Types of Official Letters and Their Functions and Writing Structures

Types of official letters – Sinaumed’s friends , In the midst of this period of technological advancement, correspondence is still often carried out by individuals and government agencies. Therefore, to take care of something formal, an official letter is still an option.

An official letter is a type of document that is often needed in various activities or other interests. This official letter is often used by many agencies or organizations that have bureaucratic procedures for handling various administrative matters, such as sending to educational institutions, government offices or other organizations and institutions.

This official letter is usually written systematically. In this case, certain characteristics must be met and must be stated in an official letter. Such as letterhead, letter number, subject, date, destination address, and attachments. Not only that, official letters are also often accompanied by the stamp of an agency or organization that shows the authenticity of the letter.

There are many types of letters that are commonly used in everyday life. Each official letter has different characteristics. Not only that, every official letter certainly has a different purpose.

For those of you who often make or prepare official letters for certain purposes, you can listen to information about the following types of official letters. Knowing the following information, you can distinguish each type of official letter and its characteristics. Apart from that, you can also find many examples or forms of letters belonging to each type.

Reporting from various sources, here sinaumedia will summarize the types of official letters along with other information you need to know.

What is Official Letter?

Before knowing the types of official letters, it is necessary to understand in advance what is called an official letter. An official letter can be understood as a document that is used for official or formal purposes.

Usually the delivery is written by several parties, can be individuals, organizations or certain agencies. This official letter is taken as a means of official communication between parties.

An official letter is a valid letter, of course the reader of the letter will pay attention to this in detail. Whereas if there is an error in the form then of course it will tarnish our organization or agency. He did not even rule out that it offended the recipient of the letter. In order not to misunderstand, it is better to pay attention to the legal form of an official letter.

Types of Official Letters

After knowing the meaning of official letters, the following will explain the types of official letters that are commonly used in everyday life. Each of these official letters has several different functions. The following are the types of official letters that Sinaumed’s needs to know:

1. Letter of Application

The first type of official letter is an application letter. This letter is made to send requests or requests to other parties. Application letters can be submitted from individuals, organizations or institutions. Examples of these letters include financial aid letters, divorce petitions, loan letters and many more.

2. Decree

Another type of formal letter is the decree, which, as the name suggests, contains a decision on one or more matters that were not previously clear. Usually this decree is widely used by agencies or organizations. Examples include letters of appointment, decisions of the principal’s committee, and letters of appointment of staff.

3. Power of Attorney

The third type of official letter is a power of attorney. This letter is written to give power or authority to the party responsible for doing certain things or needs.

This power of attorney is divided into two types, namely general power of attorney and special power of attorney. Each of these power of attorney has a clear legal basis. General power of attorney is regulated in article 1796 of the Civil Code. Meanwhile, a special power of attorney is regulated in article 1795 of the Civil Code.

4. Warrant

Other types of official letters are warrants. This official letter is the most widely used type of official letter in everyday life. Usually this letter contains instructions from superiors to subordinates to carry out a task or activity. For example business travel documents, overtime orders and the like.

5. Cover Letter

The next official letter is a cover letter. This cover letter is usually used for personal purposes. Overall, a cover letter is one of the important documents that must be filled out when dealing with administrative matters. For example, such as an e-KTP cover letter, a cover letter for financial assistance, or a statement of incapacity.

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6. Circular Letter

The types of formal official letters can also be in the form of circular letters. This circular letter usually contains notifications about certain activities or issues that are sent to other parties. Circular letters are often widely used by educational institutions such as schools or colleges. For example, circular announcements about holidays and others.

7. Letter of Invitation

Invitation letters are often used to call or invite someone to an event. Examples of invitations include wedding invitations, business invitations, police invitations, and many more.

Official Letter Function

After discussing the various types of official letters, it is important for Sinaumed’s to know some of the functions of official letters. It is known that this official letter is used for formal purposes, so it is not uncommon for this official letter to be bound by existing laws or regulations. Apart from being a document for formal purposes, here are some official letter functions that you should know:

  • As a means of information or notification relating to certain matters, conveyed by one party to another.
  • It is written evidence in the form of a letter whose contents must be accounted for.
  • Serves as work guidelines in carrying out certain activities. In this case, delivery may include procedures or work steps to be performed.
  • As a reminder tool for letter recipients, both individuals, organizations and agencies.
  • Is evidence that exists and evidence of time if one day it is needed for certain interests or activities.

