13 Examples of Social Problems in Indonesia

Definition and Examples of Social Problems in Indonesia – In a country or society, it certainly doesn’t always run smoothly. There must be something that is not expected to happen by society. There are situations that are detrimental to many people and are not wanted to happen.

This situation greatly impacted many communities. It will disrupt the balance of people’s lives. So that the functions of life will also be disrupted. This situation is a social problem.

As a society in a country, we must have felt that the country is not always fine. There are several annoying issues that need to be addressed. These problems are included in the category of social problems.

This article will discuss the meaning and examples of social problems that occur in society.

Definition of Social Problems

The following is the definition of social problems according to some sociologists:

1. Soerjono Soekanto

According to Soerjono Soekanto, social problems are problems that arise in society. Social problems are closely related to social values ​​that exist in society. In addition, social problems are also closely related to social institutions. Social problems that occur in society are social.

In addition, Soerjono Soekanto also mentioned other opinions regarding social issues. According to him, a social problem is something that is incompatible between the elements of society or a culture. Social problems will endanger a social group.

2. Vincent Parillo

Vincent gave his opinion listed in Soetomo (2013). According to Vincent Parillo, social problems are problems that can occur and persist at a certain time. Certain situations in society cannot be said to be social problems. This situation occurs only in a short time.

3. Soetomo

Another sociologist, Soetomo, explained that a social problem is a situation that occurs in society. This situation is a situation that is not wanted by most, or the majority of society.

4. Weinberg and Rubington

According to Weinberg and Rubington, social problems are conditions in a society that are inconsistent with values. When there is a situation that is not in accordance with the values ​​embodied and embraced by society, then the condition is called a social problem. There needs to be an agreement from the community for an activity, which is used to change these inappropriate conditions.

5. Lesli

Social problem according to Lesli is a condition or situation that influences. These social problems will affect the lives of most of a society. Social problems are situations that are not liked, even unwanted. Therefore, social problems need to be addressed and corrected.

6. Pincus and Minahan

Pincus and Minahan argue that social problems are social conditions or situations that are evaluated by most people. Social problems are something that according to society has an uncomfortable situation. In addition, social problems are problematic situations.

7. Raab And Selznick

Raab and Selznick expressed their opinion in Soetomo. According to Raab and Selznick, social problems are problems that occur in a relationship between people. Furthermore, Raab and Selznick said that all problems that occur in a society are social problems.

8. Zastrow

Social problem according to Zastrow is a situation in society. The situation will affect a large part of society. According to him, social problems must be fixed. The way to fix this is to use an action.

9. Coleman, JW and Cressey, DR

Mention that social problems are a phenomenon or symptoms. These symptoms or phenomena have very broad dimensions and aspects of study. In addition, social problems are also very complex. Furthermore, Coleman, JW and Cressey, DR argue that social problems can be viewed from many perspectives either theoretically or just from a point of view.

10. Gillins and Gillins

According to Gillin and Gillin, a social problem is an inappropriate condition. It is said to be inappropriate because the situation is not in accordance with the elements in society. This will endanger the life of a group of people. In addition, social problems will also hinder the community in fulfilling the wishes of the community. Such a situation will cause social inequality in a society.

Something else will happen when fields like Education, religion, economics and politics collide. That will cause social relations to be disrupted, so that the unsteadiness in the life of a society will also be disrupted.

The definition of social problems according to a sociological perspective is also not much different. A social problem is a situation that is not in accordance with the values ​​adopted in society. Situations like that need a solution to the problem and must be overcome. In the view of social workers, social problems are the disruption of social functioning.

That will affect the community in meeting their needs. And will affect the roles of a society. Social problems are situations that are seen by society as something that is not expected to happen.

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Examples of Social Problems in Indonesia

1. Social inequality

Social inequality is a social problem that will have many negative impacts. Social inequality is a condition where there is no balance between people. Social inequality is often associated with very clear differences between people.

In this case, the social disparities that occur most frequently are in the economic field. “The poor get poorer, the rich get richer.” The expression is very appropriate, to explain how the condition of social inequality in the economic field in society.

There are many factors that cause social inequality. These factors include government policies, the influence of globalization, differences in natural resources in these areas, geographical location and conditions, and demographic factors.

In reducing this social gap, welfare science can be applied in an effort to improve people’s welfare. The book entitled Social Welfare by Isbandi Rukminto Adi discusses various issues of social inequality that are currently developing.

2. Poverty 

Poverty is a social problem that has existed for a long time in Indonesia. It’s not something that can be covered up, that the poverty rate is still high in Indonesia. Even from year to year, poverty always occurs.

From a loss point of view. There are so many who lose out from this social problem of poverty. In the case of people who fall into the category of poverty, it will be difficult for them to meet their needs. From the state’s point of view, this poverty can be called a burden in Indonesia.

Indeed, there is no action that can directly eradicate poverty in Indonesia. Moreover, the social problem of poverty is ingrained. Someone who falls into the poor category can be due to two factors. Internal factors, because people who fall into this poor category do not try. He is not trying to change his life and get out of the poverty cycle.

The second factor is the external factor, poverty caused by internal factors get used to it because of problems. Examples include climate change, changes in social structure, policies from government programs, natural damage and can occur due to other things.

In dealing with this poverty problem, the government is trying to carry out social development and community organizing which is described in the book Dealing with Poverty by Bambang Rustanto, Dr., M.Hum which has a high level of effectiveness in dealing with poverty problems.

