Examples of Popular Articles and 4 Tricks to Make It

How about examples of popular articles? Popular articles are one of the readings that we often encounter, even though we are not aware of it. There are various popular articles scattered on the internet. How to tell the difference? Check out the following explanation.

What are Popular Articles?

Then, in the presentation of popular articles, they will use popular language. The popular language is a language that is easily understood by ordinary people, at one reading. This technique of writing popular articles is used more by people in presenting an article on a site or other media.

In principle, the way of writing is the same as an ordinary article. It’s just that, the process of making the article requires skills such as writing techniques, reasoning power, insight, foresight, as well as proper writing ethics.

Popular articles are articles that contain summaries of scientific articles. Delivered using light language. The purpose of this is to increase the number of visitors or readers.

This change in writing model is of course very useful in broadening the reader’s horizons, not a few of which include ordinary people. This is because not all article readers are academics.

Tricks to Make Popular Articles

  1. Make a very catchy title
  2. Pay attention to the length of the writing. Either every sentence, paragraph, or whole.
  3. Write the opening of the article briefly and not rambling.
  4. Pay attention to actuality.

Examples of Popular Articles 1

The following are examples of popular articles that you can use as references for writing:

Don’t Be Afraid To Meditate

By: Wida Kurniasih

Meditation is a way to practice and understand thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations so that we can understand them better. Meditation is not a religious ritual or worship, it can be done anywhere and anytime. Meditation trains to focus on one point, there we will get instructions or answers to what we are asking, besides that we will get positive energy that can help control emotions.

The purpose of meditation is to connect the conscious mind and subconscious mind, increase awareness, control breathing, result in calm relaxation, freeing the mind while focusing awareness on something that is being done, releasing all burdens or negative thoughts, and most importantly being relaxed.

Reporting from  alodokter.com  , there are many benefits of meditation that you need to know, including:

1. Manage stress

When things get difficult, the mind will definitely be disturbed, even if it’s not for a big reason. When your mind is disturbed and you don’t deal with it right away, it’s possible that you’ll get stressed because you keep thinking about it without facing it. Then if you are stressed, without you knowing it, other activities will be disrupted.

Therefore stress needs to be managed,  so this  meditation is one of the right ways to manage our stress  . One technique that can be tried is mindfulness meditation because it is believed to reduce high levels of the hormone cortisol when feeling depressed or stressed. In addition, you can accompany meditation with exercise because physical activity can produce endorphins which play an important role in managing stress.

2. Overcoming anxiety disorders and depression

Think about it now carefully, how is your mental health? Are you mentally healthy? Regular meditation is believed to reduce levels of cytokines released in response to stress, which can affect mood and eventually lead to mental disorders such as depression. So you can overcome problems with your mental health.

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3. Control emotions

If you feel you can’t do your assignments or office work in a crowded place, that could be a sign that you don’t have good emotional control,  you know . One way to control emotions is to meditate. In addition to relieving anxiety disorders, becoming calmer, feeling happy, and thinking positively, meditation can actually improve brain performance which plays a role in the process of learning, remembering, and concentrating.

4. Maintain heart health

It turns out that excessive stress can harm your body  , you know , because if it’s excessive, blood pressure will increase, causing the heart’s work to increase. Such conditions can cause various problems in the heart and blood vessels, such as strokes or heart attacks. This can be overcome by doing meditation, because it makes you more relaxed and less stressed so that blood pressure will remain stable.

5. Strengthen the immune system

In addition to living a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly, several studies have shown that people who regularly meditate are believed to experience an increase in antibodies or immune-forming substances. Regular meditation can also ward off disease and infection.

6. Reduce pain

There are many types of pain felt by humans, the most common is pain in the body. For example pain when there is a disease such as cancer that arises due to various things. In this case, meditation plays a role in relieving the pain that is felt. This is proven by a study which shows that the  mindfulness meditation method  can relieve pain in cancer sufferers.

Actually meditation can be done anywhere and anytime, done alone or with a psychologist. For example, when you are at the office, try to use your rest time to meditate by sitting comfortably and then controlling your breathing, trying to focus on your thoughts or things around you, do it for 3-5 minutes regularly.

Another example when you want to sleep, you can do it lying down. Empty your mind and try to relax, the right time to communicate with the subconscious is when you are almost asleep but still awake, usually the subconscious will give an image for about 15-30 seconds. In addition to mental health, meditation also has an impact on physical health, so let’s do meditation regularly.

Examples of Popular Articles 2

The following are examples of popular articles that you can use as references for writing:

Healthy Eating for a Strong Spirit

By: Wida Kurniasih

What is healthy food? Healthy food is food that is free of harmful ingredients such as preservatives, MSI coloring, artificial sweeteners and others. Apart from being free from harmful ingredients, healthy food should also contain nutrients and nutrients that are good for our bodies. Because every body has its own needs and every nutrient has its own function.

Like carbohydrates which are a source of energy, protein acts as a building agent and repairs damaged tissue, fat as an energy reserve and solvent for vitamins, minerals and vitamins functions to maintain endurance, and fiber which is useful for maintaining digestion.

Reporting from  halodoc.com  , there are many types of healthy foods that we can consume every day. Among them are vegetables, especially green vegetables such as broccoli, because they have compounds that can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Then there is kale which contains vitamin C and vitamin K, and vegetables that have green leaves such as spinach can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and are good sources of vitamins A, B6, C, E and K.

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Besides vegetables, there are fruits that are no less important. There are so many types of fruit and their benefits that can be consumed daily. Other healthy foods that also need to be consumed include meat and eggs, whole grains, nuts, fish and seafood, milk, and others. However, before consuming healthy food, we need to be smart in choosing healthy and good food ingredients when buying them.

For example, when buying beef, first pay attention to the color, choose beef that is fresh red in color (not pale and dirty). Second, look for a texture that is still chewy, by pressing the meat, if it returns to normal then the meat is still fresh. Third, the smell of the meat is irresistible. Fresh meat certainly has a distinctive beef odor and does not smell sour. Lastly, choose beef that is not juicy.

Just like beef, there are a number of ways you can go when buying healthy fruits and vegetables. First, choose fruits and vegetables that have bright colors and look fresh. Second, choose those that don’t use pesticides, marked by no white spots on the outside or to make it easier for vegetable leaves that have holes due to caterpillars, meaning they grow without using pesticides.

Also get to know the texture of the fruit or vegetable you are going to buy, especially fruit because each fruit. Fruit has a different texture, especially when it’s ripe. The last way is to buy ingredients at the morning market or directly to the farmers.

The benefits of eating healthy food are certainly not in doubt, which is good for our bodies. Like eating a lot of tomatoes will make healthy eyes but if excessive will cause hair loss. Eating avocados can protect the skin from UV rays and can speed up wound healing. Eating oranges can prevent colds, and many more.

Always remember, if we eat healthy food then our skin will also be healthy including facial skin,  wow  that’s great isn’t it!

To keep the body healthy and strong, we need to eat healthy food in the right portion, especially for those who are on a diet, it still has to be done in a healthy way too! There are several diets that are well-known among the public, but it turns out that these diets only last temporarily for weight loss.

The recommended diet is gradual weight loss such as 0.5 kg-1 kg per week which is considered safe for dieting. The way to start is to eat fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds as a substitute for calorie foods. However, what is no less important for a healthy diet companion is a lot of movement or exercise, so that the results are maximized!