7 Tips to Increase Positive Vibrations For Good Things To Come To You

Everything we think, what we do, and what we say every day affects the frequency of our vibrations. Vibration is an energy/force that attracts things (events, objects, etc.) to you.

When your vibration is high, you emit a frequency that can attract good things to you. Signs that you have high vibrations are:

  • You feel happy, light, and calm
  • You feel clearer to go through the day towards the purpose of life
  • You are connected to everything
  • You can hold your ego
  • Good things always come to you
  • You feel the problem is solved by itself
  • You are like a fortune magnet
  • You get what you want easily

On the other hand, if your vibrations are low, you feel frustrated, tired, and often angry, this negative energy can prevent you from achieving your dreams.

To return your vibration level to a high level, follow these tips!

Tips to Increase Vibration So that Good Things Come to You

If you see someone smiling often, exuding their beauty, and being able to lighten the mood, that’s a sign that they have high vibrations. If you want to be like that, try to apply the following tips!

1. Be thankful

Gratitude is a feeling of deep appreciation for someone or something.

Gratitude can be a way of expressing love, and love can increase the vibrations from within.

Gratitude is not just saying “thank you”, being grateful also means feeling full of kindness in the heart.

Having gratitude is being able to feel a deep connection with something bigger, for example with nature, animals, people can make you feel like a bigger part of yourself outside of yourself as an individual.

Try to start by closing your eyes and thinking about the one thing that is significant in your life – it could be someone you love, your favorite thing, or a pet.

Focus on the feelings that arise when you think about it. Appreciate it, thank you. Do this gratitude exercise for 10 minutes every day.

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Practicing gratitude every day can train the mind to be calmer. A calm soul and mind make you look more comfortable. Because in essence, positive vibrations come from within.

2. Self Reflection

Indeed many people live with other people’s expectations until you don’t know yourself. Your feelings and thoughts are always dictated by others; you can’t be sad, you have to be happy, and so on.

How can you express yourself to the fullest when you don’t even know who you are and how you feel?

Try to let it all go. Choose a specific time for self-reflection. Take a break from social media.

You may realize, small things, small talk, daily routines can’t define you. Maybe you will realize that other people’s thoughts about you may no longer matter and you begin to focus on yourself.

3. Trying New Things

Low vibrations usually feel bored and stuck in an uncomfortable situation.

If you’re starting to feel it, there may be something wrong with your routine.

You may be so caught up in your busy life that you forget to try something that excites you.

To increase the vibration in this case, you may need a new variety in life. Try doing something out of the ordinary—something new.

Whether it’s learning to skate , exploring new places, or getting to know new people, it can offer something new in a stagnant life. You might find something unexpected when you try it.

The shock effect can increase the adrenaline hormone. This is what makes you look more alive and vibrant. Hopefully this method works, yes!

4. Be With People with Positive Energy

When from inside you have tried to be positive but you are still like that, maybe there is something wrong with your surroundings. It could be your friends who cause sadness, feelings of shame, and insecurity. 

Get out of the negative environment immediately.

The environment indirectly affects the way you think.

If you are surrounded by people with positive energy, you tend to see the world around you as a good place.

On the other hand, negative people will always complain in front of you and drain your energy. You tire easily and sometimes adopt their thoughts into you.

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5. Admiring Nature

Like the practice of gratitude, admiring nature can also release your mind from your narrow self.

By admiring nature, you see something outside of yourself-something unique, beautiful, sometimes strange too.

Even so, you still judge that nature is very beautiful and brings you into serenity. Then something even strange to you can look beautiful too right?

6. Express Creativity

The way to increase the vibration is to activate the creativity button! You can draw, sing, dance, make scraps!

Try to do it without thinking. Let the thoughts carry you.

Remember when you were 5 years old? 10 years? Reminiscing about a natural hobby when you were a child can make positive vibrations fill you.

Don’t forget to share what excites you with those closest to you. Sharing happiness and passion makes people around you happy too. They will also reflect positive vibrations around you. Believe me!

7. Be Yourself

There’s nothing better than being yourself. Being yourself is when:

  • You are aware of your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You accept all the uniqueness within you.
  • You have your own standards of being “beautiful”, “smart”, and so on.
  • You don’t compare yourself to others because you know you live up to the standards you set.

When you are comfortable being yourself, positive vibrations will radiate by itself.

People with low vibrations usually often feel insecure , insecure , and try to imitate people who are not themselves. He lives in the expectations of others so he is always afraid if his attitude and appearance do not match the expectations of others. Try to avoid that thought, OK!

If you feel your vibration is low, try entering white space as a life balance and do the tips above.

Assessing vibration is not difficult. The point is, always be aware of your condition and do what can make you better.

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