Benefits of Cycling in the Morning for Physical and Mental Health

Benefits of Cycling in the Morning – Currently, cycling is still a trend in various circles. Young and old, men and women, adults and children from officials, business people, office workers, freelancers, and so on, pedaling bicycles together.

In the morning, especially weekends or national holidays, the streets are busy with cyclists. Likewise in the afternoon and at night. There are those who cycle alone or in pairs, many also cycle with groups or bicycle associations that they follow.

This trend raises an appeal for cyclists to continue to comply with applicable traffic rules in order to maintain their own safety and that of other road users.

Cycling has indeed become one of the favorite sports because it is easy to keep the body healthy, as well as a means of refreshing (releasing fatigue) during the Covid-19 pandemic. As is known, the call to stay at home causes us difficulties to travel far because of the risks that lurk. Cycling can be an option to express your longing to see the “nature around you” and maintain your health.

This trend then makes the demand for purchasing this environmentally friendly means of transportation increase significantly. Shops selling bicycles are in demand.

Cycling does have many health benefits, not only physical, but also mental. Cycling is a low-impact exercise option , which is a type of exercise that is generally recommended for people who are just starting to exercise, are obese, or are prone to injury. Check out the complete information regarding the benefits of cycling in the morning!

Benefits of Cycling

Cycling is a recreational or sporting activity, and is a mode of land transportation that uses bicycles. Bicycles were first introduced in the 19th century AD.

Many cycling enthusiasts carry out these activities in various types of terrain, such as hills, steep terrain or just in rural and urban areas.

People who use bicycles as a routine mode of transportation may also be referred to as commuters. The use of bicycles as a routine mode of transportation is not only carried out by workers who work in the non-formal sector, but also by workers who work in the formal sector. Apart from workers, bicycles are also widely used by school children.

Most of the formal sector workers in Indonesia who use bicycles as a routine mode of transportation are members of the cycling community, known as Bike To Work Indonesia (B2W Indonesia).

Apart from the fact that using a bicycle does not require additional costs, cycling can also be done on even less good roads. The benefits of cycling in the morning for school children can also reduce the danger of driving accidents.

Benefits of Cycling in the Morning

Cycling is very easy to do, but if you just want to start, it’s good to know some of the benefits of cycling in the morning for physical and mental fitness as explained below.

1. Increase Leg Strength

The benefits of cycling in the morning can improve overall function in the lower body and strengthen the leg muscles without overstressing them, especially the quadriceps, gluteus, hamstrings and calves. To make our legs stronger, try weightlifting exercises, such as squats, leg presses, and lunges several times per week to increase cycling performance.

2. Core Muscle Training

The benefits of cycling in the morning also train our core muscles, including the back and abs. Keeping the body upright and keeping the bike in a steady position requires a certain amount of core strength. Strong abdominals and back muscles support our spine, increase stability and increase comfort while cycling.

3. Suitable for someone with joint problems

The benefits of cycling in the morning are easy for our bodies. This activity makes it a good choice for people who want an intense workout without stressing their joints. Cycling is a great option for people with joint problems or overall stiffness, especially in the lower body.

Dr. Safran-Norton of Harvard Health Publishing suggests cycling for people with age-related joint pain and lower body stiffness. This exercise can still be done at moderate to high intensity, without worrying about burdening the joints.

When sitting on a bicycle seat, we will put the weight of a pair of pelvic bones called the ischial tuberosities . Cycling is different from walking or jogging, which puts more weight on the feet and is more prone to triggering injury.

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4. Controls Weight

Getting used to cycling, especially at high intensity, helps reduce body fat levels and control healthy weight. In addition, the benefits of cycling in the morning will increase metabolism and build muscle, which allows us to burn more calories, even at rest.

So that you can get effective results, make sure the energy expenditure from cycling is greater than the food intake. If you are trying to lose weight, you need a combination of cycling with a healthy and balanced diet. The number of calories burned while cycling will depend on the duration, distance and speed of your cycling.

5. Stabilize Diabetes

Lack of sports activity is a risk factor for diabetes. Diabetes is a dangerous and deadly disease. It’s not only very mature people who are at risk of suffering from diabetes, today’s young people are also very likely to be at risk of diabetes, especially if they don’t have a healthy lifestyle.

One way to avoid a lazy lifestyle is by cycling. Cycling regularly for more than 30 minutes per day can help reduce the risk of diabetes and other diseases.

6. Prevent High Blood Risk

Cycling is a very good healthy activity for preventing the risk of high blood pressure. Cycling can also control heart rate, melt fat in the body, and strengthen body muscles, especially the legs.

7. Prevent Heart Risk

Besides being very good at preventing the risk of high blood pressure, cycling also helps prevent heart risks. Cycling for at least 20 minutes each day will help control heart rate, prevent the risk of fatigue, and prevent obesity.

8. Increases Brain Power

Exercise has repeatedly been linked to brain health and a reduction in cognitive changes that can make us vulnerable to dementia later in life. Not only that, cycling keeps blood flow in some areas up to 40 percent, even after exercise. At least, we have to cycle for 45-60 minutes every four times a week.

9. Increase Sex Ability

Cycling can build several important muscle groups. Dr. Matthew Forsyth, a urologist and cyclist from Portland, Oregon, says all the muscles formed while cycling are used during sexual intercourse. The better develop these muscles, will improve sexual ability.

