The customer is: definition, types, examples, advantages

Customers are – In everyday life, most people then need the services of the banking sector for financial
Therefore, being a customer is a privilege . The
reason is, not everyone can then become customers or bank customers and access various financial
products or investment products.

If you are a business owner, becoming a bank client is certainly a necessity. You will need a
variety of bank products to manage business finances.
Then, what exactly is meant by the

Definition of Customer

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), a customer is a person who normally deals with or becomes a
customer of a bank (in financial terms).

Actually, the term customer itself does not only refer to bank customers. Insurance companies
will also use the term customer, namely people who pay insurance premiums.
In addition, there
are several definitions of customers according to experts.

So, in simple terms, it can be said that a customer is someone who is a customer of a bank or insurance.

Understanding of Customers According to Experts

The following are some definitions of customers according to experts.

1. According to the Financial Services Authority

According to the Financial Services Authority, customers are individuals or entities that use or receive bank
facilities, both in the form of products and services.

2. According to Boediono (2003:35)

According to Boediono, the customer is a person who must receive serious attention and concern in terms of an
organization oriented towards him so that he can survive in the era of increasingly high quality competition.

3. According to Pardede (2004:9)

Pardede said that a customer is a person who entrusts the management of his money to the bank to be used in
banking business operations, with which he expects a reward in the form of money for the deposit.

4. According to Gaspersz, (in Nasution 2004:101)

According to Gaspersz, customers are all people who demand a company to meet certain quality standards that will
affect the company’s performance.

Various Customers

In banking, bank customers are then divided into two, namely debtors and depositors. A debtor
customer is a customer who obtains either credit or financing facilities from a bank by going through the
agreement process between the bank and the customer that was previously made.

Meanwhile, a depositing customer is a customer who places his funds in a bank in the form of deposits which are
usually referred to as savings, by going through an agreement process between the bank and the previous bank

In addition, there are also several types of bank customers, including:

1. Retail Customers

Retail customers are customers who are not included as professional customers and are eligible.
Structured Products are a form of Bank product which is a combination of 2 (two) or more financial
instruments in the form of non-derivative and derivative financial instruments.

2. Eligible Customers

An eligible customer is a customer who can be classified as a professional customer if the customer has an
understanding of the characteristics, features and risks of a structured product.
with this classification then consist of:

  1. Individual customers with a portfolio of assets in the form of cash, demand deposits, savings of at least
    IDR 5,000,000,000 (five billion rupiah).
  2. Companies engaged in the financial sector in the form of pension funds or insurance companies as long
    as they do not conflict with applicable laws and regulations in the field of pension funds and insurance
    Companies with capital of at least Rp. 5,000,000,000.- (five billion
    rupiah) or its equivalent in foreign currency and then has carried out activities for at least 12
    consecutive months.
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3. Professional Customers

Customers will be classified as professional customers if these customers have an understanding of the
characteristics, features and risks of structured products.
As for professional customers,
consists of:

  1. The Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the governments of other countries.
  2. Banks are also multilateral development institutions.
  3. Companies with capital of more than Rp. 20,000,000,000.- (twenty billion rupiah) or its
    equivalent in foreign currency and has been conducting business activities for at least 36 consecutive
  4. Central bank or other country’s bank.
  5. Companies engaged in the financial sector which then consist of banks, securities companies, finance
    companies as well as futures traders as long as this does not conflict with applicable laws and regulations
    in the banking sector, capital market sector, financing institution sector and the prevailing commodity
    futures trading.

Parties Including Customers

Several parties are included as customers, including:

Legal entity

For customers in the form of an entity, it is necessary to pay attention to the legal aspect of the agency
as well as the authority to act from parties related to the bank.
This itself relates to the
legal aspects of individuals.

