Types of Job Types: Based on Field to Quality of Skills

Types of Types of Work – Sinaumed’s must be familiar with the term “work” or “profession”, which refers to a form of business that is carried out based on certain skills and expertise, then gets a salary. The word ” profession ” is actually an absorption word , you know , especially from the Dutch language, namely ” professie ” which means ” Promise to fulfill the obligation to carry out a special task permanently.”

Please note that the profession is a job, but not all jobs in this world are professions. Usually, the profession is carried out by a professional in carrying out skills in a certain field and has its own code of ethics. Meanwhile, work is a business that is carried out by anyone without requiring special skills.

In Indonesia, there are various jobs that can be done by everyone, be it based on educational background, skills, to geographical background. Then, what are the types of work? How do you know if the job is right for you? What are the tips for getting a job, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic like today?

Let’s look at the following review, so that Sinaumed’s realizes that work is dynamic and can develop along with the times.

Types of Work Based on Fields

Information Technology Field

Jobs in Information Technology are generally divided into 4 groups, namely Software, Hardware, Information System Operations, and IT Business Development. Each of these groups is in a large company and has its own duties which of course will be related to IT. These types of jobs began to exist since technology, information, and communication were growing, especially in the current era of globalization. Since information systems and technology are growing, these jobs are considered very promising, especially in this day and age.

1. Software Group (Software)

The work in the Software group will usually be in charge of designing existing database operating systems or application systems. Jobs related to this group include:

Analysis System

That is tasked with analyzing the system that will be implemented in the database. Starting from analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the system, to conducting a feasibility study related to the system being developed.


Namely the job in charge of carrying out the implementation of the design of the analysis system. Usually, a programmer will be asked to make a program according to the system to be analyzed. Programmer work is also divided into several sections, namely Application Programmer, Database Programmer, Multimedia Programmer, and Web Programmer.


Namely the job in charge of carrying out the planning of a web. Usually what is done is a feasibility study to analysis and design of a project, especially on web-based applications.

Web Programmers

Namely the job in charge of implementing the design of the Web Designer, namely by creating a web-based program and adjusting it to a design that has been previously designed.

2. Hardware (Hardware)

Technical Engineer

Namely the job whose job is to handle technical problems, both in terms of maintenance and repair of computer system devices.

Network Engineer

Namely the job in charge of handling computer networks, from maintenance to troubleshooting.

3. Information System Operations

Operator EDP

Namely the job in charge of running a particular program, especially those related to electronic data processing within the corporate environment.

System Administrator

Namely the job in charge of carrying out administration and maintenance in the system. Usually, this job has the authority to set access rights to a system.


Namely the job in charge of managing the system as a whole, starting in terms of hardware, software, to human resources.

4. IT Business Development

Jobs in this field can be found in various sectors of the information technology industry. Usually, those with an educational background in Informatics Engineering can apply for this job.

Field of education

1. Education Personnel


Namely the job in charge of leading an educational institution, be it SD, SMP, SMP, or SMK. The principal has two main roles, namely as an institutional leader for teachers and as a leader in the management of the school concerned.

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Namely a job that is almost the same as a school principal, only in a larger scope, namely as a leader in a tertiary institution. In this case, the chancellor can also act as an educator, namely contributing to advancing science based on his educational background.


Namely the job in charge of taking care of administrative matters for the institution concerned. Administration usually manages personnel administration, filing letters, finances, to inventory from an agency.


That is work in the library to help people find books, magazines, or other information in the library. Usually, these librarians have an educational background of Bachelor of Library Science.

 2. Educator


Namely a job whose job is to educate, teach, guide, direct, train, and assess students in an educational institution at the elementary to high school/vocational school levels.


Namely a job whose job is to develop and disseminate science, technology, and art through education, research, and community service. In this case, the lecturer is usually in the realm of a university.


Namely the job in charge of providing counseling services, especially in educational institutions. A counselor must have a minimum educational background of S-1 majoring in Educational Psychology or Counseling Guidance (BK).


Namely the job in charge of teaching people or providing facilities in the learning process in a study group. Typically, tutors work in school support institutions.

The field of law

Lawyer or Advocate

Namely a job in the service sector, in the form of providing legal services in court. Lawyers are also usually referred to as legal advisers or legal consultants.


Namely a job in charge of presiding over the course of the trial. Judges are also tasked with making a final decision on cases currently being tried. To become a judge, requires high credibility and integrity.


Namely a job that is almost the same as a lawyer, serving as a prosecutor and submitting charges for cases that are currently being tried.

Notary Public

Namely a job whose job is to make documents or deeds regarding a certain decision and related to the rule of law. For example making a deed of land ownership, deed of establishment of a foundation, to deed of termination of inheritance.


Economic Consultant

Namely the job whose job is to analyze trends of what is happening in an industry while helping companies improve their performance. Many companies need this economic consultant, ranging from companies in the health, education, to government sectors. Usually, economic consultants will work closely with legal consultants.

