8 Examples of Social Phenomena, Understanding and Their Impacts!

Examples of Social Phenomena – Does Sinaumed’s know about social phenomena? For some people, they may not know exactly what a social phenomenon is. When talking about social phenomena, of course we cannot be separated from life in various layers of society which are usually unique. In social life, it is certain that we will see or encounter various social phenomena where each of these phenomena will usually have an error.

In addition, social phenomena will usually have an influence on social life. Then, this phenomenon merges with society, both positive and negative.

Basically, there are many factors that cause social phenomena. Therefore, social phenomena can be regarded as a fairly complex phenomenon. Then, what exactly is meant by a social phenomenon?

On this occasion, we will discuss further about social phenomena to examples of social phenomena. So, see the full review, until it runs out, Sinaumed’s.

Definition of Social Phenomena

For many people may have often heard the word phenomenon. In the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), phenomena are things that can be witnessed with the five senses and can be explained and assessed scientifically (such as natural phenomena).

It is different again, if literally the word phenomenon comes from one of the words in Greek, namely the word “phainomenon” which means “what you see.” However, phenomena can be interpreted as social facts in people’s lives which are carried out because of forms of social change caused by the actions of the people themselves.

Actions that have been carried out by several members of the community, then give rise to a memorable phenomenon or event. Therefore, the emergence of these various phenomena will have negative impacts, but some will also have positive impacts.

This phenomenon then needs to be addressed wisely in order to minimize its negative effects, if the phenomenon is indeed negative, such as sexual phenomena that have been happening lately, crime and other phenomena. That way, we don’t fall into the wrong company.

We can underline that social phenomena are all symptoms or events that occur and can be observed and studied in social life or social sciences. Social phenomena can be interpreted as social phenomena. In addition, social phenomena can also occur due to various differences, including religion, culture, economy, race and so on.

Definition of Social Phenomenon According to Experts

Some experts also express the notion of social phenomena. The following is the definition of social phenomena according to some experts.

1. Freddy Rangkuti

Freddy Rangkuti in his book also explained that social phenomena are social facts or social events that are seen in the field. Therefore, all events that occur directly, can be seen, and can be proven is a social phenomenon.

A social phenomenon will have a very broad impact and affect the wider community as well. So, not all events in the field can be called a phenomenon. Unless the impact is extensive and then it can occur repeatedly, both in the same location and in other locations.

2. Soerjono Soekanto

The next opinion came from Soerjono Soekanto. He explained that a social phenomenon is a discrepancy between elements of culture or society that endangers the life of social groups.

Soerjono then defines social phenomena as social problems. So, an incident can be called a phenomenon if it is a problem. Problems that have a negative impact, occur repeatedly, and can spread very easily.

It is also explained, social phenomena can mean as symptoms or events that occur and can be observed in social life. So that by Soerjono, social phenomena are also referred to as social symptoms and social problems.

Kinds of Social Phenomena

Social phenomena or social symptoms can be caused by various factors, such as economic factors which lead to the phenomenon of rampant poverty, furthermore psychological factors which have caused each individual to become mentally ill to the point of depression, biological factors which have caused infectious diseases, and so on.

Each of these factors is a variety of social phenomena. The following is a complete explanation of the various social phenomena that you need to know.

1. Socioeconomic Phenomenon

The first type of social phenomenon is a socio-economic phenomenon. Socio-economic phenomena are social phenomena that are motivated by economic conditions or problems. As we all know, the economy is crucial in life.

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Because of the vital role of the economy in supporting life, it is from this factor that many problems or social phenomena arise. Socio-economic phenomena themselves dominate all phenomena that are reported to the public. For example, the phenomenon of many or high unemployment rates, the phenomenon of layoffs during a pandemic, the phenomenon of poverty which continues to increase from year to year, and so on.

2. Social Psychological Phenomenon

The second type is a social psychological phenomenon. Psychological social phenomena are social phenomena that occur because of problems with the psychology or mental health of members of the public. If someone has experienced a psychiatric disorder, it can potentially cause social problems. Social problems that have been formed then cause psychiatric disorders also for other people.

Therefore, what happened in the end gave rise to a phenomenon that was repeated and became more widespread. So, social psychological phenomena can also occur because there is an incident that traumatizes society, for example the war tragedy of the United States invasion of Iraq, then the Ukrainian invasion of Russia, the people living in that country are certainly traumatized by the war that took place.

3. Social Biological Phenomenon

The next type of social phenomenon, is the social phenomenon of biology. In this case we can see socio-biological phenomena such as the phenomenon of infectious diseases, including the Covid-19 pandemic that occurred, monkey pox and so on. In the development of biology, the presence of a virus makes the disease Covid-19 easily transmitted and experienced by almost all humans on this earth.

Some time ago there was a high positive case of Covid-19. Many Indonesian people breathed their last, up to hundreds of thousands of people.

As for what is going viral this time, is monkeypox, the symptoms of this disease are generally similar to ordinary smallpox, fever and skin rashes that blisters become elastic. However, this symptom is also accompanied by swelling of the lymph nodes in the armpit.

In addition, transmission of monkeypox disease between humans takes place through direct contact with resilience or wounds on the skin, body fluids, droplets (splashes of saliva) released when sneezing and coughing, and touching surfaces contaminated with monkeypox virus.

