Meet Steve Jobs, Founder of Apple

Founder of Apple – It took many years for Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, to gather his enthusiasm and
determination to build the Apple company, which until now has become a very well-known brand in the world.
Even today, many people use Apple products with pride. In fact, the price offered by
Apple is quite expensive.
But there are still many people who are willing to spend deeply to be
able to have one of the Apple products they desire.
So, aren’t you curious about the figure
behind the success of the Apple brand on the world stage?
So, for those of you who want to know
more, let’s see this article until it’s finished.

Short biography of Steve Jobs, the Founder of

Steve Jobs has the full name of Steve Paul Jobs. He was born on February 24, 1955 in
California, United States.
The Steve Jobs we know today is the man behind the success of the
Apple Brand.
Where Steve is one of the great people who has a variety of extraordinary works in
the field of technology.
At birth, Steve originally had the name Abdul Lateef Jandali until his
name was changed when he was adopted by Reinhold and Clara Jobs.
When Steve was a toddler, his
adoptive parents asked him to move to Santa Clara County, also known as Silicon Valley.
they also adopted another baby girl named Patti.

Steve’s abilities did develop very quickly when he was still at Cupertino Junior High School and also
Homestead High School in the Cupertino area.
There, Steve met his friend named Steve Wozniak.
Where his friend has the same interest as Steve, namely in the field of electronics.
Then in 1976, Steve Jobs and his colleagues Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne tried to set up the
Apple company for the first time.
At that time, they named the business as Apple Computer Co.
The three of them received funding from a product marketing manager and a technician who was about
to retire from Int AC named Mike Markkula Jr.
Then in the end they founded Apple

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak have been friends for a long time. Where at that time Steve Jobs
was trying to get Wozniak interested in assembling computers and then reselling them.
Then as
Apple expanded, the company began looking for experienced executives to help manage the expansion.
The computer that was first introduced by Steve and Wozniak they named the Apple I. Then in 1977
both of them re-introduced the Apple Ii to the public.
Since then sales of the Apple II began
to grow rapidly.
Then in 1980, the founder of Apple Computer and inventor of Apple Computer
introduced the Apple III.
But the development is not as good as when they introduced the Apple

In 1983, Steve Jobs began to attract John Sculley from the Pepsi Cola company to become head of Apple
It was in that year that Apple introduced its newest product, the Apple Lisa.
Where these products already have more sophisticated technology and are quite advanced at that
However, in reality the product failed in the market. Then in 1984, Apple
again tried to introduce its newest computer product, named the Macintosh.
This product is the
first computer that has been successfully sold to the market by presenting interface features in the form of
graphical use.

The Macintosh became one of the first commercially successful small computers with a graphical user
The development of Macm started with Jef Raskin, then was taken over by Steve Jobs.
The success obtained by the Macintosh made the Apple company abandon the Apple II product in favor
of developing Macm production, which still exists today.
However, under Sculley’s leadership,
Steve Jobs found no match.
There are a lot of things that are not aligned between the two.
Until finally it had an impact on declining sales in all industries towards the end of 1984. This
then resulted in the relationship between the two not being good until the end of 1985. Because of this,
Sculley decided to expel Steve Jobs from the Apple company.

Apple history

Before Apple was present in Indonesia, where we usually saw Apple outlets and their products were
Steve Jobs has gone through a very long way until finally Apple can develop until
In his biography, at the time he founded the company Apple Computer Co. Steve Jobs was
known to be 21 years old and Steve Wozniak was 26 years old.
The two started the business in
the garage owned by Steve Jobs’ family.
While the personal computer that was being developed by
the two of them at that time was named Apple I. The computer was first sold to the market at a price of
666.66 US Dollars.

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Then in 1977, Steve Jobs and his colleagues finally started introducing their newest product, the Apple II.
It was this second product that became one of his first major successes. Where there
are lots of products that are sold in the market and certainly can have an impact on the personal computer
industry, which at that time was still not common.
Then in 1980, Apple Computer listed their
company name on the stock exchange.
At that time, Apple’s stock offering was successful in the
early days and since then the name Steve Jobs became known to many people.
In the same year,
Apple finally launched its newest product, named Apple III.
Even so, the launch of this third
product did not go as smoothly as the previous product.

As time went on, Apple Computer grew and the company started looking for a leader to be able to manage all
the company’s capacities, which must always increase.
Then in 1983, Steve Jobs invited Sculley,
who was then working at Pepsi Cola, to join and become the leader of Apple Computer.
Later in
the same year, Apple released a new product called the Apple Lisa.
But unfortunately, the
product failed in the American market.

NeXT Computer and back to Apple

After no longer at the Apple company, Steve Jobs then founded his new company, which was named NeXT
Where the company is engaged in the development of computer software.
The products offered by NeXT Computer had quite sophisticated technology at that time.
However, like previous Steve Jobs products that failed, such as the Apple Lisa. It
turns out that the products offered by NeXT Computer are also less attractive to the market.

Then in 1996, the Apple Company finally bought NeXT Computer worth 402 million US Dollars.
That way, it automatically brings Steve Jobs back to the company he once founded.
Until 1997, Steve Jobs became the temporary leader of the Apple company after the departure of Gil
There, Steve Jobs and his colleagues began to develop computers with various advanced
technologies, namely the Macintosh.
Where this technology is still being developed by the Apple
Mac Brand.

