Get to know what spoilers are and also the effects of spoilers

Spoilers are – Ever heard of the word “ spoiler ”? Does Sinaumed’s know what that means? We often hear the word spoiler when a work, whether in the form of a novel, manga, anime, film, TV show, and so on, has not appeared or aired for a long time, but someone else has already told us about the path and story content of thework .

So, to understand more about spoilers , you can see the full review below, Sinaumed’s.

Spoiler meaning

Spoilers are leaking the contents of the story, both orally and through certain platforms that can spoil people’s enjoyment when enjoying the work. The term is often interpreted as an act of leaking the contents of a story which often reduces one’s comfort when enjoying a work.

In language, the word ‘ spoiler ‘ comes from English which means ‘leak’. This word is usually pinned on those who like to tell the storyline of a work that has just appeared and is much anticipated.

Meanwhile, according to Wikipedia, in the media and the internet, spoilers are writings or statements about a story, which reveal the storyline. Reading parts of a story can reduce the pleasure of reading that story, because the pleasure of reading a story usually depends on the dramatization or tension that the story creates.

Usually in the mass media and the internet, disclosures are hidden in a certain way, so that only those who wish to see these disclosures can read them.

According to the Cambridge Dictionary , spoilers are information that can spoil the fun. Also, spoilers can be defined as information in newspaper articles, blogs, etc. that tells what will happen in a program, thus spoiling the enjoyment of the audience or new readers if you haven’t seen it before.

Usually, in an article or review that contains spoilers there will be a warning such as “ spoiler warning-if you haven’t watched it, stop reading now! “. The warning was given because spoilers make most people unhappy.

Therefore, in an article or review that contains spoilers, they often write ” spoiler alert ” or ” spoiler warning ” at the beginning of the article so that readers know that the contents of the article or review will leak the contents of a work, so that readers can prepare themselves and decide whether to keep reading or not.

The spoiler method is not just telling orally. But it can also be in the form of video recordings to writing. One of the bad effects of receiving leaks from a story is that it can reduce the pleasure of reading that story, because the pleasure of reading a story usually depends on the dramatization or tension caused by the story.

From the explanation above, it can be concluded that spoilers are leaking the contents of the story to other people. Plus there’s been some research on spoilers and why they make you uncomfortable or don’t want to hear them.

A study in Live Science found that spoilers or leaking of the main plot may not completely spoil the experience, but they can reduce tension and decrease overall enjoyment.


Spoiler Types of People

Understanding spoilers isn’t complete without discussing the types of spoilers. The following are the types of people who are spoilers, including:

Intentional Spoilers

Of the many people, the worst spoilers are those who deliberately provide the contents of the course of a film or a story, because they have watched or read the book. Usually, this spoiler is often known as an acute spoiler because it is difficult to remove.

In fact, they will feel they will benefit if they do spoilers . Apart from the benefits, the acute spoiler also feels that he gets a sense of satisfaction from carrying out these actions even though many people don’t like them.

Accidentally Became A Spoiler

It’s not just an acute spoiler , sometimes there are some people who accidentally become spoilers . Usually, they let slip the contents or storyline of a film. This second type of spoiler usually reveals the storyline more often because they are very enthusiastic about the film.

That enthusiasm then gives recommendations to their friends to read a book or watch a film, even though without realizing they have already told the contents of the book or film. Even so, those who accidentally become spoilers will usually immediately apologize for being so enthusiastic.

Spoiler for a Job Demands

After discussing the two types of spoilers, there are also spoilers that are made because of the demands of a job. Although intentionally giving spoilers because of work, when published they will generally be given a label that says “Spoiler Alert” . That way, readers will know if the contents of the content contain spoilers .

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By and large, work related to spoilers is a critic. In this case, critics can be anything, such as book critics, film critics, and so on.

Reasons For No Spoilers

In the information age like today, spoilers can be done at any time and through various platforms. The development of social media is often used by irresponsible people to disseminate, for example, snippets of scenes or one page of comics and novels.

Spoiling is the act of leaking the plot of a show. In fact, the act of spoiling can keep you from enjoying the show because you already know how the story goes. This spoiling action will usually be obtained from someone who has watched the film first and is not from the official film.

Besides that, spoilers are also prone to occur in articles that discuss a work. So, the writer, reviewer or critic needs to be careful when reviewing a film or novel so as not to give too many spoilers .

There are several reasons why someone does not take spoiling, including:

1. Violating Film Copyright

The first reason why everyone should not do cinema piracy is because it would violate copyright. Please note that any copyright violators will be penalized for violating the rule of law.

In the rules of film spoiler law there is copyright to protect certain works that have been registered by the creator. The existence of copyright, of course, will protect the work from all forms of violations committed by the perpetrator.

So, we shouldn’t do spoilers or become spoilers . This needs to be done so that we are not subject to sanctions for violating copyright. That way, other people can enjoy a work in a fun and exciting way.

The development of social media is very rapid, especially in Indonesia, making spoiler cases widespread. Without realizing it, giving spoilers on social media will reduce the interest of the audience in the wider community. In fact, every cinema story maker will keep as secret as possible about every part of the plot.

However, the perpetrators arbitrarily violated by distributing film footage, even for a short time, could disturb the comfort of potential viewers. What’s more, if an audience has not watched the film directly, they will definitely not be curious anymore, so that the curiosity that every viewer should have will be reduced because they have seen spoilers. Don’t let your spoilers do it even if it’s only sharing on your own social media.

