8 Increasingly Promising Job Prospects for Agribusiness Departments in Indonesia

Job Prospects for the Department of AgribusinessThe Department of Agribusiness is one of the majors that has many job prospects, especially in the agricultural sector. Another advantage is that Indonesia is an agricultural country that has abundant natural wealth, especially in spices. There is no doubt that there are various kinds of natural products in Indonesia, Indonesia is also one of the countries with a high production of food commodities.

The Department of Agribusiness comes from the word “agribusiness” which is a combination of words from agriculture which means agriculture and business which means business. So, this department will study a business engaged in agriculture and all its supporting components, Sinaumed’s.

Agribusiness also has a meaning as a business or business engaged in agriculture and other fields that can support the agricultural sector, one of which is the food supply chain agribusiness . When studying agribusiness, you will learn about the economic perspective for the business of providing food. Apart from that, they will also be taught how to formulate strategies to gain profits through post-harvest management, aspects of cultivation, supply of raw materials, marketing stages to processing.

The material that will be studied in the agribusiness major is various, ranging from animal feed, tools and machines for agriculture, biofuel production, how to produce seeds, regarding agricultural chemicals, agricultural tourism, to the process of making agricultural materials. As one of the study programs, agribusiness combines knowledge between social sciences and science and technology, because this department studies all aspects of cultivation, processing of agricultural products, business management, entrepreneurship, to product marketing.

This department will also discuss many businesses and procedures for managing the environment, so that it will be more efficient, effective and of course profitable. You will study Agricultural Science, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness Systems, Macroeconomics, Agribusiness Marketing, Agribusiness Communication, Plantation, Community Development, BEDP Agro-industrial Engineering, BEDP Food Crops, Horticultural Crops and many more.

In addition to agriculture, agribusiness majors can also enter the livestock sector. You can start building your own business by developing livestock products, starting from cultivation to producing commodities that are imported abroad, such as beef. The rest of the process, such as the skin, can be reused to produce other goods of sale value. By doing business in this field, you can produce a lot of products (zero waste), which means you can make a lot of profit, Sinaumed’s.

Job Prospects of the Department of Agribusiness

Here are some other job prospects for graduates of the Agribusiness Department:

1. Agricultural Consultants

In this profession, not only your insight is also required to have good communication, and be able to maintain client confidentiality. Agricultural consultants also need good analytical skills because they are not only jobs in the business and academic fields. The function of a consultant in this department is as important as any other. For example in analyzing the selling price of products on the market and nutrients on agricultural land.

This is needed by farmers if they want to obtain abundant crops and better profits. There are many functions of agricultural consultants that are rarely known by the public. In this way, it is hoped that farmers can understand and understand its use. However, being an agricultural consultant does not only deal with people who consult, but helps them when there are problems that must be taken care of on their land.

Following are other Agricultural Consultant Responsibilities:

  • In agriculture, a consultant will deal with cultivation issues. Plants need to be cultivated so that the basic food needs of the community, especially rice, vegetables and fruit, can then be met properly. In addition, in the plant maintenance section, there will be a lot of input on how to properly fertilize, care for, irrigate, and grow agricultural products on the land. In addition, a consultant will also provide advice on weed control and pest control in the field. this needs to be consulted because these disturbances are a big problem and need to be controlled
  • Not only in the agricultural sector, he also plays a role in the plantation industry. The Oil Palm Plantation Consultant is an example. Agricultural consultants will help select superior oil palm seeds, even to the suitability of land in an area. In addition, consulting on investments that can strengthen and enlarge the business can also be made to agricultural consultants. If doing this is not assisted by a consultant, it can be self-defeating. Therefore the mere presence of a consultant is not only for negotiations, but also for listening to advice and consulting. But to help choose a good step in the plantation sector, so that its development is maximized.
  • Supervise activities such as irrigation, chemical use, harvesting, milking, breeding, or grading to ensure compliance with existing safety regulations or standards.
  • Carrying out research in agriculture, monitoring, evaluating, and reporting research in agriculture.
  • Visiting farmer groups in the working area to carry out advocacy, coaching, and counseling.
  • Offering solutions to various problems regarding efforts to increase productivity, business efficiency, and income of farmers in working areas.
  • Develop farmer groups so that they become economic and social strengths of the surrounding community.
  • Develop various technical policies, plans and research programs in agriculture.
  • Supporting the implementation of quality research in the agricultural sector which includes the health, agro, environmental and industrial sectors.
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2. Pioneer NGO

Non-Governmental Organizations and Cooperatives that want to step in to advance Indonesian agriculture. Therefore if you have a great desire to help advance agriculture in Indonesia and help farmers work, working in an NGO or cooperative itself can be the right agribusiness job prospect for you. Apart from helping develop agriculture, you will also see firsthand the processes that the farmers go through, hear about the problems they are experiencing, and can help by providing solutions directly.

