Prophet Noah’s Example and His Life Story!

Prophet Noah’s Example – Following the stories of the prophets can be used as an example in guiding us human beings in living a life that is full of goodness and in accordance with God’s commands for those who believe in Him.

The existence of the prophets as human predecessors who are part of the history of the development of religion, history, knowledge, and various examples that we should make examples of cannot be separated from God’s command to be His messenger on earth to lead mankind to the path of goodness and leave the age of ignorance or the age of cruelty to the age of enlightenment.

Nabiyullah Prophet Nuh AS is no exception, who is the third prophet out of 25 prophets that we must know as followers of Islam. The obstacles he faced as a prophet can be said to be quite heavy because it is said that he had to preach for nearly 950 years and received rejection from here and there including his own family.

And as one of the prophets who even with his kindness and patience in facing various tests of life earned the title ulul azmi, a title given to prophets who have high determination. Even though they were hit by various obstacles while carrying out the task of conveying Allah SWT’s commands, they remained patient and determined to be able to get through it.

Therefore, it is very good for us Muslims to emulate the qualities of Prophet Noah AS as our guide to live life in this world so that we always do good and believe in God’s power.

For this reason, as a guide in living this life, we also have to know what role models the prophet Noah the US has done which should be used as an example for mankind at this time and in this discussion we have summarized the example of the prophet Noah the US for Sinaumed’s friends to learn and practice it in everyday life.

History of Prophet Noah AS

Before looking further at what examples we can learn from the story of the prophet Nuh AS, it’s a good idea to also look at the life history of the prophet of Allah SWT, namely Nuh AS, below.

Noah is a great figure and prophet in the teachings of Islam, he is also the main character in the story of the great flood found in the Koran, Bible and Tanakh.

In the Qur’an, the All-Knowing and All-Merciful God sends a flood to the earth after Noah’s failed request to call mankind to worship God. So Noah asked Allah not to let unbelievers live on earth.

Then God commanded Noah to build an ark to save his family, the people who believed in him, which were few, and some of every animal in Creation’s versions, namely the Jewish and Christian books; The flood that killed all humans fell because God regretted creating humans because of their cruel nature.

But because God was pleased with a man named Noah, He told him to build an ark to save his family, every pair of animals, and to sow seeds of fruitful vegetation. The verse that states about the prophet Noah is also contained in the word of Allah in the following verse of the Qur’an:

“Indeed, We have sent Noah to his people (with the order), ‘Give your people a warning before the painful doom comes to him.’ He (Noah) said, ‘O my people! Truly I am a warner explaining to you. Worship Allah, fear Him, and obey me. (QS Noah (71): 1-3)

Follow the story of Noah

The story of Prophet Noah AS himself is explained in the Koran, Allah SWT says:

“And verily We sent Noah to his people, so he lived among them a thousand years less fifty years. So they were hit by a big flood, and they were the wrongdoers (QS. Al Ankabut (29: 14)).”

Basically, the example of Prophet Noah AS has several stories that we can learn for our lives. However, one of the most popular and widely known stories is that Noah was able to build a huge ark for all of his followers.

This big boat is also a miracle that God gave only to Noah. The wreckage of Noah’s ship is said to still exist today.

1. Be patient and never give up in preaching

In the missionary journey that he did was the beginning of the exemplary Prophet Noah. Prophet Nuh AS was appointed by Allah SWT as a prophet and messenger when he was 480 years old. Praise be to Allah SWT, because at that old age he still gave life to the prophet Noah AS. So don’t waste our time to live, use it for good things.

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Allah SWT sent Nuh As to preach and call on his people who had worshiped idols. They made their own idols and worshiped themselves. Naudzubillah min dzalik.

During his da’wah, Prophet Noah received prophetic revelations from God to convey God’s commands. At that time the people of Prophet Noah AS did not worship God, but worshiped idols made by human hands or the people of Prophet Noah AS.

It is believed that idols made and worshiped bring a lot of good and benefits and they also believe that idols can ward off all evil in the future.

The names of idols and statues based on the beliefs of the people of the time of Prophet Noah, the US, were derived from the names of pious people who lived in the past. They made and gave names based on the names of previous scholars to remember the worship of these scholars and the spirit of worship of the former people. The idols of Prophet Noah were made by people who did not know God, such as Wadd and Suwa, Ya’uq and Nasr.

At a time when people believed in idols, God sent Noah to persuade people to follow God’s teachings and not worship idols. Prophet Noah AS had an extraordinary ability to argue with others. This is because Noah AS has a smart mind and the ability to speak politely, kindly and patiently in arguing.

Prophet Noah, who was sent by God, always tried to persuade his people not to worship idols and reminded his people to God’s teachings. Prophet Noah AS never gave up in waking up his people and always looking for different paths as da’wah. However, the rebellious people rejected Prophet Noah’s invitation to the US.

This is contained in the Al-Quran Surah Al-A’raf verse 59::

“Indeed, We sent Noah to his people, then he said: “O my people, worship Allah, for you there is no god but Him. Verily (if you do not worship Allah), I fear that you will be overwritten by punishment on the great day (of Judgment).”