Apart from that, it also relates to the authority to act for the customer concerned, especially for “agencies”,
including whether for such legal actions it is necessary to obtain approval from the commissioners or the
General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) so that later attention is paid to the articles of association of the body


The customers of this bank consist of adults and minors. Adult customers themselves are only
allowed for credit customers and demand deposits.
Meanwhile, deposit customers and/or other
bank services are possible for immature people, for example working customers for transfers and so on.
Against the agreement made between the bank and the immature customer, the legal consequences that
have been agreed upon have been realized.

Priority Customer Benefits

What will you get if a certain party decides to become a bank customer? Security of funds will
then be ensured because the government and official bodies will also monitor it, and even the profits earned
will be in the form of interest.

In addition, transactions are made easier by withdrawing funds, investing, making money transfers, and so
Being a priority customer certainly provides its own advantages. What’s more,
not everyone can become this special customer considering the conditions specified.

What are the advantages of being a priority customer of a bank? Here’s a more complete

1. Priority Customers Have Special
Banking Services

Snaking lines at the bank make customers lazy to take care of various needs at the bank.
However, unlike special service customers, they do not need to stand in line to get banking

In other words, there is a special line for priority customers at the bank that other customers may not
So if ordinary customers have to stand in line at the bank, these special customers are
then treated to special banking services.
In fact, not infrequently they are then entertained
in a special room complete with drinks and various snacks.

2. Get Interest Rate Promos

Another advantage of being a priority customer is getting promos on interest rates. This then
becomes the most attractive advantage of priority customer service.
Customers also have the
opportunity to get lower interest rates on various loans such as mortgages, vehicle loans, KTA, and so

3. Ease of Consultation with Personal Bankers

Priority customers will also get various conveniences to consult with personal bankers regarding various
matters such as investment plans, insurance, pension funds, and so on.
In addition, they also
do not need to hire a personal financial assistant because financial matters are handled by the personal

4. Getting Convenience from Travel Services

Another priority that will be obtained is convenience in travel services. Customers will also
be given access to the airport lounge for free, even various baggage services for free.
addition, there are also discounts at many hotels, restaurants and shopping centers just by showing a
priority customer card.

5. Special Birthday Gift

Luckily, customers will also get special birthday gifts on their special days. Not only
congratulations like regular customers, priority customers will also receive gifts which will prove that
they have an important role for the bank.

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Requirements to Become a Priority Customer

The pleasure of being a priority customer is indeed very interesting. All the facilities and
conveniences obtained will then make customers vying to become priority customers.
becoming a priority customer is not that easy.

There are special requirements that must be met by prospective customers to obtain these services.
Below are some of the general requirements to become a priority customer, including:

1. Have a Financial Portfolio with a
Certain Nominal

To become a priority customer with this special service, you must then have a financial portfolio at this bank
with a minimum nominal predetermined by the previous bank.

This portfolio can also be in the form of investments, bancassurance, or deposit funds in the form of
savings, time deposits, or demand deposits.
The minimum nominal value for each bank is
different, but generally customers must also have a minimum portfolio of IDR 500 million.

2. Have Funding Sources and
Activities in Accordance with KYC Aspects

If the customer meets the requirements in point 1, then he will not be immediately accepted as a priority
Banks must also ensure that the sources and activities of customer funds comply with
the KYC or Know Your Customer principles.

The purpose of KYC is to prevent money laundering by customers as well as internal fraud by bank employees.
Therefore, the bank will check the customer’s profile as a whole and monitor all transactions made
by the customer.

3. Priority Customers Must Be Clean from
the Black List

Another requirement to become a special customer is to be clean from the black list of Bank Indonesia or
the bank.
The purpose of the black list is to take actions that are detrimental to the bank,
such as bad credit and the like.
If a customer has ever been blacklisted and does not pass BI
checking, then he cannot get this special service.

4. Have Deposited Funds

The customer must then have a deposit of the minimum required amount from the results of a business or
work, not from a bank loan.
So, if this stored asset is the result of a loan, the request to
become a priority customer cannot be processed

From the discussion above it can be said that customers are customers of a bank or insurance.
Thus the discussion about customers, from understanding to how to become a priority customer.
Hopefully all the discussion above adds to your insight.

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