Benefits of Animals for the Surrounding Environment

Animals have various types. Not only do they have a variety of species, it turns out that animals also have benefits for the surrounding environment besides plants. As he already knows that humans, nature, plants and animals have a special symbiosis that can bring benefits to each ecosystem and its habitat.

A. Some of the Benefits of Animals for the Surrounding Environment

The benefits of animals for the surrounding environment are actually very diverse and you need to know about them. Then, what are the benefits of animals for the environment? Here are some of the benefits of animals for the surrounding environment, including:

1. Benefits of Animals as Producers of Food for the Surrounding Environment

Animal meat is a high source of protein and very good for humans. Not only that, the products of this animal can also be used as a food source, such as honey, milk, and others.

2. Benefits of Animals as a Means of Transportation for the Surrounding Environment

For humans, animals can be used as a means of transportation. Animals such as horses and cows are often used by humans as rides or means of transporting goods.

Where, horses and cows have been used by the community since ancient times as a means of transportation. Either it is used as a cart or ridden directly. Indonesia itself has many traditional means of transportation that use horses, for example gigs, golden carriages, and delman.

This is the benefit of animals for the surrounding environment, especially humans. In fact, horses are so attached as a means of transportation for international units to show the amount of vehicle engine power or commonly known as horse power.

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3. Benefits of Animals as Consumers in the Food Chain for the Surrounding Environment

Animals are consumers who eat plants or even other animals in the food chain. If there were no animals, then producers such as plants would live very prolific and uncontrollable. So that it can invade human habitation.

Therefore, animals have benefits for the environment as consumers in the food chain.

4. Benefits of Animals as Producers of Organic Fertilizers for the Surrounding Environment

Animal manure is naturally used as plant fertilizer. This animal waste is broken down by decomposers into substances needed by plants, for example nitrogen.

5. Benefits of Animals as Helpers for the Pollination of Flowers for the Surrounding Environment

Butterflies, bees and birds are animals that help pollinate plants. With the help of these animals, plants can reproduce better.

These animals pollinate plants, such as trees, plants, and so on. In addition, this animal can also be used as a sign that scientists study in seeing what is happening to environmental and climate change.

These butterfly animals tend to migrate to other areas when the temperature increases. They will live in a climate that is milder and more hospitable to them. Therefore, you will know that an environment can be promising as a place to live for humans or not when there are butterflies.

6. Benefits of Animals as Plant Seed Dispersers for the Surrounding Environment

Bats are one of the largest insect consumers. These animals help the environment in controlling the insect population. Insect animals themselves have the ability to destroy plants and plant life if not controlled, especially insect pests.

Bats can also help control mosquito populations in areas where malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases or viruses may be a problem. Bat droppings can also help the process of dispersal of seeds and help plants reproduce and various types.

7. Benefits of Animals as Human Friends for the Surrounding Environment

Dogs are one type of animal that is very loyal to humans. There are several types of dogs that have duties in various service institutions, for example as bomb sniffer dogs, rescue dogs, and so on. That is the reason why dogs are called man’s best friend.

Because, these dogs are very useful for humans. Where, many dogs work in the police and military. There are also dogs trained to help people with disabilities. Also, there are also dogs that are trained to feel seizures, and others. Of course, this one animal can help humans get treatment.

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In addition, several studies state that dogs have benefits for a person’s mental health and can even support someone with mental health problems, such as depression, anxiety, and many others. Therefore, many dogs are used as life companions or friends who are loyal and willing to sacrifice for humans who take good care of them.

8. Benefits of Animals as Oxygen Producers for the Surrounding Environment

Plankton are microscopic organisms that you can find in the ocean. This animal can actually be classified as a plant as well as an animal. These plankton absorb energy from the sun and nutrients from water.

This one animal produces about half of the world’s oxygen production through the process of photosynthesis. Meanwhile, the other half comes from land seaweed, plant life, and trees. Plankton may be threatened in the long term if the world’s oceans continue to warm. When plankton decreases, the supply of oxygen for living things to breathe will be threatened in the future.

9. Benefits of Animals as Guardian Primates of the Tropical Rain Forest for the Surrounding Environment

Primates are important ecologically and in tropical and subtropical climates. They disperse seeds and pollen when eating, defecating, and other activities. In addition, they also help keep rainforests healthy, diverse and thriving. This becomes something very important because tropical rain forests can affect rainfall patterns globally.

10. Benefits of Animals as Ecosystem Balancing for the Surrounding Environment

Balancing the ecosystem is one of the benefits of animals for the environment. There are herbivorous and carnivorous animals. Where, carnivorous animals eat the meat of other animals. Meanwhile, herbivorous animals are grass or plant eaters.

These herbivorous animals obtain food from weeds, tree leaves, and so on. So that animals and the natural environment around them interact like that.

In addition to the benefits of animals for the surrounding environment which have been mentioned above. Animals also have other benefits, namely as a producer of craft materials. For example, wayang kulit comes from cowhide.

Clothes made of animal skins and fur are known to be able to maintain human body temperature. So it can survive in cold weather. The skin and fur of these animals are still used in the world of fashion as materials for clothing, robes, jackets, bags, shoes and wallets. Although for several other reasons, it is prohibited and considered illegal.

So, those are some of the benefits of animals for the environment that you need to know about. Hopefully the discussion above can add to your knowledge and be useful for you.