Integration: Definition, Types, and Formation Factors

Definition of Integration – It is a common thing that Indonesia has a very diverse culture, so it is also known as a multicultural country. In fact, the designation of the term has reached abroad. It is not without reason why Indonesia can be called a multicultural country, because Indonesia consists of various religions, cultures, ethnic groups and races. Even though they are rich in differences, they can still coexist.

This diversity that is owned by Indonesia makes the Indonesian people able to live together even though they are different. Like the meaning of the motto Bhineka Tunggal Ika , “different but still one”. The motto taken from the Sutasoma book written by Mpu Tantular illustrates that the unity and integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI) must be maintained.

Even though the differences in Indonesia can be said to be the greatest wealth that has been given by God, behind these differences it is very vulnerable to conflict. Conflicts that occur can occur from individuals to individuals to groups with groups. If a conflict occurs due to differences, then the unity of the Indonesian nation and state can be threatened.

Of course, it is hoped that conflicts caused by differences between Indonesian people will not occur. Therefore, as fellow Indonesians, we should maintain unity and oneness, which can be started by making all Indonesian people aware that maintaining peace is something that must be done.

The many differences that exist in Indonesia do not mean that we as fellow Indonesians cannot bring each other down, be it between individuals and individuals, individuals and groups or groups and groups. The nation and state of Indonesia will be stronger if fellow citizens continue to work together and do not bring each other down. That way, unity and oneness will never fade.

Talking about one unit, it cannot be separated from what is called integrity. Then, what is integrity? For those of you who want to know the answer, you can see this review until it’s finished, Sinaumed’s. In addition, you will find out the types of integration.

Definition of Integration

Integration comes from English, namely integration which means unity or rounding. In addition, integration can also be interpreted as a method for coordinating various functions, parts, and tasks that exist in a job. In other words, integration is a way for cooperation that does not conflict with each other in order to achieve a goal.

Meanwhile, integration can also be interpreted as a safe condition where every ethnic and racial group can live together while maintaining their respective cultures. Therefore, so that fellow Indonesians can live side by side without eliminating the culture of each individual, awareness is needed for all Indonesian people.

In the Big Indonesian Dictionary or commonly known as the KBBI, integration is assimilation to become a complete or unified whole. Integration will run smoothly and well as long as fellow individuals respect, understand, and respect each other, thus reducing the risk of a conflict that can lead to division.

The existence of a split caused because the unity and wholeness has been lost or damaged is also called disintegration. It would be nice if fellow Indonesian citizens could maintain one unit so that there would be no divisions that could harm themselves and others. So, start now to realize how important integration is in order to avoid conflict and division.

Definition of Integration According to Experts

Experts also express the meaning of integration. The following is the definition of integration expressed by several experts.

Yron Weiner

According to Myron Weiner, integration is a process to unite various cultural and social groups into one unified area in order to realize the formation of a national identity.

Dr. Nazaruddin Sjamsuddin

Dr. Nazaruddin Sjamsuddin said that integration is a process of uniting a nation which consists of all aspects of life, starting from political aspects, economic aspects, cultural aspects, and social aspects.

Safroedin Bahar

Safroedin Bahar stated that integration is a way to perfect a path or goal by uniting every element of a nation that has started to separate.

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Soedjati Djiwadono

According to Soedjati Djiwadono, integration is a way to maintain national sustainability which can be reconciled with a right in the form of self-determination.

That is the meaning of integration from several experts. From some of these meanings, it can be said that integration is something that is highly expected in people’s daily lives because with integration, every member of society, even though they have different cultures, can still live in peace and side by side. Therefore, every citizen, especially Indonesian citizens, should maintain unity by maintaining integration.

Integration Type

Integration is something that can happen because of a long process, so many people say that integration doesn’t just happen. Integration that is generally known by many people consists of three types, namely cultural integration, social integration, and social integration. Below will be explained in more detail about the types of integration.

1. Cultural Integration

Cultural integration is an adjustment between each of the different cultural elements, so that they can achieve a degree of equality or similarity of functions that exist in people’s lives. This cultural integration can occur because a region or country has a lot of culture in it. Without cultural integration, conflicts are likely to occur because there is no mutual respect and respect.

2. Social Integration

Social integration is an adjustment between every element that is different from one another in the social life of the community, so that it can create a pattern of life that is the same and peaceful for the community itself. This social integration has actually existed since we lived in an area. Therefore, we also often see that in that area there are many community members who are not compatible with each other, then these community members have not yet implemented social integration.

3. National Integration

National integration is a process of adjusting every different element that exists in the life of society nationally. The existence of national integration will create a pattern of life in which every member of the community can carry out their respective functions and roles without any interference from other members of the community. The success of national integration will determine unity and unity. In other words, if national integration cannot be realized, the meaning of unity and oneness will turn into division.

Of the three types of integration, it can be said that the role of community members in realizing or implementing integration in people’s daily lives is very important. Therefore, community members must be good at adjusting themselves to other community members when living in an area.

