The Country with the Strongest Military in the World, Indonesia Ranks 15th in the World

Countries with the Strongest Military in the World – The military is an armed force in a
The military can also be referred to as an army. Each country has its own
military group.
Of course the military must have more power so that the country can be

Therefore, the military is trained to remain tough and always act decisively, especially on the
In life within the military there must also be a clear hierarchy for coordinating
Military leaders must have a firm attitude and be able to make good decisions for their
members or troops.

Apart from internal strength, military strength within a military group consists of various factors such as
military budget, military personnel, military vehicles, weapons owned, including nuclear forces.
In a military, it is also divided into three parts, namely land power, air power, and also sea

Global Firepower (GFP) released a list of countries with the strongest militaries in the world.
The ranking of countries with the strongest militaries in the world is using the Power
Index (PwrIndx). The assessment conducted by Global Firepower uses
categories based on military finances, logistical capabilities, and geography.

Some small countries are seen based on technological progress. In addition, there is
competition and military development.
GFP data releases countries that have the most powerful
militaries as of January 12, 2022.
Global Firepower has released a list of modern
military forces since 2006 based on state capabilities and potential.
For example, a
country’s military potential in the sea, land and air.

List of Orders of Countries
with the Strongest Military in the World in 2022

Country List PwrIndx score
1. United States of America 0.0453
2. Russia 0.0501
3. China 0.0511
4. India 0.0979
5. Japan 0.1195
6. South Korea 0.1261
7. French 0.1283
8. great Britain 0.1382
9. Pakistan 0.1572
10. Brazil 0.1695
11. Italy 0.1801
12. Egypt 0.1869
13. Turkey 0.1961
14. Iran 0.2104
15. Indonesia 0.2251
16. German 0.2322
17. Australia 0.2377
18. Israel 0.2621
19. Spanish 0.2901
20. Saudi Arabia 0.2966
21. Taiwan 0.3215
22. Ukraine 0.3266
23. Canada 0.3601
24. Poland 0.4179
25. Sweden 0.4231
26. south Africa 0.4276
27. Greece 0.4506
28. Vietnamese 0.4521
29. Thailand 0.4581
30. North Korea 0.4621
31. Algeria 0.4724
32. Switzerland 0.5015
33. Norway 0.5455
34. Iraq 0.5597
35. Nigeria 0.5745
36. United Arab Emirates 0.5859
37. Dutch 0.5937
38. Romania 0.5938
39. Myanmar 0.5972
40. Argentina 0.6091
41. Czech Republic 0.6161
42. Singapore 0.6253
43. Mexico 0.6423
44. Colombia 0.6438
45. Venezuelan 0.6664
46. Bangladesh 0.6851
47. Syria 0.6953
48. Malaysia 0.7091
49. Portugal 0.7282
50. peruvian 0.7453

The Global Firepower tally is 0.000. So far no country has achieved a perfect
The smaller the score, the stronger a country’s fighting ability would be.
Quoting from, Global Firepower calculates an index based on total air
The type of aircraft is also calculated from the military and its type.
Examples of types of aircraft such as helicopters, fighter planes, and many more.

In 2022, the top position for the country with the most powerful military in the world is the United States
(US) in first place, followed by Russia in second.
Then, China is in third place, and India is
in fourth place.
Meanwhile, Indonesia is ranked 15th as the country with the strongest
The total score of PwrIndx Indonesia reached 0.2251. Indonesia is below
Iran which has a PwrIndx score of 0.2104 and above Germany which has a score of 0.2322.

1. United States military

The United States military, which is in first position, is claimed to have 1,400,000 active personnel and
860,000 reserve personnel.
In total, the United States has 2,260,000 military personnel.
In addition, the United States land force has 6,289 tanks, 39,353 armored vehicles, 1,456 mobile
artillery units, 2,740 crane artillery units, and 1,366 rocket launchers.
The number of ground
forces does not include short-range missiles and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

For sea power, the United States has 20 aircraft carriers, the highest number in the world.
The number of ships owned by the United States military makes it strong in the waters.
Apart from aircraft carriers, the United States also has 91 units of destroyers, 13 units of
corverts, and also 66 units of submarines.

Furthermore, the United States has air units which have a total of 13,264. These units include
2,085 fighter jets, 967 combat helicopters, 945 transport aircraft, 5,768 helicopters, 742 special mission
aircraft, and F-22 fighter jets which are not for sale to various countries, only the United States military
has them.

Not only air, land and sea power, the United States military also excels in its nuclear power.
According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), currently the United
States military has 5,800 nuclear warheads, 1,750 of which are ready to be launched.
The United
States is also the only country that has ever used nuclear in a military conflict.

