Al-Quran Surah At Tariq, Translation, Benefits to Its Content!

Surat At Tariq is one of the letters that explains the creation of humans. This letter was revealed in Mecca and is classified as a Makkiyah letter. The name At Tariq is taken from this first verse. The word At Tariq is taken from the word tarqa-yatruqu which means to knock or hit with a hammer.

However, the word has many synonyms. In the Arabic-Indonesian dictionary Al Munawwir translates At Tariq with “who comes at night”.

Letter At Tariq

Surah At Tariq is the 86th letter in the Qur’an which consists of 17 verses. This letter was revealed after Al Balad’s letter. The following is the reading of At Tariq’s letter:

“In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.”

Verse 1

“By the heavens and those who come in the night.”

As has been passed in the previous interpretation, we know that the sky is the largest creature that we can see with the naked eye. Allah says:

“And the sky We built with power (Our), and We really expand it.” (QS. Adz – Dzariyat: 47)

Therefore, there is no being that we can see that is wider than the sky. Within the shade of the sky are the sun, moon, stars, showing how vast the sky is. In fact, we don’t even know where it ends, and all humans in any part of the world can see the sky.

Verse 2

“And do you know what came that night?”

Allah gives questions so that people pay attention to them.

Verse 3

“(that is) a sharp shining star.”

At Tariq is a penetrating star. The star does not appear except at night, and at night its light shines through the sky. At the beginning of the verse, Allah swears by two of His creatures. Allah is free to swear by any creature that He knows. In contrast to humans who are not allowed to swear by creatures.

As for what is permissible for us is to swear by Allah. Among what is also permissible is swearing by the attributes of Allah such as swearing by the word of Allah, namely the word of Allah the Qur’an because it is an attribute of Allah. As for swearing by other than Allah or His attributes, this is shirk. In contrast to Allah, He has the right to swear by anything from His creatures.

Verse 4

“everyone must have a guard.”

There is not a single soul but there is a recorder of his deeds. Therefore, we know that the angels know what we are doing, so we should be careful. This is because actually what fills our charity notebook is actually us ourselves, the angels only record it.

All the contents of the notes in the form of our words, our actions, our hearts, are our personal data that have been deposited with the angels. On the Day of Resurrection, we will see the results of the tips charity records.

Verse 5

“So let man pay attention to what he was created.”

Verse 6

“He was created from water (semen) that was emitted.”


Verse 7

“that comes out from between the backbone (sulbi) and the sternum.”

These verses are a warning from Allah to humans not to forget themselves. Surah At Tariq is a Makiyah letter which was revealed to Arab polytheists. They acknowledge the existence of God, but they deny the day of resurrection.

It’s as if God is mocking them, what makes them arrogant so they deny the day of resurrection. Therefore, Allah told them to reflect on where they were created, namely from the semen that was emitted.

First he came out of his father’s genitals in the form of semen and secondly when he was born he came out of his mother’s genitals where urine came out, but he was still arrogant and arrogant so he didn’t want to worship Allah Subhanahu Wa ta’ala.

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He was created from sperm that is clean and radiated so that he does not forget himself and he should also remember that Allah is able to create him from semen. Thus, he realized that before he was nothing. He was only created from semen which then fertilized a woman’s egg and then the process of human creation occurred.

Verse 8

“Indeed, Allah really has the power to restore it (life after death).”

Surah At Tariq was revealed for the Arab polytheists who deny the day of resurrection. So, Allah wants to remind that as Allah is able to create humans from semen, Allah is easier to resurrect humans from their death.

There are 4 opinions conveyed by Ibn Jarir At-Thobari:

  1. The word “return” returns to semen, that is, Allah is able to restore semen after it has been emitted. For humans it is impossible, but God has the power to restore it all. Allah is able to return the semen that has been emitted back into the genitals.
  2. God is able to return man back into semen if God wills.
  3. Allah is able to restore humans from an old condition to a young condition, from a young condition to a child’s condition.
  4. God is able to resurrect humanity

On the Day of Resurrection, the most important thing is a matter of the heart. Allah deals with His servants especially above what is in their hearts. It’s different when we are in the world, most of our muamalah is dependent on the dzahir.

Verse 9

“On the day when all mysteries are revealed,”

On the Day of Judgment, all secrets will be exposed and uncovered, no secrets will be hidden on the Day of Judgment. Therefore, we should also pay attention to the problems of our heart in addition to the practice of jawarih (limbs), including problems of sincerity, problems of qanaah, problems of faith in destiny, so this problem of the heart is a very important matter.

Because it is very influential on our practices in this world and in the hereafter when in yaumul reckoning, the day of resurrection. Most people pay so much attention to dzohir practices, but pay less attention to inner practice, even though heart practice is more important than dzohir practice.

