Bhabinkamtibmas Are: Their Functions, Duties, and Authorities

Does Sinaumed’s know what the abbreviation for bhabinkamtibmas is? So, bhabinkamtibmas is one of the terms in the elements of the Indonesian National Police or Polri. As part of the National Police, this bhabinkamtibmas certainly has its duties and functions. Then, what is meant by bhabinkamtibmas? What are their duties and powers? To find out more, let’s see the full explanation below.

Bhabinkamtibmas is

Bhabinkamtibmas is an abbreviation of Bhayangkara Pembina Security and Public Order. According to Article 1 Paragraph 4 regarding Regulation of the Head of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3 of 2015, regarding Community Policing, bhabinkamtibmas are Polmas officers in villages or sub-districts. The bearer of this Polmas is every member of the National Police who conducts Polmas in the community or community.

That way, it can detect and also identify problems with Community Security and Order or Kamtibmas in the environment and find solutions to the problems.

In general, bhabinkamtibmas are Polri officers on duty at the village to sub-district level who have the authority to carry out the Pre-emptive function by partnering with the community.

Based on the Decree of the Head of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia No.Pol.KEP/8/II/2009 regarding changes to the National Police Chief’s field manual No.Pol. :BUJUKLAP/17/VII/1997 explains the designation of Babinkamtibmas (Bintara Pembina Kamtibmas) to Bhabinkamtibmas (Bhayangkara Pembina Kamtibmas) from the rank level of Brigadier to Inspector.

Meanwhile, according to Article 1 paragraph 4, the Chief of Police Regulation Number 3 of 2015 concerning Community Policing explains that the purpose of bhabinkamtibmas is to carry out Community Police.

Duties, Functions and Authorities of Bhabinkamtibmas 

Basically, the task of bhabinkamtibmas has been regulated in Article 27 of the Chief of Police Regulation No. 3 of 2015. Meanwhile, the function of bhabinkamtibmas has also been regulated in Article 26 of the Chief of Police Regulation No. 3 of 2015. Following are some explanations regarding the duties, functions, and also the authority of bhabinkamtibmas, including:

1. Main Duties of Bhabinkamtibmas 

The main task of bhabinkamtibmas is to carry out community development, early detection and mediation or negotiation in order to create more conducive conditions in the village or sub-district. In carrying out its main tasks, bhabinkamtibmas performs the following activities:

  • Conduct visits from home to all areas that are assigned.
  • Doing and also help solving a problem.
  • Organizing and also securing community activities.
  • Receive information about the occurrence of a crime.
  • Provides temporary shelter to stragglers, victims of crime, as well as violations.
  • Participate in providing assistance to victims of natural disasters and disease outbreaks.
  • Provide guidance and instructions to the community or community related to Kamtibmas issues and also Polri services.

2. The function of Bhabinkamtibmas 

The following are some of the functions of bhabinkamtibmas that need to be understood, including:

  • Conducting visits or visits to the community with the aim of listening to community complaints regarding Kamtibmas issues and then providing explanations and solutions, maintaining friendly or brotherly relations.
  • Guiding and counseling in the field of law and Kamtibmas in order to increase awareness of law and Kamtibmas by upholding Human Rights or HAM.
  • Disseminating various information regarding the policies of the National Police leadership related to the Maintenance of Public Security and Order or Harkamtibmas.
  • Encouraging the implementation of siskamling in protecting the environment and community activities.
  • Providing police services to people in need.
  • Mobilizing positive community activities.
  • Coordinate efforts to foster Kamtibmas through village or sub-district officials and other related parties.
  • Carry out consultations, negotiations, mediation, facilitation, motivation to the community in Harkamtibmas and solving social crime problems.
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3. The authority of Bhabinkamtibmas 

As previously explained regarding bhabinkamtibmas, which stands for Bhayangkara Pembina Security and Community Order, bhabinkamtibmas here plays the role of a Polri officer who has duties at the village or sub-district level, namely developing tasks and functions by partnering with the community.

