Meaning of Functional Integration and Examples

Functional integration – In social life, most people will interact socially with a person or group with a different background. Differences in social background in society is a very natural thing. However, some people think that such differences are something that can divide the life of the community.

The emergence of differences in the middle of society can indeed trigger a conflict, but we can avoid or minimize that conflict. One of the ways to minimize the occurrence of conflict is to instill the values ​​of social integration. Social integration itself can be interpreted as something in the form of adjustment from different aspects that occur in community life.

With social integration, all levels of society will strive to work together in establishing social interaction. The interweaving of good social interaction between communities will bring forth community values. The integration itself can be done from the immediate environment, namely the family, then the individual, then the institution, and the community.

Community values ​​produced from social integration in the form of solidarity behavior, helping each other, and taking care of other people’s feelings. If the values ​​of the society can be applied properly, then the social environment will be peaceful and avoid the occurrence of a conflict.

There has been a lot of discussion about social integration, so it will be easy for us to understand and understand social integration. Social integration has three forms, one of which is functional integration. Reader, already know what is functional integration? This article will discuss more about functional integration. So, read this article to the end, Reader.

Meaning of Functional Integration

Functional integration is a form of social integration. Therefore, functional integration is always related to differences in society, especially differences related to certain functions in a society or social institution. This social integration is organized in a structured manner, so that each individual has a role to take care of and maintain a safe, peaceful, and peaceful social relationship. Thus, functional integration is always focused on the needs of the community in order to run safely, fairly, and stably.

So, functional integration is integration that occurs due to the existence of functions in society that must be carried out properly and correctly. However, social integration can be realized if we as a society are able to prioritize these functions, so that we can produce integration in society. A simple example of functional integration is the existence of community groups that work as fishermen, businessmen, farmers, etc., they will all carry out their respective functions, so that the needs of each community can be well met.


Examples of Functional Integration

So that it is easier to understand functional integration, then you need to see the examples below. So, what are you waiting for, let’s take a look at the examples of functional integration.

1. The Betawi and Sundanese tribes are integrated in order to meet the needs of food and industry

The first example of functional integration can be seen in the Jakarta community with its Betawi tribe and the West Javanese community with the Sundanese tribe. The two tribes perform functional integration to meet the supply and availability of food in their respective regions. In addition, the industry in West Java can grow because of the support that comes from Jakarta.

In this case, the intended functions are commodities and food availability and industrial development. If food commodities cannot be met, then the prices of food items can soar, so that the community will have difficulty in getting decent food. Whereas in the case of industry, the industry will not grow without the help of the nearest regions. The development of an industry can open new job fields.

These two different tribes prove that with differences they can work together instead of putting each other down. With the cooperation of the two tribes as well, the needs of the community, be it food or employment, can be met.

2. Districts of West Java and Aceh that are mutually integrated so that tea and coffee needs can be met

After the first example is a difference between two tribes, now the second example is a difference between two regions, namely Aceh region and West Java region. The two regions perform functional integration with the aim of meeting the needs of tea and coffee. Tea and coffee are drinks that are already known to Indonesian people, starting from adolescence to adulthood. Therefore, the supply of tea and coffee in a region must be balanced so as not to experience shortages.

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The Aceh region is well known for the quality of coffee beans that have a special aroma and taste. In fact, coffee beans from Aceh have been exported to several countries. Meanwhile, the region of West Java is very well known for the quality of its tea. There is no need to doubt the quality of tea in West Java, especially if you drink the tea directly from the tea plantation, it will taste even better. The taste of this coffee and tea is really special and loved by many people, so stock should always be available.

Therefore, the Aceh region needs quality tea from West Java so that the availability of tea in Aceh does not run out. The same goes for the West Java region that needs coffee with a special aroma and taste, so it takes coffee from the Aceh region. The two complementary regions will make tea and coffee in each region not run out.


3. Bugis and Javanese Tribes Integrate Each Other To Meet Agricultural and Seafood Needs

The next example that shows functional integration is the good relationship between the Bugis tribe and the Javanese tribe. The two tribes cooperate with each other in terms of meeting agricultural and marine needs. In terms of food, agriculture and marine should complement each other so that each individual can eat food with balanced nutrition. By consuming food with balanced nutrition, a child experiences maximum growth and development.

The Bugis tribe is very well known for its seafood because the Bugis tribe lives close to the sea. Meanwhile, the Javanese tribe is also known for its quality agricultural products. Therefore, the Bugis and Javanese tribes work together to meet the needs of the local community. The Bugis tribe will take agricultural products from the Javanese tribe and the Javanese tribe will take sea products from the Bugis tribe.

With that cooperation, the Bugis tribe can taste the taste of agricultural products that come from Javanese farmers. In this case, agricultural products that come in, such as vegetables, nuts, rice, etc. While the seafood that comes in, such as salmon, lobster, tuna, etc.

When the availability is met, it means that the needs of the community in meeting balanced nutrition must be met. So, don’t underestimate the importance of setting aside capital and focusing on the needs of the community.

