5 Rarely Known Benefits of Gratitude and Ways to Express Gratitude!

The Benefits of Being Grateful – Life is hard. You who are adults will definitely agree with this statement. When we are children, we often think about how good it would be to be adults. But when we grow up, we realize that life as children is much easier. When we were little, the heaviest problems we faced were difficult homework or coming late to school.

When they are adults, the problems that arise are getting heavier. It is so heavy that sometimes it disturbs our mental and physical health. Not only a problem, when we grow up we are also faced with a series of responsibilities that we must bear.

However, the name of life, no matter how hard it is, you still have to live it. Mostly because we really have no other choice but to live it. To make it easier, we must be diligent in being grateful. Well, that doesn’t sound reasonable. Life is hard but why be grateful? In fact, being grateful can indeed make life a lot easier and happier. Check out reviews regarding the benefits of being grateful!

Meaning of Gratitude

Discussing gratitude, we must often do it. However, have you ever wondered, what exactly is gratitude? Some people will surely answer, to be grateful is to thank God Almighty for all His bounties and gifts. This answer is actually right, really right. But actually, the meaning of gratitude is various.

In language, the word gratitude itself actually comes from Arabic, namely syakaro-yaskuru-syukron which means praise for those who give kindness. In the teachings of Islam, gratitude is an expression of gratitude to Allah SWT for the pleasures that have been given. Not just being grateful by expressing it by saying Alhamdulillah, but also manifesting it by acting and increasing our obedience when worshiping Allah SWT.

Specifically, Allah SWT even commands people to be grateful and remember Him a lot, because the more we remember Allah SWT, Allah SWT will also remember us. The form of remembering that is by making our affairs and sustenance easier, and blessing our lives.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala says:

7 signs you are a grateful person

Thanking God is something we should do often. As previously said, the more often we are grateful, the easier our life will be. Besides that, being grateful is actually very easy to do. In addition, people who are diligently grateful also usually show certain signs. What kind of sign? Are you a grateful person?

1. Rarely complain

Complaining when our life is in difficult times is a natural thing to do. After all, we are ordinary people. After all, there’s also no law that violates that humans shouldn’t complain. But that doesn’t mean you have to complain every five minutes. Complaining is okay, but complaining too often also has a bad effect on our lives.

Complaining once in a while will indeed make our burden feel lighter. But if it’s too often, complaining will also make problems that are actually light feel heavier.

People who are always grateful usually rarely complain. They may complain every now and then, but that is only if the problem they are facing is really heavy and on the verge of their ability.

2. Always able to see the best side of a problem

Smart people are grateful not only rarely complain, but also smart to see the positive side of a problem. Normally, when someone is stuck in a problem, they tend to get stuck in that problem. His mind is a mess, so instead of thinking positively, it’s hard to beg forgiveness from negative thoughts.

However, it’s a different story if people who are grateful are stuck in a problem. No matter how difficult life befalls them, they always manage to find the positive side of the problems they face, and are even grateful for these positive things. Great, huh?

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3. Never feel inferior with his condition

Life isn’t always easy, we all know that. Some say, life is like a spinning wheel. Sometimes above, sometimes below, and that’s the reality. Not infrequently, when our condition is under, our lives fall apart to make us feel ashamed even if it’s to our own friends.

People who like to be grateful will not be like that. They realize that (again) life is spinning. Now, his life is indeed at the bottom, but he realizes, his condition will not last forever. As long as he is willing to try and pray, tomorrow the day after tomorrow things will definitely get better.

4. Like to thank

Another good trait possessed by people who are always grateful is that they know how to appreciate the good that comes to them. Even though kindness is small or even meaningless in the eyes of other people, they will still appreciate it.

In addition, saying “Thank You” is one of their ultimate expressions when a kindness comes to them. Eits , just because they often say thank you, doesn’t mean they say it carelessly, okay! When someone who is good at being grateful says thank you, those words not only come out of his mouth, but also his heart.

5. Not arrogant let alone overreacting

As already said, grateful people are very good at appreciating kindness. Now, because they know how to appreciate, they will also never be extravagant for anything he has. He knows how to make the most of something.

Apart from not exaggerating, people who are diligently grateful also do not have arrogant traits. They are self-aware, whatever they have now is just a deposit from God. It’s called a deposit, it can be taken at any time by its owner. Let alone possessions, himself was not even his own. If all these things belong to God, then what is there to be proud of?

6. Like to share with others

In Islamic teachings, there are other people’s parts in each of our sustenance. Who else? Of course, people who need it more than us. People who like to be grateful are well aware of that. That’s why every time he gets a kindness, whether it’s fortune or more food, they will be happy to share it with others.

Maybe the sustenance we give is not much, but for people who need it, it means a lot. After all, by sharing, we have spread the happiness we have to others.

