Exemplifying the Wisdom of the Story and Example of Prophet Sulaiman AS

The Example of Prophet Sulaiman – As a Muslim in general, you will certainly know about the stories of the prophet who are always told when hearing religious lectures, be it in mosques, schools, or other places that are holding religious events.

As is well known, the stories of the prophets are true stories that have occurred centuries ago as part of the history of the development of the Islamic religion to this day. Faith in the prophets and apostles is the fourth pillar of faith. For Muslims, the pillars of faith are things that must be practiced. Before cultivating faith in the prophets and apostles, one must first understand and study the stories, miracles, history, and journeys of all 25 prophets and apostles.

The lesson to be learned from believing in the Prophets and Messengers is that we can motivate ourselves to be more active in worshiping Allah Ta’ala, stay away from all the prohibitions of Allah Ta’ala, follow and emulate the attitudes of the prophets and apostles. and have good behavior according to God’s commands. Prophets and apostles who have good morals with honest and true faith.

Prophet Sulaiman AS was no exception, who was also a king in his time but still had a generous nature and did not forget Allah SWT who had given him wealth and power, but he still did not become arrogant or become a cruel ruler. Even though he was hit by various obstacles while carrying out the task of conveying God’s commands, he remained patient and determined to be able to get through it.

Therefore, it is very good for us Muslims to emulate the qualities of Prophet Sulaiman AS as our guide to live life in this world so that we always do good and believe in God’s power.

For this reason, as a guide in living this life, we also have to know what role models the Prophet Sulaiman AS did and in this discussion we have summarized the example of Prophet Sulaiman AS for Sinaumed’s friends to learn and practice in everyday life.

Furthermore, we have presented the discussion below!

History of Prophet Sulayman AS

Solomon was a prophet endowed with special brilliance, intelligence and power. Prophet Solomon is known among the Jews as Solomon or Solomon, which means Prince of Peace. The name Solomon was given by his father, the Prophet David. He was born in Palestine around the 10th century (989-931) BC.

His father was Prophet Daud bin Yahuda bin Ya’qub bin Ishaq bin Ibrahim Al-Khalil. Prophet Sulaiman was the second child born to one of the wives of Prophet David named Bathsheba bint Eliem. Prophet Sulaiman was a very wise Jewish king and his people were called the children of Israel. The Al-Quran and al-Kitab mention that Prophet Sulaiman was chosen as the crown prince, who was deliberately prepared by Prophet David from the age of 11 to become king.

Then Prophet Sulaiman became king at a very young age, Prophet Sulayman became king from the age of 13. It was not without reason that Prophet David As appointed Prophet Sulaiman as his successor at a very young age because Prophet David As saw advantages and privileges in Prophet Sulaiman that his other children did not have.

Prophet Sulaiman was a smart, clever, wise and calculating child. Prophet Sulaiman inherited all the advantages and majesty of Prophet David and because Allah gave Prophet Sulaiman AS wisdom and understanding in making decisions.

The Qur’an mentions that Sulaiman (Solomon) understood the language of animals such as birds and ants. It is said that the ants warned the herd to return to their nest because Solomon (Solomon) and his army would trample them. Sulaiman (Solomon), who heard and understood the words of the ants, smiled and laughed and gave thanks to Allah. Sulaiman (Solomon) can also chat with hud-hud birds and talk with genies.

Sulaiman (Solomon) is also said to have gathered his army consisting of humans, jinn and birds, ordered the hud-hud to convey messages and eavesdrop on people’s conversations, caught demons and ordered them to build and dive, melted copper, ordered the jinn to make things wanted Solomon (Solomon) to build it, what he wanted, such as tall buildings, statues and tiles the size of a pond.

The Qur’an mentions that no one knew about Solomon’s (Solomon) death until termites damaged the supports and caused Solomon’s (Solomon) body to fall. The scholars reported that Solomon (Solomon) died while in the house of worship, while the jinn who worked for him went in and out of the house of worship.

When Solomon’s body fell, they immediately came out and told the people that Solomon was dead. Another statement says that the jinn immediately ran away from his duties. Some scholars say Sulaiman (Solomon) died when he was over 50 years old, some scholars say he was 52 years old. The Bible says that Solomon (Solomon) ruled for forty years.

