12 Signs of Puberty in Women and Men

12 characteristics of female and male puberty – Puberty is a sign when a child is a teenager. During these times, a lot of things happened. This article will discuss the 12 characteristics that occur when a girl and a boy experience puberty.

Signs of Puberty in Women

1. Menstruation

The first characteristics of puberty, for girls, are starting to experience menstruation. Menstruation is a process of blood coming out of a woman’s vagina. This happens because of the monthly cycle experienced by a woman’s body. This cycle is the process of the female reproductive organs. So be prepared in case of pregnancy. These preparations are characterized by thickening of the uterine wall or endometrium. Inside it will contain blood vessels.

Menstruation generally occurs regularly. About once every 4 weeks. Generally, the age of children who experience menstruation is around 12 years. It could also be about 2 to 3 years after the breasts grow. Although the age at which children experience menstruation varies, generally children experience menstruation at the age of 16-18 years.

2. Grow acne

When puberty appears, the activity of the testosterone hormone in the body will increase. This causes the oil glands to produce more sebum. If more sebum is produced than the skin needs, it will trigger acne growth.

3. Breast growth

The next characteristic of female puberty is experiencing breast growth. During puberty, a woman will produce and release the hormone estrogen. As a result of this release, the breasts will grow. Initially, breasts are the same as men’s, will experience growth and development over time.

This happens because the hormone estrogen stimulates the mammary glands in the breast. There are five stages that occur when a woman experiences breast growth. The first stage, which is when the tip of the nipple increases in size or enlarges. The second stage, you will see growth like a small lump. These lumps grow around the breast. This stage will also make the putting bigger. In addition, the black area around the nipples or areola also enlarges.

In the third stage, the chest also begins to grow. It is characterized by the appearance of mammary tissue and glands. In the fourth stage, the areola and nipples will grow. It will make like a mound in the breast area. The final stage, this stage is the formation of mature breasts. Breasts will grow in a round shape. Then only the nipples protrude.

4. Hair growth in the armpit area

The next characteristic of puberty in girls is the growth of hair in the armpit area. It doesn’t just happen to men. Hair growth in the armpit area also occurs in women. Initially only in the form of fine hairs, then over time it will grow.

5. Hair growth in the area of ​​the sexual organs

Apart from the armpit area, hair growth will also occur in the area of ​​the sexual organs. This period will be experienced by girls. Hair that grows in this section will grow in the hip line and vulva.

As time goes by the growth of pubic hair, the vaginal area also enlarges. The vulva, or the part that is outside will be surrounded by two pairs of “lips”. Larger lips will be overgrown with hair. Meanwhile, the smaller inner lips are not covered with hair.

When the hair has grown in the pubic area, a liquid will come out. This will cause the vaginal area to have a stronger odor. In addition, sweat and bacteria can grow quickly too. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the vaginal area.

6. A thin mustache appears

Mustache growth does not only occur in boys. Mustache growth also occurs. This occurs during female puberty. However, the characteristics of puberty are not experienced by all women. Only some girls grow a thin mustache during puberty.

7. Easy to dry

Another characteristic of girls’ puberty is easy sweating. When entering puberty, sweat glands will also enlarge. Sweat glands, also known as sudoriferous glands, are one of the glands in the human body. These glands are very numerous. Sweat glands are scattered all over the human body. Especially in the area of ​​the palms, soles of the feet and forehead. During puberty, the sweat glands also become more active. So that children will sweat more.

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8. Starting to experience vaginal discharge

Leucorrhoea is a condition in which fluid or mucus comes out of the vagina. Leucorrhoea is one of the natural ways that the body does. The purpose of vaginal discharge is to maintain the cleanliness and humidity of the female area. When a woman experiences vaginal discharge, the fluid produced by the cervix and vaginal glands will come out. These fluids will come out with dead cells and bacteria. It will also help the vagina to stay protected from infection.

Leucorrhoea is normal, but there is also vaginal discharge that occurs abnormally. The characteristics of vaginal discharge that occur normally are that the liquid that comes out is colorless or white. In addition, it also does not emit a pungent odor. The next feature is leaving yellowish spots on the underwear. Finally, the texture of the vaginal discharge can change, depending on the menstrual cycle.

9. Height increased

Height will also have an effect when a girl goes through puberty. Usually the height will increase about 5 cm to 7.5 cm every year. If these characteristics occur optimally during puberty, a girl can increase her height by around 23 cm to 28 cm.

10. Weight gain

When going through puberty, girls’ weight will also increase or increase. The weight gain during puberty is due to hormones. There is a change in the hormone GnRH (gonadotropin-releasing hormone). This hormone is produced by the brain. This hormone is responsible for maturing the function of the organs of the child’s body during puberty.

Girls who experience puberty will produce more fat. More fat is produced in the abdomen. Then the fat will spread to other body parts. Among them are the thighs, hips, to the breast. This is one of the factors for the growth of girls’ breasts during puberty.

