5 Prayers for Sick People in Islam

Prayers for Sick People – Visiting sick people is not just bringing fruits or delicious food. Not only to entertain patients. Visiting a sick person is incomplete if it is not accompanied by a prayer so that the sick person will get well soon. On this occasion, we will discuss prayers that we can read to the sick. Come on, Sinaumed’s, let’s go right away.

About Sick People

In times of illness like this, one understands more about the meaning of life. Not only that, people who are sick usually have their hearts softened. So that he can reflect more on the mistakes he has made. He also needs prayer help to get well soon.

Encouragement to Pray

Allah ‘ Azza wa Jalla  commands orders for a Muslim to go through many verses in the holy book Al Quran. One of them is as stated in Surah Al Baqarah verse 186.

“And when My servants ask you about Me, then (answer), that I am near. I grant the request of a person who prays when he asks Me, then let them fulfill (All My commandments) and let them believe in Me, so that they will always be in the truth.”

To reinforce the importance of prayer, Rasulullah SAW also mentioned in the hadith narrated by Imam Tirmidhi number 3370, Imam Ibn Majah number 3829, and Imam Ahmad 2/62.

“There is nothing that has greater influence in the sight of Allah Ta’ala than prayer.”

There are many authentic or valid stories   that prove the power of prayer. Therefore, prayer is one of the most needed things for sick people to be given immediate healing.

Prayers For Sick People

Besides praying for him, it’s not wrong for you to invite him to pray more too. But make sure that the invitation is a comforting invitation, not an invitation that intimidates or sentences you to lack of prayer.

Sentences such as “That’s why you pray a lot so you don’t get sick or get well soon” can hurt the feelings of someone who is sick. Even though the intent of the advice may be good, it is the way of conveying it that scratches the wound in the patient’s heart. As if accusing him of not praying enough.

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Whereas, God gives pain it could be a test. It’s called a test, if you pass it means going to class. So being sick doesn’t always mean  punishment . As fellow human beings who may feel pain too, we should bring peace to the patient’s heart.

The following are examples of prayers you can offer for sick people.

1. Syafakallah  and the Like

This prayer may be very familiar to you. In WhatsApp and Telegram groups   , even on other social media, this prayer goes around a lot when there is news of someone who is sick. This prayer is asking for healing.

There are several kinds of this prayer. If the patient is male, then the prayer  is syafakallah. If the patient is a woman,  syafakillah  (using  ki)  is the prayer you should recite. What if the sick is a third person (him)? If he is a man, then his prayer  is syafahillah  (using  hi) . Meanwhile, if she is a woman, then her prayer  is syafahallah  (using  ha ).

The meaning of  syafakallah  or  syafakillah  itself is may Allah heal you (according to gender  ) . While  syafahillah   or  syafahallah  means may Allah heal him (according to  gender ).

This prayer has a long version. Which has a more specific meaning. Here is the prayer.

Syafakillah syifaan ajilan, syifaan la yughadiru ba’dahu saqaman

The meaning of this prayer is  that may Allah heal you as soon as possible, with painless healing afterwards .

2. Sick Prayer 1

Visiting sick people is a good deed that is highly recommended by Rasulullah SAW to his people. Through the hadith narrated by Imam Abu Dawud and Imam Tirmidhi, the Prophet Muhammad taught this prayer when visiting his friends.

As’alullahal azhima rabbal ‘arsyil ‘azhimi an yassfiyaka

Meaning: “I beg the great Allah, the Lord  of the majestic Throne  to heal you.”

3. Sick Prayer 2

Another prayer for praying for the sick is asking God to remove the disease.

Imsahil ba’sa rabban nasi. Bi yadikas syifa’u. La kasyifa lahu illa anta

It means: “God of mankind, wipe away this disease. In Your hands is healing. No one can lift it except You.”

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4. Ruqyah prayer to treat sick limbs

Ruqyah in accordance with Islamic teachings is one way to cure medical or non-medical diseases. Ruqyah is one of the sunnahs taught by the Prophet Muhammad SAW for treatment.

You can read the prayer below by holding the sore body part.

Bismillah (3x). A’udzu billahi wa qudrotihi min syarri maa ajidu wa uhaadzir (7x)

Meaning: “In the name of Allah. In the name of Allah. In the name of Allah. I seek refuge in Allah and His power from the ugliness that I get and I am wary of (7x).”

5. Sick Prayer 3

Another prayer that you can recite for the healing of a sick person is the one below.

Allāhumma rabban nās mudzhibal ba’si, isyfi, antas syāfi, lā syāfiya illā anta syifā’an lā yughādiru saqaman

Meaning: “O Allah, O Lord of all mankind, remove the disease, heal it. (Only) You are the one who can heal him, there is no healing but healing from You, healing that does not recur.”

Where did this prayer come from? From Rasulullah SAW which he conveyed in the hadith through the history of Imam Bukhari number 5742 and Imam Muslim number 2191.

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Sinaumed’s, actually there are many types of prayers that you can read for sick people. Some prayers specifically mention names. Still want to know more? You can add your prayer references with our selected books. There are many books that we provide that thoroughly discuss prayer, including prayer for the sick. As #FriendsWithoutLimits, sinaumedia will never leave you alone in the world of knowledge.

Author: Nanda Iriawan Ramadhan