10 Home Internet Providers You Can Choose

10 Home Internet Providers That Can Be Options – Internet access when it has become a mandatory menu for every home. In this modern era, various things will be easier to do using the internet. Starting from household activities such as shopping for vegetables, to children’s school.

Online meetings for children during a pandemic also require a fast internet network in every home. Therefore, it is important to know which home internet providers are recommended for their speed of access and affordable prices.

So, if you’re looking for it, this article will explain 10 recommendations for home internet providers that you must know

10 Home Internet Providers You Can Choose

Currently there are many providers that provide services for use at home. The selection of this internet provider must be done with consideration. You need to understand what signal providers can work smoothly in that place.

Including how many family members will use it. The more members, of course the speed capacity needs to be increased. So, to find out in more detail one by one home internet provider, here are the reviews:

1. Indihome

The package prices provided by IndiHome are also very varied, so you can adjust it yourself according to the budget provided. You can choose packages starting from IDR 245,000 to IDR 955,000 per month.

The speeds offered range from 10 Mbps to 300 Mbps. The higher the speed, of course the costs that must be incurred will also be more and more. In addition, IndiHome also provides pay television services that broadcast up to 109 channels and video on demand (VOD).

If you are installing this provider for the first time, then the required fee is around IDR 500,000 with a VAT fee of 10%. This financing can be paid if the provider installation process at home has been completed. This installation fee is relative, depending on the promo from the internet provider.

If you want to make payments in cash, you will only be served at Plaza Telkom. However, if you want to pay by transfer method, please contact the sales/technician for account number information and payment confirmation.

With an installation fee of that size, you are also entitled to receive services per month according to the package chosen. IndiHome provides around 6 package options. The package options include the 2P package (internet and TV or internet and phone), 3P package (internet, phone and TV), 1P package, then there are Special Packages, Lecturers, Teachers, Students and Students, as well as Packages gamers. The price offered also varies, depending on the choice of package and speed you choose.

2. MNC Play

You can enjoy this fiber-based service from MNC Play with prices starting from IDR 369,000 per month. With that price, you can already enjoy services that include MNC Now and IPTV.

With this very affordable price, the speed you can get is only up to 30 Mbps. However, the installation fee is also not expensive. You only need money for the installation of around IDR 200,000 plus a 10% VAT fee.

MNC Play also provides other packages which are of course set at a higher but affordable price. So, if you want to install this MNC play provider, don’t forget to look for more detailed information about the packages provided.

3. Biznet

With this relatively super speed, the installation costs are also quite high. Biznet’s initial installation can be up to Rp. 750,000 rupiah. Then there is a device rental fee of IDR 900,000.

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Quite expensive indeed, but the services provided are also comparable to the price offered. This service from Biznet includes IPTV with TV on demand technology. In addition, the fiber optic network from Biznet has also become the widest in Indonesia, even reaching Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

4. XL Fiber

The advantage that you can get besides high speed is that you can also access unlimited entertainment. Including to access various films from Netflix. Unfortunately, this service from XL Fiber has only reached a few cities. So, for those of you who are interested in this XL Fiber service, you should first look for installation information through the official XL Home Fiber account.

The products offered by XL Fiber are also very varied, there are Smart packages, Fiber M, Super User, Family, and unlimited packages. All of that is offered with speeds ranging from 30 Mbps to 1 Gbps. This service from XL also provides free installation fees, router and entertainment box rentals. You can enjoy this 100% fiber optic service at a very affordable price, starting from IDR 249,000 per month.

5. First Media

As the first to provide internet services, this provider is also known for its good quality, where speeds are offered starting from 15 Mbps. The price or cost required is also standard, not too expensive. To use this service, at least a monthly fee of IDR 384,000 is required.

Then if you want to install it for the first time, the installation fee is IDR 200,000, not including 10% VAT, but includes equipment rental. First Media also provides various packages with various prices. So, if you want to install this provider at home, please check the packages offered first.