2. The Russian military

The Russian military ranks second as the strongest military in the world. The strength index
owned by the Russian military is 0.0501, while the perfect index is 0.0000.
The second rank
obtained by the Russian military is determined by several factors, namely the weapons it has, the strength
of the ground, sea and air forces, military budget and also military fuel.

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The military personnel owned by the Russian military amount to 3,586 or 2.5% of the number of people who
are eligible to serve the country which totals 46,658,000 people or around 32.8%.
Russia has an
air force in the form of military vehicles totaling 4,078 units.
With 869 attackers producing
1,459 strikes, the Russian air force also has 1,485 helicopters with 514 attack helicopters.

For the ground forces, Russia has 21,000 battle tanks, 50,000 armored fighting vehicles, 6,000 automatic
artillery units, 4,400 towed artillery units, and up to 3,800 rocket-like weapons.
Russia has a navy in the form of vehicles and fuel which are the main values, namely helicopters,
submarines, diesel-electric, and conventional and modern nuclear power.

The assets owned by the Russian navy amount to 352. These assets include 56 units of submarines, 45 units
of patrol boats, 13 units of destroyers, 13 units of frigates and 82 units of corvettes.
parts of the transportation owned by the Russian military are made by companies engaged in well-known
weapons, namely Kalashnikov.
The company was previously the creator of the AK-47 weapon which
was very revolutionary in its time.

Apart from transportation and combat equipment, the military certainly needs fuel. The Russian
military has oil production of 10,580,000 barrels per day with consumption of 3,320,000 per day, and Russia
also has oil reserves for fuel of 80 billion barrels.

3. The Chinese military

China, which is in third place, shows that its military strength is getting stronger. China
makes indirect spending on the military by investing in state-owned and private defense companies to acquire
new technologies in the military world.

Because China’s military cooperates with defense companies, its navy currently has 350 ships as well as
This number includes 130 attacks on the main surface, and it is even estimated that
there will be Chinese aircraft carriers afloat by 2030. In addition, destroyers are also accelerated to
expand their fleet.

The Chinese navy has also developed long-range precision cruise and ballistic missiles, early warning
radars, and air defense systems to dominate the airspace over the Pacific.
Recently, the
Chinese military has launched hypersonic weapons to confront the US military’s aircraft carrier

In 2017, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that he has a target for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to become
a world-class military capable of fighting and can win a global war in 2049.

4. Indian Military

According to Global Fire Power, India has a military force that occupies position 4 out of 139 other
In the Asian region, if sorted, India gets the second position as the strongest
military in Asia.
The Indian military has approximately 1,445,000 military personnel.
They are also involved in the protracted territorial conflict in Pakistan’s Kashmir region.

Despite being ranked fourth as the strongest military in the world, India has the first order of war
transportation in the world.
The Indian military has 4,730 tanks, 4,040 crane artillery units,
and 542 combat aircraft.

Apart from that, there are also interesting facts about the Indian military. Here are some of

  • The Indian military has mastered the highest battlefield in the world, namely in the Sianchen Glacier.
    The glacier has an altitude of 5,000 meters above sea level.
  • In 1971, the Indian military accepted its largest military surrender, with 93,000 Pakistani soldiers
    surrendering to the Indian army.
  • The Indian military has the world’s largest volunteer army.
  • The Indian military secretly tested its nuclear weapons in the 1970s and late 1990s without the CIA knowing
    about it.
  • The Indian military has the most accurate nukes in the world, with Agni and Prithvi in ​​their respective
  • The Indian army has trained foreign troops such as the United States, Russia and the United Kingdom.
  • The Indian military conducted Operation Rahat in 2013, the world’s largest civilian rescue operation.

5. Japanese military

The Japanese military is ranked fifth as the strongest military in the world. The Japanese
military has a strength index of 0.1195.
Despite being in fifth position, Japan does not have
as many troops as the militaries of the United States, Russia, China and India.
The personnel
owned by Japan numbered only 250,000 people with 55,000 reserve personnel and 14,000 paramilitary

Japan’s military strength is the same as other countries’ militaries, which is based on the ground, air and
sea forces.
Apart from that, the Japanese military was also supported by weapons and military
For ground forces, the Japanese military has 1,004 tanks, 5,500 armored vehicles, 214
mobile artillery units, 480 crane artillery units, and 99 rocket projectors.

Then, the strength of the Japanese military navy includes 37 units of destroyers, 6 corvettes, 20 units of
submarines, 6 units of patrol boats, and 21 units of mine warships.
However, the Japanese
military does not yet have aircraft carriers and frigates.
The strength of the Japanese
military air force includes 256 combat aircraft, 17 special attack aircraft, 61 military transport units,
162 special mission aircraft, 552 military helicopters, and 119 attack helicopters.

