Tracing the Biography of Tan Malaka and His Iconic Books

Biography of Tan Malaka and His Books – The name and life story of Tan Malaka is
Tan Malaka was declared a National Hero by President Soekarno through Presidential
Decree Number 53 which was signed by Soekarno on March 28, 1963.

So legendary, the life story of a man whose full name is Sutan Ibrahim and whose title is Datuk Tan Malaka has
been researched by a historian from the Netherlands named Harry Albert Poeze for decades.

Harry Albert Poeze did not only examine Tan Malaka through colonial archives around Leiden and Amsterdam,
the Netherlands.
However, Poeze also visited countries where Tan Malaka had stopped besides
Indonesia, such as America, England, France, Germany, Russia, and the Philippines.
Poeze even
ventured to Russia to track down the
Comintern archives about Tan Malaka in Moscow,

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