Tracing the Example of the First Human on Earth Namely the Prophet Adam AS

Examining the Example of the First Human on Earth, Namely Prophet Adam AS –When talking about the figure of the prophet Adam AS, surely the first thing that comes to our heads is the figure of the first human created by Allah SWT. Prophet Adam was told that for the first time he did not directly live in the world, precisely on earth, but Prophet Adam AS was first created and lived in heaven, but because he violated Allah SWT’s command not to eat the forbidden fruit of khuldi and when he ate it because of the devil’s instigation at that time, Prophet Adam expelled from heaven and thrown to earth to account for his mistakes and to ask forgiveness from Allah SWT. Prophet Adam as the first human figure on earth is also the forerunner of the modern human population to this day because with his partner Siti Hawa he has offspring and that makes humans continue to regenerate to this day.

Even though the mistake made by the prophet Adam AS was a grave sin because he violated God’s commandments, he soon realized and asked for His forgiveness and promised never to repeat it. The story of the transgression of the prophet Adam and his repentance also makes a valuable lesson for mankind because after all as a human being we will never escape the mistakes and sins that were intentionally or unintentionally committed. The story of Prophet Adam contains many valuable lessons. Especially about the value of obedience to the almighty. Starting with the story of the prophet Adam and Eve in heaven. Until their story on earth with children. The value of servant obedience to the Creator is intertwined in his story.

For this reason, it is very important for us to examine the example of the story of the Prophet Adam AS itself as a lesson for us.

Furthermore, the discussion regarding the exemplary Prophet Adam AS has been presented below!

History of the Prophet Adam AS

The story of Adam in the beginning of his creation begins with God creating the universe, including animals and plants. Allah created the universe and everything in it in six days. On the seventh day, God stopped and sanctified that day.

In the Qur’an, the story of Adam’s creation begins with a conversation between Allah and the angels. Allah said that He wanted to create people who would act as caliphs (leaders, rulers, decision makers) on earth, and the angels answered: “Are you going to make people who will destroy and shed blood there, while we glorify You and sanctify Your name?”

Both biblical sources and the Koran state that Adam was formed from clay. The Bible says that man was created in the image and likeness of God to rule over livestock and sea and air creatures. The Bible says that Adam was created on the sixth day. After that, God created a garden in Eden and put Adam there to take care of it.

It is said in the hadiths that Adam was created from clay taken from different parts of the earth, therefore his descendants have different skin colors. When the spirit blew into the earth that became Adam’s body, the spirit started to enter the head and Adam sneezed at that time. When the spirit entered through his eyes, Adam immediately saw the fruit. When the spirit entered his throat, he longed for these fruits. The spirit had not yet reached his feet when Adam ran for the fruit. Another hadith explains that Adam was created on Friday.

Adam was taught names. The Bible explains that Adam was taught to name livestock, wild animals and birds.

The Qur’an says that Adam was taught the names of all of them. Ibn Abbas explains that the point is that Adam was taught names that are widely known to humans, such as animals, earth, valleys, seas, mountains, camels, himaras etc. Mujahid said he meant the names of reptiles, birds and whatnot. This is in accordance with Sa’id bin Jubair, Qatadah and others. Ar-Rabi” said that he meant the names of the angels, whereas “Abdurrahman bin Zaid reported the names of his descendants. Ibn Kathir states that what is meant is the names of animals and their behavior, both small and large.

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Illustration showing an angel bowing before Adam. Satan and the jinn as seen by do not bow down. Adam received a similar command and was able to say names. This part of the angels not being able to pronounce names is not found in the Bible.

After that, Allah ordered the angels to prostrate before Adam. After that the angels bowed down, but the devil refused, because he felt that the creation of fire was better than man being created from dust. The devil then bids time, cannot die, and will not be punished until the Day of Resurrection. Some opinions claim that Satan’s prayers were received as a reward for the good deeds and obedience he performed prior to Adam’s creation, which allowed him to live in heaven. Some argue that the devil, formerly named Azazil, used to be the leader of the angels, so he lives in heaven. Another opinion says that the devil is a genie who causes evil on earth, so the angels restrain him. The Bible does not speak of a command to bow down to Adam or an exorcism.

As for the paradise where Adam lived, some scholars say that it is paradise, while others say that it is the garden of the world. Biblical details show that the land of Eden, where Adam lived, was on earth.

Examining the Story of Prophet Adam AS

All Muslims already know the story of Adam and Eve. However, there are still many people who do not know the wisdom of all these stories.

The previous story was about him and his wife living together in heaven. In fact, both of them are very happy and lucky. But Allah SWT told them to enjoy everything in heaven.

However, one thing is prohibited, namely approaching and touching, even eating, the forbidden fruit from the khuldi tree. There will be more stories, especially the example of Prophet Adam As. Here are some examples included:

  • Confess Sin and Repent for His Mistakes

The thing that should be emulated from the example of Prophet Adam is to admit sins and immediately repent of mistakes made. When Prophet Adam made a mistake, he did not want to blame other parties. However, he realized that he had made a mistake. Really repent and feel guilty. Even though Prophet Adam made mistakes, he did not give up seeking God’s mercy. He immediately repented and asked for His forgiveness. Both Prophet Adam AS and Siti Hawa understood very well that what they were doing was wrong. Because after all they disobeyed the command of Allah SWT.

Therefore, instead of protesting that they were sent down from heaven to a difficult place like Earth. Both of them even begged forgiveness and sincerely repented to Allah SWT.

