5 Time Machine Theory and Discussion About Time Travel

Time Machine – In this modern era there may still be some people who believe that someone can travel to the past. The trip is usually done by using a time machine. In fact, there are already several time machine theories that believe that traveling to the past can be done.

Time Machine

Some people may not believe that they can go back in time using a time machine. However, travel to the past is most likely a possibility because a group of scientists from the University of Queensland, Australia managed to simulate two photons, the single elementary particles of light that can interact when time travels.

Simulations of time travel to the past are often thought to be possible because at the quantum level the smallest particles can no longer be divided. Then, photons are also included in things that follow the mechanism in quantum law. In the experiments that have been carried out by researchers for this time machine using two photons to simulate quantum particles, so they can travel to the past with a time machine.

Researchers studying the behavior of photons can then reveal a possibility for a strange aspect of modern physics.

When it enters the simulation process, one of the photons will be projected so that it can travel to the past through a time machine tunnel or wormhole. In addition, these photons can also be projected onto other, older photons.

Meanwhile, the second photon is designed to travel through time using its normal mode. Even so, this second photon can still interact with other photons trapped in a time loop or closed time curve/CTC and in a time machine hole.

Then, from the steps that have been carried out, the behavior of the second photon can learn the behavior of the first photon. From these results, it turns out that there are simulation results showing that time travel at an open quantum level is likely to occur. Then, the nature of the quantum particle changes to become uncertain or you could say blurry, thus creating enough space to avoid inconsistent time travel situations.

Meanwhile, other researchers, Martin Ringbauer from the University of Queensland, said that their team’s findings were inconsistent with the General Relativity and General Mechanics theories of the famous physicist Albert Einstein.

According to Martin Ringbauer, Albert Einstein only explained the scheme of the world on a very large scale, whereas quantum mechanics itself was considered a good description on the smaller scale of atoms and molecules.

Then, based on the research team’s simulation, the time machine travel scheme that has been carried out only exists on small particles or on particles; with the quantum level as well as photons that are smaller than atoms. So, it can be said that this latest simulation cannot explain larger particles, such as larger than atoms.

Basically, the potential for time machine travel at the quantum level itself was predicted by scientists decades ago. More precisely, around 1991, the prediction of a time machine at the smallest particle level appeared. These researchers base it on the behavior of quantum particles which is almost outside the realm of physics. Then, the latest research from the University of Queensland has also been published in the Journal of Nature Communications.

Science’s Answer If the Time Machine Was Invented?

Time travel to the past and the future seems to have been the dream of many people even though this is still impossible to do. However, how does science respond to this. What will happen if it turns out that the time machine has been found? Will this world experience global chaos? Instead of you being curious about the answer, you can see the short review below.

1. Going back in time is definitely a very terrible thing

The physicist from the University of Connecticut, Professor Ron Mallett, once expressed his opinion that a time machine could be created in the future. This is as reviewed on the BBC News page , if he thinks that returning to the past can happen in the future because all science can get definite answers.

Of course, going back in time in order to make things right is the dream of many people. However, going back in time can also be a terrible thing. Just imagine, if you are 80 years old and visit yourself in the past when you were young, then you could say it is something strange or even scary in your life. This is because, the slightest thing that is changed in the past can change lives in the future or worse, it can eliminate the future.

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2. Getting lost in the past is a disaster

If one day it turns out that you are traveling through time using a time machine to the past, then you should make sure the date and year you are aiming for are correct and not wrong. This needs to be ensured or programmed properly because if the date and year are wrong, then you can get lost in the past.

In fact, it is possible that you can get lost in Roman times or Ancient Greek times. If you suddenly appeared during that era, it could make noise and confusion for people in the past. In addition, it is possible that you will be considered a witch or a god because you can come from the future.

If you are unlucky, you could be arrested, then paraded by local residents to be brutally tried. It is certain that the soldiers of the Roman, Greek, Persian and Alexander the Great eras were no match for today’s modern humans.

There are many opinions from the Science Borealis page which are actually quite reasonable, namely some experts then state that a time machine can be created with the concept of a one-way ticket.