Therefore, this bhabinkamtibmas certainly has the authority to carry out its duties and functions. The authority of bhabinkamtibmas has been contained in Article 28 of the Police Chief’s Regulation No. 3 of 2015, the following are the details:

  • Resolving disputes between the colors of society or communities.
  • Taking various steps needed as a follow-up to the FKPM agreement in maintaining environmental security.
  • Visit the crime scene or TKP and take the First Action or TP at the TKP.
  • Supervise the flow of beliefs that exist in society that can cause divisions or threaten the unity and integrity of the nation.

Various Kinds of Police Units in Indonesia

As an institution that has an important task, namely to maintain security, order, and enforce the law, the police have quite a number of units. In fact, even though most people don’t know about it, in fact there are almost 15 types of police units in Indonesia.

All of these 15 units are divided into two, namely special units and general units. Following are some explanations regarding the various divisions of police units and their respective duties.

Special Units

There are three units that are included in the special police unit, because most of the special units carry out quite important tasks. Where most of the people in Indonesia are already familiar with this unit.

1. Brimob or Mobile Brigade Corps

Mobile Brigade is a special operations unit, tactical and paramilitary in Indonesia. This Brimob unit has the duties and responsibilities of dealing with high-level disturbances in society which include gun crimes, mass riots, search and rescue, explosives, and others.

2. Gegana

Gegana is part of a special branch of the Brimob unit. Therefore, Gegana can be said to be the second regiment of Mobile Brigade. Members of the Gegana unit generally have special abilities which are divided into five areas, namely bomb squad, intelligence, anti-terror, handling KBR or Chemistry, Biology and Radioactivity, and anti-anarchy.

3. Detachment 88

Detachment 88 is a special unit funded by the American government and trained under the CIA, FBI, and US Secret Service. The Densus 88 team is designed to be an anti-terrorist unit whose duties are investigators, snipers and explosives experts.

General Units

Even though it does not carry out as many tasks as a special unit, this general unit of the police still has various other roles and responsibilities which are certainly no less important. In addition to the three units that are included in the special units, there are 12 other units within the police that are included in the list of general units, including:

1. Integrated Police Service Center or SPKT

This SPKT has the duty to provide services to the community in the form of handling complaints, police assistance services, and also other functions related to the identification or prevention of crime.

2. Intelligence and Security Unit or Sat-Intelkam

This unit is tasked with fostering a security system including permitting foreign citizens, social and political activities, possession of firearms, and making SKCK.

3. Criminal Investigation Unit or Sat-Reskrim

This unit has the responsibility to carry out investigations and identification related to law violations and criminal acts.

4. Drug Investigation Unit or Sat-Resnarcotics

This unit has the task of carrying out criminal investigations in the form of drug abuse, counseling, as well as coaching in drug prevention, as well as rehabilitation for victims of drug abuse.

5. Community Development Unit or Sat-Binmas

This unit has the duty to carry out coaching which includes empowerment activities and community order.

6. Samapta Bhayangkara or Sat-Sabhara Unit

Sat-Sabhara has the duty to supervise and maintain public order and security in an area, including conducting patrols and acting as law enforcement officers who respond to calls to crime scenes.

7. Traffic Unit or Sat-Lantas

Just as the name suggests, this unit is tasked with enforcing the law, regulating, controlling, and also traffic patrolling.

8. Vital Object Security Unit or Sat-Pamobvit

This unit is tasked with serving VIP security and also important facilities such as government officials, industrial complexes, diplomatic missions, and tourism areas.

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9. Water Police Unit or Sat-Polair

This unit has the responsibility to carry out the functions of the water police which include water law enforcement, water patrols, coastal community development, and also search and rescue for accidents in the ocean area.

10. Detention Unit and Evidence or Sat-Tahti

This unit has the task of administering prisoner care which includes detainee health, storing evidence within the Police Headquarters, and convict guardianship.

11. Police Technology Section 

This unit has responsibility for management as well as the development of computer and IT systems to support police work.

12. Professional and Security Section

This unit is responsible for conducting internal investigations into police personnel who are suspected of having committed violations in upholding discipline, for example in the case of police accepting bribes.

Order of Police Rank

Based on the Regulation of the Head of the National Police of the Republic of Indonesia Number 3 of 2016, the rank order of the police is Tamtama, Bharada, and Officer. The following is a sequence of police ranks and a brief description.

