The implications are: understanding to real life examples

The implication is – Sinaumed’s should have understood the term “cause and effect”. In short, the term refers to the presence of a cause, be it an event or a person, that causes another event to occur. These events can be good or bad.

In this article, we will discuss a little about implication, a word that is also widely used to describe cause-and-effect relationships. Here, Sinaumed’s will focus on studying case studies of the causal relationship of these implication words.

So, you will not only study the meaning of the word implication, but also learn what these words can be applied to in real case studies. Hopefully this article can be of benefit to Sinaumed’s who need information on this topic.

What are the Implications? 

In order to learn where implication can be applied, it is better if we study the definition or meaning of the word implication itself. For this reason, we will try to look at the definitions of implications from 2 types of dictionaries, namely the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) and the Oxford English Dictionary.

In KBBI, it is explained that basically implication is “involvement or the state of being involved”. In addition, the word implication can also be interpreted as “what is included or concluded and or what is suggested, but not stated”.

Meanwhile, the word implication in the Oxford English Dictionary which has been translated into Indonesian has the meaning as “a possible effect or result of an action or decision”, “something that is suggested or stated indirectly”, and “facts involved, or involving someone, in something, especially a crime”.

Apart from the last definition which is quite specific, Sinaumed’s can conclude that implication can be interpreted as the involvement of a person or event that causes a certain end result. Because of that, it was explained earlier why the word implication can be included in the meaning of causation.

Examples of Implications in Real Life

After studying the definition of implication, now we will learn what are examples of implication in the real world. Sinaumed’s will study several events that have occurred in the world, and see behind the cause-and-effect relationships in related events.

These events have different basic topics, ranging from sports, social studies, science, politics and so on. The hope is that Sinaumed’s can find that the word implication can be used in various cases and events. Happy reading and happy learning, Sinaumed’s.

Police Implications in the Kanjuruhan Malang Tragedy

The incident at the Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang Regency, which occurred on October 1, 2022, is one of the worst tragedies in the history of world football. It was recorded that at least 135 supporters were killed and 583 suffered minor or serious injuries after the match between Arema Malang and Persebaya Surabaya.

Even though there is a statement that the fans died because they were squashed and fell from the stairs, other facts say that not a few supporters lost their lives because they inhaled too much tear gas fired by the police at the supporters’ seats.

Here, there is an implication or alleged involvement that the police are one of the causes of the many Arema Malang supporters who died that day. Until the time this article was released and written, there was no certainty about the next steps regarding how to prevent a heartbreaking event like this from happening again in the future.

Community Implications in Flooding in Jakarta

Floods in Jakarta have become an annual event that seems difficult to handle. The faces of the DKI Jakarta administration have often changed, but flooding is still one of the problems they have to deal with from year to year and until now it seems that there is no effective way to deal with this.

Not a few people blame the DKI Jakarta government for failing to deal with flooding. However, in a number of flood cases, it appears that the overflow of the river causing the flood was filled with garbage and submerged the settlements of residents living beside the river.

Here, there are implications or allegations of the involvement of the people of Jakarta in causing this annual flood. They still often throw garbage into the river and cause the river to overflow until it floods. The construction of houses on the banks of the river can also cause their houses to be submerged when there is heavy rainfall.

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Implications of the Ship’s Crew in the Sinking of the Titanic

The RMS Titanic was one of the largest and most magnificent cruise ships of the early 20th century. Unlucky, the ship that was carrying around 2,224 passengers sank on April 15, 1912. At least 1,500 passengers on the Titanic were found dead in the sinking of this ship.

It is known that the Titanic sank after hitting a giant ice rock at around 23:40 local time. After investigation, it seems that the incident of the Titanic crashing into the ice rock would not have happened if the ship’s crew had listened to instructions from the radio that there were ice cubes around the waters where the ship was sailing.

Here, there are implications or allegations of the involvement of the ship’s crew who were negligent and decided to ignore the warning. The sinking of the Titanic is said to be one of the worst shipwrecks in human history.

Joe Biden’s Implications in the Rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan

The Taliban is one of the largest political groups in Afghanistan with jihadist and extreme Islamist views. The Taliban group has been running an insurgency against the Afghan government since 2001, before finally being able to completely control the Afghan government.

It is reported that the success of the Taliban in controlling the government of Afghanistan was partly due to a decision made by the President of the United States (US) Joe Biden. Joe Biden, who at that time had just been sworn in as president, decided to withdraw US troops back to their homeland.

Here, there is an implication or suspicion of Joe Biden’s involvement in making a rash decision, at which time the presence of US troops was one of the factors that made it difficult for the Taliban to penetrate the Afghan government. Until the time this article was written, the Taliban still control the Afghan government and there is no indication that they will back down.

Implications of Queen Elizabeth in the Existence of the Commonwealth of Nations 

After the death of Queen Elizabeth II on September 8 2022, the position of the throne of the United Kingdom was replaced by her eldest son, namely Charles III. However, this leadership transition caused many member countries of the Commonwealth of Nations to want to break away from this association.

Although it has not yet been realized, this rumor has been blowing hard not long after the Queen’s death. Some of these Commonwealth of Nations countries consider that it is time for them to be more independent and no longer depend on Britain.