Factors Forming Integration

Strong integration is not just formed, but there are factors behind it. If these factors work well, successful integration is likely to be achieved. The following will explain the factors that determine whether the integration will be successful or not.

1. The existence of mixed marriages between one tribe and another

Integration can be formed through a marriage carried out by a pair of lovers who come from different tribes. With this marriage, it will unite the two large families from different cultures as well, so that one family with another family can respect one another. The integration formed through this marriage signifies that differences can turn into one unit and a feeling of love.

However, in carrying out mixed marriages between tribes, there are things that need to be noted, namely the two bride and groom must be as happy as they like. In other words, getting married is not due to coercion from other people in order to create a harmonious family, so that two different cultures can unite in one area.

2. Increasing mutual cooperation behavior

Indonesia is very much with the life of its people who like to live together. In fact, the habit of gotong royong has existed since the colonial era, so it can be said that mutual cooperation behavior is one of the factors in the formation of integration between community members. Mutual cooperation can build a sense of solidarity, so that each member can live in peace and happiness.

We can usually see mutual cooperation behavior in Indonesia when a group of community members in an area is building a facility, such as a bridge, a place of worship, a road, and so on. A development that is carried out in mutual cooperation will be easily completed, so that members of the local community can experience the facilities being built more quickly.

3. Performing Government Functions Properly

The formation of integrity in a region or country cannot be separated from the role of government, especially in making rules. Without rules regarding integrity, it will be difficult for community members to apply integrity in social life. In making a regulation, the government must be able to act fairly and not harm one party or benefit only one party.

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The function of government that runs well can not only be seen from how to make regulations or laws, but also must be seen from how the government can serve the community well. Simply put, the government must provide maximum service regardless of religion, ethnicity, race, and cultural background.

4. Improving Communication and Transportation in Each Region

Factors that can form further integration are improving communication and transportation in each region. This must be done so that each region can be connected easily, so that communication between the people of different regions can run optimally and the economy becomes easier. An increasingly growing economy will easily increase the welfare of the members of the community itself.

In addition, the development of communication and transportation in each region should be carried out evenly, not just certain areas that will experience this development. With equitable development, there will be no social disparities between regions, so that national integrity can be realized.

5. Maintain Tolerance, Respect and Appreciation

Attitudes and behaviors of tolerance, respect and respect are part of the formation of integrity. These three things can be said to have become a unit that is difficult to separate. These three behaviors can actually be taught to children from a young age, so that when they grow up, they are able to apply these three behaviors wisely and at the same time form an integrity.

By doing these three behaviors, the occurrence of a conflict and division is less likely to occur. In fact, on the contrary, every member of society can live more peacefully and prosperously. We can see the behavior of tolerance, respect and appreciation when there are members of the community who are worshiping and other members of the community do not interfere.

From the factors explained above, it can be concluded that integration can be realized well as long as all individuals and groups in one region can maintain good relations with each other and build communication and transportation so that each region can be connected.

In addition, without government assistance or support, the integration process is difficult to materialize. So, the government must be able to carry out its functions and duties properly and correctly.

Example of Integration Behavior

Talking about examples of integration behavior is indeed endless, so examples are easily found around us. As for some examples of examples of integration behavior as follows.

1. Obey the School Rules

The existence of a rule serves to create a good environment, so students, teachers, and school employees can respect one another. Therefore, when you comply with school rules, then you have implemented integrity. Obeying school rules indicates that you already have a love for school, so you can study optimally.

2. Implement Mutual Cooperation Behavior

Mutual cooperation behavior is one of the forming factors of integration, so that mutual cooperation behavior is an example of integration behavior. Mutual cooperation that often occurs in Indonesian society is community service which is usually carried out every few months or once a few weeks. In addition, mutual cooperation behavior can also increase a sense of solidarity among members of the community.

3. Implementing Mutual Tolerance 

Similar to mutual cooperation, tolerant behavior is part of the forming factors of integration, so tolerant behavior is included as an example of integrity behavior. Mutual tolerance behavior allows every member of society to appreciate and respect one another.

4. Mutual Respect for Different Cultures

Indonesia is very well known for its very diverse culture. Therefore, in order to avoid a conflict caused by cultural differences, we need to have culturally respectful behavior. With this mutual respect behavior makes people aware not to vilify one culture with another.

5. Obey the Law

We live in a region or country, there must be a rule or law, so that we as members of society must comply with the law. The behavior of complying with this Law is a form of integration behavior. By complying with the law, members of the public cannot do bad things that can damage unity and unity.


This integration must be applied to community members who live socially in one unified area, so as to create an environment that builds a sense of peace and happiness. Forming integration requires cooperation between community members in the same area and community members in different areas. What’s more, the role of government to establish integrity is very influential, especially in serving and making regulations or laws.

Thus, the integrity that is formed by members of the community and government, the benefits will also be felt by members of the community and government as well. So, never delay to build or form integrity.

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