Impact Of Social Mobility: Positive And Negative

There are many impacts caused by the existence of social mobility. What are the impacts of social mobility and how to respond to these positive or negative impacts? let’s learn together here.

In the midst of running a social life, surely you have heard the term social mobility. Social mobility in people’s lives does have many contexts and anyone may experience social mobility . In fact, many have experienced social impacts, both the perpetrators and the people around them.

The impact of social mobility in the midst of people’s lives can be felt. Moreover, this social phenomenon seems to be very close to us and related to people’s lives. But not many understand that he has a high social impact.

Actually, what is the impact of social mobility and how does this social impact affect people’s daily lives? Before discussing what the impact of social mobility is, we will explain several things covering social mobility, starting from the general understanding to the impact itself.

Understanding Social Mobility in General

Before discussing the impact of social mobility, you must first understand what social mobility is in general. By understanding the definition of social mobility in general, you will also understand how social mobility impacts, both positive and negative impacts.

In general, the notion of social mobility is a change in the position of citizens in one social class to another. Social mobility which will have an impact due to social mobility means the movement of individuals, families, or groups through a system of hierarchies or social stratification .

Social mobility which will later have an impact on social mobility is also referred to as a social movement which is defined as the movement of people or groups from one social stratum to another. The results of the transfer of social status can be higher, lower, or even remain the same.

In addition, social mobility can also be interpreted as a transfer of status both vertically and horizontally which will then have an impact on social mobility, both positive and negative impacts.

Social Mobility Channel

After understanding the meaning of social mobility which will have an impact, you must also understand that there are various channels of social mobility which will then affect or have an impact on social mobility. At least, there are several channels of social mobility within the community.

The social mobility channel which will later have this impact serves as a means to carry out social mobility. There are many examples of social mobility channels in the community, but we will explain several channels of social mobility which can then have a social impact on society at large.

1. Education

One channel of social mobility that will have an impact on social mobility is in the world of education or educational institutions.

As we know, educational institutions are places where the educational process or teaching and learning process takes place which has the aim of being able to change human behavior or behavior for the better.

In the channel of social mobility, namely education, it is divided into several types:

a. formal education

Formal education in this channel of social mobility will have a considerable social impact on the community. This formal education covers the school level from elementary or elementary school to university. This educational social mobility channel is systematic, regular, tiered, and has clear requirements.

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Formal education is further divided into several parts, namely general education, special education, vocational education, profession, to religion. This educational institution was founded by the government and the private sector which has a large social impact on community life.

b. Non-formal education

This non-formal education also has a social impact, although it is not as big as formal education. Non-formal education is held for the benefit of citizens who need educational services as a complement to formal education.

Examples of non-formal education are place for courses, study groups, training centers, taklim assemblies, centers for learning activities, and many more.

The results or values ​​that can be obtained from non-formal education are equivalent to the results or values ​​in formal education, as long as the non-formal education center has received equivalence from a special institution or has referred to national education standards.

c. Informal education

In contrast to formal and non-formal education, informal education is usually in the form of family education activities which are usually referred to as human first education because of the role of the family in it. Even so, informal education also has a significant impact on social mobility.

2. Political Organization

The second channel of social mobility that also has an impact is political organization. Political organizations are engaged and have an interest in the political process and state science. The impact of this mobility from this political organization is important in shaping a social order that plays a role in determining the fate of the nation.

Channels of social mobility that have an impact on social mobility, namely political organizations, are divided into several types.

a. Advocacy group

An advocacy group is an association that aims to influence political decisions and convince public officials to act in accordance with the voices and interests of the group’s members so that the impact can be felt by the wider community.

b. Think tank or think tank

This type of political organization also has an impact because it is tasked with conducting research funded by clients, both government and commercial parties that are useful for the interests of political, social, technological, and weapons members that have a very social impact on a particular group.

c. Political parties

This political organization has quite a big impact because they will carry out a certain ideology and the organization is formed with a specific purpose. The purpose of this organization is to gain political power constitutionally so that their various policies can be implemented in a country.

d. Terrorist group

The impact of mobility from this organization is also felt by the wider community. This organization has certain ideologies and goals that seek to achieve its goals by means of violence or terror so that the impact of social mobility for the wider community is considered quite dangerous.

