Most Popular Types of Jobs in Indonesia Complete

Most Popular Type of Work – For some people, profession is something that is very important in life. That is why people try their best to get the kind of job they want.

This work activity aims to have income in order to survive in society. Someone even tends to live to work, not work to live. The term is popular because the world of work is currently considered very competitive.

The development of the era seems to have also influenced the number of types of work from several professions that have developed as well. So don’t be surprised if currently there are many types of jobs that are popular because of technological and cultural developments in Indonesia.

Actually, each type of work has its own responsibilities and risks. This can affect the amount of salary and guarantees obtained by workers.

Before choosing a particular profession, it would be nice to know in advance what type of work to do, the risks and responsibilities involved in that profession. Even for certain professions a person must have special expertise to do so.

Do you have goals for a particular job? The following are some of the most popular and popular professions from various types of work in Indonesia, complete with how you can get these jobs.

The most popular types of work that you can do

1. Teacher

The teaching profession has become popular due to the large demand for teachers or teaching staff in Indonesian schools. Currently the Indonesian government is focusing on equal distribution of education and improving the quality of human resources (HR) of its people.

That is why many schools need qualified teaching staff. The government even allocates 70 percent of the education fund for teacher salaries, which is why many people want to become teachers.

The responsibility of being a teacher is of course very big because they are the ones who will educate the nation’s generation to be better. Teachers have an important role in the quality of Indonesian human resources in the future.

To become a teacher, one must have good teaching skills and broad knowledge of the particular skills to be taught. A teacher must also have patience and tenacity when educating their children so that they understand the lesson and feel happy while learning.

If you want to become a teacher, you can go to college majoring in education or teacher training related to the subject you want to teach. For example, you major in Indonesian Language Education if you want to become an Indonesian teacher.

2. Civil servants

Civil Servant (PNS) is one of the most popular professions in Indonesia. This profession provides a basic salary and lots of benefits, so many people want this type of work.

Even civil servants will also receive quite a lot of pension funds if they are no longer productive at work. The large number of people who register for Candidates for Civil Servants (CPNS) is proof that this profession is in great demand by people.

The responsibilities carried out by a civil servant usually depend on the agency where they work. Because they are civil servants, of course there are many things that they have to guard against so as not to damage their reputation as state civilians.

Many appointments of civil servants in several agencies. If you want to become a civil servant, prepare yourself to take part in the CPNS selection which is always held by the government. In order to pass CPNS you have to practice a lot about questions that often come out in CPNS selection.

At you can find many complete CPNS question practice books. Examples of agencies that appoint civil servants are Ministries, provincial and regional governments, and other state institutions.

3. BUMN employees

State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) are one of the institutions that need a large number of qualified workers. Indonesia even has more than 120 SOEs that must be managed.

Being a BUMN employee certainly must have high integrity and qualified expertise. To become a BUMN employee is not easy, they have high standards for the expertise of their employees. The amount of salary is still one of the factors that many people target this profession.

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The thing that needs to be prepared when registering to become a BUMN employee is qualified expertise in a particular field. Certification can be physical evidence to demonstrate your skills. If you want to become a BUMN employee, you must take part in the CPNS selection held by the government or register directly when BUMN agencies are opening recruitment .

4. IT

Jobs related to information technology are indeed very promising. This is because this expertise is much needed in every company. This profession is one of the most popular professions because of the influence of the increasingly developing era in terms of information technology sophistication.

Becoming an IT certainly requires special skills. If you have this expertise, examples of IT-related jobs that you can try are Software Developer, Programmer, System Engineer, and Software QA.

This profession certainly offers a very lucrative and fantastic salary. Moreover, the potential for technology in the future will continue to grow. This profession will definitely be increasingly popular with people.

Currently, many universities are opening majors to deepen information technology. In order for you to be easily accepted as an IT in the company, make a lot of work and improve your skills so that you have a good portfolio when applying for a job.

5. Bank employee

Bank employee is a popular type of job because many Indonesian people use bank services to save their money. Almost everyone uses the services of a bank, which is why this financial institution also requires a lot of manpower.

Working as a bank employee is required to be thorough and tenacious in serving and managing money. Regarding finances, if one little mistake will be very fatal. For example, if you write one zero wrong, it can be very detrimental.

For several positions in the bank, there are jobs that do not require specific educational specifications. For example, to become a teller at a bank, you don’t have to major in accounting, economics or business.

However, for a higher position, of course, you must have a qualified education certificate in finance and business. This is related to risk and responsibility as a leader.

