Get to know SM Mochtar, the Creator of the Mother’s Love Song

Get to know SM Mochtar – Who doesn’t know the song Kasih Ibu? Mother’s love, to the infinite
beta of all time, only gives no hope of return, like the sun shining on the world .
That’s a piece of the lyrics of the song Mother’s Love. Written by SM Mochtar, the
song Kasih Ibu is still being sung today.

Maybe no one doesn’t know the song Kasih Ibu, but do Sinaumed’s also know who is the creator of the song Kasih
Come on, get to know more about the creator of the song Mother’s Love, SM Mochtar or
Mochtar Embut.

Biography of SM Mochtar, Creator of the Mother’s
Love Song

SM Mochtar or also known as Mochtar Embut is a musician and composer from Indonesia. Not only
creating the song Mother’s Love, but SM Mochtar has composed more than 100 songs in his lifetime.
Mochtar Embut was born on January 5, 1934 and died on July 20, 1973 at the age of 39.

SM Mochtar comes from Makassar, South Sulawesi. Since he was small, Mochtar has been known to
often show his talent in music.
Until finally, when he was an adult, Mochtar was able to become
a children’s songwriter whose songs are still known today.

Mochtar Embut’s father is a pianist and leader of Miss Riboet’s tonal music, while Mochtar’s mother is a
dancer named Sukinah.
From his father’s side, Mochtar’s grandfather was named Saimun
Notoasmoro, his grandfather was also a musician who came from Surabaya and then migrated to Siak Si
Indrapura and married a local girl.

Not many people know that Mochtar’s talent was discovered from a young age, from the age of 3 to 4. Apart
from his talent for playing the piano, Mochtar also discovered a talent for painting, which started with
graffiti on the floor depicting mountains or birds.
His painting talent then continued to be
developed until Mochtar continued to high school.

At the age of 8, Mochtar then began learning to write from his grandfather who was a musician.
It was from there that Mochtar then wrote the song “Kupu-Kupu” without lyrics. Then
followed by the work Conversation with Nature, then Reluctant, My Soul’s Violin, Butterflies in My Garden,
Dian, and Evening Wind Does Not Bring News.
Mochtar composed these songs when he was still in
junior high school in 1952. Then, when he entered high school, Mochtar unfortunately did not return to being
productive and did not even produce songs anymore.

Education SM Mochtar

At the age of five, Mochtar Embut started playing the piano. Then after four years, Mochtar
Embut began to compose several children’s songs, such as a song called Butterfly.

His proficiency in playing the piano was obtained by SM Mochtar through his shrewdness in self-taught
At the age of 16, SM Mochtar was able to complete the first composition he worked on
the piano.
Mochtar had completed his studies at the Faculty of Letters at the University of
Indonesia majoring in French.

After completing his education at the University of Indonesia, SM Mochtar was reluctant to continue his
education abroad.
However, Mochtar did not reveal the reasons for his reluctance to continue
his education abroad.
Even though SM Mochtar had received an offer to continue his music
education in Japan, it is known that Mochtar Embut continued to refuse the offer.

Character SM Mochtar

Even though he has composed many songs, Mochtar Embut turns out to be a shy person. He was
reluctant to be exposed and only chose to spread his works.
From the songs he also composed,
Mochtar has a character that looks shy, lonely and doesn’t like publicity.

Compared to appearing, Mochtar prefers to be behind the scenes. Although shy, Mochtar still
managed to make achievements on the international stage.
SM Mochtar had the opportunity to
attend and perform at an international pop song festival held in Japan in 1971. At that time, Mochtar
presented a song called
With the Deepest Love from Jakarta which won an award.

Due to their shyness, the festival goers did not know that the songwriter was among the festival goers.
SM Mochtar also appeared as conductor at the festival and became the first Indonesian to ever
appear as conductor and the first to lead a symphony orchestra in Tokyo, Japan.

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The End of SM Mochtar’s Life

Mochtar is someone who is highly dedicated to his work, SM Mochtar has even earned the nickname of a
When working, SM Mochtar is known as a person who is tireless and very diligent at

As explained, that Mochtar had won an award in Japan. But unfortunately, two years after he
received the award, Mochtar had liver and liver cancer.
Until Mochtar had to rest at a hospital
called Borromeus in Bandung.
Mochtar underwent treatment until 1965, then on July 20, 1973
Mochtar breathed his last at the age of 39 and was buried at the Karet Bivouac Cemetery in Jakarta.