11. Enlarged hips

The characteristics of puberty in other girls are that their hips will enlarge. Enlarged hips during puberty occur because of the influence of hormones. The hormones that influence this are the hormones estrogen and the hormone progesterone. These two hormones are responsible for the changes in the female body during puberty.

The hormones estrogen and progesterone will trigger an increase in fat tissue. In addition, these two hormones will also be responsible for the distribution of fat tissue in the body. It is this fatty tissue that makes the hips enlarge during puberty for a girl.

12. Mood swings

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Signs of Puberty in Boys

1. Growth of the penis and testicles

The growth of the penis and testicles in men occurs from several periods, namely from the time of still being in the womb slowly and ends at puberty. When entering puberty, testicular growth will begin to return. Puberty for boys on average occurs at the age of 10-14 years. The male penis and testicles will enter growths such as lengthening and thickening. This occurs most rapidly until the age of 18 years during puberty.

However, puberty for boys has a different time span. Therefore, in general, adolescents should wait a year or two after they stop growing in height, or four to six years after the testicles have enlarged. After that, they can find out their final penis size.

2. The scrotum turns darker

The scrotum in men is a part of the reproductive organs in the male body, which is a skin sac located under the penis. During puberty, the scrotum during puberty will automatically turn dark.

3. Hair growth in the armpit area

Just like girls, hair growth in the armpit area is also experienced by boys during puberty. Usually the hair that grows in the armpit area is thicker than girls.

4. Hair growth in the area of ​​the sexual organs

Hair growth in boys in the area of ​​the sexual organs will appear pale in color. The hair begins to grow at the base of the penis during puberty. Over time, this hair growth will also grow towards the thighs and towards the navel like thin hair. In addition, during puberty in boys, hair will also appear on the face, legs, arms, chest and armpits.

5. Easy to sweat

Sweat glands are present in almost every human body. When boys go through puberty, the sweat glands become enlarged. These sweat glands are numerous. Puberty causes boys’ sweat glands to become more active. This causes boys who are experiencing puberty to sweat more.

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6. Have a wet dream

Wet dreams are a very common sign of puberty experienced by boys. Wet dreams are a time when men experience ejaculation or discharge of sperm while sleeping. In this condition, wet dreams are generally dreams of sexual desire that result in ejaculation.

7. There is a sound change 

Another characteristic that boys experience at puberty is a change in voice. Voice changes occur due to an increase in the size of the larynx. The larynx is the organ where the vocal cords are located. This will cause the boy’s voice to become heavier. At this time, it is commonly referred to as the breaking of the boy’s voice. This is normal, because the boy’s body is adapting to the new size of the larynx.

This breaking of sound will occur for quite some time, generally for several months. A boy who experiences a broken voice is generally aged from 12 to 16 years. Then the sound will always develop perfectly. The broken voice in boys will settle down at the age of 17 years.

8. Grow acne

A boy who is experiencing puberty is also marked by the growth of pimples. Acne can grow on the face or body area. The growth of acne occurs due to changes in hormonal conditions that exist in the body. The hormone that plays a role in the growth of acne is the hormone testosterone. This hormone will increase.

In addition there are several conditions that can cause acne to appear. The first is the excessive production of sebum, or a substance produced by the oil glands. Then the blockage of the hair follicles will also cause acne to grow.

The next condition is due to a bacterial infection. Acne can grow if Propionibacterium acnes bacteria are present .. these bacteria can develop. This causes the hair follicles to get clogged, triggering inflammation.

9. Height increased

The height of boys will increase at puberty, the height will increase about 7 cm to 9.5 cm every year. So, a boy going through puberty will increase in height by about 31 cm. Even though girls reach puberty earlier than boys, the average height for boys is still higher.

10. Formed muscles in the body

The characteristic of puberty that occurs in boys is the formation of muscles in the body. This is caused by the hormones estrogen and the hormone progesterone. These two hormones are responsible for taking care of body changes during puberty.

Estrogen and progesterone hormones will trigger fat tissue. In addition, these two hormones will also spread it to the body. This fatty tissue will form the muscles in the boy’s body.

11. Starting to grow facial hair

The next feature in boys who are experiencing puberty is the growth of hair around the facial area. The hair that grows in the face area is a mustache and beard. The growth of mustache and beard during puberty in boys is influenced by the hormone testosterone. The hormone testosterone will increase at this time.

As a result fine hair will grow. One of them mustache and beard. However, there are some boys who do not experience the growth of a mustache and beard. This is not due to hormonal disturbances. However, it is caused by genetic or hereditary factors. Much or little growth of these fine hairs is also influenced by hereditary factors.

12. Growing Adam’s apple

During puberty, boys and girls will generally experience physical changes. These physical changes occur in parts of the body, in this case in men one of which occurs with the growth of the Adam’s apple in the middle of the neck. The size of the Adam’s apple in every boy will be different, this depends on the amount of cartilage or voice box that is bigger than their vocal cords.

Something that makes a difference after growing the Adam’s apple is marked by a deeper and deeper voice. Voice change and the growth of the Adam’s apple is not an instant process that takes place overnight, but can occur gradually with the sound getting louder over time.

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