6. South Korean military

Global Fire Power further states that South Korea’s military is the sixth most powerful military in the
world out of 138 countries.
South Korea has a strength index of 0.1261 on the Global Fire Power
South Korea’s military strength is the same as militaries in other countries, which is
based on the ground, air and sea forces.
In addition, the South Korean military is also
supported by weapons and military fuel.

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The South Korean military has a total of 3,680,000 personnel with 580,000 active members and 3,100,000
reserve personnel, even South Korea has a military budget of 48 billion United States dollars.
For air force strength, the South Korean military has 414 combat aircraft, 71 special attack
aircraft, 41 military transport units, 298 training aircraft, 30 special mission aircraft, 803 helicopters,
and 112 attack helicopters.

The strength of the South Korean army includes 2,614 tanks, 14,000 armored vehicles, 3,040 mobile artillery
units, 3,854 crane artillery units, and 575 rocket projectors.
Furthermore, South Korea’s naval
strength includes 2 aircraft carriers, 12 destroyers, 18 frigates, 12 corvettes, 22 submarines, 111 patrol
boats, and 11 mine warships.

7. French military

France, which is in seventh position, has a population of 67,700,000. The French military gets
a strength index of 0.1283 on the Global Fire Power list.
France has a total of 1,057 combat
aircraft, 406 tanks, 10 submarines, as well as 270,000 active military personnel.
Although the
French army looked nothing special, the personnel were highly trained.
The French military has
290 nuclear warheads by 2021.

8. British Military

The British military occupies the eighth position as the strongest military in the world. The
United Kingdom’s military has a strength index of 0.1997 on the Global Fire Power list.
from being recorded in the data, the country itself was able to provide a budget of 59.2 million US dollars
to its military. Apart from that, what makes the British military called the strongest military is because
it has HMS Queen Elizabeth, an aircraft carrier that has an area of ​​about 4.5 hectare.
aircraft carrier of this size can accommodate 40 F-35B fighter aircraft all over the world.
British military currently also possesses 290 nuclear warheads.

9. Pakistan military

Pakistan’s military ranks ninth as the strongest military in the world. The Pakistan military
gets a strength index of 0.1572 in the Global Fire Power list.
In strengthening the country’s
defense, Pakistan’s military has 654,000 active personnel, 1,364 air force units which include 331
helicopters, and 357 combat aircraft.
Then it has 2,680 tanks, 9,635 armored vehicles and
hundreds of thousands of paramilitaries.

The Pakistani military has never publicly disclosed their arsenal. However, it is estimated
that the Pakistani military has more than 165 nuclear warheads by 2021. The military budget that the
Pakistani military has is not as big as that given in Brazil.
Pakistan only provided a budget
of 12.27 billion United States dollars.

10. Brazilian military

The Brazilian military ranks tenth as the strongest military in the world. The Brazilian
military has a strength index of 0.1695 in the 2022 Global Fire Power list. The country, which has a
population of around 211.7 million, has a total of 2,007,000 military personnel, of which 334,500 are active

In terms of military transportation, Brazil has an air fleet of 676 units, tanks 439 units, armored
vehicles 2,000 units, and also a fleet of 112 units.
Based on data written in SIPRI, Brazil has
become one of 14 countries that has a significant uranium enrichment capacity in the world of 35,000 SWU per

Indonesian Military Strength

Indonesia’s power index score is 0.2251 points. In 2022, Indonesia will be ranked 15th out of
140 countries considered for the annual GFP review.
Indonesia’s position increased one rank
compared to the previous period which scored 0.2684.
With this result, Indonesia ranks first at
the ASEAN regional level.
The second place in ASEAN or 28th in the world is occupied by Vietnam
with a score of 0.4521 and Thailand in third place in ASEAN and ranked 29th in the world with a score of

Based on GFP data, the TNI’s air force is complemented by 445 air forces. This number includes
41 combat aircraft, 23 dedicated attack aircraft, 66 transports, 126 trainers, 17 special mission aircraft,
1 tanker aircraft, 172 helicopters and 15 attack helicopters.
Then, Indonesia’s ground forces
are equipped with 314 tanks, 1,444 armored vehicles, 153 self-propelled artillery, 413 artillery towers, and
63 rocket projectors.

The total assets of Indonesia’s marine defense system are 296. The total consists of 7 frigates, 24
corvettes, 4 submarines, 181 patrol boats, 11 mine warfare.
Indonesia’s ranking outperforms a
number of developed countries, including Germany in 16th position, Australia in 17th, and Israel in

Sinaumed’s, that’s a brief explanation about the Country with the Strongest Military in the World in
. Each military group in each country has its own land, sea and air
forces, and has different amounts of weapons and fuel.

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