Allah SWT heard and accepted the repentance of Prophet Adam AS and Siti Hawa. After that, their sins were forgiven. Then their life will always be better than meeting again and living happily on earth.

Verse 37 of Surah Al-Baqarah says that “Then Adam received some sentences from his Lord, then Allah accepted his repentance. Indeed, Allah accepts repentance, is Most Merciful.”

Some other examples that can be taken from the story of Prophet Adam is that humans must always pay attention to the commands and prohibitions that come from Allah SWT. If there is an order, it must be followed with full obedience. However, if there is a ban also must be avoided immediately. In addition, other lessons can be learned about the need for humans to be vigilant against the devil’s temptations. From the descent of the Prophet Adam to earth to Siti Hawa, it happened because of Satan’s seduction, so that he and his wife were expelled from heaven. Another example is when people encounter mistakes, they have to go back and admit the mistakes. Repent and ask forgiveness from Allah SWT.

  • Resist Lust and Temptation

The story of the Prophet Adam AS who was sent to earth with Siti Hawa for violating the prohibition on eating khuldi fruit is probably well known to many people.

Prophet Adam AS decided to disobey God’s command. Satan’s temptation as well as Siti Hawa who was influenced by Satan’s persuasion to persuade Prophet Adam AS to eat the khuldi fruit.

The character of the prophet Adam can also be used as a lesson. Men have three temptations, namely wealth, throne and women. Well, Prophet Adam, like any common man, he succumbed to the temptations of women. Certainly not another woman, but his own wife, Siti Hawa.

He even violated Allah’s prohibition to eat khuldi fruit just because he didn’t want to see his wife angry. Obviously the wrong action to take steps does not harm others, but we are actually sinning against Allah SWT.

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Siti Hawa is a loyal and patient woman. He followed Prophet Adam because Allah SWT created him to be with him forever. However, Siti Hawa’s loyalty and patience were shaken when Satan tempted her to eat the khuldi fruit. To the extent that Siti Hawa was angry with Prophet Adam for not wanting to try the khuldi fruit.

This seems to make all the women in the world obey their husbands. If your guy says no, don’t argue with him because something bad will happen. And it is proven that Siti Hawa used satanic seduction to oppose Prophet Adam and Allah SWT, so that she was sent to earth separately from Adam.

The story of Siti Hawa as Adam’s wife gives us a lesson, especially women, that as a good wife, she must not only be faithful to accompany her husband in happy and difficult times, but also must obey her husband if that is indeed a good thing to avoid God’s wrath. SWT.

  • Understanding the Meaning of Patience

Understanding the meaning of patience is one of the many examples that we can learn from the story of the prophet Adam AS. Even though he was punished by Allah, Prophet Adam was very patient in living his new life on earth with all its difficulties. He was also patiently waiting for the time when he would meet Eve again. He is very loyal and patient in the test given by Allah SWT.

The next example of Prophet Adam AS was his loyal and patient attitude in facing trials. As a consequence of the actions of Prophet Adam AS and Siti Hawa were sent to earth separately and it took them approximately 40 years before they finally met again and started a family.

This shows the loyalty and patience of Prophet Adam AS and Siti Hawa in facing trials. They were patient and tried to find each other until they finally met.

  • Not Complaining about the Trials Received

Not complaining about the trials that exist is another example that we can take from the story of the prophet Adam AS. When his repentance was accepted, Allah SWT raised the rank of Prophet Adam AS. Allah SWT gave prophet Adam (AS) a good life and a high position even though he made mistakes in the past.

This shows that as a person it is better not to complain about past trials. And move on with your life with an open heart. Everyone put your faith in Allah SWT and keep trying at the same time. Because there is always a higher and better place.

For people who are able and successful in passing the test given by Allah SWT. And a valuable lesson that can be learned about the example of Prophet Adam As, namely his repentance. Allah SWT accepted and exalted him (prophet Adam AS) for admitting his mistake, a reward that is appropriate is accepting his repentance.

After realizing his mistake to Allah SWT, he continued to repent. Since then he no longer has the feeling to complain, even to complain about anything.

From this we can conclude that the example of Prophet Adam is very important without underestimating many things.

  • Truly in Repentance

God’s anger after seeing Prophet Adam and Eve do something that was forbidden, so God punished them both separately for coming to earth.

And this is the beginning of repentance nasuha. Prophet Adam repented to Allah to be forgiven for all his sins and wanted to unite with Eve. Eve did the same. There is also a prayer that Prophet Adam said when he repented to ask God’s forgiveness:

“Rabbanaa dhalamnaa anfunsanaa wainlam taghfirlanaa watarhamnaa lanakunannaa minal khaasirin.”

Meaning: “Lord, we have wronged ourselves, and if You do not forgive us and have mercy on us, we are indeed among the losers.”

Allah SWT elevates his rank through repentance and responsibility. You can get the lesson easily from here.

It all depends on the existing teachings and advice. So from these different circumstances you can feel the importance of keeping the faith. Don’t let your mistakes continue without regret. There are still many things in the story of the fall of Prophet Adam As that cannot be denied. So if you are wrong, repent immediately. Also try not to find fault with others. This is an example of Prophet Adam As.


So a brief discussion of the exemplary story of the prophet Adam AS. Not only discusses the history of the Prophet Adam AS, but also discusses what examples we can take from the story and character of Prophet Adam AS. Read and imitate the story and character of Prophet Isa AS. teaches us to always do good and be patient with every test given by Allah SWT.