Exemplifying the Wisdom from the Story of Prophet Sulayman AS

The exemplary nature of Prophet Sulayman AS teaches us so many lessons about the true purpose of life. Imitating the practice of Prophet Sulaiman can make us pious Muslims.

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Prophet Sulaiman AS was a prophet sent by Allah SWT to the Children of Israel. He was given a grand mandate to lead the kingdom of Israel. Previously under the guidance of his father the Prophet David AS. At that time he was known as one of the four great kings of the world who once ruled part of the world.

1. Trusted, Fair and Wise Leader

Prophet Sulayman was truly a legendary king as a leader. His name and majesty are known throughout the world

He was very good at organizing and managing his empire. Even Prophet Sulayman was famous for his wisdom and justice in finding solutions to the problem.

He also has the ability to organize his entire large army. Consists of humans, jinn and animals.

This huge army possessed enormous strength. Because of his trustworthiness, fairness and wisdom, Prophet Sulayman AS led his government for 40 years.

Some even claim that Prophet Sulayman AS led the Israelites to the pinnacle of glory through peaceful means. Prophet Solomon’s example is truly extraordinary.

2. Always Humble and Ashamed of God

Even though he was given enormous and unlimited power, this did not make Prophet Sulayman AS completely arrogant. On the contrary, he felt humiliated in front of other creatures of God.

Prophet Sulaiman was the only prophet and king who was privileged by Allah SWT to understand the language of animals, to be able to speak with hud-hud birds and also to understand the language of ants. Prophet Sulayman who had full power over the vast and expanding kingdom of the Children of Israel and Allah subjected him to other creatures, namely jinn, winds and birds, all of which were under his command. what he wants and obeys all his orders.

God also gave a gift of liquid copper flowing from the earth to be used in building work. The various features possessed by the prophet Sulaiman are: First, understanding the language of animals. Second, to be the richest Prophet of humanity in the history of civilization. Third, has the strongest army in human history, namely a team of humans and jinn working under his command. Fourth, He also directs the winds according to His commands.

However, with his great and unlimited strength, Prophet Sulaiman felt humbled before his fellow creatures, including a sense of shame before Allah SWT, Prophet Sulayman saw God’s grace so great, but he felt that his worship was still lacking.

He was ashamed to look at the sky because he was ashamed of Allah, Prophet Sulayman liked to have dialogue with the little people and he liked to communicate with his people, even if only with a few ants. Prophet Sulayman also liked to work in gratitude. And the solemnity of Prophet Sulaiman’s prayer was so great that he died while praying in a standing position.

3. Enjoying Work as Gratitude

Prophet Sulaiman was one of the prophets who enjoyed work as a form of gratitude and love for Allah. This later became one of the examples of Prophet Sulaiman.

His ability to be grateful is described in the Holy Qur’an. It is said that he once questioned God.

He asked God for guidance to show him someone who would make him intelligent and grateful. Then Allah told Prophet Sulayman to meet two people who were working hard.

One of them was working hard with the intention of stabbing his stomach out of hunger. Then the others worked hard with the intention of giving thanks to Allah.

He was not one of those who were said to be idle. After seeing the two men, Prophet Sulaiman AS also prayed to Allah to give him a job, which made him always grateful.

Then God taught the knowledge of iron with gold with gold. Thus, he became the first person to coat iron with gold. We must follow the example of Prophet Sulaiman in our daily lives.

4. Always keep the prayer

To the extent that he died in a standing position praying. Have you prayed humbly? Allah said in QS. As Saba’ (34): 14:

فَلَمَّا قَضَيْنَا عَلَيْهِ الْمَوْتَ مَا دَلَّهُمْ عَلَىٰ مَوْتِهِ إِلَّا دَابَّةُ الْأَرْضِ تَأْكُلُ مِنْسَأَتَهُ ۖ فَلَمَّا خَرَّ تَبَيَّنَتِ الْجِنُّ أَنْ لَوْ كَانُوا يَعْلَمُونَ الْغَيْبَ مَا لَبِثُوا فِي الْعَذَابِ الْمُهِينِ

Meaning: “So when We determined the death of Solomon, nothing showed them his death except for the termites that ate his staff. So when he had fallen down, the genie knew that if they had known the unseen they would not have remained in humiliating torment (becoming hard-working servants for Prophet Sulaiman). (QS. As Saba: 14)

Some interpretations state that Prophet Sulaiman died while praying while standing. While standing, Allah SWT took his soul and he stood with his hands leaning on his stick, he stood in a dead position for one year and his army which also consisted of jinns and demons, did not know that Prophet Sulaiman had died, even though he had been dead for one year. So the termites ate the stick used for prostration until it was fragile, then Prophet Sulaiman fell and the genie realized that it was Prophet Sulaiman who had died.