7. Have a clean heart

People who like to be grateful are happy to share, are good at appreciating, and also have positive thoughts. With all that goodness, it would be impossible if he had a dirty heart. Conversely, people who are diligently grateful actually have a clean heart and mind.

They always feel enough with what they have, so jealousy and envy are always far from their hearts. Because their hearts are clean, their minds are also clean. He never had bad thoughts, let alone wanting to harm others.

5 Benefits of Being Grateful

At first glance, being grateful looks easy. But who would have thought, something that is so easy to do turns out to have so many benefits. Not many people realize, how many benefits of being grateful will be obtained when we are diligent in giving thanks to God. What are the benefits of being grateful?

1. Our life will become more blessed

You may not believe it, but when we are often grateful, our lives feel much more blessed. How’s the sign? The sign is that our life is always enough, and never feel less.

It feels like various good things are coming, even from directions we never thought before. Even when we lack, there is always a way out. What’s more, even though our life is not excessive, we can still share it with others. Weird and magical at the same time!

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala says:

2. Free from liver disease

Many people are busy protecting themselves from bodily ailments, but forget to protect themselves from liver ailments. In fact, heart disease is also as dangerous as physical disease. Diseases of the heart such as pride, envy, and envy can not only harm oneself, but also harm others.

It’s lucky for those who are smart to be grateful, because with gratitude, their risk of getting heart disease will also be smaller. Why is that? Because they always feel that their life is enough, nothing is lacking. If you’ve had enough, then why be jealous and envious of what belongs to someone else?

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3. Makes us closer to God

The next benefit of being grateful is, it makes us closer to God. This is because they realize that everything they get comes from God. To express their gratitude, they not only use their mouths, but also increase their worship.

The more often he is grateful, the greater his desire to get closer to Allah SWT. The closer we are to the Creator, our faith will also be stronger than before.

4. Avoid physical illness

If you think about it, almost all the diseases that come to our bodies originate from two things. One unhealthy lifestyle, and second from the mind. Bad thoughts will have a bad effect on our body.

Starting from a headache, loss of appetite, plus a complicated mind, in the end it will make our body’s defenses collapse so that it is more susceptible to various diseases. But by diligently being grateful, our hearts and minds will become calmer and more comfortable so that the risk of getting physical illness will also be smaller.

5. God added enjoyment to his life

When someone does good, then we thank him, then that person will also be kinder to us. The same thing was done by God. When you are grateful, not only will your faith grow stronger, Allah SWT will also add pleasure to your life.

The opposite will happen if we are negligent in being grateful. Life will feel lacking and make it difficult for us to be happy.

Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala says:

(QS. Ibrahim 14: Verse 7).

3 Ways to Express Gratitude

Most of us may think that gratitude can only be expressed in words. When in fact, there are many ways we can express the feelings of gratitude we feel. How to?

1. Be more obedient in worship

Expressing gratitude is not enough just to say “Alhamdulillah”. More than that, gratitude must also be accompanied by better worship progress. If yesterday, you only performed obligatory worship such as praying five times a day and fasting during Ramadan, now you can start practicing various Sunnah worship.

For example, like diligently praying Dhuha, diligently fasting Monday-Thursday, or diligently doing night prayers. After all, these worship services are indeed the law of the Sunnah, but the benefits are also very much. Midnight and Duha prayers, for example, can bring sustenance and also all our wishes or prayers that we pray will be granted by Allah SWT.

2. Share with others

When you get the best gift, don’t you want to share it with others? Apart from worship, sharing can also be a cool way to express our gratitude to Allah SWT.

When we share, we don’t actually just help meet the needs of others, and make them happy. More than that, without realizing it, when we share, we also spread the gratitude we have to others. How not, when we share, the person who is shared will feel happy. He was so happy that he automatically thanked his God.

3. Don’t forget to smile!

In the teachings of Islam, smiling is also part of worship. When you have nothing to help others, you can encourage them with a smile. On the other hand, smiling can also be a way to express the gratitude we feel.

By smiling, you also share happiness with others. By smiling, the world will know that you are happy. By smiling, you also indirectly help put other people in a better mood. So, don’t forget to smile from now on!

Being grateful is indeed a simple thing, but after reading the explanation above, we all become aware of how meaningful and the many benefits of being grateful we have. When we are grateful, not only will our life be better, but other people’s lives will also be better. Finally, with lots of gratitude, we will also be closer to Allah SWT. People whose lives are close to Allah SWT, then not only their worldly affairs are guaranteed, but also their hereafter.

So, from now on, no matter how difficult your life is right now, get used to being grateful. Don’t forget, gratitude is coupled with a lot of patience. Don’t worry too much, because everything will be okay in the end.

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