Black Card Is: Definition, Advantages, Types, and Their Owners

Black Card Is – Does Sinaumed’s know what a Black Card is? In short, this Black Card is a credit card that is only owned by the elite because the number is indeed limited. Yep, you could say that this Black Card can only be owned by the rich, so it can be a source of pride for them. However, not all rich people can have it, there are several requirements and even the relevant bank will provide a special invitation for those who are entitled to become holders of this special credit card. In Indonesia alone, there is one artist who is known to be the owner of a Black Card. Try to guess, who do you think it is ?

The existence of this Black Card is increasingly recognized by the general public because it is owned by their idols, especially K-Pop idols. Yep, many of these idols turned out to be included in the elite so they are entitled to become Black Card holders. Then, what is a Black Card? What are the benefits provided by this elite card? Who are Black Card holders in this world? Come on, look at the following reviews so that Sinaumed’s understands these things!

What is a Black Card?

In short, this Black Card is a credit card that is only owned by the elite because the number is indeed limited. This special credit card was first issued by American Express (AMEX) in 1999. American Express (AMEX) is indeed the largest credit card issuing company in the world. Its existence can only be used by the upper middle class, aka the rich. In addition, the shape of the card is made of a material that is not arbitrary, namely titanium and is equipped with a luxurious and elegant design.

Even though there are lots of rich people in this world, not all of them can have this Black Card. This is because Black Cards can only be owned by those who have been directly invited by the American Express Centurion Bank itself. In addition, it can be said that the Black Card holders are VVIP customers. Invitations to own this Black Card will be given when prospective owners shop with a minimum transaction of USD 250,000 each year, which uses an AMEX Platinum or AMEX Gold card. This USD 250,000 in rupiah is around IDR 3,711,512,500! It doesn’t just stop there, Black Card owners must be able to pay a membership fee of USD 5,000 or the equivalent of IDR 66 million.

Then, what are the privileges of owning this Black Card? Is it the same as the credit cards that we generally have? Of course not! There are many privileges that only Black Card holders can enjoy. Starting from the convenience of accessing luxury facilities to getting super big discounts at five-star restaurants and hotels! Wow, that’s really profitable!

What are the advantages of having a black card?

Black Card owners can of course enjoy the many luxurious facilities offered by luxury places as well. However, these luxurious facilities are commensurate with their expenses, which can reach billions a year. Indeed, what are the luxurious facilities? Let’s look at the following description!

1. VIP Access Service

Anyone who owns a Black Card will of course feel the VIP access service to any place or event. Even if the owner of this special card wants to attend a concert, he will get a place in the front row and become a priority.

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2. Entitled to Close Shop For Unlimited Shopping

The second special facility of the Black Card is that the owner has the right to close shops or even entire malls so that he can shop without limits. Yep, it can be said that this Black Card makes it an exclusive figure to get anything, including when shopping.

3. Get Exclusive Invitations from Famous Brands

Do you know about famous fashion events in the world such as the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show? So, if you own a Black Card, you can easily get an exclusive invitation to attend the event. Not only that, many well-known brands will give you exclusive invitations for their big events.

4. Luxury Access on a Cruise Ship

Another advantage of having a Black Card is that he can access luxury facilities on cruise ships, from access to rooms to services. Wow, this advantage is very useful when you want to go on vacation!

5. Become an Elite Guest in a Luxury Hotel

The existence of this Black Card will provide more benefits by making us elite guests in luxury hotels. Through this ‘elite guest’ status, you will also get the best service and can even postpone the check-out time. Not only that, you will be entitled to access the Centurion Lounge at the airport.

6. Get Special Access to Elite Car Rentals

If you are a Black Card owner, then you will be entitled to special access, especially at elite car rental places, such as Hertz and Aviz. You can even get access to the Centurion Auto program, which is a luxury car rental service access program with various price options.

There are many luxury car brands that you can rent by showing this Black Card, let’s say there are Bentleys, Lamborghinis, to racing cars in F1.

Types of Black Cards in the World

Even though American Express (AMEX) was the originator of this Black Card, now this special credit card has several types. What are you doing?

1. American Express Centurion Card

Black Card holders issued by the American Express Centurion Card can enjoy a variety of luxury facilities, ranging from access to a spacious airport lounge, hotel concierge program (the front office staff of the hotel will escort guests to the room), ownership of elite status in luxury hotels, luxury car rental, and many others.