For graduates majoring in agribusiness, you can join work in NGOs, by providing counseling to the public related to agribusiness knowledge. For example in the field of agriculture or animal husbandry, that way you will help breeders or farmers to get much better and bigger livestock and harvests, as well as opening up promising career opportunities.

3. Supplier of Organic Vegetables and Fruits

By carrying out a cooperation program with local farmers, the opportunity to become a supplier of organic crops is still open. Armed with knowledge during college, the opportunity to become a new commodity trader is wide open to create a new commodity market. Responsibilities of this job include:

  • Ensuring the availability of raw materials or raw materials for parties (individuals or companies) who need them.
  • Ensuring that the raw materials supplied are still in good condition when received by the buyer.
  • Manage the process of storing raw materials before sending them to companies that need them.
  • Arrange delivery of raw materials in a timely manner to those who need them.
  • Procurement of raw materials, in the process of procuring raw materials can be done alone by suppliers or in collaboration with other parties.
  • Make information on raw materials, before selling to other parties, the supplier must prepare information about the raw materials being sold.
  • Doing marketing, the marketing process can be done offline or online. If you use the online method, you can help promote through social media, websites, or e-commerce.
  • In collaboration with business people, at this stage suppliers must be committed to being able to supply quality raw materials to business people on a regular basis.
  • Maintaining quality, in this case the quality of service and quality of raw materials greatly affect the success of suppliers in running their business.

4. Research Institute

A research is carried out by a special institution or group that has permission to conduct a research. The methods used for the research are standard scientific research techniques, but there are no definitive or predictable results of commercial value in the near future. The researchers’ own tasks include:

  • Carry out research, monitoring, evaluation, and research reporting
  • Develop new products in their fields that are useful for life
  • Operates every main tool, conducts tests and evaluates test results
  • Develop various technical policies, plans and research programs
  • Collaborating with companies related to the procurement of goods and services for the company’s research and development activities
  • Support the implementation of quality research covering the fields of health, agro, environment, and industry
  • Conduct tests, manufacture test kits, and develop new technologies to improve the quality of the products produced by the company
  • Ensuring the quality of performance within the company is in accordance with predetermined standards.
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5. Government Agencies

Agribusiness graduates can also work at the Regional Planning and Development Agency (BAPPEDA) and contribute to educating the wider community about how to properly manage agriculture, plantations and fields. By becoming a BAPPEDA officer, you have contributed to the welfare of the people, Sinaumed’s.

Working at the Ministry of Agriculture is very suitable for agribusiness majors, such as working in Agricultural Research and Development. The task that must be carried out is to carry out research, innovation and development in the agricultural sector. Some of the functions of the Research and Development Agency in carrying out its duties are as follows:

  • Preparation of technical policies, plans and programs for research, development and innovation in agriculture
  • Implementation of research, development and innovation in agriculture
  • Dissemination of research results, development and innovation in agriculture
  • Monitoring, evaluating and reporting the implementation of research, development and innovation in agriculture
  • Administrative implementation of the Agency for Agricultural Research and Development
  • Implementation of other functions provided by the Ministry

6. Academics/Lecturers

In addition, leading to the Tridharma of Education, a lecturer also needs to conduct research in accordance with his field of knowledge. As a scientist, lecturers need to regularly publish scientific papers and research results at academic conferences, Sinaumed’s.

Don’t worry about educational costs, lecturers can easily get scholarships as well as research costs, because there are many scholarship distribution agencies that prioritize lecturers, because they are considered easy in transferring knowledge. This Professional Responsibilities include:

  • Creating a conducive and enjoyable learning atmosphere or climate
  • Plan and carry out the learning process, as well as assess and evaluate learning outcomes
  • Learning Strategies Selecting and using appropriate training or instructional methods and procedures when learning or teaching something new, Sinaumed’s
  • Improving and developing academic qualifications and lecture competencies in a sustainable manner in line with developments in science, technology and art
  • Act objectively and not discriminatory on the basis of considerations of gender, religion, ethnicity, race, certain physical conditions, or socio-economic background in students in their learning
  • Having various tasks and implementing them in the form of dedication. These tasks contain social, humanitarian, and professional matters.

7. Private Companies

Many private companies are engaged in agribusiness, therefore graduates from the agribusiness major are very capable if they want to work in private companies. You can choose a company in what field you can apply to, such as commodities or agribusiness. Or, if you want to build your own business, you can become a commodity supplier in this field, Sinaumed’s.

8. Entrepreneurs

Someone who works as an entrepreneur in the field of agribusiness must be sensitive and create a job that can answer the problems that are being faced by people in the field of agriculture. Examples include problems regarding the welfare of farmers in the area, how do they get profits that are in accordance with the quality of the crops being sold, and about how to maintain their businesses in the agricultural sector.

When you succeed in solving problems like that, besides being able to help and alleviate, you can certainly take further action. Such as opening a platform or media for many people to invest in the fields of these farmers. This will improve the performance of farmers.

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