awareness.

5. Strengthening National Resilience in Defending the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia

The unity and integrity of the nation is very important for a country so that national resilience has a strong foundation. Colonialists and imperialists once colonized our nation in the era of exploration.

At that time, the Indonesian national hero fought invaders from Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, England and Japan. For example, Teuku Umar and Cut Nyak Dhien fought to expel invaders for the sake of Aceh’s own land.

National heroes try to rise up against the actions of the invaders with regional struggles and wars. This description is one of the proofs that a sense of unity is important to strengthen national resilience.


6. Prevent War or Conflict from Occurring

In order to avoid the occurrence of a conflict that will harm both parties, unity is important for the integrity of a country. Without a sense of unity, short-term and long-term social relations will be damaged.

Back to the question in the title. Why is unity so important for the Indonesian nation? The main answer is that the Indonesian people can live side by side and avoid conflict. National unity can be said to be a very powerful weapon to seize, defend and fill independence.

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