Characteristics of Official Letters

Apart from having several functions, official letters also have certain characteristics that must be present and listed in their contents. This special feature appears as part of a letter that must be written in various types of official letters. Here are some of the characteristics that must be present in an official letter that you need to know:

  • There must be a letterhead indicating that the agency or institution that issued the official letter.
  • Must be completed with the letter number, subject matter, date, destination address, and attachments in accordance with the letter preferences.
  • Must be equipped with a letter stamp or postage for certain conditions that can show the authenticity of the letter.
  • Must use standard and polite language in accordance with Enhanced Spelling (EYD).
  • Written in a short, concise and effective language so that the recipient can easily understand the content conveyed.

Official Letter Writing Structure

Sinaumed’s friends , we have arrived at a discussion about how to make an official letter. The following discussion refers to the parts that must be included in a formal letter.

1. Letterhead or Letterhead

Letterhead or letterhead is usually at the top of the letter. The letterhead showing the identity of the person writing the letter is usually marked with the logo of the sending organization, the name of the organization, the address of the organization, mobile number, zip code, e-mail, website address, fax number and line of business.

2. Date of Letter

The date of the requested letter is information about when the letter was written. Usually the date of the letter is listed in the upper right corner, just below the title. Alternatively, you can also write down where the letter was written, although many people don’t do that because it’s already on the letterhead.

3. Letter Number

The letter number is usually on the left side of the page and aligned with the date of the letter. The format of the letter number depends on the regulations of the institution that makes it. In general, the letter number format is in the form of alphabetic numbers, the month the letter was made, the year, and several other codes.

4. Appendix

Attachments are the documents contained in the message. Usually making attachments is filled with the number of documents attached. However, if there are no documents to attach, this section can be left blank.

5. Pg

In this section, the letter writer can write a brief purpose of the letter. This question or topic should also be relevant to the body of the letter. For example, if the letter is an invitation, this part could be written as “ Invitation” .

6. Recipient’s Name and Address

This section usually begins with the word “Dear” or “Dear” in front of the recipient’s name. Then write the recipient’s address, but in a more concise way.

7. Greetings

The greeting most commonly used in official letters is the word “With respect” because it is seen as more formal. However, you can always use another appropriate address for who is receiving the letter.

8. Fill

The contents of the letter do not need to be too much or just get to the point. Write one or two introductory sentences before communicating your intent and purpose in writing the letter. In the last paragraph, you can also add a short closing sentence.

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9. Closing Regards

.If the letter was previously opened with a salutation, it must also end with a salutation. You can write a thank you note or hope that what you send is acted upon.

10. Signature of Sender

If the letter is written by an agency, the signing is usually done by the head or head of the agency. However, if there is none, it can be represented by officials below it. You can also add a wet stamp to make the letter look more formal.

11. Transc

A copy must be optional. Usually, this section must be included if the letter is also sent to other parties. It is located at the bottom left and usually uses a smaller font size.

Example of Official Letter

1. An example of an official decision letter

Indonesian Literature Student Association at the National University

Jl. Sunday Market Number 17, South Jakarta

Tel (021) 4467984, fax (021) 4437658

email: [email protected]

================================================== ======================

Jakarta, 29 December 2022

Number : 078/HIMASINA/XI/2022

Attachments : 1 (one)

Subject: Member Expenditure Letter

The person concerned explains that:

Name: Siti Sarah

NPM : 192001516023

Position : Member of Business Fund

This order was made based on the AD/ART of the Association of Indonesian Literature Students which aims to expel our members, for the reason that there is no firmness and accountability from those concerned.

Hereby certify that those mentioned above have been released from their positions (left) from the management members of the Indonesian Literature Student Association, based on mutual considerations and provisions.

Thus we make this statement letter truthfully, for your attention we thank you.