10. Overcoming Insomnia

For those of you who experience insomnia, cycling is believed to overcome this disorder that you are experiencing. Try cycling for 20–30 minutes every other day. That way, your bedtime will come faster. The benefits of cycling in the morning when the sun is not too hot can help the biological clock return to normal, and get rid of the hormone cortisol which can cause insomnia.

11. Lowers Cancer Risk

Another benefit of cycling that you can get is reducing the risk of cancer. Someone who has a fit body, even old age, has a lower risk of developing lung cancer and colorectal cancer. In addition, the benefits of regular cycling are that it can reduce the risk of colon and breast cancer.

If you maintain a healthy and balanced diet along with cycling regularly, these two things will help you reduce your risk of cancer. Someone who has a fit body into old age has a lower risk of developing lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Meanwhile, for cancer survivors, cycling can reduce the side effects of cancer treatment and improve overall quality of life.

12. Lowering the Risk of Depression

Cycling in the morning or evening can help reduce stress, depression and anxiety. Cycling will also increase the quality of happiness and comfort in the heart.

13. Preventing vascular disease

Cycling as a cardio sport can stimulate and improve lung health, blood circulation, and help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. The benefits of cycling also include helping strengthen the heart muscle and reducing blood fat levels.

Incorporating cycling into daily exercise can help prevent the risk of high blood pressure (hypertension). Exercising with a certain intensity such as cycling can improve hypertension. The effects are the same as when the person is taking prescription drugs. Even so, still consult a doctor to get the best medical advice.

14. Increases the Power of Balance and Coordination

Maintaining an upright posture while riding can help improve balance strength and overall body coordination. Improved balance as one of the benefits of cycling can prevent the risk of falls and fractures.

Although it doesn’t directly reduce risk, cycling is an ideal form of exercise for people with osteoarthritis (chronic inflammation of the joints due to breakdown of cartilage). The reason is, the benefits of cycling can put a little pressure on the joints.

15. Improves Mental Health Disorders

The benefits of cycling and other physical activities can help our bodies produce more dopamine hormones. The hormone dopamine functions to increase feelings of happiness, so it can relieve feelings of stress, depression, and other natural anxiety disorders. Cyclists experience fewer mental health problems than other sports, such as aerobics, including those who don’t do any physical activity at all.

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16. Prevents the Risk of Parkinson’s Disease

One of the other serious diseases that can be prevented by cycling is Parkinson’s. Exercising at moderate to high intensity can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease which affects men. Based on this, of course you have to adjust the speed, duration and distance traveled to help reduce the risk of this disease.

17. Helps Extend Age

High-intensity exercise by cycling has benefits for preventing aging down to the cellular level. Strenuous physical activity can increase mitochondrial capacity and function, thus making a person more youthful. Doing regular exercise can also reduce the risk of premature death, as well as extend life.

18. Make Body Fitter

If you are new to fitness or recovering from an injury or illness, you can go for a low intensity bike ride. When your body is fitter, you can increase the intensity of cycling.

Tips to Look For When Cycling

Make sure your friends follow safety cycling tips to prevent the risk of injury, even accidents that you don’t want. Here are some tips that you need to pay attention to so that cycling activities are safer and your health is maintained.

  • Before starting cycling, make sure you consult your doctor first if you suffer from heart disease, arthritis, or bone loss;
  • For people with balance, vision and hearing problems, it is more advisable to use stationary bicycles rather than outdoor cycling;
  • Do not just choose a bicycle, choose the right bicycle so that you can pedal more easily, efficiently, and reduce pain;
  • Check the condition of the bicycle before riding, such as tires, brakes, handlebars, seats and other bicycle parts;
  • Always wear head, elbow and knee protection to minimize cuts and injuries if you fall off the bicycle;
  • Consider wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat if you ride during the day for long periods;
  • Avoid cycling if the air pollution conditions are not good;
  • Use cycling-specific clothing or avoid loose clothing that can easily get caught in bicycle chains;
  • Obey traffic regulations and pay attention to motorized vehicles and pedestrians around. Better, use a special bicycle lane if available;
  • Use bicycle lights when cycling at night;
  • Even though it is often underestimated, you need to choose the right and comfortable saddle;
  • For mountain bikes, use the gear to go up an incline or hill so you don’t tire your knees;
  • Not pedaling in high gear for long periods of time as it will strain your knees;
  • When riding a bicycle, occasionally move your hands on the handlebars and move your seat from the saddle so you don’t feel numb;
  • When riding a bicycle, raise your head so that your view can reach obstacles far ahead;
  • Avoid cycling with a headset because this will make you not aware of your surroundings;

Good Cycling Duration

Until now, there has been no research that specifically mentions the best time to cycle. Because, cycling in the morning or at night, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Morning can indeed be the right time for cycling. However, not a few people have difficulty setting aside their time, especially on weekdays. For some people, cycling in the morning is difficult to make a routine. Even so, cycling at night might make it difficult for someone to sleep. It’s best to choose the right time to cycle at night so as not to disturb your sleep schedule.

Adults are recommended to get at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, such as cycling, per week. We can divide it into several sessions, such as 30-60 minutes once cycling 3-5 days a week. We can also adjust the time of cycling with the activities that are undertaken.

To ride safely, start by warming up first. Cycle slowly for the first 5 to 10 minutes. After that, increase the speed until it starts to sweat. When ending your cycling session, take 5 minutes to cycle at a slow pace to cool off.

That’s a brief explanation of the benefits and tips of cycling for physical and mental health, especially for beginners. So, are you guys ready to cycle to school or work? If the distance is not too far, it is more advisable to cycle or walk times. Guaranteed healthier, you know!

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