The Black Card from American Express is intended for customers who have high shopping intensity. Not only that, this Black Card will set a registration fee of $ 10,000 or around 148 million rupiah. Furthermore, the annual fee is $ 5,000 or 74 million rupiah.

2. Mastercard Black Card

The existence of this special credit card issued by Mastercard Black Card also has an annual fee but can be called the most affordable, which is $ 495 or around 7 million rupiah. In addition, the owner can still enjoy luxurious and exclusive facilities. Starting from VIP room access, luxury vacation packages, no overseas transaction fees, and many more.

3. JP Morgan Reserve Card

So, for this one Black Card, not all rich people can have it. Yep, Black Card holders issued by the JP Morgan bank must get an exclusive invitation. Currently, there are 5,000 users of this type of JP Morgan Black Card. One of these Black Card users even has assets worth 10 million US dollars.

If you want to register to have a JP Morgan Reserve Card, you have to pay an annual fee of around $ 595 or 8 million rupiah. Many benefits are obtained from the ownership of this Black Card, ranging from free airport lounge membership, annual bonuses, annual travel credits of up to $ 300, and many more.

Who Has Black Card Owners in This World?

In the world, there are lots of rich people but not all of them can have this special credit card. In addition, the owner of the Black Card doesn’t have to be a businessman, it turns out that many K-Pop idols also have this elite credit card. Who are the owners of this Black Card? Let’s see the review!

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1. Nagita Slavina

Yep, Nagita Slavina as the wife of Raffi Ahmad who also owns many companies is also the owner of the Black Card. This appears in a video on his YouTube channel. It’s only natural that Nagita Slavina has this special credit card because the requirement to get it is that you have to have a minimum salary of IDR 18.5 billion per year!

2. G-Dragon BIGBANG

The 2nd generation K-Pop idol who is also the leader is also the owner of a Black Card. G-Dragon aka Kwon Ji-Young can be called a successful idol, because he is not only a BIGBANG K-Pop idol, but also a businessman and songwriter. Therefore, it is not surprising that his wealth will not run out in 7 generations! G-Dragon’s total wealth in 2017 was estimated at IDR 283 billion!

3. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

The solo singer and leader of the second generation girl group, Girls’ Generation, is also known to have a Black Card. This was seen in an episode of Taengoo TV (TGTV), when he was paying for some items. Taeyeon has been in the South Korean entertainment industry for a long time, starting from singing solo, filling in drama soundtracks, to starring in several well-known advertisements.

4. Suho EXO

The leader of the EXO boyband is also the owner of the Black Card, which his fans have known for a long time. This was discovered on EXO’s Showtime, when EXO members were asked to unload their wallets. According to fans, Suho aka Kim Jun-Myeon has indeed become a wealthy figure since he has not debuted as an idol. He also often treats EXO members and other staff. Currently, Suho is still an active member of EXO and is a soloist and actor.

5. Jaehyun NCT

Jaehyun is a member of the boy band NCT which is still actively involved in the world of South Korean entertainment. Fans know Jaehyun is the owner of the Black Card when several videos of him accidentally show the existence of the Black Card in his hand. Currently, Jaehyun is not only active as a K-Pop idol but also as a songwriter and actor.

Last June, Jaehyun came to an event organized by the world’s leading fashion brand, Prada. At that time, Jaehyun also met several big actors, namely Win Metawin (Thailand) and Song Kang (South Korea).

6. Members of BTS

It is known that several BTS members also have this Black Card, namely Jin, Jungkook and Suga. For the other members it is not yet known because they have not shown it in any videos. On his 27th birthday, BTS’s official Twitter account shared a video of Jin making transactions for his staff and members. In the video, Jin can be seen taking out the Hyundai Black Card.

While on an episode of Run, BTS’s variety show, it also shows that Jungkook has this special credit card. Another BTS member who is known to have a Black Card is Suga. Suga is not only successful as a K-Pop idol, but he also works as a producer for various song projects, one of which is PSY’s song.

7. Sandra Park

Sandara Park is a former member of the girl group 2NE1 who also has a Black Card. 2NE1 is a 2nd generation girl group which at that time was under the auspices of YG Entertainment. This was known when he was on a television show titled Getting Beauty , and was seen taking out a Black Card to pay for eyebrow shaping services.

So, that’s a review of what a Black Card is and its benefits and who owns this special credit card. Is Sinaumed’s interested in becoming one of these elite card holders?

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