What is a News Text?

For some people, reading the news may be like eating or drinking, which is not only a necessity but also a necessity. What for? Yes, especially if you don’t get information, as is the meaning of the news text that we know.

The information contained in the news text itself can be in the form of events that are currently happening or those that have already happened. And this is usually conveyed either orally as we often hear and see on television, or in writing as we usually read in print media.

When referring to Wikipedia, news itself can be interpreted as new information or information about something that is happening, presented in print, broadcast, on the Internet, or by word of mouth to a third person or crowd.

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News reports are the duty of the journalist’s profession, when the news is reported by the journalist, the report becomes the latest facts / ideas which are deliberately selected by the news editor / media to be broadcast on the assumption that the news chosen can attract a large audience because it contains news elements.

What are the elements referred to? There are at least six, namely what, who, where, when, why and how.

Understanding news according to experts

Mickhel V. Charniey stated that “news is the fastest report of an event or incident which is factual, important, and interesting for some readers, and concerns their interests”. Meanwhile, according to Willard C. Bleyer, news is defined as something recent (new) which is chosen by journalists to be published in newspapers so that it attracts readers’ interest.

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Not much different, Wiliam S. Maulsby argues that news is a true and impartial narrative of facts that have significant meaning and have just happened, which can attract the attention of the readers of the newspaper containing them.