The Meaning of Definition Sentences: Characteristics, Types, and Examples of Sentences

Generally, material about the meaning of definition sentences and also example sentences will be obtained in Indonesian lessons at school. Definition sentences are sentences that we often come across when looking for a word that we want to describe or explain more completely. Examples of definition sentences are often searched for because they are widely used in various everyday conversations.

Indonesian itself has many types of sentences. Among them are the definition sentences that we often use for everyday expressions and that we have learned in school. But, does Reader know the meaning of the definition sentence? Because this one sentence is very useful in a text or conversation, then Reader also needs to learn more about the types of definition sentences.

Usually, examples of definition sentences are often found in a written work, whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Generally, the definition sentence is at the beginning of the paragraph and contains an explanation sentence of a word or writing. Quoting from the book titled Observation Result Report Text for Junior High School Class VII by Shailasari Nasution, et al., the definition sentence serves to help readers to understand and know the terms that often appear in a written work.

Referring to the explanation, the application of definition sentences usually aims to explain a piece of writing to readers. To be more complete, let’s read the explanation about the meaning of the definition sentence below.

Meaning of Definition Sentences

In short, the meaning of definition is the limitation or meaning, it can also be interpreted as a word, phrase, or sentence that expresses the meaning, description, or main characteristics of people, processes, things, or activities. Quoting from the Indonesian Language Dictionary (KBBI), a definition is a sentence that expresses a meaning, description, or main characteristic of people, things, activities, and even processes.

So we can conclude that the meaning of a definition sentence is a series of words that aim to explain a piece of writing, whether it is the meaning or the meaning of an object. In addition, the definition sentence can also be interpreted as a description that has the function of limiting objects, concepts, and conditions based on the time and place of a study.

Quoting from the book titled Observation Result Report Text for Junior High School Class VII by Suhailasari Nasution, et al., the meaning of a definition sentence is a sentence that gives a general explanation about a thing, thing, activity, and others. The sentence is often used in the text of the report and refers to a scientific or technical term. While according to the Indonesian book for SMP Class VII by Heriyanto, the meaning of a definition sentence is a sentence in the form of an explanation of an object or thing.

The function of the definition sentence is to give meaning or meaning about something. In the definition sentence, connecting words or adverbs are used in the form of is, is, that, namely, and so on. In general, this definition sentence is divided into two elements, namely definiendum and definiens. Definiendum is an element of a word or a defined term. While definiens is an element of a word, sentence, or phrase that functions to describe the meaning.


Characteristics of Definition Sentences

The following are some features of the definition sentence that need to be understood, among others:

1. Explanation and Meaning

The most prominent feature of the definition sentence is the explanation of the meaning. The part that is explained about the topic discussed in the paragraph or writing. It is related to the meaning of the definition itself, which is to explain a topic in more detail. This one part will make it easier for the readers to imagine or understand the object of the topic or discussion. The explanation of the definition sentence means that it can take the form of a sentence, or it can also be a paragraph. In addition, the meaning should also be conveyed in clear and simple language so that it is easy to understand.

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2. General in nature

Even though it has been explained in detail, the definition sentence does not refer to the sub-objects described. Definitions must be general facts that are also understood by the wider community. That is why examples of definition sentences must be a standard of understanding captured by readers. You can look up dictionary definitions or other reading materials. Of course, you shouldn’t write down any special features either. This is due to the fact that special features may only occur in specific objects and not in the object as a whole.

3. It’s in a Scientific Work

Definition sentences are usually found in scientific papers. It aims to make it easier for readers to understand and capture the topics and objects that will be explained in the scientific work. Then, what about the definitional sentences in short stories which are non-scientific? This definition does not use a general meaning because it is adapted to the needs of the story. In scientific work, the definition sentence is in the introduction or bibliography. This sentence can be made without the need to quote because it is usually understood by the general public or the author himself.

4. Transitive

Examples of definition sentences you can go back and forth and will not be affected by the meaning or meaning. This is due to its nature which tends to be more free and easily understood by many people. You can convey its meaning by referring to forms or are nominal, paradigm, formal, or broad. The delivery will depend on the type of text you will create.

5. No Allusions

Definition sentences are sentences that do not contain figures of speech. This figure of speech will actually make it difficult for the reader to understand the structure and also the important meaning of the object to be discussed in the text. What’s more, not everyone understands figurative sentences because of limited access and knowledge. This figure of speech will only make the general reader feel lazy to read the text further. So, when making definition sentences, you should avoid allusions. Make the meaning as it is, so it will be easier for the reader to understand the topic as well as the object.