Credit Analysis

Namely the job whose job is to evaluate the credit score of the client by obtaining specific information. In this case, a credit analyzer will also help the client to make their financial improvement plan.

Bank tellers

Namely the job whose job is to verify the customer’s identity as well as process requests for deposits and withdrawals from the bank account concerned. To become a bank teller , you don’t have to have an educational background majoring in economics , all majors can apply for this job.

Compensation Manager

Namely the job in charge of developing and managing compensation programs and benefits from the company to its employees. Things that are included in this compensation program are pension programs, health programs, and others.

Arts and Literature


Artists are not always aimed at movie players or soap operas on television, you know. The term artist is related to art workers or artists. Artists who make a painting and display it in a gallery or museum are also artists. Unfortunately, the work of artists, especially artists, has difficult financial stability, so that sometimes artists are forced to look for additional work as a source of income.

Graphic designer

Namely the job in charge of designing a graphic illustration in digital form. Not only that, a graphic designer must have artistic skills in designing commercial products, advertisements, to the cover of a book.


Currently, the work of animators is in great demand because those interested in multimedia works are increasingly in demand. Animator’s job is to develop graphics, designs as well as visual effects for websites to video games.


Namely work that focuses on creating a literary work, be it a novel to a play script. Even though it looks easy, not everyone can write down their thoughts in an interesting way, you know . For drama scriptwriters, if the writing is of good quality, they will definitely be “drawn” to become film scriptwriters .

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Engineering and Industry

Quality Control Engineer

Namely the work in charge of guaranteeing the quality of the material and the quality of the implementation results in accordance with the contract documents. This job is considered as an important profession in an industrial company. Later, this work will be related to the concept of quality, total quality cost, quality tools, quality management and data variables.

Data Engineer

Namely the job in charge of preparing the data infrastructure in a company. The things that are prepared will relate to data production, data reliability, scalability and data security.


Namely the job in charge of managing the entire team, especially those involved in a project in the company. The things that are regulated by a Project Manager are in the form of making project plans, calculating budgets, mitigating problems and crises, to making reports for stakeholders.



Nutritionists are usually referred to as Nutrition Consultants (Nutritionists) whose job is to monitor and educate the public regarding diet and nutritious food. Usually, a nutritionist will conduct socialization with the main targets being pregnant women, babies, and the elderly so that they can meet their nutritional needs.


Namely the job whose job is to treat patients with problems with impaired movement and body function. Usually, a physiotherapist will work in clinics and hospitals. To carry out this work, you must first have an educational background in Bachelor of Physiotherapy, then continue with a physiotherapist competency certification education.


Namely the work assigned to help pregnant women from pregnancy to childbirth. Similar to a doctor, a midwife must first take advanced competency certification education and undergo an oath of code of ethics.


Namely the job in charge of securing, procuring, storing, and distributing drugs in a pharmacy. A pharmacist will also provide medication management based on a doctor’s prescription.

Types of Work Based on Geographic Background


The geographical background of these waters includes areas filled with water, such as lakes, swamps, seas and rivers.


The majority of jobs that can be done with this geographic background are fishermen. Fishermen are tasked with sailing and catching fish or other marine products, which are then sold at the fish market.

Salt Farmer

Another job in the water area is salt farming, whose job is to produce salt from sea water and then sell it.

Tour Service Provider

This work is usually in water areas which are also used as tourist attractions. His job is to provide services by providing a variety of amusement rides that can be done on the water.


Lowland is an area that has a height of about 200-300 meters above sea level. Therefore, most of the lowland areas are suitable for all types of work in the livestock sector, offices, industry, to plantations.

For this type of work, it is usually divided into two things, namely in the field of production of goods and services. For the service production sector, for example, traders, while for the service sector, for example bus drivers, bank employees, copier employees, and others.


A plateau is an area that has a height of more than 700 meters above sea level, for example hills and mountains.


Since the highlands are suitable for use as plantation land, farmers are the right type of work for that. For example potato farmers, tea farmers, coffee farmers, and others.

Travel Agent

At present, many highlands, which on average have plantation land, have been developed into tourist areas. This of course makes work in this area increasingly developed as a tourist agent whose job is to open lodging, become tour guides, provide tour services to tourists, and others.

Types of Work Based on Ability and Quality of Skills

It should be noted that labor is one of the driving components of the economy in a country. Labor are people who are directly involved in the production process of a good or service, especially to drive the wheels of the economy in a country.

Educated Workforce

Educated workers are called that because they acquire their abilities in a field by taking formal education. For example the work of doctors, architects, fields, lecturers, and others.

Skilled Workforce

Skilled workers are those who have expertise in a particular field through training and long work experience. For example, is the work of bus drivers, musicians, and others.

Blue-collar workers

Unskilled workers are the term for workers who do not have a formal educational background and skills from training. Usually, manual laborers only rely on power. For example, coolies.



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