4. Functional Integration in the Field of Global Competition

As an era progresses, global competition becomes tighter. Not only is global competition getting tighter, technology is also changing to become faster and more sophisticated. Every country must be quick to adapt to the development of the times because if we don’t adapt quickly, then our country will fall behind other countries.

To adapt to the development of the times can be done with functional integration. With functional integration, global competition can be quickly overcome. For example, in terms of promoting a product, it is possible through social media where the whole world will know the products sold in the world market. The more people know about domestic products, the greater the opportunity to export goods, so that the country’s cash can increase.

In this case, the social media in question, such as twitter, youtube, instagram, etc. In fact, this social media can be played through the smart phone we have, so we can play social media anytime and anywhere.

With the presence of social media this can present a startup in the digital world. Social integration between social media and digital development can build start-ups that are able to compete with established companies. The birth of this startup will open up employment opportunities for the community.

5. Functional Integration in Business Matters Through the Application of the Principles of Use

Functional integration can not only be done to meet the needs of a region or community. Functional integration in the business world can be applied through the introduction of products based on their use. By doing this, the consumer will know the function and superiority of the product so that the marketed product is sold.

For example, Pocari Sweat is an isotonic drink product that wants to introduce its product to consumers by providing as much information as possible about the advantages and uses of this isotonic drink when compared to other isotonic drinks. The more often you spread the superiority of a product to consumers, the greater the chance if the product sells well in the market.

To inform about the use and superiority of a product can be through social media. This is because information spread through social media will be easily known by many people. Information spread through social media will make it easier for the company of a product to communicate with consumers.

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This communication is very important to do because it can build the company. Companies that are more advanced, then their products will be known by many consumers.

Benefits of Functional Integration

Functional integration has several benefits that can be felt directly by the community. Below will be explained some of the benefits of functional integration.

1. Bringing forth New Collaborations

As discussed earlier, if functional integration is a collaboration to meet the needs of the community based on the differences that exist in the community. Cooperation is very important to do because it can strengthen the bonds of brotherhood, launch communication, and prevent conflict between community groups and community groups or regions between regions.

The existence of this cooperation not only creates peace, but also provides a positive impact on the community or a region, especially in the economic field. A region or community will experience profit if goods that come from joint work can be sold or marketed.

In fact, on a wider scale, the birth of this new collaboration increases the country’s income through an exported product. The products that are exported indicate that the products are already known by the world community. Social media became the wrong link or media to introduce the products to the world community. The increase in national income makes the country have reserves of foreign exchange that can be used to develop the country.

2. The needs of a district and community are fulfilled

Every need of the community in a region cannot be met just like that. In other words, there will definitely be some needs that cannot be met in a region, so that the people of that region cannot feel that need. For example, Aceh is known for its quality coffee and West Java is known for its quality tea. To meet the need for coffee, West Java ordered coffee from Aceh and to meet the need for tea, Aceh ordered it from West Java.

The needs that can be met in a region make the people of that region feel a product that comes from another region. Not only that, products that come from other regions will always give their own story to the local community. So, each community of one region and the community of another region must be able to understand each other.

By fulfilling a community need in an area, community life becomes more secure, peaceful, and peaceful, so that unity and unity can be created.


3. Provide Caring Attitudes and Behaviors Towards Each Other

Functional integration is indeed related to cooperation that can have a good impact economically. However, it turns out that functional integration has benefits unrelated to economics. The benefit is to provide the attitude and behavior of the community to keep caring for others. This caring attitude and behavior makes the community always want to help others who are in trouble.

There will be many people who are helped by this caring attitude and behavior. The necessary thing that is underlined in the attitude and behavior of caring or helping others is that there is no need to differentiate between tribe, race, culture, country, and religion when caring or helping others. If we differentiate tribes, races, cultures, countries, and religions before helping others, then it can trigger friction between fellow communities, so it does not close the possibility that a conflict will occur.

Mutual care can be done, starting from our immediate environment, such as neighbors, friends, or relatives. If we are used to helping others, then inside us will be embedded the desire to help others.

4. Improving the Nature of Nationalism

All the benefits of functional integration can be felt by the community. Not only that, with functional integration, we will get used to increasing the nature of nationalism. The nature of nationalism is important for every member of society to possess because the nature of nationalism can build the life of the nation and the country.

The nature of this nationalism can be in the field of economy (working together), education (educating and teaching people who cannot go to school), social (giving aid in the form of food or money), and many more.

5. Opening Job Fields

The existence of new cooperation carried out by a group of people with different backgrounds can produce a company. Every company that is built definitely needs employees to run its production. Employees are needed that will open up new jobs.

The more jobs available to the community, the greater the well-being of the community. The well-being of this community will reduce the social gap that exists in the community.


Functional integration is a form of social integration, so functional integration can be said to be something in the form of cooperation based on differences, be it differences in the role of society, tribe, region, and so on. With functional integration, the community can live peacefully, peacefully, and peacefully. Therefore, to maintain unity we must work together to be able to complement each other.