Best regards,

Head of Human Resources and Organization

Ziaggi Fadhil Zahran

2. Example of an official invitation letter for an organization

Sutan Takdir Mosque Student Association, Alisjahbana Nurul ‘Ilmi National University

Jl. Sunday Market Number 17, South Jakarta

Tel (021) 4467984, fax (021) 4437658

email: [email protected]

================================================== ====================

Jakarta, 29 December 2022

Number: 078/HIMASTA/X1/2022

Appendix : Structure of Activities

Subject: Invitation to the Celebration of Ramadhan


Kinanti Aflaha Nissa

General Chairperson of HIMASINA UNAS In-Place

Peace be upon you, and Allah’s mercy and blessings

All praise and thanks to the presence of Allah SWT for the blessings and gifts we are still given health and safety. Shalawat and greetings are always poured out to Rasulullah SAW and his family, friends and all Muslims. Amen.

In connection with the implementation of the Ramadhan Celebration Event with the theme “Ramadan Lively, Strengthening Faith” which is being held by the Campus Dakwah Institute of the Sutan Takdir Mosque Student Association Alisjahbana Nurul ‘Ilmi National University, we as the organizing committee intend to invite HIMASINA National University and Indonesian Literature Department students to attend The Ramadhan Festival event, which God willing, will be held on:

Day/Date : Tuesday, 19 April 2022

Time: 15.30 WIB – finished

Place : Sutan Takdir Alisjahbana Mosque, National University

Thus we convey this application letter, we say jazakumullah khairan katsiran. Billahitaufiq WalHidayah, Wassalamu’alaikum

3. Example of an official school circular letter

Goks Gonzaga Jaya High School

Jl. Gen. Sudirman No. 12 Jakarta

No. tel. (021) 70807256

Jakarta, 22 December 2022

No : 159/SMA Goks Gonzaga Jaya/2022

Attachment : –

Subject: Invitation Dear. Parents / Guardians of Class XI, XII, XII SMA Goks Gonzaga Jaya

Yours faithfully,

In commemorating the National Education Day for Goks Gonzaga Jaya High School students, we, as part of the school committee, will hold an inter-school futsal competition. We will hold this event on:

Day/Date : Friday, 29 December 2022

Time: 08.00 to 11.00 WIB

Place : Jakarta

Event: Futsal Competition

Thus we circulate this letter, we thank you profusely for all your attention and cooperation as the school committee.



Ziaggi Fadhil Zahran, MPd

NIP 192001516017

4. Example of a formal application letter

Indonesian Literature Student Association at the National University

Jl. Sunday Market Number 17, South Jakarta

Tel (021) 4467984, fax (021) 4437658

email: [email protected]

================================================== ====================

Official letter number: 078/HIMASINA/XI/2022

Subject: Room Loan Request


Dean of the Faculty of Languages ​​and Letters

National University


Yours faithfully,

In connection with holding a meeting for the Student Deliberation event

which will be made by the Indonesian Literature Student Association. Therefore, with this letter we aim to borrow a room that will be used on:

Day/date : Tuesday, December 29, 2022

time: 10.00 – 14.00 WIB

Thus we made this loan letter, we thank you for your attention.

Person responsible

Dea Kemala Sari

5. Sample of Official Letter of Order

PT Skizo Gas Jaya

Jl. Kancil Number 22, South Jakarta

Tel (021) 4467984, fax (021) 4437658

email: office@skizogasjaya

================================================== ======================


Number: A.092/HRD/PTSPG/XI/2021

The undersigned is the President Director of PT Skizo Gas Jaya, giving orders to:

Name : Ziaggi Fadhil Zahran

Position : Finance Staff

NIP : 875935

Address : Jl. Sawo 12 Number 175, South Jakarta

Prepare financial reports of company branches in the city of Manado. Or, the completed financial reports can be submitted to the Senior Director of PT Skizo Gas Jaya head office branch.

This letter is a formal letter that I made and I hope you can fulfill your responsibility properly. For your attention and cooperation, we thank you.

Jakarta, 20 June 2022


President Director of PT Skizo Gas Jaya

Reksa Tri Bayu Saptaji


Thus a review of the types of official letters, functions, structures, and examples. For Sinaumed’s who want to know more about other types of official letters, you can visit sinaumedia.com to get related books.