Bootcamp: Definition, Benefits, and Differences from Lectures

Bootcamp is – Information technology or IT jobs currently provide considerable career opportunities in industry 4.0 as it is today. However, to be able to gain expertise in the field of information technology is not an easy thing.

One way is to carry out a college education level so that you can gain expertise in the field of information technology. On the other hand, there are several ways you can gain expertise in information technology, such as bootcamps. You could say that bootcamp is the most appropriate and appropriate solution to be able to take an IT career without a degree.

If you are a company owner, then you can improve the skills and abilities of your employees by enrolling them in a bootcamp. Apart from that, you can also use talent management to be able to manage all the activities and performance of each existing employee more easily and practically.

So what exactly is bootcamp? So, to know more, see the explanation in this article, Sinaumed’s.

Short Definition

Bootcamp is a training program that will be carried out intensively with materials that have been designed and are related to careers in the field of IT or information technology.

The training will take place intensively by making information technology learning time shorter. When a trainee takes part in the bootcamp program, their soft skills and hard skills will be honed better.

This program itself will specifically be structured according to existing needs. That way, this program can be one of the right choices for those who want to have more skills in information technology or IT which can also help someone’s career development.

Benefits of Doing Bootcamp Training

The existence of a training program will certainly provide many benefits to the participants. So, for those of you who don’t know what are the benefits of training, you can read the explanation below.

1. Impressed More Private

Usually, the number of participants in one class is quite limited, or around 15 to 20 people. A relatively small number in one class will be able to create a more private atmosphere.

Of course, the material to be learned will be easier to convey. Although it has a relatively small number of trainees. However, deciding to meet new people during the training will add to your social network.

Moreover, the curriculum in the program is well prepared by professional and experienced instructors. This will make it easier for you to gain knowledge related to the world of information technology or IT.

2. A Career Acceleration System

You could say that bootcamp is an intensive program that has a shorter time compared to learning at the college level. In fact, these training programs usually only run for a few weeks to produce graduates with leadership skills and ready to work in information technology or IT.

Even so, to be able to understand what is conveyed and learned in the training program, the participants must also be diligent in participating in the training and have personal initiative.

When a trainee has a low level of activity and initiative, it will usually make the training program useless. This is because the material from the training taught to him cannot be mastered properly.

3. The curriculum is structured more specifically

As previously explained, the time in this training program is very short. This will make the learning materials in the program also have to be specifically arranged.

Therefore, learning materials will be created by experienced professionals. Where the material that is arranged will be adjusted to more practical needs and focus on the material needed by the training participants.

4. There Are Career Opportunities Without Degrees

The main objective of the bootcamp training program is to be able to create work-ready graduates and open career opportunities without the need to attend college.

This program will play a very important role in the process of developing the participants’ abilities to achieve certain careers. Usually, when a participant graduates from this program, he will get several graduation marks such as certification. Where is the existence of this training program certification that can be used to fill out a CV for a job application.

So, those are some of the benefits that the participants will get. Of course, we can know better if the bootcamp program is indeed very important as a support for developing one’s abilities.

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Differences with Lectures

From the explanation of the benefits provided by the training program, we can more easily know in general terms the difference between it and the college program. Bootcamp with college level programs are indeed different. Some of the differences between this training program and lectures are as follows.

1. Study Time Used

The first difference with the level of college education is the length of study time used. Where the implementation of the bootcamp training program is usually only between 12 to 15 weeks.

The time in the bootcamp training process is quite short because learning about information technology is not easy. With such a short time there will be a possibility of difficulty in understanding the material in a short time.

Then, for the time needed at the lecture level to get a degree as an IT graduate it usually takes four to five years.

2. Material Provided

Judging from the material provided, this training program will usually have a more practical and specific type. The material taught will be adjusted to the needs.

Even so, the material for this training program will be neatly arranged so that the learning process can also be more focused. Meanwhile, for lectures with longer time levels, the material taught in them is also more numerous and broader.

3. Amount of Fees Paid

The costs that will be incurred for this training program will be far more affordable than the cost of a college program. This is because of the duration and material of the program, bootcamp training is somewhat shorter and fewer. If indeed you have limited funds, then this training program is the right choice.

4. Job Prospects

Even though it is quite cheap in terms of costs, the job prospects provided by this training program are quite limited when compared to IT graduates. This is because the material in the bootcamp training program is more limited compared to lectures.

Even so, many choose to use a bootcamp training program. In fact, large companies have also used this training program specifically for employees with the aim of being able to develop information technology skills.

Bootcamp Types

Bootcamp is divided into several types in which of course the participants can choose according to their needs. The types will generally be divided into commitment and flexibility schemes. So, to understand more about the explanation of the types of bootcamp, here is a full review.

1. Commitment Scheme Bootcamp

Commitment schemes will usually be subdivided into two types such as part time and full time. Bootcamp part time or part time will usually be held at night or on weekends.

Where this type of part time is very suitable for those who have their own activities. The duration of this part time bootcamp will usually take 34 weeks. Meanwhile, for a full-time bootcamp, it will take 15 weeks.

