The Example of Prophet Lut AS and His People Who Received the Punishment of Allah SWT

The example of Prophet Lut AS- Examining the history of a people who were punished by Allah SWT because of their actions that violated the limits of the nature given by Him. Namely, the people of the prophet Lut who became the forerunner of same-sex relations were carried out and this caused the wrath of Allah who gave natural disasters to the people of the prophet Lut US at that time which destroyed them all.

Even though as a prophet he had delivered various da’wah and spread God’s orders to follow His teachings, all the actions and deeds of the people of the prophet Lut had gone too far beyond the limits to be able to receive guidance from Allah SWT.

For this reason, as Muslims, it is appropriate for us to draw closer to Him and ask for protection from all the evil that we have the potential to do, either intentionally or unintentionally, because as humans we will never escape sin.

Following the story of the prophet Lut AS and the history of his people who were destroyed by Allah SWT certainly gives us many examples and valuable lessons that we can take in navigating life in this temporary world and as provisions for life after the world.

All the obstacles and trials faced by the prophet Lut AS who is also the messenger of Allah SWT to spread goodness and convey the commands of Allah SWT even though his people ignore it and end up getting punishment from Allah SWT.

For this reason, as a guide in living this life, we also have to know what role models the prophet Lut US used and in this discussion we have summarized the examples and wisdom from the story of Prophet Lut AS for Sinaumed’s friends to learn and practice in everyday life. day.

Furthermore, we have presented the discussion below!

History of the Prophet Lut AS

Lut or Lut (Arabic: لوط, translit. Lūth‎) is a character in the Quran, Bible and Tanakh. In Islam, he is an apostle sent to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. His story is often used as the basis for the prohibition of homosexual acts in Abrahamic religions.

Lut is one of the prophets and messengers in Islam. Like the prophets in general, Lut is also a role model for pious people. His story in the Qur’an also emphasizes his role as a messenger, namely his preaching so that his people fear Allah and return to the right path. The Qur’an mentions that Lut (and several other prophets) was exalted in rank over other people, God’s chosen figure, and was awarded guidance to the straight path

“And (remember) when Lut said to his people, ‘You really did a very heinous act which had never been done by any of the people before you. Is it right for you to go to men, drink robbery, and do evil in the places where you meet?’”

— Al-‘Ankabut (29): 28-29

It was stated that the inhabitants of Sodom committed homosexual acts between men, used to commit robberies, committed various crimes at their meeting places, and no one wanted to prevent these evils. Lut preached that they fear Allah. He emphasized that he did not ask for wages for my call. Lut criticized the actions of the Sodomites who had crossed the line and stated that their actions had never been done by anyone else before.

Receiving Lot’s warning, the Sodomites refused. They said that Lut was just a person who pretended to be holy and threatened to expel him. The people of Sodom also strictly forbade Lut to give protection to people they would rob or rape. Furthermore, they also asked that Lut immediately bring about the doom that had been threatened so far. Receiving opposition from his people, Lut begged Allah,

“O my Lord, help me for the group that did the damage.”

— Al-‘Ankabut (29): 30

Prophet Lut is one of the prophets sent to the land of Sodom and Gomorrah. He was assigned to preach in Sadum, Syam, Palestine. His name is mentioned 27 times in the Koran. The following is among the Words of Allah regarding the story of Prophet Lut in fighting against his people which means: Verily they are an evil and wicked people, and We have included them in Our mercy; for verily he is of the pious.” (QS. al-Anbiya ‘[21]: 74-75)

“The people of Lut had denied the apostles, when their brother, Lot, said to them: why are you not pious?” Verily, I am a trusted messenger (sent) to you, so fear Allah and obey me.

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And I never charge you for that invitation; my reward is none other than the Lord of the worlds. Why do you go to the kind of men among humans, and you leave the wives that your Lord has made for you, even you are people who transgress the limits “. They replied: “O Lut, in fact if you do not stop, really you are among those who were expelled.” Lut said: “Indeed I really hate your actions”. (Luth prays): “O my Lord, save me and my family from (the consequences of) the actions they are doing”. Then We saved him and all of his family, except for an old woman (his wife), who was among those who remained. Then we destroyed the others.

And We showered them with rain (stones), so bad was the rain that fell on those who had been warned. Verily, in that there are clear proofs. And it is that most of them do not believe. And verily your Lord, truly He is the Most Mighty, the Most Merciful.” (QS. asy-Syu’ara'[26]: 160-175)

Exemplify and Take Lessons from the Story of the Prophet Lut AS

Prophet Lut’s example is one of the most important things we can practice in our daily lives.

Allah made Lut a prophet with the aim of awakening his people who had sinned. As we know, the people of the Prophet Lut are known as the Sodomites.

As Allah says in the Quran Surah Al A’raf verse 80 which means “And We sent Lut to his people. Remember when Lut said to them: ‘Why are you doing abominable things that no one has ever done before?’

The Sodomites themselves were very far from God. They usually rob, rape and commit crimes in everyday life.

Even more than that, they also like the same sex. Sometimes they also harass people who don’t want to be invited to satisfy their lust.

For that, let’s look at the story of the prophet Lut and follow the wisdom behind it.

1. Not easy to give up and persistent in preaching

Prophet Lut’s role model was someone who was persistent and did not give up easily. As pointed out before, it is not easy to become a prophet of Lut.

He had to awaken the deeply aberrant Sodomites. Prophet Lut was also ridiculed and humiliated, even threatened by his own people.