Prophet Noah’s preachings were in the form of inviting his people to see and feel everything that exists on this earth which is God’s creation, starting from the sun, moon and stars. More than that, even the plants, animals and running water that humans can enjoy and feel are God’s creations. The alternation of day and night and the things of this world are clear proof that God really exists and that the God who should be worshiped is not an idol to be worshiped.

Prophet Noah US not only acknowledged the sign of God’s greatness, but also stated that every deed done by humans will be rewarded by God. If the deeds done are good and obey God’s commands, then humans will get heaven. Whereas if you do something bad or disobey God’s command, the reward is hell.

Most of the people of Prophet Noah AS have always rejected Prophet Noah’s patience, fortitude and determination to spread the teachings of God’s religion through da’wah. Although many reject God’s teachings, there are still people who accept Noah’s call to follow God’s teachings. However, only a few, around 70-80 people, who want to become followers of the prophet Noah. Most of his followers were also poor manual laborers, none of them from wealthy families.

2. Forgiving Person

Based on the writings of Muhammad Afiq Zahara “When Noah was strangled and beaten”, it was reported that the Prophet Noah the US had been beaten by his people until he was unconscious, then instead of thinking about a plan for revenge on Prophet Noah instead he prayed for forgiveness from Allah SWT “O God, forgive my people , because they do not know.” Forgiving someone’s bad behavior is one good example that can be obtained from Prophet Noah AS. In other words, forgive each other.

3. Always be grateful

Prophet Nuh AS was always grateful for the circumstances, insulted and ridiculed by unbelievers. From the story of Prophet Noah AS, we can learn that life must be full of gratitude so that life becomes more peaceful and more interested in doing the things that God has commanded.
This is the story of prophet Noah US and his followers, who built a big ship to escape the flood that destroyed the disbelievers and criminals. We can also take the value of life from this story. So instill the values ​​of life from the story of Prophet Noah AS so that life is more peaceful.

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4. Wise

Every decision taken by Prophet Noah AS was always full of consideration. He always asks God for guidance before making decisions, so that the decisions he makes are not wrong and are on the right path. Likewise, we should always ask God for guidance when making decisions, so that the decisions we make can provide peace of mind

5. Persevere in work, for example when Prophet Noah and his people made a boat until it was finished

After the US Noah tried to awaken his people from worshiping idols for hundreds, even almost a thousand years, God ordered to immediately build a very large ark that could accommodate humans (followers) and animals. Those who accepted Prophet Noah’s invitation began to build a large ship commissioned by Allah, gathering the materials needed for shipbuilding.

Those who built the ship chose a place away from the crowds and away from the city. They were so eager to build this ship that days and nights were spent on completing the great ship that God commanded. The reason why Prophet Nuh AS made ships away from cities and crowds was because many people did not know about it, and Prophet Nuh AS and those who received his call could be involved in building ships peacefully.

Even though Prophet Noah AS tried to stay away from the crowd and hoped that other people would not interfere, in the end people saw the construction of a ship that did not accept Prophet Noah’s invitation. They insulted and ridiculed the building of the great ark that God had commanded. Prophet Nuh AS only responded indifferently to the words of popular ridicule and insults expressed by those who disobeyed God’s teachings: “For those who insult and mock us, there will come a time when God will punish you for what you have done.” you do.”

6. Obey the Commandments of Allah SWT

When the people who insulted Prophet Noah AS and his followers built the ark, Prophet Noah US told the disbelievers that there would be a great flood that could drown all mankind. However, the disbelievers still didn’t believe what Noah said. In fact, his son also did not believe his father’s story and wanted to remain in denial because of the whispers of Satan and the encouragement of unbelievers.

The ark prepared by Prophet Nuh AS and his followers, then Prophet Nuh US received a revelation from Allah: “Prepare your ark, when My command comes and you see signs from Me, then immediately take it with you. ark and your kinsmen and take two pairs from all creatures on earth and sail with My permission. Flash floods Before the day of flash floods came, Prophet Noah AS called his followers to immediately prepare the ark. Until the time came when it rained very hard and the water started to stagnate first.

The water that flooded the Lowland Countries began to rise slowly and towards the highlands. Eventually, a flood began to overwhelm the entire land, and only the believers and a few living beings on the US Noah’s ship survived the flood that submerged the entire land. Prophet Noah’s ship started sailing through the flood with “Bismillahi Majraha wa mursaha” and while sailing, the disbelievers were seen trying to save themselves from being swept away by the water.

Sailing through the flood waters, Noah saw his son Canaan rise and fall, as God punished him for his actions. Prophet Noah AS was very saddened by the death of his son who died in a state of disbelief, did not believe and did not know God.

The sudden flood, which destroyed the disbelievers and the persecutors of God’s law, began to recede, the waters that were abundant, suddenly receded quickly, as they seeped into the earth. When the floods or flash floods subside, the US Noah’s ark on the hill “Judie” rests. Then the believers and other sentient beings started to get off the big ship and they escaped from the flood.


This is a short discussion of examples from the story of Prophet Noah AS. Not only discussing the history of Prophet Noah AS, but also discussing what examples we can take from the story and character of Prophet Noah AS. for us to always do good and be patient with every test given by Allah SWT.