The Uses of a Cover Letter When Applying and Examples, and Tips for Writing It

Cover Letter – The term cover letter is usually related to the process of applying for work in a particular company or government agency. If You has ever applied for a job at a company, you must be familiar with the existence of this cover letter, right ?

Or even You has memorized how to make a good and correct cover letter so that he can be accepted to work at the target company. But for fresh graduates, aka new graduates, it’s only natural if you don’t know what this cover letter is. Usually, a cover letter will be accompanied by a CV and resume, according to the requirements requested by the company.

In writing a cover letter, you shouldn’t be careless, right? This is because the cover letter is the first document for recruiters to look at when receiving a job application letter. Unfortunately, not everyone understands how and how to write a good and correct cover letter. So, what is a cover letter? What is the purpose of writing a cover letter? What are the tips and how to write a good and correct cover letter? Is the cover letter the same as a CV and resume? So, so that You understands these things, let’s look at the following review!

What Are Cover Letters?

In general, this cover letter is a cover letter for a job application, usually a complementary document along with a CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume. In a good cover letter, it should only contain the applicant’s background briefly, accompanied by the applicant’s motivation for applying for a job at the company, and the reasons for choosing the job position being offered. Now, through this cover letter, the recruitment party can get a glimpse of how the applicant is. If the recruiter is interested in your cover letter, then you have the opportunity to look further at your CV and then schedule an interview.

Even though this job application cover letter is only seen by recruiters at a glance, there are several things that must be included in it, namely:

  • Profile. Fill in full name, telephone number, email address, and residential address.
  • The name of the recruiter or department that is currently hiring.
  • State where the source of the job vacancy information comes from. Even if you get references from other people, they still have to be mentioned.
  • Your personal opinion regarding the suitability of the qualifications for the position to be applied for with the abilities possessed.
  • The positive things you will do for the company.
  • A thank you for the time and attention from the recruiter for being willing to read your cover letter.

Basically, a job application cover letter is written to introduce yourself, promote yourself by giving strong reasons that you are the right candidate to be accepted for the job vacancy, and provide an explanation of what contribution you will make if you are accepted at the company. Even though it seems that there are many things that need to be said, overall it should all be conveyed briefly and to the point, ok?

Purpose of Making a Cover Letter

If You often listens to content on social media that talks about tips on being accepted at your favorite company, you must have often heard of this cover letter for a job application. Yep, the existence of a cover letter is indeed that important for applying for a job. Then, what is the purpose of making a job application cover letter when applying for a job at your favorite company?

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1. Give Recruiters a Brief Description of Ourselves

As previously explained, a cover letter will contain a brief profile accompanied by an explanation of your ability to fill the position you are applying for. So, through this job application cover letter, later the recruiter will get a “spoiler” about how you are and your abilities.

2. Look Professional

Is You aware that through a cover letter, especially one that uses formal language that is short and effective, can actually make you look professional? Yep, especially if the cover letter for the job application is delivered in formal, straightforward, concise, and easy-to-understand language in explaining how your skills match the qualifications for the position you are applying for.

3. Give Recruiters a Good First Impression

The first impression is not only useful when we are conducting a pdkt with a crush, but also for recruiters. Yep, first impressions, aka first impressions, really influence a person’s perception, you know… It’s called the Halo Effect.

So, through this job application cover letter, we will give a good first impression to the recruiter so that there is a possibility that our name and abilities will be remembered by them. Thankfully, when we are not their current candidate, maybe in the future we will be contacted again for a job interview because we feel that we fit our abilities.

Ways and Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

After understanding what things should be written on a cover letter. Let’s listen to how and tips to write a good and correct cover letter for a job application. Even though the content is short with only 3-5 paragraphs, it is very informative, especially for recruiters.