But because of his perseverance and persistence, Lut prayed and tried. Until we have God fulfill their prayers and punish the people of Sodom. So all our hard and serious efforts will definitely pay off.

day after day, month after month, and year after year passed, and Prophet Lut continued to preach. But no one followed him and no one believed in him except his family. Not even his family is a believer at all. Prophet Lut’s wife whose name is Wa’ilah is an infidel like Prophet Noah’s wife: “God made Noah’s wife and Lot’s wife as a parable for the disbelievers. Both are under the supervision of two pious servants among Our servants; then the two wives betrayed their (respective) husbands, so the husbands could not help them at all from (the torment of) Allah; and it was said (to both): “Enter into jahannam with those who enter (jahannam).” (QS. at-Tahrim [66]: 10)

Prophet lut struggled to advise them tirelessly. Then none other than the answer of his people but said: “Expel Lut and his family from your country; because in fact they are people who (proclaim themselves) clean.” (QS. an-Naml [27]: 56).

Because they did not want to listen to the prophet Lut and continued to commit the misguided act, Prophet Lut begged Allah to help him from his people, “Yes, my Lord, help me (by inflicting punishment) on the people who did the damage.” ( -Ankabut[29]:30)

Even though the Prophet Lut was often threatened, he continued to carry out his mission. He continued to call on his people to renounce homosexual and lesbian adultery. Because these two actions are very contrary to nature and human conscience. In addition, the actions of the Sodomites also damaged the wisdom of creation, namely men and women.

The Prophet Lut also advised the people of Sodom to respect everyone’s property and to abandon the habit of robbing, robbing, and stealing, which had always existed among them. In addition, not a few immigrants who become victims. All the actions of the Sodomites made themselves evil. Because this action creates chaos and uncertainty in the country, so they definitely don’t feel safe and calm in their lives.

However, it was not easy to lead the people of Sodom to God’s way. They still sin and do evil. Finally, the Prophet Lut prayed to God that all the inhabitants of Sodom would be severely punished for not following the right path.

2. Accept trials patiently

Another example from the Prophet Lut that we can practice is always being kind when receiving trials and tests from Allah SWT.

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One of the 25 prophets we have to trust is always patient in trials.

Especially when he was humiliated by his own kind. Prophet Lu was never angry or intended to avenge the evil of the Sodomites.

Instead, he was patient and always left whatever happened to Allah SWT. During his preaching days, it was revealed that his wife was cheating on him.

When he saw this, he continued to be patient and give good advice to his wife, even though she deceived him and prevented him from preaching further.

The Prophet Lut never tire of reminding his people of Allah SWT’s severe punishment in his sermon. He asked his people to immediately leave immoral practices that are hateful to Allah SWT. Fed up with the actions of Prophet Lut, the people of Sodom then planned to expel Prophet Lut from the city of Sodom. But before that, they gave a final warning to Prophet Lut. “Oh Lut! If you don’t stop, you will be one of the exiled!”

However, Prophet Lut was not afraid at all. He continues to call on his people to believe and worship Allah SWT. Apart from that, they are also asked to leave bad habits, avoid immorality, crime, avoid the temptations of Satan and Satan.

Prophet Lut warned the Sodomites that Allah SWT is the creator of humans and their natural environment. Allah SWT also does not like all the inhumane actions of the Sodomites.

3. Believe that Allah’s punishment is real

Not only what has been mentioned above, this is one example of Prophet Lut’s example that we can practice. Prophet Lut also believed that God’s punishment was real and existed.

The city of Sodom became the first place for homosexuals and lesbians. In all of human history, no human has practiced homosexuality and lesbianism before the Sodomites did. The reason is, this immoral practice is common in the city of Sodom. Everyone participates and shamelessly admits it in public. In fact, they take great pride in what they do.

Besides moral decline, it is difficult to improve the morale of sodomites. They are irreligious, inhuman and devoid of compassion. They are used to stealing, robbing and killing. Basically the strong rule while the weak are oppressed. And, because of this immoral behavior, Allah gave them (the Sodomites) a real punishment and as a lesson for later humans not to do this in the future.

They all (the prophet Lut US) did not all believe in the words spoken by the prophet Lut when they were given a statement or sermon to the people of Sodom.

Instead, they challenged leniency. Even though they were discovered and humiliated, the prophet Lut (as) kept warning them.

This is what must be an afterthought for all of us to believe that Allah’s punishment is real and if we believe and believe in Him then God’s forgiveness is also real for all of us who ask forgiveness and repent to Him. And from the story of the prophet Lut AS and his people, it gives us a lesson to continue to do good and avoid immoral acts, especially immoral acts that are out of bounds and cannot receive forgiveness from Allah SWT.

4. Obey God’s Commandments

Prophet Lut was one of the prophets who obeyed all of Allah’s commandments. As Muslims, this is certainly our obligation.

This is also so that one day, when the Day of Resurrection, we can avoid Allah’s punishment.

Furthermore, the Prophet Lut never did things that were forbidden in God’s teachings. For this reason, as Muslims, the story is about the struggle of the prophet Lut to face his people who were cursed by Allah, but he remained istiqamah in the way of Allah and stayed away from all his prohibitions.

Thus, the example of Prophet Lut is a big lesson for us. Even though we don’t know how the Prophet Lut’s war against Sodom was, but knowing his story in fighting for God’s commands, we can take many lessons for our lives.


That’s all for a brief discussion of the example from the story of Prophet Lut AS.

From the story of the prophet Lut AS mentioned above, there are many examples that we can learn and lessons that we can learn to live our daily lives. Reading and emulating the story of Prophet Lut AS and his people teaches us to always avoid immorality in order to avoid real punishment if we commit acts of sin that are out of bounds.