1. Enlisted

Enlisted is the lowest police rank, where in this rank, members consist of:

a. Bhayangkara Dua or Bharada

This rank is almost the same as the Military rank, namely Private Second. Bharada generally has a duty, namely as a peacemaker for various causes of religious or inter-ethnic conflicts. The epaulette is usually a single red slash.

b. Bhayangkara Satu or Bharatu

After Bharada, an even higher rank is Bharatu. This rank is also known as Soldier 1.

c. Bhayangkara Head or Bharaka

The next enlistment level is Bharaka, where this rank was formerly called Head Soldier.

d. Adjutant Police Brigadier Two or Abripda

The rank of Adjutant Police Brigadier Two is the lowest level that is at the rank of Tamtama Chief or Adjutant Brigadier.

e. Adjunct Police Brigadier One or Abriptu’

Then, there is the rank of Adjutant Police Brigadier 1, where this rank was previously named Corporal 1.

f. Adjunct Police Brigadier or Abrip

The first rank at the Tamtama level is Adjunct Police Brigadier or Abrip. Previously, this rank had undergone two name changes before finally being known as Abrip.

2. Brigadier

A police officer or also known as a Police Officer is a police officer whose role is to directly serve the community and is the foremost figure of the National Police. The job of the Brigadier is to take care of driver’s licenses, manage traffic, and also report cases. The NCO itself consists of:

a. Second Police Brigadier or Bripda

Police Brigadier 2 or Bripda is the lowest rank in the NCO. In the past, the rank of Bripda was called Police Sergeant 2. This rank has the same position as Second Sergeant in the military.

b. First Police Brigadier or First Brigadier

This rank is in charge of Bripda and previously his name was Police Sergeant First.

c. Police Brigadier or Police Brig

This rank is higher than the Brigadier General, where the Police Brigade has the duty to ensure that the ranks of First and Second Police Brigadiers carry out their duties in an orderly manner.

d. Chief Police Brigadier or Bripka

Bripka here plays an important role in the NCO class. Where they have the task of controlling and also supervising the duties of all of their subordinate Brigades.

e. Adjunct Inspector of Police Two or AIPDA

AIPDA is the first level of the National Police. Prior to this, this rank was known as Assistant Second Lieutenant.

f. Adjunct Inspector of Police One or AIPTU

AIPTU is a High Commissioner at the second level of the National Police. Previously, this rank was called Assistant First Lieutenant.

3. Centurion

The highest rank within the Police is an officer. Where the rank of Officer is divided into three positions, namely First Officer, Middle Officer and High Officer.

a. First Officer

First Officer is the first position structure within the National Police consisting of Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKP), First Police Inspector (IPTU), and Second Police Inspector (IPDA).

The following are rank signs that are usually used, including:

  • Superintendent of Police Two: 1 gold colored block
  • Police Inspector One: 2 gold colored blocks
  • Adjutant Police Commissioner: 3 gold colored blocks

b. Intermediate Officer

Intermediate Officers are a fairly important position structure within the National Police consisting of Police Chief Commissioner (KOMBESPOL), Adjunct Police Chief Commissioner (AKBP), and Police Commissioner (KOMPOL).

The following are rank signs that are usually used, including:

  • Police Commissioner: 1 golden pentagonal flower
  • Adjunct Senior Commissioner of Police: 2 golden pentagonal flowers
  • Police Chief Commissioner: 3 golden pentagonal flowers

c. High Officer

High Officers are the highest position structure within the National Police consisting of the Commissioner General of Police (KOMJEN), Inspector General of Police (IRJEN), Brigadier General of Police (BRIGJEN) and General of Police.

The following are rank signs that are usually used, including:

  • Police Brigadier General: 1 gold star
  • Inspector General of Police: 2 gold stars
  • Commissioner General of Police: 3 gold stars
  • Police General: 4 gold stars

This is an explanation of bhabinkamtibmas, its functions, duties, and authorities. For Sinaumed’s who want to learn all about bhabinkamtibmas and other police related matters, you can visit to get related books.

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