Sharing movie spoilers that have been watched makes many parties aware of the puzzle before watching. That way, it will be easier to predict the plot of the cinema story, while other reasons must be known so as not to violate piracy.

2. The creator of the work is directly harmed

The reason for not allowing spoilers for the next film can make the creator of the work feel the loss directly. Even the losses received by the creators are far greater than the gains from selling the work.

Maybe many people already know that every film made will definitely cost a lot of money. The amount of money to pay for the crew on duty, players, and other things causes losses to be created directly. In fact, with the existence of spoilers , it can harm a cinema maker or a work. Apart from that, it can have long-term effects where one of them is not being able to produce films or works anymore.

So, viewers or readers should be aware that spoilers are actions that can harm many people. Therefore, the Indonesian people should always avoid pirating video films or leaking the contents of a book.

Disrespecting works is one of the biggest reasons for being prohibited from carrying out an illegal act, namely spreading film spoilers . If you do this, it directly disfigures the work and harms the creator. In fact, it is possible that the creator of the work will be lazy to produce even better works.

With an explanation of these various reasons, it is highly recommended for all of us to avoid pirating other people’s works in any form, especially cinema.

Spoiler Impact

1. Makes Someone Lazy to Watch or Read a Work

Spoilers often occur in a joke or casual conversation about a work. Often someone, whether intentionally or not, tells the contents of a story that ends up with a spoiler .

Even though it is often considered a trivial thing, spoilers can have a bad impact on the recipient of the story leak. This can lead to reduced pleasure when reading or watching a work. In fact, it’s not uncommon for someone to cancel their intention to enjoy a work because they’ve already received too many story leaks.

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That way, the creator of the work can suffer a loss because his work becomes unsold in the market. In fact, it may be difficult for creators of works to make good works again.

2. Spoilers Penalties

Sinaumed’s, spoilers are a form of piracy. Legally, spoilers can be threatened with imprisonment or fines, you know!

Based on Law Number 28 of 2014 concerning Copyright Article 113, it is stated that someone who distributes films/works for economic gain is categorized as piracy with a maximum imprisonment of 10 years and/or a maximum fine of IDR 4 billion.

As is well known spoiler is leaking the contents of the story. Spoilers can also be in the form of video recordings to writing. Several types of spoilers deliberately record and upload film footage to the mass media. Over time, uploading footage of films currently showing in theaters has become a trend in society.

Of course, this is not justified by the Copyright Law and the ITE Law. For anyone who does this, can be punished with imprisonment of 10 years and/or a fine of IDR 4 billion.

Copyright infringers can have a negative impact on creators. Losses both economically and morally, so to prevent this from happening and to overcome them, it is necessary to have a governing law. Law enforcement of copyrights is usually carried out by copyright holders in civil law, but there is also a criminal law side.

Criminal sanctions are generally imposed for serious counterfeiting activities, but are becoming increasingly common in other cases. Criminal sanctions for copyright infringement in Indonesia generally carry a minimum prison sentence of one month and a maximum of seven years, which may or may not be accompanied by a fine of at least one million rupiah and a maximum of five billion rupiah.

As contained in Law Number 33 of 2009 concerning Films: Article 40 paragraph (1), which reads: “Anyone who intentionally distributes, exports, shows funds or shows films as referred to in Article 33 paragraph 6 is subject to imprisonment for a maximum of 5 years and/or a maximum fine of IDR 50,000,000.00 (fifty million rupiah).” Meanwhile, regarding the administrative sanctions that will be obtained by the film pirate, it is regulated in Article 78 of Law no. 33 of 2009.

Of course this had to start immediately at a time when all the rules had to be consistently implemented if they were to be upheld. Piracy in the field of film or video recording is increasingly common. One of the reasons is because the original film is a product that cannot be consumed by all parties in every circle because the original film is set at a fairly high price.


Spoiler Guide

Compiled from Wired and The Spectrum , there are several things that can be done to become connoisseurs of good works and addressing spoilers , namely:

1. Don’t be a bully

This also applies to a narrower scale, such as within your circle of friends. For example, if you know a friend is reading Harry Potter for the first time, don’t tell them what will happen in the second book onwards or reveal which characters will die.

If you do this, instead of making it look like you have extensive knowledge in your work, it can actually brand you as a nuisance.

2. Don’t Expect Not to Get Spoilers

Hoping to stay away from spoilers , especially in today’s information age, this seems a bit excessive, especially for works that have been published for months or years.

Realize that you are too late to enjoy certain works. Even so, you can avoid spoilers, don’t dig into deeper information regarding the work you are enjoying.

3. Don’t Read Articles Related to Certain Works

If you’re enjoying a piece of work and don’t want to be bothered by spoilers , then try to avoid reading articles about that work. Also, don’t peek at the fanbase page of certain works too often.

4. Waiting

Try waiting a few weeks before discussing a crucial plot in a movie or TV show with your friends.

5. Let Others Experience It Alone

If the ending or plot twist of a success story surprised you, let other people feel the way you have.

In short, don’t leak important points in the story to friends or people who haven’t, want to, or are currently enjoying the work.

Being a spoiler is one of the actions that should not be done because it can harm many people. Therefore, we should not take any spoiler action so that creators of works can continue to produce quality works.

After reading this article to the end, I hope Sinaumed’s can be wiser in using social media and gadgets so he doesn’t become a spoiler .

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