Phone Finder You Need To Know

The Inventor of the Telephone You Need to Know – Before technology existed, human life was very dependent on natural conditions, from making hunting tools using wood or bamboo, to communicating using smoke, flags, and so on. However, the era that continues to develop makes humans less dependent on nature. In fact, slowly human life feels easier when technology is growing.

The emergence of technology cannot be separated from various kinds of research and experiments that have been carried out by scientists. Without scientists developing technology, at this time we would not be able to experience technology and carry out daily activities more difficult. In short, at this time we really feel the benefits of increasingly advanced technology through the tools developed by scientists.

Have we ever thought how could ancient people communicate with friends, lovers, family, or lovers who were far away? Scientists who saw this problem then began to develop technology so that humans communicate even though they have to be separated by distance. Of the many technologies that have been created by scientists, one of them is telephone technology.

Yes, that’s right, the telephone is one of the technologies that was invented a long time ago. Thanks to the invention of the telephone, we experience various types of telephones, from landline telephones to cell phones or mobile phones . With the telephone, we can communicate with people who are far away. In fact, not only within the country, by using the telephone, we can also ask how someone is abroad.

As we know that technological tools exist in the world and the benefits can be felt because there are humans (scientists) who carry out research and experiments. Likewise, with telephone technology there are scientists who create it.

However, the discovery of telephone technology is still full of question marks about who first invented this phone. Some historical records say that the inventor of the telephone was Alexander Graham Bell, but other historical records say that before Alexander Graham Bell there was a scientist who invented the telephone and he was named Antonio Meucci.

Definition of Phone

Before discussing more about who Alexander Graham Bell and Antonio Meucci were, we will now discuss the meaning of the telephone itself. According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), a telephone is a device with electricity and wires for conversations between two people who are far apart or conversations conveyed by telephone.

Based on the definition of telephone from KBBI, the telephone can be said to be a communication tool that functions to converse or chat while simultaneously listening to the voice of someone who is in the distance. Not only that, by telephone, we can also find out information in the form of a person’s health condition directly, even though the person must be abroad.

Without telephones, it is very likely that until now we would have communicated using smoke or flags. Surely it will be difficult for us to know the kaba of someone who is in a very different place.

At the beginning of its appearance, the telephone could only be used in one place, for example at home, at the office or in a public place. Telephones that are used in public places are often referred to as public telephones. In fact, before the existence of mobile phones, there was such a thing as a telephone shop, which was often known as a “wartel”. However, whether it’s a public telephone or a telephone kiosk, it is no longer in use because technology continues to progress.

Currently, the telephone is still developing quite rapidly, even the telephone that initially could only be placed in the house or office, now can be carried anywhere. Not only that, we can use the mobile phones that we often use to send messages, play games, and play social media (using the internet).

Telephone communication tools continue to develop, but without scientists who invented the telephone, we cannot communicate anywhere and send messages at any time. So, we should be grateful to the scientists who have discovered and developed telephone communication tools.

Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci

Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci is an Italian national who was born on April 13, 1808 in San Frediano, he is a graduate of the Florentine Academy of Arts. This Italian scientist can be said to be the inventor of a modern tool that is used by many people today, a tool called the telephone. With the telephone we can communicate, such as asking news to someone who is in the distance.

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Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci before migrating with his wife, he worked in several companies. The Teatro della Pergola company until 1835. After leaving work at the Teatro della Pergolla, he started working at the Teatro Tacon in Havana, Cuba.

After immigrating with his wife, every life he lived was attended by research and experiments on new things. Lots of new things he’s ever tried. Even more unique, if Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci is someone who does not easily give up, so the feeling of enthusiasm to discover new things in the world never fades.

Before conducting research and telephone experiments, Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci had developed an electrical energy. At that time, he succeeded in making developments against electric shocks. The developed electric shock can be used to relieve and cure several types of diseases. As it turned out, the discovery of electric shock was liked by many people, so that the name Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci was increasingly recognized by many people.

After the success with the electric shock that had been invented, Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci began researching and conducting experiments on tools that could help humans to communicate even though they were not close together. However, in 1850, he had to move from Staten Island, New York. When he moved, his situation could be said to be not very pleasant because he fell into poverty. Even though he fell into poverty, his research and experiments on telephone communication tools continued.

In fact, Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci not only fell into poverty, but he also suffered from a serious illness, so that to make ends meet, he was forced to sell the things he owned. The goods sold are not only to fulfill their daily needs, but are also used for the treatment of Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci.

