Get to Know What a Fanboy Is and the Advantages of Being a Fanboy

Fanboy is – So Fanboy? Why not? So far, being a fanboy, especially a K-Pop fanboy, for Indonesians is often viewed negatively by some men who have high masculinity. Not a few men in Indonesia think that being a fanboy is childish and even worse, they are labeled as a sissy or gay . Even just like girl groups or female idols not the boy group.

In recent years, the achievements of boy groups or girl groups have made their existence parallel to western music and even surpass it. Examples of boy groups or girl groups that have this achievement include BTS, Blackpink, Twice, and even Secret Number, where one of the members is Indonesian.

Liking something we like is a human right for everyone regardless of who they are and from what background. Before discussing the advantages of fanboys, it’s good if we know the meaning of fanboys themselves. So, check out this fanboy review until it runs out, Sinaumed’s.

Fanboys are

Based on the meaning of his own words “Fan” means fans and “Boy” means men. So, fanboys are male fans who can be said to really like a certain product or type of music. It turns out that this term is not only used in the K-Pop world even though its existence is well-known in the K-Pop world. This term is also often used in the world of games, anime, comics, or gadgets.

There are no definite statistics to say how many fanboys exist on this earth. However, the fanboy phenomenon should no longer be a strange thing for both women and even men.

Fanboy Traits

There are several characteristics of a fanboy that you can know, if one of your friends is included in these characteristics, maybe he is a fanboy of the product or music he likes.

  1. Really idolize what they like
  2. Join a community or forum that is useful for discussing idols.
  3. If you ask about their idol, they will usually answer easily because they feel they already know their idol even though they have never met in person.
  4. Very angry or easily angry when other people talk about their shortcomings or badmouth their idols.
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So, have any of your friends become fanboys?



Advantages of Being a Fanboy

11. Can Get a Match

In terms of quantity, there are far more fangirls than fanboys. in the Korean Wave ecosystem. A rare existence makes fanboys special in the eyes of fangirls. As a fangirl, maybe you can be more comfortable in discussing or telling stories about your idol or your daily problems.

This is because many women think that fanboys who are in the midst of the Korean wave tend to understand women’s feelings better, so these fangirls might be more comfortable. Intense interaction doesn’t rule out the possibility of creating mutual feelings for one another, right?

After knowing some of the benefits, do you want to become a fanboy? Before becoming a fanboy, it’s a good idea to get to know the types of fanboys first.

Fanboy Types



K-Pop Idols Who Are Also Fanboys

Some of these KPop idols also turned out to be fanboys from a young age . They become fans and have a strong desire to be like their idols. After their dream has come true, they can finally get close and intimate with their respective idols. Here is a list of K-Pop idols who turn out to be fanboys.

1. Hoshi Seventeen

Hoshi pursued his dream of becoming an idol because he really idolized a boy group called SHINee. He really likes the group’s songs and often plays them as lullabies. Hoshi is included in the category of lucky fans or fans who are lucky that he can even become a close friend of SHINee’s Key. Key himself also invited Hoshi to play at his house.

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2. INFINITE’s Sunggyu

Being amazed by the rock band Nell made Sunggyu INFINITE work part time at a cafe near the location of the band’s agency, Woolim Entertainment. Coincidentally it turns out that he was recommended by Nell’s manager to audition at Woolim. After failing at the SM Entertainment audition, the leader from INFINITE finally got lucky at Woolim.

As a lucky fan, Sunggyu is not the only agency with his favorite band. He also worked with vocalist Nell, Kim Jong Wan in the process of producing his solo album entitled 10 Stories.

3. SHINee’s key

Not only Sunggyu can debut at the same agency as the idol. SHINee’s Key also has the same fate. Key really idolizes soloist BoA. in Keyword program #BoA, he said that he likes BoA just the way he is. He is not disappointed if BoA releases work that is no better than before. He also won’t give negative comments if BoA is rumored to be dating, married or so on.

As previously explained, being a fanboy is everyone’s right. Even so, it would be nice if you want to become a fanboy to ask people who have become fanboys about fanboys more deeply.

So, that’s a complete explanation about fanboys. From all the explanations above, it can be said that not all fanboys are bad, Sinaumed’s, from here we can see that there are lots of advantages that we can get and not a few who can be successful because they idolize their idols. 

Author: Christin Devina