6. MyRepublic

The super speed is matched by the price offered, which is around IDR 336,000 per month. The price per month does not include installation. If you want to install it, at least you will need a fee of IDR 500,000 plus 10% VAT.

The other advantages offered by My Republic lie in the services provided. There will be IPTV services as well as special services for gamers and streamers. With download and upload speeds of 1:1, this provider is clearly the target of game lovers. Moreover, this provider also uses Static IP which is far more stable than dynamic IP.

7. Telkomsel Orbit

This modern wifi-based internet service makes it easy for users to enjoy wireless or wireless connectivity. In addition, this service also gives customers the freedom to end and restart their services according to their wishes.

This Telkomsel orbit is more specifically for homes that have not been touched by wireless networks. This provider from Telkomsel uses a Wifi network that captures signals from cellular BTS. That is why Orbit does not provide unlimited quota services for its users.

On the other hand, Orbit Telkomsel instead uses the quota method as is commonly used on cellular telephone networks. The speed offered starts from 15 to 50 Mbps. Another advantage of this Orbit is that there are no costs for installing or borrowing equipment, because the fee is already included in the modem. Interesting right? So feel free to choose the service you want yourself.

8. Oxygen

Even though it is quite new, this provider launched by PT Mora Telematics Indonesia already has quite a lot of subscribers. Oxygen does not make many publications, but their marketing goes through word of mouth. The proof is that Oxygen retail has more than 70,000, while its corporate customers have reached more than 3,000.

Oxygen has advantages over networks that use super optical fiber, namely the Gigabit Passive Optical Network, also known as GPON. Fiber optic technology is able to distribute data very quickly. This speed can reach many places more efficiently, even reaching 1 Gbps.

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The good news is that there are no additional costs for installation. However, if the cable exceeds 150 meters, a fee of IDR 6,600 per meter will be charged. The speed offered also starts from 50 to 200 Mbps.

9. Groovy

If you want to use this provider, there are 3 types of services that you can enjoy, namely Unlimited Data, Unlimited Speed, and also internet + free cable TV. The costs required are also quite affordable, starting from IDR 260,000 per month.

However, Groovy’s internet network service can only be enjoyed by those in the Jabodetabek and Bandung areas, because it has not yet penetrated all regions in Indonesia.

10. Indosat GIG 20 Mbps

To enjoy these services, you need to pay around IDR 280,000 per month. However, these costs do not include installation costs. If you want to do the first installation, you will be charged IDR 250,000 with 10% VAT.

Then there is still a modem rental fee of IDR 40,000 and a fee for renting an STB with the same nominal value. So, if you want to install this Indosat GIG provider, please prepare funds for the installation and also a monthly deposit.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Provider

1. Home Location

The first consideration is the location of your home. Because the installation location will affect the strength and stability of the Wifi signal. Even though many people currently need the internet, it is also necessary to realize that internet services have not yet reached all regions in Indonesia. So, when choosing a provider to install, make sure that the internet network is installed in your area.

2. Internet Network Speed

Each provider will usually provide several internet packages. From that package you can determine the speed of the internet network. Don’t forget to adjust to your needs. If it’s just for communication needs, then you can choose a moderate speed. High speed can be selected if your needs are more important than that, such as getting work done or playing games.

3. Consideration of Needs

The third thing after considering speed is necessity. Every house certainly has different needs. This will usually also be adjusted to the number of family members. The more family members, of course, the more internet needs. Then if the need to browse, open applications, watch videos, or stream is only done via Android, then you don’t need large capacity and expensive internet. So, just install the standard one.

4. Fees and Prices for Internet Services

The last consideration is the price and costs required. This is of course comparable to the needs at home. If the need for internet is getting bigger, the cost is also getting more expensive. For price issues, you can see it in the internet packages offered by the selected provider. The higher the capacity and speed, the more costs incurred. So, just adjust it to your abilities and needs at home.

So, those were 10 recommendations for home internet providers that could be the right choice. If you are going to do business via the internet, then try to read sinaumedia’s book entitled Internet Marketing Attack Strategy or get it via a link.

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