4. Social Phenomena of the Natural Environment

Furthermore, social phenomena of the natural environment are social phenomena or problems caused by natural conditions or a natural event. This phenomenon is difficult to avoid because natural events cannot be prevented. Humans generally can only minimize its impact, as in the phenomenon of volcanic eruptions in an area in Indonesia.

The BMKG will know about the risk of an eruption, so that it can provide information for the community to evacuate.

Of course, this can help reduce the large number of fatalities when an eruption occurs. However, natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions cannot be prevented, because natural disasters, whatever their form, cannot be controlled by humans.

5. Socio-Cultural Phenomena

The last type of social phenomenon is a socio-cultural phenomenon. Socio-cultural phenomena are social phenomena or social problems that occur due to cultural differences that collide with each other. Then, socio-cultural phenomena can also occur due to disputes related to cultural products. An example is the dispute over the recognition of the culture of Reog Ponorogo and wayang kulit by the Malaysian state.

This recognition then gave rise to actions or forms of resistance shown by the Indonesian government. For example in the cultural recognition of Reog Ponorogo, which was won by Indonesia. Then, UNICEF recognized it as a culture belonging to the Indonesian nation.

Examples of Social Phenomena in Indonesia

In the previous discussion, of course you already have an idea about the occurrence of social phenomena caused by factors in social phenomena. However, so that Sinaumed’s friends understand more about social phenomena, then don’t half-follow this article, here are examples that exist and have or are happening in Indonesia:

1. Homecoming

The first example is homecoming activities, which generally occur ahead of Indonesian holidays such as Eid al-Fitr or the like. Mudik is called a social phenomenon because it is done and involves many people.

When mudik occurs, people who basically live in cities will return to their hometowns together. In fact, in big cities, before Eid until the end of Eid, the roads that are prone to traffic jams become very quiet, just because of going home.

2. Crime

The next example of a social phenomenon is crime or crimes that occur in high numbers that will enter into a social phenomenon. In general, very high crime occurs in big cities, because it starts with economic problems, group friction and the like. So that many people in urban areas who have difficulty getting jobs force them to commit criminal acts.

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In this case, examples of criminal acts, such as stealing, mugging, robbing the homes of rich people, robbery, and so on. Although it often occurs in big cities, crime rates can also be high in rural areas, due to the conflict.

3. Juvenile Delinquency

The next example of a social phenomenon is juvenile delinquency, which occurs in various forms and also occurs in many areas in Indonesia, making it an example of a social phenomenon. Currently, there are many teenagers who have committed criminal acts and actions that are not commendable.

Even more ridiculous, it seems that this negative behavior does not only occur in one area or one city, but spreads to many areas, and the highest is in big cities. Parents who are too busy and lack of attention to their children make it easy for them to get along and then commit juvenile delinquency, such as klitih, brawls between gangs, and so on.

4. Poverty

Next is poverty, which is a common thing that happens in every country, even in developed countries like the United States there are many people whose economic status is relatively poor. However, it will be a social phenomenon if the poverty rate is very high or even too high.

There are many factors that cause it, for example the low level of education, so that many earn low salaries. Their family then fell into a vicious cycle of poverty that was passed down from generation to generation.

5. Population Density

The next example of a social phenomenon is the dense population in a city which is also a social phenomenon. Because dense population in an area can cause many problems. Starting from the clean water crisis, the job market crisis, the land crisis for settlements, and others.

Overcrowding can be caused by many factors. For example, in big cities, most of them are migrants who migrate with the intention of making a better living. This makes Jakarta has a high population density and then creates more social problems, such as the city being dirty due to a lot of air pollution.

6. There is recognition from other countries

Another example of a social phenomenon is the recognition of culture from other countries. Examples of this social phenomenon are included in the type of socio-cultural phenomena. This is because there are cultural differences that collide with each other. In fact, some cultures will be considered by other countries. An example is the dispute over the recognition of the culture of Reog Ponorogo and wayang kulit by the Malaysian state.

This recognition then gave rise to actions or forms of resistance shown by the Indonesian government. For example in the cultural recognition of Reog Ponorogo, which was won by Indonesia. Then UNICEF recognized it as a culture belonging to the Indonesian nation.

7. Family Disorganization

The next example of a social phenomenon can also be family disorganization, namely the breakdown of a family. It could be due to divorce, where the divorce rate is very high and is triggered by many factors.

8. Corruption

Examples of many social phenomena in Indonesia today are corruption, which is usually carried out by many people within a large system. For example in the Indonesian government, where many institutions have become nests for corruptors to grow and prosper.

The corruption rate in Indonesia is very high and the KPK has a long list of suspects suspected of being corrupt. In addition, many have also been thrown into prison and impoverished after being proven guilty of corruption.

Through a number of examples of social phenomena that have been given, of course, we have a more certain picture of what things fall into the category of social phenomena. Although not all social phenomena are bad.


Basically, every human being definitely needs other humans to interact. With this social interaction, a social phenomenon will occur. In this case, social phenomena, some are good and some are bad. Therefore, it should be for us to be able to choose to accept social phenomena that can have a good impact.

With social phenomena, this life becomes more colorful and more diverse. Therefore, sometimes social phenomena can teach us to respect one another.

So that’s some information about the social phenomena that occur. Hopefully this article can provide benefits and add insight to Sinaumed’s.

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