6. Not Always in Every Text

One of the uniqueness of the definition sentence is that this sentence does not always appear in every text. Definitions refer to scientific texts or works and are rarely found in narrative essays. With the definition sentence in the paragraph, it is expected that the reader can catch the meaning in a text as a whole. At least, the object in the topic can be imagined.


Sentence Types Definition

There are five types of definition sentences in a written work. The following is an explanation of the types of definitional sentences quoted from a book entitled Learning Indonesian in Higher Education by Moh. Fathur Rohman, among others:

1. Nominal Definition

Nominal definition is a definition sentence that explains the meaning of a term that contains information to provide an understanding of the term. Then, this nominal definition sentence can also be interpreted as a short definition. That’s because this type of definition sentence is in the form of a brief understanding of an article. There are two kinds of definiens in the nominal definition, namely synonyms or equivalents and translations from other languages.

2. Paradigmatic definition

A paradigm is a comprehensive and interrelated set of assumptions about the nature of reality. In short, a paradigm can be interpreted as a framework for thinking about an event. Referring to that, the paradigmatic definition sentence is a sentence that contains values ​​that are seen by someone and aims to influence the reader.

3. Broad Definition

A broad definition is a sentence that describes an object in general and can be accepted by the wider community. Broad definition sentences generally contain facts that are brief, concise, clear, and also actual.

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4. Formal definition

Formal definitions usually contain explanatory sentences that are arranged based on acceptable logic because they are in accordance with what is happening in society. This formal definition sentence is also known as a terminological definition which does not contain similes and has two meanings or combines two phrases.

5. Operational Definition

The operational definition is a sentence that contains guidelines for doing something. Operational definition sentences are sentences that contain instructions to do something.


Examples of Definition Sentences

After understanding the meaning of a definition sentence and its characteristics, you also need to understand an example of a definition sentence in order to better understand this material. The following are some examples of definition sentences that you can understand, including:

1. Environment

The environment is everything that is around us and is reciprocally related. Where this environment includes living things and also non-living things. Living things need food and reproduce just like humans, animals, and plants. Meanwhile, inanimate objects such as water, earth, fire, stone, and also air do not need food or reproduce. If properly maintained, the environment will create a safe, healthy, peaceful and happy society.

2. Indonesia

Indonesia is the second lung of the world. This country has a very dense forest that can provide a lot of oxygen to the living things around it and even to the world. In this country, there are some special plants and animals, such as sandalwood, matoa, birds of paradise, orangutans, and even komodo dragons.

3. Humans

Humans are the most perfect living beings because they can think and can form a civilization.

4. Lilies

Lilies, also known as amaryllis or daffodils, are known as one of the nuisance plants in agricultural land.

5. The sun

The sun or the brightest star has the highest temperature and is the brightest in the solar system.

6. Home

A house is a building that is used as a residence for a certain period of time.

7. Leaves

Leaves have chlorophyll that can capture sunlight to help in the process of photosynthesis.

8. Earthquake

Earthquake is a natural phenomenon that is difficult for us to predict, usually only marked by strong shaking on land and usually originating from under the sea.

9. Forest Fire

A forest fire is the burning of part of an area or the entire forest and is difficult to control because the fire continues to grow and cause smoke to the surrounding area.

10. Erupting Mountain

An erupting mountain is the release of material originating from inside the mountain such as rock and ash in the form of an eruption and has an effect on the area around the mountain.

11. Butterfly

Butterflies are beautiful animals that belong to one of the types of insects and belong to the order Lepidoptera.

12. Photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is a form of food production that usually occurs in leaves so that plants can grow as they should and produce oxygen.

13. Temperature

Temperature is the degree of heat on an object that is measured using a measuring device called a thermometer and has a scale such as Fahrenheit, Reamur, and even Celsius.

14. Forest Resources

Forest resources are potential sources that exist in the forest and are developed by humans, consisting of wood and other products, then sold for the survival of the manager.

15. Fares

Minerals are the potential unearthed from mining activities, ranging from gold to nickel and used for industry and infrastructure.

16. Mangrove Forest

Mangrove forest is a forest consisting of mangrove plants, usually located by the coast to prevent sea abrasion that usually attacks coastal areas during high tide.

17. Coral Reef

Coral reefs are the potential of the sea that is a place to live and also a breeding ground for fish, with colors and also with a variety of shapes.

18. Population

Residents are people who occupy a region and are subject to the rules that apply under that region.

19. People

People are people who are residents of a country, have the same degree in the eyes of the law and have the same rights regardless of social status.

20. Climate

Climate is the average weather condition in a certain time period, generally monthly and relatively the same throughout the day.

This is an explanation of the definition of a definition sentence, its characteristics, types, and also an example of a definition sentence. Hope it is useful.