6. Accountant

Almost all companies or organizational institutions need accountants because basically all interests will have something to do with finance. This accountant is the one who will manage the finances and manage them transparently in the accounting reports.

Becoming an accountant certainly has big risks and responsibilities. Almost the same as bank employees, accountants also require accuracy and tenacity in working on their reports. Carelessness of an accountant will be very fatal. In addition, an accountant must also be honest and transparent.

Because of the great risk and responsibility, this type of work also has a large salary. That is why many people dream of becoming an accountant. Even the accounting department at several universities has always been a favorite major with many applicants.

If you want to easily become an accountant in a certain company or agency, you must prepare a certification that shows that you have abilities in the economic and business fields.

7. Medical Personnel

The world of medicine or health always looks broad and interesting. When talking about health as if it is endless. Everyone will have their own health problems, whether mild or severe. That is why medical personnel are needed in the midst of society.

The health sector seems special because not everyone can be an expert in the health sector. Even getting certified to become a medical worker is neither easy nor cheap. However, this type of work is still the prima donna in Indonesia.

To become medical personnel, for example doctors, midwives, nurses, and so on, you need intelligence and courage. Why is that? Because medical personnel must have complete knowledge about health.

If they take the wrong action it will be very dangerous for the patient. There is even a popular term that says the patient’s life is in the hands of the doctor. I don’t think the term is wrong because a doctor or medical staff must indeed be demanded to be smart, intelligent, and brave.

8. Marketing

This type of work as marketing is still a favorite because the business world in Indonesia is growing. Marketing work is one of the keys to the success of a business. That is why many companies are looking for good marketing people for their business.

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Being a marketing person must be confident, diligent, tenacious, and not give up easily. This job can be considered easy and difficult because not everyone has the skills to attract customers to buy something. It is his important role in this company that makes a marketing person able to have a large income.

In order to succeed in becoming successful marketing, one needs to practice and get down to the field to face the market. This will also spur you to understand what marketing strategies need to be carried out on business targets.

9. Graphic Design

Currently, this type of work as a graphic designer is being loved by many people, especially young people. Jobs in the creative industry are in great demand due to technological developments that make the visual world interesting.

Now visuals are an important thing to pay attention to. Many companies are looking for graphic designers to design and design products, promotions, and so on. In fact, almost all types of businesses require this expertise.

The salary offered as a graphic design is certainly not small because not everyone has good visual abilities. Even the risks of becoming a designer are practically not big, it’s just that you may be required by deadlines and client pressure that may not suit your visual tastes. If you want to be a graphic designer, make lots of work and practice to make your portfolio more attractive to clients .

10. Data Analyst

Data Analyst is one type of job that is needed by many companies. They need a Data Analyst to read, understand, and translate data for certain company reports.

Almost all types of businesses and non-profit agencies require the expertise of a data analyst. The ability of a qualified Data Analyst will greatly affect the development of a company because this type of work is related to the planning and development of what the company must do.

A Data Analyst must have good analytical skills, critical thinking, curiosity, like to experiment, and good communication skills. This type of work also requires someone to be able to understand programming languages ​​such as SQL, Oracle, and other programming languages.

In addition, a data analyst must also understand Adobe Campaign Software and master mathematics and statistics. This is very influential on the results of their work. This not easy skill will certainly make this type of work have a large salary.

11. Journalist

Journalism is one type of work that is in great demand by Indonesians. The number of media emerging in Indonesia makes the need for a journalist also increase.

Especially now that technology is very supportive for getting a lot of information, for example the many online media that have sprung up. Journalism is a promising job because many people need information.

To become a journalist, you must have persistence, tenacity, and great curiosity. This is certainly very related to the work done by journalists. They are required to be on time with deadlines and have a lot of knowledge of issues.

In order to easily get this type of work, you can start writing works or practice broadcasting if you want to become a television journalist. A journalist must also have the courage to convey something to the public.

So, those are some types of jobs that are popular and in great demand in Indonesia. To choose a job, of course, needs to be adjusted to the interests, expertise, and talents we have. This will affect the results of the work we do.

Do not let us just be uncomfortable with the work that must be done every day. That is why it is important to recognize in advance the risks and responsibilities of a particular type of work.

As explained above that each job certainly requires special skills that must be trained. It is not imaginary that certain companies or agencies have high standards for their employees.

This competitive condition sometimes makes it difficult for people to find work. The following are book recommendations that you can read to prepare yourself to register for a job. These books will help you get to know your terrain and your potential in certain jobs. Even in these books you will also find strategic tricks to easily get a job.