SM Mochtar’s Contribution to the World of
Music in Indonesia

Besides being known for the children’s songs he has created, SM Mochtar is also known as one of the
seriossa composers whose songs have a poetic nature.
Mochtar is known for being able to combine
and cultivate musical harmony and musicalize poetry by Indonesian poets.

Throughout his life, SM Mochtar has musicalized poetry from poems written by poets in Indonesia such as Chairil
Anwar, WS Rendra and Usmar Ismail, into songs with musical compositions that are pleasant to listen to.

He has composed approximately 100 songs and some of his songs have become part of the eternal history of
Indonesian music.
Some of them are songs entitled On Your Face I See the Moon, In the Corners
of Your Lips, No Moon on a Prone Face.
Apart from that, Mochtar also musicalized a poem from WS
Rendra’s poem entitled Far My Love, Lonely Song, Request, Hair, Far Away, Letters to Girlfriends, Don’t Be
Far Away, Lovers and Evil Winds.

Not only about the musicalization of poetry and children’s songs, Mochtar also has a contribution to
Mochtar had created several election marches which were then used as General Election
marches in Indonesia.
Apart from that, Mochtar also composed a family planning song which later
helped to make the movement of the Family Planning program started by the government in the 1970s.

The KB song later became very famous and popular, to the point that it even became a mandatory school song
starting in elementary school.
Apart from being a composer and songwriter, Mochtar was also a
music teacher for Guruh Soekarnoputra, the youngest child of President Soekarno and Fatmawati, who at that
time, Guruh was still studying at the Cikini College Foundation High School.

Apart from being a composer, Mochtar also completed a book entitled Collection of Popular Songs I which
contains 27 Indonesian folk songs and 9 western songs.
Mochtar managed to finish the book
before he died.
In the book Collection of Popular Songs I, Mochtar had time to write down a
message and his intention was to write a book of the collection of songs.

“With this book, I (Mochtar) have the intention of conveying to the world at large, that Indonesia also has
several folk songs that are quite weighty.”
Mochtar wrote

Mochtar Embut was then officially registered as a member of the Indonesian Muski Institute (LMI), an
institution under the People’s Cultural Institute or Lekra.
Also in 1963, Mochtar Embut took
part in a cultural mission with the Happy Ensemble to go to Vietnam, Korea to China.

Also in 1964, Mochtar Embut was elected as an official member of the presidium of the Lekra National
Conference of Indonesian Musical Institutions (LMI).
As a member of LMI, Mochtar had the
opportunity to sit with Drs.
Suthasoma, Eveline Tijaw, Adi Karos, Gesang, M. Aries, Luther
Sihombing, Juliarso, Ktutu Putu, Ukuo Sen, Nj.
Komara, M Karatem, Tjie Wing Hoo, and Hersad

List of Songs Created by SM Mochtar

As a songwriter and composer, SM Mochtar has succeeded in creating approximately 100 songs in his lifetime.
Here are some famous songs that have been composed by SM Mochtar.

  1. Boat Boy
  2. In Your Face I See the Moon, created in 1960
  3. Ambition
  4. Our Teacher Mother, written in 1968
  5. At the Corner of Your Lips
  6. Life
  7. If You Know
  8. A mother’s love
  9. Kamajaya
  10. KB song
  11. Love and Painter
  12. Election March
  13. My Miss Song
  14. miss you
  15. Smoky Butts
  16. All praise
  17. Heroine
  18. Dewdrop
  19. No Moon on Prone Face
  20. Conversation with Nature
  21. Butterflies in My Garden
  22. Girl Singing on a Sunny Day
  23. Smile in Suffering
  24. play
  25. Borneo Urara jungle
  26. Cuban Fire
  27. Djamila

Several songs by Mochtar Embut are still being sung today and are even still one of the materials for Elementary
School or Madrasah Ibtidaiyah courses.

