Crude Oil: Origin, Formation Process and Benefits

Definition of Petroleum – As seen, nature provides a variety of useful resources for the
fulfillment of everyday human needs.
In human life, each resource has a different role.

The available resources range from water, soil, to fruitful plants for daily food consumption.
Petroleum is one of the mineral resources that is no less important and beneficial for human

This one resource comes from various kinds of remains of marine organisms, such as plants and animals that
settle on the seabed.
It takes a very long time for the process of forming petroleum.

Crude oil as an important resource has various benefits, ranging from industrial raw materials, vehicle
fuel, materials for household furniture, to beauty and health product ingredients.
Some of the
benefits of which do sound foreign.

Now has summarized the origin, process of formation and some of the benefits of petroleum for
human life.
Check out the full review below.

The Origin of Petroleum

Almost all activities in the world utilize resources that can be used quickly. This makes the
presence of petroleum irreplaceable.
Petroleum is a resource that is needed by humans.

As the name suggests, petroleum comes from various forms of organisms that die in the ground.
A complex mixture of organic compounds consisting of hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon compounds from
the remains of microorganisms, plants and animals buried for millions of years is known as petroleum.

Petroleum chemical compounds consist of the elements carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, sulfur, halogenides, and
Crude oil contains 50-98% hydrocarbon and non-hydrocarbon components.

Some of the organisms in question are various algae and plankton that are buried in the soil.
The process of extracting petroleum requires long and complicated stages so that excavation cannot
be done haphazardly.

Extracting petroleum with long and complicated stages requires heavy equipment. If it has been
successfully retrieved, then the next stage is the processing process which produces various forms of
different fuels.

Not all countries have the same natural resources. Some of these countries have natural wealth
that is more like petroleum.
Then most countries with natural oil resources become rich and
developed countries because oil is an expensive commodity.

This makes every country struggle to find new oil resources to be utilized. Some of the
largest oil producing countries are the United States, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Canada and China.

One of the largest crude oil producing countries in the world is the United States. The
country is capable of producing 19 million barrels of oil per day, you know, Sinaumed’s.

The United States succeeded in occupying 19% of the total crude oil production in the world with that
In addition, the United States as a superpower is a crude oil importing country with
the largest oil reserves in the world.

Then Saudi Arabia became one of the rich countries producing crude oil with a large enough amount.
This oil country is capable of producing around 11 million barrels of oil every day.
Quite a large number, right?

This amount makes it the second largest oil producing country in the world. This country with
two important coasts relies on petroleum as its main source of income.
If crude oil sales
decrease, then the country will shake.

Furthermore, Russia is the third largest oil producing country in the world. In addition,
Russia is one of the largest natural gas producing countries which is exported to various countries.
Currently, Russia is capable of producing 11 million barrels of oil per day.

Then Canada is one of the countries that has large reserves of petroleum. This country, which
is in direct contact with the United States, is capable of producing oil with a capacity of 5 million
barrels per day.
This amount is equivalent to 5% of the total oil producer in the world.

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China as a country with the largest population in the world has many sources of oil reserves.
This Bamboo Curtain country is capable of producing oil with a capacity of 4 million barrels per
This amount is equivalent to 4% of the total oil producer in the world.

Then Indonesia as the Land of a Thousand Islands is rich in natural resources including petroleum.
Locations for oil drilling in Indonesia are located in various regions, such as Cepu, Cirebon,
Wonokromo, Aceh, Riau, Tarakan, Balikpapan and Papua.

Crude Oil Formation Process

Petroleum in liquid form turns out to have a very dark color. Sources of petroleum are usually
found underground to the bottom layer of the sea.
Before knowing the benefits of petroleum,
Sinaumed’s needs to know how the process of forming petroleum.
The following is the process of
forming petroleum:

  1. The process begins when animals or plants are buried in the layers of the earth’s crust hundreds of millions
    of years ago.
  2. Animals and plants that die buried will be carried into the layers of the earth’s crust through the movement
    of the layers of the earth’s plates.
  3. Then all the remains of animals and plants that have become fossils will react with geothermal energy and
    naturally formed natural gas.
  4. The process will turn the fossils into a black liquid called petroleum.

Crude oil processing is divided into two stages. In the first stage, multilevel distillation
will be carried out to separate petroleum fractions based on their boiling point.
with higher boiling points will form a liquid and sink to the bottom.

While the components with lower boiling points will evaporate up through the bubble cup. In
the second stage, further processing of the distillation results will occur, such as cracking
extraction, crystallization, and cleaning from contamination.

