Why Should We Live in Harmony?

Why Should We Live in Harmony? Humans are social beings who live side by side or in groups with one another. Thus, every human being certainly cannot live alone. This can be seen directly in a certain area in every society which consists of a group of people or groups.

Therefore, it is fitting that all people in this world must live in harmony side by side. Living in harmony is a life of mutual respect, respect and love among fellow human beings.

Living in harmony will make between people have a harmonious relationship. The harmonious living atmosphere that is created will make life in society peaceful and peaceful because people can understand each other.

Not only that, harmonious living conditions will prevent us from having disputes or conflicts. This of course also has an impact on increasing the sense of belonging to one another which creates a safe, peaceful and peaceful life.

That is why it is important for every society to be able to live in harmony with each other. Because basically humans are social beings who need the help of each other.

Therefore, there are several important benefits of living in harmony for every community that does it in everyday life. This will certainly form a supportive environment so that the people who live in it will be more comfortable and avoid various disturbances or threats.

In this one article we will discuss why we have to live in harmony, see until the end of the article, Sinaumed’s.

Reasons to Live in Harmony

The following are some of the reasons that every human being can live in harmony in his life, including the following.

1. Creating Peace

Sinaumed’s will get one of the reasons as well as the first benefit if he can live in harmony, namely creating peace in his life. This is because each individual can appreciate and respect the differences that exist in other people.

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2. Mutual Help Attitude

Living in harmony among individuals will create attitudes and behaviors that help each other in solving a problem that is happening at that time. This will certainly minimize the existence of disputes to hostility between each of these individuals.

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3. Expanding the Scope of Association

Another reason to get from living in harmony is to broaden the scope of association with one another. Why is that? This can be seen from the existence of communication interactions in relations between humans that can be well established so that they can expand the existence of connections or relations within the scope of the association.

4. Creating Harmony

Living in harmony will certainly make the life you have more harmonious. Thus, every community can respect each other’s differences and help each other to be able to live in harmony side by side.

5. Creating Good Communication

Harmony in life will create better interaction and communication within the community. This is what makes communication from each individual better and of better quality from one side.

6. Creating Prosperity

In a harmonious life, prosperity will be created. Good prosperity for yourself, others, or others. This is because each individual will focus on improving or improving that will make life even better and prosperous.

7. Avoid Conflict or Social Conflict

Good communication will reduce selfishness and prejudice in every human being. This is what fosters an attitude of mutual respect and respect for one another in solving any problems that arise in a calm and deliberative manner so as to avoid a dispute or social conflict in society.

8. Creating a Safe, Peaceful and Peaceful Atmosphere

Of course this is one good reason if you can live in harmony within the community. A safe, peaceful and serene living atmosphere will make the environment around you better and more comfortable to live in for longer.

9. Creating Calm in Life

Living anywhere will feel calm if the environment around it has a harmonious attitude among each other. There is nothing to worry about any conditions or problems that arise around us if peace and harmony in life are well created. This also needs to be accompanied by a good attitude and role involvement in each individual.

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10. Reducing Crime

Basically, an ordinary crime often occurs regardless of age and other categories. Usually various types of crimes occur not from external factors but from internal factors themselves. Therefore, if you have a harmonious life then crime can be reduced because you can be protected from good attitudes and roles in creating an atmosphere around you.

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11. Creating an Attitude of Mutual Caring and Helping Each Other

When Sinaumed’s live in harmony, the level of trust and concern among individuals will be very good. This is clearly seen from the avoidance of disputes and the ease with which you can get help from others because of that caring attitude. Living in harmony means being able to respect, help, and care for one another regardless of their background.

12. Tolerance in Appreciating Every Difference

Living in harmony will make Sinaumed’s realize that in this life we ​​must be tolerant of any differences that exist in society. With this attitude, we know that in this world there is so much diversity with all its aspects and categories. Thus we can benefit from this harmonious life.

Well, Sinaumed’s already knows about several reasons why we have to live in harmony through the explanation of the article above. Next, you will find out some of the benefits that you will get if you apply this harmonious life. What are the benefits of that huh? Let’s see below.

Benefits of Living in Harmony

The following are some of the benefits that Sinaumed’s will get if he practices living in harmony in the surrounding environment, including the following.

1. Strengthening brotherhood or hospitality.
2. Keep away from selfish attitudes and racism.
3. Improving welfare within oneself or group.
4. Creating a more conducive and comfortable atmosphere.
5. Support the achievement of shared goals.
6. Increase the progress of a nation.
7. Increase the sense of strength, togetherness, unity and oneness within.

So, that’s the discussion in this article about why it’s important for us to live in harmony in society. Sinaumed’s must already know about some of the reasons and benefits that you will get if you live in harmony through the explanation of the article above.

Hopefully after reading this article you can apply it in your life, Sinaumed’s. Even though it’s hard to change it, try to learn little by little to create a better personality with a good atmosphere too.

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Author: Elsya Islamay