With the purchase of the NeXT Computer company, many of NeXT’s technologies were applied to products made
by Apple.
Especially NeXTSTEP which was developed into Mac OS X. Under the leadership of Steve
Jobs, the company began to increase its sales after they released the iMac.
This product is the
first computer that is sold by prioritizing appearance.

Until August 2011, Steve Jobs resigned as CEO of Apple company. However, Steve Jobs will still
serve at Apple as chairman of the company’s board.
But a few hours after Steve Jobs officially
resigned, shares of Apple Inc (AAPL) fell by 5 percent in post-close trading.

Pixar and Disney

In 1986, Steve Jobs bought the Graphic Group from Lucasfilm’s computer graphics division for 10 million US
Dollars and later changed his name to Pixar.
However, he gave 5 million US Dollars to Lucasfilm
to be used as capital.
There, Steve Jobs served as an executive at Pixar Animation Studio.
The first film made by the company was Toy Story. Where the film was successful in
bringing fame and the name Steve Jobs was written as an executive producer in the film Toy Story when it was
released in 1995. After taking Pixar by Disney in 2006, Steve Jobs became a member of the board of directors
at The Walt Disney Company.

Steve Jobs Dies

Over the past few years, Steve Jobs’s health has reportedly begun to decline. Then he took
medical leave since January 3011. Then on October 5, 2011, Steve Jobs was declared dead in California when
he was 56 years old.
Previously Steve Jobs was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.
After Steve Jobs died, his funeral was held privately on October 7, 2011.

Important Lessons From Steve Jobs For A
Successful Life

If you look at Steve Jobs’ career and success, there are some important things we can take and apply in our
own lives.
Especially for those of you who want to be involved in the business world.
For more details, see the explanation below:

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1. Don’t lose focus

In 1997, Apple was having a hard time and almost went out of business. As long as Steve Jobs
was not part of the company he founded, Apple has made various types of computer products.
Then, when Steve Jobs returned to the Apple company, he stopped it and asked his team to start
focusing on just a few things.
The Apple and Steve Jobs companies then cut or cut various
products that were considered not important.
At that time they chose to focus on 4 computer
products only.
With this choice, the company that was on the verge of bankruptcy began to be
The focus used by Steve Jobs is to eliminate various things that are not important and
leave only a few things that are appropriate and worthy of development.
For Steve Jobs

Simple: Need Deeper Understanding

Simplicity is at the heart of all Apple products. This can be seen not only from the outer
But also on the appearance of the software. While developing this product,
Steve Jobs wanted to make a product simpler, such as how to access the application, the design, and also the
number of buttons.
Steve Jobs’ desire to make various products more simple is not an easy thing
to do.
In order to be able to make a device that is small in size and can play songs like iPod
All the Apple team must put more effort to make it happen. If you want
to make a product that is simpler, then a developer must understand the most important things and the
essence of the product.

Building an Integration

The Apple company also made a breakthrough in the form of integration for various devices.
When someone has an iPhone or MacBook, they can access everything more easily through these two
For example, iMessage money can run on a personal computer. This
integration ecosystem built by Apple will allow its users to more easily use all of their devices.
Not only that, users also become more free and can save time. Because, they don’t need
to bother to connect as an owned device.

Take Big Steps

One product that is able to break down the popularity and success of Apple is the iPod product.
The device that functions to play music has succeeded in making its users feel a new experience
when listening to music.
In addition, iPod users can also easily buy various songs through the
iTunes Store and then listen to them anytime.

But as technology developed, Steve Jobs began to realize that the privileges of the iPod would be replaced
when mobile phone developers added a music player feature in it.
Therefore, Steve Jobs then
decided to sacrifice the iPod and replace it with iPhone products.
This decision is certainly
not an easy thing to do.
Considering the iPod has contributed greatly to Apple’s success.
However, Steve Jobs knew that if he didn’t kill his own iPod product, someone else would.

Prioritize Product Over Profit

When Apple almost went out of business, the company was under the leadership of John Sculley who at that
time served as Pepsi Marketing and Sales executive.
If based on this background, Sculley is
more focused on the benefits that must be obtained compared to the development of the product itself.
As a result, sales began to decline.

Then when Steve Jobs returned to the Apple company, he then changed the goals of his company: m.
Steve Jobs refocused on producing innovative and high-quality products. Although he
had to pay quite expensive funds in its development.
Through this decision, the Apple company
was finally saved from bankruptcy.

In addition, by choosing to focus more on the product, Apple can also see the various deficiencies that
exist in the product.
Steve Jobs was able to obtain perfection from the products they made,
both for the outside and the inside.
The focus on the products produced gave Steve Jobs more
time to produce quality products.

This is an explanation of the history and life journey of the founder of Apple to finally be as successful
as it is now.
Thanks to the persistence and creative ideas of its founders, Apple has now
become a brand that is known to almost everyone in the world.
In fact, many people feel proud
to use various products made by Apple.
How, are you also a fan of Apple products?