Here, there are implications or alleged involvement of Queen Elizabeth in the existence of the Commonwealth of Nations. The member states of this association profess their loyalty to the Queen and not the King, so they do not feel the need to maintain their status. However, it is not known for certain whether this will happen or not.

The Implications of Mao Zedong in the Death of Tens of Million People in China Due to Famine


China had experienced a dark history when the country had to watch their people die one by one due to starvation, around 1959 to 1961 to be precise. This was because at that time, there was a situation of drought and crop failure which caused tens of millions of people to die.

Historians say that this crop failure is partly caused by insect pests that eat farmers’ crops in various regions in China. All of this started because of President Mao Zedong’s policy of killing all the animals that should have killed these insect pests.

Here, there are implications or allegations of Mao Zedong’s involvement in making policies too easily without thinking about the side effects. As a result, insect pest populations have increased drastically and are eating up farmers’ crops, having no natural predators to kill them.

Implications of the Mendur Brothers in Information Dissemination of Indonesian Independence

Sinaumed’s, who understands Indonesian history well, must have known that Indonesia declared itself as an independent country and free from colonialism on August 17, 1945. However, the fact that Indonesia’s independence was not heard by other countries until a year later.

The Japanese colonialists are still trying their best so that Indonesian independence does not spread to other countries. However, in the end, it was Frans Mendur, Alex Mendur and their colleagues who told the world through their photographs that Indonesia was already independent.

Here, there are implications or allegations of the involvement of Alex Mendur, Frans Mendur and their colleagues in the dissemination of information on Indonesian independence. These journalistic photographers were even chased by the Japanese occupiers to take their photos. Until finally, these photos were successfully disseminated to various media from other countries a year after they were taken.

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Diego Maradona’s Implications in the Split of Italian Supporters


Diego Maradona is a legendary figure in the world of football. The game is able to bewitch anyone who watches it. His work in various major competitions in the world will always be awaited by fans, and this is very true in the World Cup tournament.

At the 1990 World Cup, Diego Maradona, who defended Argentina, faced the hosts Italy and competed in the City of Naples. Interestingly, there are some Italian fans who even support the opposing team Argentina rather than their own country.

Here, there are implications or allegations of Diego Maradona’s involvement in this discrepancy in support. Diego Maradona, who at that time played for Napoli, a club from Naples, was considered a “God” in the city. And it is known that many of these Italian supporters are residents of Naples and decided to support Argentina because their “God” plays on the opposing team.

Human Implications in Increasing Earth’s Temperature


Planet Earth, slowly but surely, continues to experience an increase in temperature. Recorded since entering the 1980s, Earth’s temperature has increased by 0.32 degrees Celsius per year. Before entering that year, the Earth’s temperature only rose by 0.14 degrees Celsius per year.

Research reveals that there are many factors that cause the Earth’s temperature to increase. Starting from vehicle exhaust fumes, methane gas produced from nature, to the reduction of trees as the world’s lungs to absorb some of these harmful gases.

Here, there are implications or allegations of human involvement in the increasing temperature of this planet. Because humans continue to increase their use of motorized vehicles and actually reduce the availability of trees for other needs, the temperature of Planet Earth is increasing and it is said that it will continue to do so.

Implications of Weather in Living Ecosystems

Planet Earth has existed for billions of years and has gone through many eras with different living things in each of these ages. Some of the living things that lived in these different periods were sea creatures, dinosaurs, giant mammals and humans.

Interestingly, many of these living things did not live in the same era or period. Dinosaurs, for example, that lived in the Mesozoic period did not coexist with the giant mammals and humans of the Cenozoic period.

Here, there are implications or alleged involvement of the weather in the differences in creatures that live in each period. One study says dinosaurs that lived in warm weather could not adapt when the temperature dropped, causing their extinction and being the reason why more and more mammals lived in this world.

Meteor Implications in the Extinction of the Dinosaurs

Still on the topic of Dinosaurs, there are lots of mysteries surrounding this giant reptile. The simplest is that the existence of dinosaurs is still being debated by a number of scientists. In addition, the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs is still being questioned by many scientists.

Apart from the reason for the decrease in temperature explained above, reportedly the eruption of many volcanoes in the world is also one of the causes of the extinction of dinosaurs. However, another theory suggests that a foreign body was the main cause of the extinction of this giant reptile.

Here, there are implications or allegations of meteor involvement in the extinction of the dinosaurs. This is evidenced by the existence of several large meteor craters which are suspected of being dinosaur killers, such as the one in Arizona, United States. Even so, it still needs to be proven whether or not this fact is true with further research.

Implications of the Drought in Perpetual Hunger in Africa

Even though it is bitter, the reality is that the African continent is indeed known as a poor continent. Sinaumed’s himself probably already knows that on the African continent, there are still many people who do not have access to basic things, especially food and drink.

Famine and drought have always occurred in Africa. Even so, it can be said that this has happened too often and is often seen as headlines in a number of media. Several photos of hunger in Africa have also been widely circulated on the internet and social media.

Here, there are implications or allegations of the involvement of the dry season in the prolonged famine that befell many people on the African continent. It rarely rains because of the endless dry season, so many areas in Africa are dry, making it difficult for local people to find water and food.

With this, the article that discusses the implications ends. Sinaumed’s has even studied the application of the word implication in several real world events. Hopefully, with this, Sinaumed’s’ understanding of related words can be deeper and clearer.

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