5. Has a High Level of Intelligence

One day there was an event that showed his intelligence and spirit of mind, which occurred at the court he attended. During the trial, two men came to complain and asked the Prophet David to hear their case, namely that one of the two men said that a herd of goats entered his plantation area at night, causing damage to the garden he had tended for so long that approaching harvest time.

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The friend who complained testified that his friend’s complaint was true and that his livestock damaged his friend’s garden and yard.

In this case, the father of Prophet Sulayman, namely Prophet David, decided that as compensation to the owner of the garden due to the consequences of his friend’s pet goat, the owner of the goat must surrender his pets to the owner of the garden as compensation for his mistakes.

But things were different with his father, according to the prophet Sulaiman who heard his father’s decision, but felt that it was not right, he said to his father: “O father, in my opinion, the decision should be like this, to the owner of the yard, whose crops were destroyed; he has to give his friend to take care of his pet goat for breeding, take the produce and use it for your needs. While the damaged yard was given to his friend to be repaired and cared for until it returned to its original state, each of them got back what was his, so that neither party who gains or loses in this way is better than he should be.

Sulaiman’s proposed decision was well received by the plaintiffs and all witnesses, received with admiration for Sulaiman’s intelligence and wisdom by those present at the trial. Despite her young age, she shows maturity and courage to speak her mind, even if it doesn’t agree with her father.

This event is the beginning of the history of Prophet Sulayman As, which is full of prophetic miracles and God’s grace shown to him and his father Prophet David.

6. A compassionate prophet to others

Allah SWT gave Prophet Sulaiman a miracle in the form of understanding the language of animals. One day, a large group of Prophet Sulayman went to Asgal Valley and the group included Prophet Sulaiman and his people, angels, jinns and animals. On the way, he ordered his entourage to stop.

“Wait a minute, we are giving God’s creatures time to save themselves,” said Prophet Sulaiman.

“O Nabiyullah, why did we suddenly stop in the middle of the road?” asked one of the group.

“Ahead is an ant valley with millions of ants in it. I will order them to cover them so that our group does not trample them,” answered Prophet Sulaiman.

Prophet Sulayman seemed to hear from afar the conversation of the ant king who told the ants to hide. This is a very big miracle, you will again hear about the beast from afar, he is Nabiyullah Sulaiman, the king of all kings living in this world and there has never been a king in this world who was as big as him.

When Solomon heard what the ants were saying, he smiled. What did the little ant imagine? Even though Solomon gained power and had a large army, he showed mercy to the ants.

He heard her whisper and saw an ant in front of him. Therefore, it was impossible for him to step on it. Sulaiman thanked Allah SWT. who gave him the favors, namely the favors of mercy and the favors of love.

This story is an excerpt from the verse of AI-Qur’an surah An-Naml verse 18 which means, “Until when they arrive at the Valley of the Ants say an ant, enter into your nests so that you are not stepped on by Sulaiman As. and his army, while they are not aware.”


That’s all for a brief discussion of examples from the story of Prophet Sulaiman AS.

From the story of the Prophet Sulaiman AS mentioned above, there are many examples that we can learn and lessons that we can learn to live our daily lives. Reading and emulating the story and character of Prophet Sulaiman AS teaches us to always be grateful and not arrogant with everything we have because it is all entrusted and will return to Him, the Almighty.

This is a review of the exemplary story of the Prophet Sulaiman AS. For Sinaumed’s who want to learn all about the story of the example of Prophet Sulaiman AS and science related to other religions, you can visit sinaumedia.com to get related books. As #FriendsWithoutLimits, sinaumedia always provides the best products, so you have the best and latest information for you.

Author: Pandu Akram

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