2. Flexibility Bootcamp

Types of flexibility will be divided into three different types. There are offline , online , and self-paced bootcamps . Easily offline bootcamps will carry out the learning process with a face-to-face system, online bootcamps use an online or from home learning system and self-paced bootcamps will use their own learning system without any demands.

For now, online bootcamps are more in demand because they can be done anywhere and at any time. Where this type of online bootcamp will be more helpful with learning systems such as e-learning that can be better organized.

Can Learn Coding Self-taught?

Bootcamp training programs can be done to hone information technology or IT skills such as coding skills quickly. If asked whether participating in a bootcamp program requires special experience or not, the answer that can be given also depends on the training program being attended.

Currently, there are many types of bootcamp programs that are quite varied and available, starting from the beginner level to the experience level. For beginner programs, usually the participants who enter the bootcamp really don’t have any experience.

Even so, it should also be noted that the level of experience mastered will later affect salary expectations when graduating and applying for a job.

So, there are several benefits that you can get when you decide to take part in a coding bootcamp training program. So what are these benefits? The following is a full explanation.

1. More Affordable Prices and Shorter Time

When compared to studying with study programs at the lecture level, it turns out that the cost of participating in a coding bootcamp is relatively more affordable. The relatively more affordable costs will make the participants more able to hone their skills and know what skills are needed when entering the world of work.

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In addition, the time required to participate in the coding bootcamp is also relatively short. There is a certain time range, starting from 12 to 24 or another time depending on the location of the bootcamp training chosen by the participants.

2. Practical Learning Process

When participants decide to take part in a coding bootcamp, they will directly learn important aspects of programming such as programming languages, platforms and the various skills needed by a developer.

The material presented is also in accordance with current business developments. This will make the coding bootcamp participants better prepared for the world of work.

Typically, a coding bootcamp will have several courses. There are those who really focus more on Ruby, JavaScript, C and Python or even focus on full stack web development.

This will allow coding bootcamp participants to more easily learn the material they want to master.

3. It Can Easier to Expand the Network

Expanding the network will have quite a positive influence on the career development of each coding bootcamp training participant. Where when he joins a coding bootcamp, someone will have stronger opportunities in building his network.

Not infrequently coding bootcamp institutions also have connections or collaboration with several companies. This will make it easier for participants to find work. Although everyone has a way of forming a career and different goals. But with a strong network, of course, it will also open an easier career gate.

Whatever career goals a person has, the existence of a coding bootcamp can be one of the facilities and motivation to improve performance skills in the field of information technology.

Recommended Bootcamp Training Places

The higher the level of need for IT experts, the more bootcamp training places you can easily find. In several cities there are several bootcamp places that you can use.

So, some recommendations for bootcamp places that you can use are as follows.

1. Binary Academy

Binar Academy is an end to end digital career solution platform that provides many facilities to its participants. Starting from inside binaries, bootcamp binaries to job connect.

Specifically for Binar Bootcamp, it has provided class facilities for fullstack web development, Android engineering, UI/UX Design & Research, Business Intelligence Analyst, and Product Management. Where binnar bootcamp has also used a curriculum and practical learning methods such as self-study with real projects. This will make it easier for participants to master fundamentals and best practices.

Currently, Binar Academy has been used by many large companies in its bootcamp training program. For example, such as Bank Mandiri, Bank BCA, PT Astra Honda Motor, Telkom Indonesia, Home Credit, Indomaret, Sayurbox, Investree, Dana, Prudential, Kiostix and others.

2. Revou

Revou is the next bootcamp recommendation. Where Revou is able to offer three different bootcamp programs, namely an intro program with a duration of one week, an advance program with a duration of 7 weeks and a full program with a duration of 6 months.

However, to take part in the program from Revou, you must register and take an acceptance test and also process a payment. The payment process at Revou can be done in cash or in installments within a period of 6, 12 to 18 months.

Alumni from Revou have also taken part in several big companies such as Tokopedia, Shopee, Traveloka, Bukalapak, Gojek, Lazada, Grab, Qraved, Uangteman, Fabelio, Orami, docdoc, Alodokter, Halodoc, and Kompas.

3. Purwadhika

Purwadhika provides several facilities in it. Starting from job connectors, kob accelerators, digital for executives and also online workshops. Particularly for the Purwadhika job connector, it will be held for 6 months and classes for full stack development, data science and machine learning, digital marketing and UI/UX design are already available.

Then, the Accelerator or bootcamp program is held for 10 weeks with several classes in it such as advanced performance marketing, advanced seo, advanced social media, and machine learning engineering.

Meanwhile, digital for executive will be conducted in a duration of around 9 to 11 weeks with several classes such as introduction to digital marketing, strategic digital marketing for leaders, data science for leaders, and data analysis.

Finally, there is Purwadhika’s online class which lasts for two to four hours with topics of discussion such as web & mobile development, data science & machine learning, digital marketing, UI/UX Design, business and startups.

So, those are three recommendations for bootcamp places that you can use. But actually in Indonesia there are still many trusted bootcamp places that have produced graduates in several big companies.

After knowing more about bootcamp, especially its benefits, are you interested in joining bootcamp?

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