4. Unemployment

Unemployment is also a very big social problem in Indonesia. Unemployment occurs due to various factors. One of them is due to competition from human resources. This competition occurs in terms of finding jobs. Usually people who do not have sufficient education will lose to people who have higher education. Many job seekers make education the main requirement in opening job vacancies.

This is what causes unemployment to become a social problem. Similar to poverty, unemployment always increases from year to year. Another factor that causes unemployment is because people are not productive.

If allowed to continue, unemployment will cause new problems. There must be a solution for unemployment. One of the right solutions in dealing with unemployment is to create job training. Job training so that unemployed people are not inferior in terms of skills to other productive people. Another thing that can be done is to open a lot of job vacancies. However, the available vacancies do not only rely on high education and a lot of experience. Then it will not solve this unemployment problem.

The problem of unemployment is generally often faced by developing countries. In Indonesia, one of them is in Southeast Sulawesi Province, this problem is getting bigger as shown in the book Database of Higher Education Unemployment in Southeast Sulawesi by Achmad Selamet Aku, S.Pt., M.Sc. Dr. La Ode Suriadi, SE, M.Sc. Dr. hj. Sitti Whirdhana A. Bakareng, S.Si., M.Si. Dr. Muh. Amrullah Pagala, S.Pt., M.Sc. Deki Zulkarnain, S.Pt., M.Si. Ir. Natsir Sandiah, MP

5. Crime

Crime is a social problem that arises because of problems that have not been resolved before. An example is the problem of unemployment. If unemployment continues, but there is no solution, it will create many criminal acts. People who are involved in criminal acts usually do not have a place to help them meet their daily needs.

Of course crime harms all parties. No party is harmed by crime, even the perpetrators. Crime will also create new problems. The perpetrators of crimes will be dealt with by the law. In studying crime, there is criminology that can benefit the community where the criminology is developed. To understand more deeply, you can use the book entitled CRIMINOLOGY by Muhammad Mustofa as a reference.

6. Infectious disease

Another example of a social problem is a contagious disease. Contagious diseases will greatly impact various sectors. An example is the Covid-19 disease which is caused by the corona virus. This deadly infectious disease affects all fields in Indonesia.

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The economic sector is also affected due to this infectious disease. The economy is paralyzed, because many economic actors are infected with the infectious disease virus. As with the education sector, education is not running smoothly as usual due to this contagious disease.

Many problems that occur as a result of this social problem. Many parties are harmed. The government and society must work together in overcoming this social problem.

7. Juvenile delinquency

Brawl between teenagers is a form of juvenile delinquency. From this event, it can be seen that juvenile delinquency is an example of a social problem. This event is a violation of existing norms and should be embraced by teenagers.

The most influential impact of juvenile delinquency is on the adolescents themselves. Juvenile delinquency will make the mentality of the teenager damaged. If many teenagers are mentally damaged, this is a serious threat to Indonesia for generations to come.

The way that can be done to overcome juvenile delinquency is to always supervise it. Many parties must be involved in this effort. Such as the school, government, the general public, and those who are very influential are the family or parents.

To make change, it must occur from outside and within the youth themselves. However, by doing encouragement then delinquency that occurs among teenagers can be resolved immediately.

8. A cult

Deviant sects are not always visible directly in society. Heretical sects have also occurred since ancient times. However, this is one example of social problems that exist in Indonesia.

A cult is a doctrine or belief, which contradicts or is not in line with what it should be. Sometimes there are cults that advocate going against religion or the government. This will be annoying and detrimental to some parties.

9. Sara conflict

This social problem does not always appear in Indonesia. However, this problem can appear from time to time. This problem also includes a serious social problem. In addition, it also needs fast action to overcome it.

As a result of this social problem, there can be a split. In addition to divisions, the result of this sara conflict is the disruption of existing developments. Because it will trigger a relationship between the 2 groups involved.

This sara conflict is of various kinds. There are those who question the country, race, religion, skin color, ethnicity, and so on. One of the factors that causes racial conflicts like this is because they cannot accept the differences that occur in society.

10. Environment

Social problems that fall into the environmental category, for example, are environmental pollution. Another example is flooding. Even though it is included in the category of natural disasters, one of the factors that causes flooding is also related to humans.

Floods caused by humans can occur due to the frequent dumping of garbage into the river. In addition, there is a lack of water catchment areas to accommodate large volumes of water.

This problem greatly affects the survival of the community. Although sometimes it is human behavior that causes flooding to occur. However, the presence of the flood is a situation that humans do not want.

11. Sexual harassment

cases of sexual harassment are cases that are increasing from year to year. This case is a very serious social problem in Indonesia. There have been many cases that have been exposed and entered into legal channels for sexual harassment. However, sexual harassment out there is still very much. Many victims do not have the courage to report sexual harassment.

Sexual harassment doesn’t always happen in person. Today, on social media there is also a lot of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is often experienced by women and children. This is definitely very disturbing to society.

12. Corruption

There is always a social problem in Indonesia, corruption. Corruption is a social problem that must be taken seriously. This corruption problem seems endless in Indonesia. Every year, Indonesian people always have to face their own government that commits corruption.

One way to help eradicate corruption is to reaffirm laws regarding acts of corruption. When viewed from previous cases, the punishments meted out to these thieves of public money were often unfair.

13. Legal gaps

“The law is blunt up and sharp down”. Legal disparity is a social problem that is clearly visible in Indonesia. The law that should be fair to the community does not actually defend the common people. This is a never-ending problem in Indonesia.

The only thing that can overcome this is the government itself. If the government always sided with the upper classes, this problem would never be solved.

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