Some Anecdotes About Mochtar Embut’s

An anecdote is a short story which contains interesting elements, jokes and impresses. Some of
Mochtar Embut’s songs seem to have been included in quite interesting anecdotal stories.
are some anecdotes about Mochtar Embut’s song.

  • The fifth President of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarno Putri, sang a song by Mochtar Embut at a party.
    The song sung by Megawati was On Your Face I See the Moon in 2003. Several Indonesian singers
    and songwriters were also present at the party.
    After singing the song, someone once
    offered the song On Your Face I See the Moon at a fantastic price of Rp. 12 billion.
    that time, Indonesian Minister of Transportation Agum Gumelar with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Jusuf
    Kalla also bid for the song composed by Mochtar Embut sung by Megawati.
  • In 1968, there was a program on national TV called Let’s Sing. Through this event, the
    song Ibu Guru Kami was broadcast for the first time.
    The event, coordinated by AT.
    Mahmud is one of the famous figures and composers in Indonesia.
  • One of the well-known contemporary rock bands in Indonesia, named Slank, once sung Mochtar Embut’s
    song entitled Mars Pemilu.
    When singing the song, Slank brought it with the characteristics
    of their band, namely with a typical rock rhythm.
    The song sung by Slank was later included
    in their album which was released in 2004 entitled Road to Peace.
  • The song Kamajaya by Mochtar Embut was inspired as part of a wayang story, namely Jawa Batara Kamajaya and
    Dewi Kamaratih, who are famous because they are considered symbols of a harmonious family.
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A Fragment of the Story
from the Creation of the Election Mars Song by Mochtar Embut

As previously explained, Mochtar Embut also contributed to composing the song and creating the election
march song.
Election Mars at that time was created as a form to invite the public to
participate in elections.

This is because the Election Mars song was created when Indonesia first held elections during the New Order
In fact, Mochtar Embut’s Election Mars song was stipulated through the Decree of the
Minister of Home Affairs/Head of the Election Institute No. 28/LPU/1970.

Mochtar Embut’s song was not immediately accepted. But through the network of the mars
committee that was formed.
There were several songs that were previously accepted by the
marching committee, but the song created by Mochtar Embut became the song chosen for the official election

After that, Mochtar Embut’s song continued to be sung during the election period during the New Order era.
From the Mars Election song, Mochtar Embut managed to bring several certificates of appreciation
from the Minister of Home Affairs in 1970 and another award from the Minister of Home Affairs in 1970, who
was then held by General Amir Machmud.

Some of Mochtar Embut’s song lyrics

Here are some of Mochtar Embut’s song lyrics which are still being sung today.

  • Mother’s Love Song Lyrics

Mother’s love, to Beta
Infinite all the time
Just giving, no hope of

Like the sun shining on the world

Mother’s love, to Beta
Infinite for all time
Just giving, no hope of

Like the sun shining on the world

  • Election Mars Song Lyrics

The general election has summoned us.
All the people welcome with joy
the democratic
rights of Pancasila,

the wisdom of an independent Indonesia

Choose your representative who can be trusted
Faithful AMPERA bearers
Under the 45th

We are headed for General Elections (vote)

  • Lyrics of Our Mother Teacher

Our teacher,
good at singing, good
at telling

, very

Our teacher is good

Our teacher
is good at singing
Good at telling stories

We were guided by him with all of our hearts
Be useful people in the

Become useful people in the future

  • In your face I see the moon

In your face, I see the moon
Hiding in the corner of eyes
Are you aware, sir, you are
stared at by a human

who is thirsty for caresses

On your face, I see the moon
Illuminates a dark, vulnerable heart
Let me, seek

On a beautiful peaceful face
It seems not far

You’re easy to reach by hand
Want your heart to

It’s high in the clouds

On your face I see the moon
Lurking behind the smile
Don’t let me be

Servant waiting for the master

On your face I see the moon
Illuminates a dark
, vulnerable heart Let me seek

On a beautiful peaceful face
It seems not far away
are easy to reach by hand

Want your heart to reach
It’s high in the

On your face I see the moon
Lurking behind the smile
Don’t leave me friendless, I’m
waiting for the master

That is a brief biography of the creator of the song Kasih Ibum, namely Mochtar Embut or also known as SM

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