1. Short Profile

In this brief profile section it will usually be in the letterhead. Fill in your full name, telephone number, mailing address, to your domicile. If you have a LinkedIn account, you can also add an account link. Example of writing format:

(Full name)

(Phone Number) | (Email Address) | (LinkedIn Account Link)


2. Greetings Section

The next section is Greetings. The things that must be written are the parties who want to be the goal of the cover letter for the job application, for example the name of the recruiter. If you don’t know the recruiter’s name, try contacting the job vacancy information via LinkedIn again. Usually, the letter contains the name of the recruiting manager at the company concerned. However, if you still can’t find the name, it can also be written in the following format:

  • Dear Head of HR Division (Company Name)
  • Dear Hiring Manager
  • Dear HRD Manager (Company Name)
  • Dear HR of (Company Name)

3. Initial Paragraph

In the initial paragraph, it would be better if you wrote about the reasons for writing the cover letter for the job application. The first reason can be by mentioning the name of the position or position you want to apply for along with the source of information from where you got information about the job vacancy. The second reason, can explain when you can join the company. Example of sentences:

Introduce me (Full Name), (Your ID). Through the Kinobi job portal, I found a vacancy for (the position you applied for) and am interested in joining as soon as possible.

4. Middle Paragraph

After writing down the reasons for applying for the position, then in the middle paragraph you can write about your reasons for being interested in the position and the company. Don’t forget to mention why you feel suitable for the job offer. In addition, you can also write down what things you will do if you are accepted at the company, of course, those that are profitable …

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Then, you also have to mention the experience and skills related to the job position. Don’t worry, you won’t be seen as showing off, because that way you can show the recruiters that your abilities are very relevant to the qualifications of the position you are applying for. Example of sentences:

After reading the job description and qualifications (position being applied for), I feel that my skills and experience match what you want. I have worked as (Previous Position) during (Period). That way, I’m sure I can make a good contribution to the company in the future.

5. Final Paragraph

So, this last paragraph can contain a conclusion on how appropriate you are to fill the position you are applying for. Actually, this last paragraph is optional, so it can be replaced with an explanation of how much interest you have in being able to work at the company.

Don’t forget to write a thank you to the recruiter for their time and give enthusiasm to get a follow-up reply. Example of sentences:

With my (Period) experience and high interest in (Company Name) as (Position you are applying for), I believe I can be considered for the position. Attached CV and portfolio according to requirements. Thank you for your time and consideration. The next good news is highly anticipated.

6. Closing Regards

After saying thank you, close the job application cover letter with formal language in the form of closing greetings, your full name, signature, and contact person to contact. Example of the format for the closing salutation:

Yours faithfully,


(Full name)

(Email Address or Phone Number)

Just a little trivia , if You is confused about how to write a good and correct cover letter, you can also use several websites that make cover letters, one of which is Kinobi Asia.

Cover letter example

Reported from several sources, the following is an example of a cover letter both in Indonesian and English.


In English language

Difference between Cover Letter, CV and Resume

Although these three are often used as important documents when applying for jobs, these three also have different definitions and formats . So, what are the differences between a cover letter, CV, and resume? Come on, see the following review!

Cover Letter CV resume
Job application cover letter. A document that contains a curriculum vitae, aka a person’s career journey. Short version of CV.
Usually 1 page and there are separate sections, like a letter. It usually consists of 2 pages and is written chronologically. Usually only consists of 1 page only. Maximum 2 pages and does not have to be written chronologically.
Contains a brief profile, an explanation of why you are applying for the job, sources of information on job vacancies, an explanation regarding the compatibility between your abilities and the position you are applying for, and more. Contains a detailed explanation of work experience, educational background, achievements, and accomplishments in academic and professional terms. A summary of the CV that contains skills, qualifications, experience, and educational background.

So, that’s an overview of what a cover letter is, which is often used as a complementary document with a CV or resume when applying for a job. Since today’s era is very sophisticated, the making of this job application cover letter document also applies. There are already many templates regarding job application cover letters, both in Indonesian and English, properly and correctly. There is even a special website for making cover letters and CVs with various views, one of which is Kinobi Asia.