3. Professional Organization

The channel of social mobility, namely this professional organization, has a great impact on society at large and even individuals. A professional organization is a group of people who have the same goals based on expertise education, including certain skills and vocational.

This professional organization is a union that is a legal entity and is formed from the same individuals who then develop knowledge, expertise, and so on.

This professional organization has a social impact for members or the community that is able to improve the skills and abilities of workers or members who are members of it and protect their rights.

4. Economic Organization

The next channel of social mobility is economic organization. This economic organization or what is also known as a commercial organization has an impact that is also felt by the wider community. This organization aims to obtain or obtain the maximum profit.

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The main activity of this economic organization has a wide impact because it produces and distributes goods or services which are then offered to the wider community. The goods or services have tariffs that must be paid by consumers. Then, the rate paid becomes the profit or profit of the organization.

Therefore, organizations that have a fairly large impact on economic mobility are often referred to as profit organizations . These organizations are divided into two types, namely private and government organizations. Of these two types, it is further divided into several types.

a. Private organizations are divided into Firms (Fa), Limited Liability Companies (CV), Limited Liability Companies (PT), and Cooperatives.

b. Meanwhile, the government’s economic organizations are divided into State Limited Liability Companies (Persero), Regional Companies, Public State Companies (Perum), and State Service Companies (Perjan).

In addition to the two types of economic organizations above, there are also other types of economic organizations with social ownership, such as Joint Ventures , Cartels, Foundations, Syndicates, Trusts , Holding Companies , and others.

Positive Impact of Social Mobility

The occurrence of social mobility certainly has a positive and negative impact. The following is social mobility that has a positive impact on society at large or individuals.

1. Encourage one’s progress

The first positive impact is to encourage one’s progress. This is because social mobility can have an impact on a person’s social status from being low to a higher social status. For example, what many people feel is when Indonesia was colonized and Indonesia became independent as it is today.

2. Accelerating social change

The second positive impact is the changes that occur in society and have an impact on the social system. An example of social change that occurs is social change due to social mobility due to globalization. People are becoming more aware of technology, and so on.

3. Increase social integration

The last positive impact is increased social integration. This means that the impact of social mobility can affect and increase community integration. For example, a family who moves to a new environment will experience social changes by adjusting their lifestyle, and so on.

The Negative Impact of Social Mobility and Its Solution

In addition to the positive impact, social mobility can also have a negative impact. The following will explain some of the negative impacts and their solutions.

1. Conflict occurs

One of the unfavorable impacts is that it triggers conflict. Conflict is unavoidable by people who carry out social interactions, as well as when social mobility occurs. It could be because of competition or a sense of injustice, then the conflict arises. is unavoidable by people who carry out social interactions, as well as when social mobility occurs. It could be because of competition or a sense of injustice, then the

Solutions to avoid conflicts can be done in several ways, for example:

  • Avoid cornering one party,
  • Make decisions together, and
  • Conduct evaluations or good communication.

2. Affects health

The next negative impact is that it can affect a person’s health. Usually this happens when a person experiences a downward vertical social impact or experiences a decline in social status. It is undeniable, people will feel depressed, uncomfortable, and so on which then triggers the occurrence of disease, especially psychological.

To overcome this, a solution is needed, namely:

  • work and socialize as well as possible so as not to experience the impact of downward vertical social mobility or a decline in social status,
  • adapt and not bother with the impact of social mobility, and
  • trying to do the best every time.

How to Deal with Social Mobility

To address the impact of social mobility, efforts or methods are needed to prevent the detrimental impact on the wider community or an individual.

  • Distributing free education for the underprivileged.
  • Build a healthy political organization.
  • Build an economic organization that benefits both parties.
  • Build professional organizations to create wider employment opportunities.