With all the struggle to survive, Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci managed to recover from his illness. Then, he went back to work doing research and testing for the success of the telephone. He was eager to finish what he had done.

After that, Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci managed to find a telephone communication tool in 1849 for the first time. Approximately 20 years later, he patented his findings or more precisely in 1871 his invention was patented. However, the patent for his invention, namely the telephone, Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci can only be paid for one year. This is because, he was unable to pay for patents for the following years.

Never giving up on being able to extend his patent rights, Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci began to demonstrate or introduce his findings, namely the telephone to a telegraph company. At that time, many telegraph companies had been established because there was no device that could make us communicate with other people at a considerable distance.

The telegraph company that became the place to demonstrate the subtle findings of Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci was the telegraph company Western Union . However, he was never given the opportunity to meet the vice chairman of the company named Edwar B. Grant. Whenever Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci wanted to meet, the deputy chairman, Edward B. Grant, always said that he was busy and didn’t have time.

Until two years after carrying out a demonstration at the company it turned out that the findings of the telephone were declared lost. Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci, who heard the information, was devastated and felt that his struggle to become the inventor of the telephone was in vain.

Unexpectedly, news emerged that Alexander Graham Bell was declared the inventor of a communication device, the telephone. Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci, who heard the news, then called a lawyer. He summoned lawyers to protest against the United States Patent Office which has given a statement about the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell.

However, Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci’s attempt to summon a lawyer and protest against the inventor of the telephone failed because he lost in court. What surprised him even more was that Alexander Graham Bell had agreed to the agreement he had made with the Western Union telegraph company . The contract stated that every 20 percent of profits from phone sales would go to Western Union.

Antonio Santi Giuseppe Meucci felt betrayed by the Western Union telegraph company . The inventor of the telephone died on October 18, 1889 at the age of 81 years.

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Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell is a scientist who was born on March 3, 1847 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Even though he was born in Scotland, during his life journey, he hardly lived in Scotland. Alexander Graham Bell chose to move to Canada, until finally he lived in the United States.

Interest in new things and always wanting to find something out of these new things made Alexander Graham Bell contribute some of his thoughts to other fields, such as airplanes, kite experiments, hydrophiles, artificial respiration, and tetrahedrals. All of his thoughts which have contributed to other fields were carried out before finally finding a means of communication, namely the telephone.

Scientists at that time could be said to be someone who was thirsty for a work (tools, theory, etc.), so they succeeded in inventing something from a different field. In addition, they never give up even though they have to experience trials that have failed many times. In short, they don’t easily give up before they manage to find something new.

The invention of the telephone that was discovered by Alexander Graham Bell cannot be separated from his daily life. Almost every day he gave a lecture to those who were mute and deaf. Thanks to this good nature, Alexander Graham Bell managed to come up with an idea to make an invention in the form of a telephone. The telephone that he has invented or created has made his life even better, because many people use the telephone (his invention).

Not only that, when conducting research and experiments to find the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell was assisted by his assistant named Thomas A. Watson. After carrying out various kinds of research and experiments with his assistant, a device was found that could convey sound or sound similar to the human voice. At the age of 29, the invention of a communication device, the telephone, was patented on March 7, 1876.

At an event for the 100th anniversary of the city of Philadelphia, Alexander Graham Bell began to introduce his findings to the wider community. It turns out that the invention of a tool that can make sounds or voices like humans has made many people interested. In addition, at the event, Alexander Graham Bell was given an award for his invention.

Seeing how many people were enthusiastic about using the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell wanted to build a telephone company. The telephone company that wants to be developed is called the Bell Telephone Company . The company, which was built in July 1877, has experienced development or improvement, so that Alexander Graham Bell is increasingly known by many people and his life’s wealth is increasing.

Basically, the telephone company founded by Alexander Graham Bell and his colleagues is the ancestor of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company (AT&T).

Alexander Graham Bell died on August 2, 1922 in Baddek, Nova Scotia. He died leaving behind inventions that are used by many people today. Even though he passed away, his findings will always be remembered by the world community.


The discovery of a telephone that can connect long-distance conversations with friends, relatives, family, and lovers indicates that technological developments or world progress. In addition, the telephone that we use is the result of telephone developments that were found in ancient times. If the invention of the telephone did not progress, then at this time we would not be able to use a home phone or cell phone ( mobile phone ).

So, those of us who have used this telephone communication tool need to thank the inventors of the telephone and those who developed the telephone. Thanks to those who invented the telephone and who developed it, we know the condition of our loved ones without having to meet them first.