Verse 10

“then humans no longer have a power and there is no helper.”

Someone who will be punished by Allah, then he will not be able to resist the punishment, and also no one else can help him. There is no power from himself and not from anyone else.

Therefore, that what will help us is our practice. Never hope for other people because it is often found that some people are too exaggerated towards the pious people around them.

Verse 11

“By the sky that contains rain,”

Verse 12

“and the earth that has vegetation,”

The meaning of these verses is that the sky sends down rain so that it pours out on the dead and barren land, then the land comes back to life with the growth of plants on these lands.

So, so is the day of resurrection, it is easy for Allah to resurrect the dead bodies as it is easy for Allah to revive the land that has been barren.

Verse 13

“Indeed, (the Qur’an) is truly a word of separation (between right and wrong),”

Verse 14

“And (the Qur’an) is not a joke.”

Al-Qur’an is the breaker and differentiator between truth and falsehood. When a verse comes from Allah, it is our obligation to accept it. The entire content of the Qur’an is serious and nothing is a joke. This is a rebuttal to the polytheists who claim that the verses of the Al-Qur’an are just fairy tales – the stories of the ancients which were read by the Prophet to joke and joke.

Verse 15

“Indeed, they (the disbelievers) are plotting evil tricks.”

Verse 16

“And I also made a plan (deception) that is precise,”

It should be noted that it is not permissible to say that Allah is the Creator of Deception, because we cannot attribute permanent deceit to Allah. But Allah sometimes makes tricks on people who make tricks.

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Therefore, the nature of treason, the nature of ridicule, the nature of deceit and others should not be attributed to God alone. However, we say that God can trick people who do tricks. Allah can commit treason against those who commit treason, Allah can mock those who mock.

Verse 17

“Therefore, give reprieve to those who disbelieve. Give them a chance for a while.”

Therefore, those who disbelieve do mischief in the world so that punishment will come to them both in this world and in the hereafter. However, they will die and enter the afterlife. Their present life is but a very short delay before the everlasting doom comes.


Meaning and Content of Surah At Tariq

At Tariq means “who comes in the night” and is named after At-Tariq’s pronunciation in the first verse of this letter. Surat At Tariq explains that humans originate from semen, so there is no need to be arrogant or arrogant.

Surat At Tariq explains about the power of Allah SWT which can revive humans on the last day. In addition, there is no power that can help humans other than Allah SWT. Allah SWT always looks after and cares for any person who is released, so that all creatures on earth that have lives, both animals, plants and humans, have been guaranteed sustenance by Allah SWT.

What are the contents of this 86th letter? Let’s see Sinaumed’s:

  1. Every soul is preserved by Allah SWT.
  2. Humans need to reflect on the origin of humans, namely from semen which will eliminate arrogance and pride.
  3. Allah can bring people back to life on the Day of Judgment, and at that time no one can help humans besides Allah SWT.
  4. The privilege of the stars in the sky.
  5. The initial source of human creation

The benefits of reading Surah At Tariq

There are many benefits that a Muslim can get when he regularly reads Surat At Tariq. Some of the benefits of reading the letter At Tariq include the following:

1. Abundant goodness

The virtue of reading the At Tariq letter is that it will get a lot of goodness. This is explained in the hadith of the Prophet as follows:

“Whoever reads the surah ‘Was samaa-i wath thariq, Allah will give him ten goodness as many as the number of stars in the sky.”

2. Protected from evil

Reading At Tariq’s letter can protect oneself from evil and be guarded from his enemies. In a hadith it is narrated. “Whoever is afraid that something will happen to him, then he reads surah At Tariq, Allah will protect him from his enemies and Allah will prevent him from his enemies.

3. In order not to be arrogant

This Surah At Tariq was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad SAW as a form of satire against Abil Asyad because of arrogance. This is also stated in a hadith: Abil Asyad said: “O people of Quraysh, whoever can move me from this skin, I will give a gift.” (Narrated by Ibn Abi Hatim).

Then, he also said: “Muhammad reckons that the gatekeepers of Jahannam are nineteen in number. I myself am able to represent you defeating the elder and I will leave the nine more to you.”

Because of the arrogance of Abil Asyad’s actions, Allah SWT sent down the letter At Tariq which contains the creation of humans and the stars in the sky.

4. Avoid scary dreams

By reading Surah At Tariq, you can avoid scary dreams or if you often talk while sleeping. So, read this practice before going to bed 1-10 times in a state of purity.

5. Attracts thieves from the house

Surat At Tariq has the virtue of being a practice to attract thieves from the house. The trick is to read Surah At Tariq 40 times at the door where thieves might pass and are in a state of purity.