3. Going to the future is much safer and reasonable

If going to the past is a bad idea, then the same may not be true if one goes to the future. There are several reasons why going to the future is safer than going to the past, namely:

The mindset of humans in the future is very open and more able to accept the existence of a time machine well.

Second, going to the future is the safest journey that makes the most sense. Reporting from the Space page , in theory, traveling to the future is believed to be the most reasonable step than going to the past. Even with super-fast vehicles that are below the speed of light, humans can already travel to the future even in a short span of time.

4. Maybe aliens and UFOs are humans from the future

The alien mystery has not been revealed so far, so it might be related to humans from the future. It could be, hundreds of thousands or millions of years in the future, humans have evolved into organisms that are different from humans that exist today.

At the same time, a time machine has been created that can allow anyone to explore the past with special rides. Wait a minute, it’s not just imagination.

The reason is, this opinion actually came out of a biology professor named Michael Masters. The professor of biology and anthropology from Montana Technological University stated that there are many things related to human evolution in the future and one of them can be said to be similar to a big-headed alien.

5. The world will be chaotic and destroyed

If a time machine is created and starts to be mass-produced, it is possible that it will also destroy the world in the near future. Then, people from the past could destroy the existing historical order. Besides that, it could be that people from the past went to the future with advanced technology that could destroy human civilization.

Certainly, the time machine will only bring more harm than good. Fortunately, many intelligent scientists then state that time travel is very difficult, even impossible to do.

The late Stephen Hawking once argued that time travel is closely related to space and dimensions. That means, if we travel through time, we should be in a different dimension and will not disturb the history that has been formed.

Some of the explanation points above may still not be enough to explain the concept of a time machine and the various impacts it will have.

Convincing Time Machine Theory

Until now, the time machine itself is still the most relevant science-fiction in the real world. Some people believe that the time machine is real, but some others consider it a myth. Then, what is the evidence that shows that the time machine existed, here are some of them:

1. Claims of humans coming from the future

A media express.co.uk in November 2017 reported that someone claimed to have come from 2028. A man named Noah said that he was willing to endanger himself to be able to return to the present just to be able to warn people that machines that time really existed.

“I’m not trying to deceive anyone, my main goal in coming here is to prove that the time machine really exists and I am a person who travels through time,” said Noah in a video uploaded to the YouTube account.

Apart from that, Noah also admitted that because of his time traveling, he suffered from anorexia and depression. Noah further claimed that he had to take drugs to look younger than his actual age, which was 50 years old.

2. Hipster guy showing up in old school photos

The photo above is a photo taken during the opening ceremony of the South Fork bridge in British Columbia or more precisely around the 1840s. If you observe it further, then a man has a stylish look in the millennial era. If you observe more closely a man is more like a person who comes from the millennium era.

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3. Photo of a woman holding a smartphone in 1928

Other evidence that the time machine theory exists, namely the existence of women who use mobile phones . Even though at that time there was no cell phone technology. This photo itself comes from the footage of the famous silent film, Charlie Chaplin.

4. The Philadelphia Experiment

This experiment itself is intended to make the USS Eldridge undetectable by enemy radar. According to the ship’s crew, this ship really seemed to have disappeared and suddenly traveled through time very quickly. All of the ship’s crew with each other then have reasons and versions of the same story to each other.

5. The Cape Scott Story

The Cape Scott Story is a theoretical story that presents evidence of the most widely believed time machine. In that photo, there is a man sitting on a rock wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and long hair like humans who live today in general.

Even though the people around him only wore clothes from the 1917s. No one knows who this person is and why he is dressed like that. This photo was used as the cover of the book The Cape Scott Story and many people believe that time machines really exist.


Whether or not there is a time machine theory, humans should always do good and not harm others. For some people, the theory of a time machine is true, but there are also those who think that the theory of a time machine doesn’t really exist. To believe that the time machine theory exists or not, is returned to the reader.

So, are you one of those who believe in time machine theory or don’t believe in it? Thus the discussion about the time machine and the theory of the time machine.

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