Benefits of Petroleum for Human Life

In human life, oil plays a very important role. Crude oil, which has become the consumption of
people throughout the world, is able to directly affect the level of the economy.
Curious what
are the benefits of petroleum for human life?
Come on, see the following reviews.

1. Vehicle Fuel

First, the benefits of petroleum for human life is as fuel to propel vehicles. Conventional
engines in vehicles certainly require fuel that comes from and is made from petroleum.
oil must go through several refining processes to get lighter components.

After going through the refining process, petroleum will become residual fuels, such as diesel, gasoline,
benzene, and kerosene.
As a fuel for land, sea and air transportation, petroleum plays an
important role for human survival.

2. Construction

Compounds from petroleum processing play an important role in producing various chemical products.
Besides being useful as a vehicle fuel, petroleum is also useful for the construction sector.
It should be noted that petroleum is one of the main ingredients in making roofs, paints, pipes,
asphalt, and so on.

3. Liquid Gas Source

Sinaumed’s can feel the benefits of petroleum which is often found in everyday life. Gas is a
daily product that we use for kitchen needs.
Apart from coming from the benefits of natural
gas, liquefied gas or LPG is also obtained through the processing of petroleum.
Liquefied gas
is a high-value product from petroleum sources that has been processed by special refining and refining

4. Production of Fiber Materials

Rayon, polyester, nylon, and synthetic textile materials are several types of fiber materials that use
petroleum components.
Petroleum resources that have gone through various stages of processing
will produce fiber products.

The production of these fiber materials can be used for clothing-making materials. Fabrics or
textiles derived from petroleum will keep the wearer warm in winter and cool in hot weather.

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5. Household Equipment

In addition to being used as a material for making cloth, petroleum plays a major role as a material for
making household items.
Petroleum is needed so that household materials can be formed properly
and perfectly.

The benefits of petroleum in the manufacture of household equipment are rarely realized. Crude
oil is often used as a source of heat to process aluminum, steel and iron.
Then cooking tools
as home furnishings are known to use petroleum as one of the ingredients.

Some household items, such as door locks, window locks, door panels, refrigerators and chairs involve
petroleum in their production process.
So, the benefits of petroleum are present in everyday

6. Mixed Materials for Medical Purposes

Petroleum turns out to be useful for medical purposes, you know, Sinaumed’s. In this case,
petroleum is often used as an ingredient in cleaning products, medicines, protective equipment, and safety
equipment for medical personnel.

When visiting hospitals, Sinaumed’s often sees medical objects that use petroleum in their production process.
For example, syringes made of plastic also need a mixture of oil to get the shape according to

Petroleum can produce one of the basic component compounds in the production of medicines.
Aspirin as one of the production of drugs is known to contain components of petroleum

7. Beauty Products

Crude oil turns out to be useful for making several beauty products, such as perfume, nail polish,
make-up, and hair dye. In addition, petroleum is also used as an ingredient to make
several products, ranging from soap, toothbrushes and shampoo.

Then some cosmetics use processed petroleum as a mixture in it. The use of petroleum in some
cosmetic products can create beautiful shapes and shiny colors to make users look more attractive.
The benefits of petroleum on this one are quite widely used in everyday life.

8. Making Electronic Equipment

The benefits of petroleum in the electronics field are no less important. Some electronic
equipment also requires petroleum in the manufacturing process.

Electronic equipment that is often wrapped in plastic packaging uses a mixture of oil in it.
As a material for making plastic, petroleum is often used for electronic products, such as
televisions, cell phones, computers, and various other electronic products.

9. Agriculture

It turns out that petroleum is also useful in agriculture. Various agricultural needs, such as
fertilizers, pesticides, and insecticides are made using a mixture of petroleum.
Some of these
chemicals play an important role for agricultural activities so that the food products produced are of high

There is an oil content in the pesticide mixture that can make insects afraid. Pesticides are
useful for protecting plants from various pests and insects.
Then agricultural fertilizers also
utilize hydrogen compounds from crude oil processing.

10. Power Station

Petroleum has benefits as a source of heat in processing or generating electricity. In
particular, the benefits of petroleum as a power plant will produce power from steam.
Furthermore, the hot steam will help drive the turbine.

Then it will be received by the magnetic coil drive to generate electricity. Crude oil can be
used as a power generator to drive electronic devices that require electricity.

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Well, Sinaumed’s, that’s a review of the origin of petroleum, its formation process, and its benefits for
human life.
Save money so that the use of petroleum as a resource can last for a long